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Future business programme



Legislation: referral and timetable of Bills at Stage 1

Alcohol (Licensing, Public Health and Criminal

Justice) (Scotland) Bill

Scottish Elections (Reduction of Voting Age) Bill




Legislation: timetable of Bills at Stage 1

Harbours (Scotland) Bill

Education (Scotland) Bill



Legislation: timetable of a Bill at Stage 1

Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill –

extension to timetable at Stage 1



Finance Committee: request to visit Ireland and Sweden



Publication scheme – consideration of any exempt






1. Bureau Members will be aware that under Rule 5.6.1(c) the Bureau has a duty to

ensure that there is a period of time available for Members’ Business at each meeting

of the Parliament.

2. Motions submitted for Members’ Business are shown below.

S4M-12210# Christian Allard: North East Mosses—That the Parliament recognises the importance of

raised bogs known as mosses to the local eco-systems with unique animal and plant life; notes that the north east has the Arnhall Moss in Westhill and the Portlethen Moss, both of which, it considers, provide an important natural environment for use by local communities; recognises what it sees as the great work of groups such as the Portlethen Moss Conservation Group and the Arnhall Moss Management Advisory Group, who ensure conservation and maintenance of the mosses; understands that local schools have taken part in safaris and tree planting on the mosses facilitated by local rangers who foster understanding and care of the natural heritage in these areas, and welcomes widespread use of the mosses.

S4M-12215# John Mason: Radicalisation in Nurseries and Universities—That the Parliament notes

concerns expressed by children’s organisations, human rights organisations, religious leaders and several Scottish universities regarding the UK Government's plans to impose new education regulations as part of proposed anti-terror legislation; understands that this legislation could mean that universities would have to provide details of foreign speakers to the authorities at least two weeks in advance of any speech, including information in relation to the topics that the speakers will cover; further understands that nursery staff would be expected to monitor children as young as two years old for signs of radicalisation; believes that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that children in Glasgow Shettleston or in Scotland as a whole are becoming radicalised, and hopes that individuals, organisations and governments will act proportionately when considering the balance between protecting citizens and protecting liberal democratic traditions, particularly freedom of speech and thought.

S4M-12225# Nanette Milne: Marie Curie Report on Dementia at the End of Life— That the Parliament

welcomes the report, Living and Dying with Dementia in Scotland, by Marie Curie; notes the finding that 88,000 people in Scotland currently have dementia, which is expected to surpass 160,000 by 2031; understands that dementia is a terminal illness and that, in 2013, 3,623 people had their death attributed to dementia and a further 1,196 to Alzheimer’s; further understands that many dementia patients at the end of life are not accessing palliative care that might benefit them and those that do are typically getting it only in the last couple of months or weeks of life; recognises the Scottish Government’s work supporting people with dementia through its two national strategies and Standards of Care for Dementia in Scotland, and notes the report’s recommendations that end-of-life care should be a focus of the next national dementia strategy from 2016, that the Scottish Government’s proposed strategic framework for action on palliative and end-of-life care focus on ensuring that all terminally people regardless of their condition get access to palliative care and that robust data are produced to show progress against dementia standards and to highlight success and gaps in end-of-life care.

S4M-12254# Dave Thompson: Caledonian Canal, World First—That the Parliament appreciates that the Caledonian Canal, in the parliamentary constituency of Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch, was the most technically advanced trans-sea ship canal when it fully opened in 1822, unsurpassed in scale until the Panama Canal opened 92 years later; acknowledges that the canal, which is now seven years short of its bicentenary year, took 17 years to complete, providing employment to some 1,800 Highlanders, and is currently used by ships to avoid perilous routes around the north of Scotland; understands that the



kind until the opening in 1914 of the Panama Canal, which was 12 miles shorter than its Highland rival, and celebrates that the canal, from the Moray Firth to the Atlantic, remains a major Highland tourist attraction to this day.

