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Order Management – Data Center Projects


Welcome and Objectives

At the end of this webinar the participant will be able to:

● Define the Order Management Process for Projects

● Describe the roles & responsibilities of Project Coordination

● Understand where to get product & solution lead-time information

● Understand response times across the order management process


Program Agenda

Organizational Structure (NAM)

Roles & Responsibilities (Statement of Work)

Order Management Process Flow

Order Management Response Time

Lead-time Information

Escalation Path Matrix


Project Coordination Statement of Work

1.0 Summary

● Single point of contact for non-managed projects for internal and external stakeholders (sales, resellers, customers, purchasing, reps, etc)

● Responsible for a project from PO receipt through Start up and issue resolution for Projects that do not have an APC Certified Project Manager assigned.

2.0 Scope of Responsibility

● Resolve Booking issues

● Work with Assigned Point of Contact to confirm Requested Onsite Date, ship to address, contact information

● Welcome E-mail with Promise Ship date and start up documentation to Bill to Customer, End user and Key Stakeholders

● Work with Planning and purchasing to ensure ship dates are met

● Set Promise Ship date

● Proactive calls with Sales, Partner & Customer before ship & during implementation

● Maintain contact with Assigned Point of Contact to ensure any changes are confirmed

● Follow up on daily issues

● Work with logistics on shipment

● Confirm delivery

● Arrange Service Scheduling (WK only, CM in future)

● RMA follow up and issue resolution

● Close Project via Phone call and Email confirmation

● Single POC for “Pull-In” requests.

Project Coordinators do NOT coordinate the


Project Coordination –

Process Flow

“Projects” Order Management Process Flow (PO Receipt through Project Close) Purchase order


Order Acknowledgment

Project Roster & Team Call

Project Timeline Logistics Service Requirements Project Close PO rec’d via purchaseorders @apcc.com PC receives PO and performs validation PC initiates order escalation to appropriate parties Order Acknowledge E-mail PC works with Sales and Partner to establish Project Roster PC confirms w/ planning and mfg for promise ship dates; sends Welcome e-mail Confirm shipping/site requirements PC assists w/ service scheduling and expectations Closing phone call Ensures order ships to the customer Closing e-mail

*Phone calls to be returned same business day

*E-mail responses within 8 Business Hours

Orders routed to PC In WK or CM depending on Product PC initiates contact w/ appropriate parties


Lead-times and Oracle Simplification

●Leadtimes can be found using the following link


●If you require confirmed lead-times and promise ship dates please

contact your PC for the project.

●CM live on Oracle March 1st. Current process requires minimum of 4

steps of verification

●Coming soon…. CM products will be released on the Designer to allow for


Project Coordination -

Escalation Path








Project Coordinatore of record

Project Coordinator


APCC Address Book

APCC Address Book


Kimberlee Fallone

Team Leader WK

(401) 789-5735 x5460




Nancy Lain

Team Leader CM





Kay Jawharjian

Project Coordination Manager (401) 789-5735 x5948

(401) 662-5998



Jason Juley

Project Execution Director (401) 789-5735 x2148

(401) 578-6593


Project Coordination- Escalation for Basic & Enhanced Order Types

NOTE: From June 5th through September 8th. Please contact Jason Juley for 3rd and 4th level escalations after escalation to Project Coordinator and


Projects Order Management -

Improvement Activities

● Process backlog of order Post E3 Oracle transition Æ Complete

● Simplify the order entry process from 4 steps to 1 Æ Active

● Re-organize PC regions to leverage existing resource and best serve

sales/customersÆ Complete



● Project Coordination is the Single POC for all Project Orders that do

NOT include a Project Manager as a “value added service”

● Project Coordination – coordinates all activities remotely and NOT


● Project Coordination now works hand in hand with sales (ISR’s) by

development of a “Project Team Roster” that includes appropriate key

stakeholders who receive all project updates including attendance to proactive calls through-out the project as appropriate.

● Costa Mesa response times differ from Costa Mesa due to “Just in

Time” factory build model.

● Costa Mesa Order Entry process being compressed from 4 steps to 1



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