S4M-12265# Ken Macintosh: Restricted Access to Asylum in Scotland—That the Parliament

condemns what it understands is the impending rule change by the Home Office that will further restrict access to the asylum process in Scotland; believes that the change will require asylum seekers whose applications have been refused to travel to Liverpool in person to submit any new evidence in support of their claim; notes the calls for an urgent review of this proposal; is concerned that it will apply regardless of where people live; understands that no support will be offered to help people meet it, unless exceptional circumstances, which are currently undefined, pertain; believes that the people affected are, by definition, without financial support; considers that the rule change will further restrict access to the asylum system; notes the existing restrictions in access that are experienced by newly-arrived asylum seekers across the country including in the West Scotland region, who must travel to Croydon to register their claim, without support or recognition by the Home Office; believes that this new rule will not only have an adverse impact on new and refused asylum seekers but will further add to the barriers faced by women survivors of violence in accessing the asylum process, which requires them to disclose experiences of violence, sometimes despite their children being present, through often a male interpreter or interviewers who lack specific training, an issue which has been highlighted by the Protection Gap campaign; expresses doubts about the legality of the proposed change; notes the view that consideration should be given to abandoning it in light of its possible impact on refused asylum seekers, including the danger of increased destitution and greater vulnerability to exploitation, which could render asylum seekers, including women survivors of violence, unable to access any international protection, and notes the recommendation by the Smith Commission that the UK and Scottish governments should work together to explore the possibility of asylum seekers in Scotland being able to lodge both new and fresh asylum claims to the Home Office from where they reside.

S4M-12276# Johann Lamont: INSP’s Vendor Week—That the Parliament celebrates what is sees as

the success of the Vendor Week Big Sell events, which ran from 2 to 8 February 2015 across Scotland and around the world in support of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP); notes that the INSP, which is based in Glasgow, supports and develops 114 street paper projects; understands that these papers are published in a total of 24 languages in 35 countries and have a combined readership of six million per edition; believes that Vendor Week is a great way to raise awareness of the issues around homelessness and to raise money for the INSP; further believes that it is a great opportunity to work with street paper sellers and to understand the challenges that they face, and commends the INSP on what it sees as it giving people an opportunity to help themselves out of poverty in a dignified way.

S4M-12298# George Adam: Pilot on Reintroducing Alcohol at Football Stadia—That the Parliament

notes calls for a pilot for the reintroduction of the sale and consumption of alcohol in football stadia; notes that the ban was introduced over 30 years ago and considers that it is predicated on the culture of a particular section of football fans at that time; hopes that an open and frank debate can be held regarding this subject involving all interested parties; recognises that other sporting venues in the country allow their fans to consume alcohol within the confines of the stadium, including rugby fans at Murrayfield; commends St Mirren FC for recently engaging with this subject by holding what was considered a very successful Fans Zone before a Scottish Premiership match, which allowed adults to enjoy an alcoholic drink in a marquee erected in the club's grounds, and encourages trust in football fans to behave in a responsible way at football stadia when consuming alcohol, considering that the security and policing measures at grounds on match day are far more sophisticated than they were over 30 years ago.

S4M-12302# Kevin Stewart: World Whisky Day 2015—That the Parliament notes that the 4th World

Whisky Day will take place on 16 May 2015; understands that this global celebration of whisky last year saw 250,000 people attend whisky-themed events in over 40 countries; notes that the event is now



managed by the Edinburgh-based Hot Rum Cow Publishing, supported by the founder of World Whisky Day, Blair Bowman; considers that World Whisky Day provides an amazing opportunity to highlight and promote Scotland's national drink, and raises a dram to the event's continued success.

S4M-12317# Gibson, Rob: Peat Extraction for Horticulture—That the Parliament recognises what it

sees as the importance of peatlands for biodiversity, carbon and water and also toward cultural identity and in serving as historical archives and notes the view that stronger measures are needed to end the commercial extraction of peat for horticulture in Caithness, Sutherland and Ross and across the country to ensure the restoration and protection of peatlands and to help develop a long-term viable industry that can provide sustainable soil and growing conditions to help amateur and professional gardeners and growers.

S4M-12348# Paul Martin: Protecting Rent-tied Pub Tenants in Scotland—That the Parliament notes

calls for a statutory code of practice for pub companies to be implemented in Scotland; understands that members of the UK Parliament recently amended the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill to introduce a code of practice designed to govern the relationship between pub companies and their tenants in England and Wales; notes the view that Scotland should have an adjudicator to protect hard-working licensees, including in Glasgow Provan, and that this would allow licensees to offer a wider selection of beers and promote market competition, and recognises that a Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) survey found that 99% of rent-tied pub tenants in Scotland would support such a move.

S4M-12357# Johann Lamont: Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, a World-class Facility on the Doorstep—That the Parliament welcomes efforts by Museums Galleries Scotland to raise the profile of

the 450 museums and galleries across the country, including the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (GMRC) in Glasgow Pollok; understands that the GMRC, which is considered to house one of the finest civic collections in Europe, is run by over 130 staff and volunteers to facilitate the operational needs of Glasgow’s world-class suite of museums; considers that the people of Glasgow are fortunate to have this wonderful resource on their doorstep as the centre offers exceptional public access to the vast collection of items in the store through tours, talks, courses, workshops and family visits; celebrates the fact that the GMRC is now one of the most visited stores in Europe; would welcome a replication of this success in museums and galleries throughout Scotland, and notes the view that it is essential to support the country's museums and galleries to ensure that they can continue to balance custodianship of the collections for future generations with giving citizens access to view, research and enjoy them.

S4M-12434# John Wilson: Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week 2015—That the Parliament notes that 21 March 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day and that Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week will run from 16 to 22 March; welcomes these events, which, it believes, will help raise awareness of what Down’s syndrome is, what it means to have the condition and how people with it can be effective contributors to their communities; understands that the awareness week is an opportunity to raise the importance of improving the communication skills of people with Down’s syndrome; notes that children with it can have delays in speech and language skills that might affect communication and education; acknowledges what it also sees as the value of speech and language therapy for adults with Down’s syndrome; understands that people with Down’s syndrome who are aged 40 or over have an increased risk of developing dementia; understands that prevention and early intervention are key to the provision of speech and language therapy services and inclusion, and continues to support the work of Down’s Syndrome Scotland in helping people with the condition in Central Scotland and across the country to reach their full potential.

S4M-12443# Annabel Goldie: Disability Hate Crime—That the Parliament notes the Keep Safe

initiative in Renfrewshire, which it understands is the first of its kind in Scotland and aims to support and encourage disabled, vulnerable and older people to keep safe and enjoy day-to-day life without fear of abuse and harassment; understands that Police Scotland works to train local businesses and public services to join the initiative and become a Keep Safe premises, whereby those businesses signed up to



scared or if they are the victim of crime; believes that these businesses are easily identified as a Keep Safe premises by means of the Keep Safe window sticker; notes that disabled, vulnerable and older people are offered a Keep Safe Card to carry; recognises that disability hate crime is a crime when it is "perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by malice or ill will based on a person's disability or perceived disability"; notes that Keep Safe is a Police Scotland-led initiative developed in partnership with the Renfrewshire community group, I Am Me, which raises awareness of disability hate crime, working in partnership with PACE Theatre Company, and congratulates all those involved in these initiatives.

S4M-12450# John Wilson: UK Firms Use 1.8 Million Zero-hours Contracts—That the Parliament

condemns the announcement by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) that UK firms used 1.8 million zero-hours contracts to employ staff in 2014; recognises that these controversial contracts offer no job security to the 697,000 workers who were employed on this basis in their main job between October and December 2014; understands that these figures represent 2.3% of all people in employment, which is a notable increase from 1.9% in 2013; further understands that zero-hours contracts are most prevalent in the hospitality and restaurant sector, which has a significant impact on people working in Central Scotland, and acknowledges the ONS findings that people employed through zero-hours contracts are often underemployed thus leading to a greater risk of in-work poverty.

S4M-12453# Lewis Macdonald: Scottish Tourism Week 2015—That the Parliament notes that Scottish

Tourism Week 2015 begins on 3 March; congratulates the Scottish Tourism Alliance on organising the week and the programme of events that it has arranged, including VisitScotland’s annual Scottish Thistle Awards, which reward excellence in the tourism industry; recognises that two north east businesses, Hornblowers restaurant in Gourdon and Cheers café in Fraserburgh, have reached the final of the awards; notes that, in 2015, participants are being invited to contribute to a "word cloud", which will be launched during the week, by tweeting one word that describes Scotland to them by using the hashtag, #onewordscotland, and believes that Scottish Tourism Week 2015 is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the tourist industry in the north east and to promote Scotland to businesses and potential visitors.

S4M-12526# John Scott: Prestwick Airport Spaceport Bid—That the Parliament welcomes the

inclusion of Glasgow Prestwick Airport in the shortlist of sites being considered to host the UK’s first spaceport; believes that the location of a spaceport at Glasgow Prestwick Airport would represent an opportunity to increase the airport’s revenue, enhance the reputation of the Prestwick aerospace campus as a centre of excellence and provide a boost for the Ayrshire economy, and notes the view that the airport should be promoted as Scotland’s preferred bidder to be the UK’s first commercial spaceport.

S4M-12535# Clare Adamson: Scottish Fire Sprinkler Coordination Group—That the Parliament

welcomes the Scottish Fire Sprinkler Coordination Group to the Parliament for its awareness-raising event on 21 May 2015; notes the success of the Fire Sprinklers in Residential Premises (Scotland) Bill in securing a commitment from the administration in relation to the fitting of automatic fire sprinklers to all new care homes and sheltered housing developments following the tragic deaths at Rosepark Care Home in Uddingston; welcomes all developments that improve fire safety, and recognises that several countries, such as Finland, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand, have begun retrofitting automatic sprinklers to buildings.

S4M-12559# David Stewart: Boots, Macmillan Palliative Care and NHS Highland Partnership—That

the Parliament acknowledges the research findings from the University of Strathclyde that concluded that the innovative partnership between Boots, Macmillan Palliative Care and NHS Highland in rural Scotland has had a significant impact on patient care; understands that this partnership is a first of its kind in rural Scotland as it enables patients in Skye and Lochalsh to access specialist services of Macmillan Palliative Care Rural Pharmacists through the Boots store in Portree; considers that this service provides patients receiving medication in rural areas with vital assistance and advice and support tailored to their specific



needs, and believes that this partnership can serve as a model of patient care that could be implemented in other rural areas throughout the UK.

S4M-12571# Joan McAlpine: Volunteering and Self-management—That the Parliament

acknowledges the contribution of volunteers across Scotland to raising awareness of self-management; believes that volunteering and community involvement play a significant role in supporting people to manage long-term conditions and raise awareness of how self-management can inspire others; understands that third sector organisations, such as New Horizons Borders in the Scottish Borders and Healthy 'n' Happy in South Lanarkshire, are supporting many formal and informal volunteering opportunities for people with long-term conditions that have resulted in social benefits, including social connectedness and improved employment prospects; welcomes the continued investment through the £2 million per year Self Management Impact Fund, which is run by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, and congratulates the alliance on establishing its Self Management Network for Scotland, which aims to help people with long-term conditions or who work in health and social care to share their experiences, learn and hear about best practice and continue to aim to change lives through self-management.

S4M-12576# Murdo Fraser: Blood Donation Rules—That the Parliament notes calls for a review of

current blood donation rules, which prevent people who have received a blood transfusion since 1980 from ever giving blood again; understands that, since 2009, 225,000 people in Scotland have received blood transfusions and are now ineligible to give blood; further understands that current guidance is based on a 2009 study that links blood transfusion to vCJD deaths; notes reports that there have been just 22 vCJD deaths in the UK since 1995 with only one linked to a blood transfusion; understands that blood stocks often run low and that the exclusion of thousands of donors is denying a substantial number of people in Scotland, including in Mid Scotland and Fife, from giving blood, and also notes calls to remove a rule that prevents sexually active homosexual men from giving blood, even if practising safe sex.

S4M-12679# John Scott: Hear to Help’s Community-based Support—That the Parliament recognises what it considers the life-changing work of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s Hear to Help volunteers in providing community-based support such as re-tubing, cleaning and maintaining NHS hearing aids and supply of hearing aid batteries to more than 1,200 people with hearing loss in the NHS Ayrshire and Arran area every year, including residents of 38 care homes, nursing homes and sheltered housing complexes who are housebound or have mobility difficulties; understands that the charity had a central role in the development, consultation and piloting of the Ayrshire and Arran Sensory Locality Plan to deliver the See Hear strategy in the region, and believes that this model of best practice of person-centred local partnership working between statutory and third sector agencies could enable vital charitable services to gain access to sustainable funding and be replicated across Scotland, including in the NHS Tayside, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Borders areas, where Hear to Help supports an additional 4,000 people with hearing loss.

S4M-12708# Christine Grahame: The Value of Hay Lodge—That the Parliament commends Hay

Lodge Community Hospital in Peebles, with its 23-bed ward supporting acute hospital services and providing services to meet local health needs such as acute medical care for older people and also terminal care, convalescent care, respite care and rehabilitation both to inpatients and on a day-care basis; notes that it also provides consultant-led clinics for medical, surgical, orthopaedic, ophthalmology, gynaecology and obstetric services; notes that, in a recent health services survey conducted across Tweeddale by Christine Grahame MSP, 86% rated it very highly; notes that NHS Borders has confirmed that there are no plans to close any of its community hospitals; thanks all the staff and volunteers for their good work there, and commends community hospitals throughout Scotland for their commitment to their communities in delivering health services that are local and accessible.



campaign during MS Awareness Week, which runs from 27 April to 3 May 2015; notes that the campaign will look at all the issues that influence the lives of people living with MS, how the diagnosis affects them and their families and in what way they receive ongoing treatment, care and support, and recognises that the campaign highlights issues of financial security and explores the whole person and the many challenges that they deal with while living with multiple sclerosis.

S4M-12837# Roderick Campbell: Scottish Oceans Institute's Work on Seal Deaths and Population Decline—That the Parliament notes what it considers to be the impressive work of the Scottish Oceans

Institute (SOI), which is based at the University of St Andrews; understands that its mission is to ―bring together the people, interdisciplinary skills and supporting scientific services necessary to deliver world class research in marine sciences‖; praises what it believes to be the assiduous work into marine mammal research, particularly in relation to unexplained seal deaths and harbour seal decline; notes that recent publications have posited a new theory suggesting that grey seal predation is the cause of ―corkscrew deaths‖ but that no definitive answer has yet been found to explain why seal numbers on Scotland’s coasts are declining so rapidly; commends the efforts of the staff and students at the SOI for their ongoing work; notes proposals for a brand new building to accommodate the institute, and looks forward to further publications that may help to halt, and reverse, seal population decline.

S4M-12875# Siobhan McMahon: Deaf Awareness Week 2015—That the Parliament welcomes Deaf

Awareness Week, which takes place between 4 and 10 May 2015; recognises what it considers the importance for everyone to receive deaf awareness training and learn about the communication needs of the 850,000 people across Scotland who are deaf or have hearing loss, including 13,000 British Sign Language users and people who rely on lipreading or electronic note-takers during conversations at meetings, social events, work or in public service, leisure, retail or business environments, and congratulates charities such as Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s specialist On the Move service on what it sees as the effective work that they do in raising deaf awareness and achieving a 63% success rate in supporting 206 young people who are deaf or hard of hearing, including 48 in the Central Scotland region, into positive education, training or employment destinations.

S4M-12898# Bob Doris: Celebrating the Work of Home-Start in North Glasgow and across Scotland—That the Parliament commends the charity, Home-Start, on its work with families across

Glasgow and Scotland who are going through difficult times; understands that it does this by promoting resilience and confidence and by providing advice and support that enables families to cope better and successfully move on; congratulates the charity on, it understands, helping more than 2,000 families and around 4,000 children in Scotland; acknowledges that it is a UK-wide organisation and tailors each of its 32 Scottish locations to meet the specific needs of each community that it serves; recognises its work in its new priority areas in Glasgow, such as in the north of the city, that has allowed vulnerable families to get support; understands that, over the last year, it has successfully helped 108 families in north Glasgow; considers that, despite its limited funding, it has made excellent progress in offering aid to young and struggling families, and hopes that Home-Start is successful in its aim to continue to bring about positive social change in Scotland’s communities.

S4M-12902# Rhoda Grant: UK National Stalking Awareness Day—That the Parliament recognises

National Stalking Awareness Day, which falls on 18 April 2015; notes that the focus for this year’s activities keeps the spotlight on raising awareness of the dangers of stalking among young people; understands that the 2010 NUS report, Hidden Marks, highlighted that 60% of college students experienced stalking; further understands that research shows that stalking among young people is being overlooked in favour of bullying; welcomes this focus for the 2015 National Stalking Awareness Day and believes that it will both help raise awareness of stalking and have it recognised as much as a young person's problem as it is an adult's, and believes that bullying in its severest form is stalking.



S4M-12909# John Scott: Benefits for Survivors of Police Officers Killed on Duty—That the

Parliament welcomes the announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the 2015 budget that the UK Government will ensure that all widows, widowers and civil partners of police officers and firefighters who are killed on duty will no longer lose their survivor benefits if they remarry, cohabit or form a civil partnership; understands that this practice ended for survivors under the post-2006 New Police Pension Scheme but created an inequality for those on previous schemes; notes the extension of survivor benefits and the reinstatement of lost benefits in these circumstances announced by the Northern Ireland Department of Justice in June 2014; commends the Police Federation, the Scottish Police Federation, Care of Police Survivors and other organisations for their campaigning on what it considers this important issue affecting people in Ayr and across the country, and notes calls for the Scottish Government to ensure that these changes are implemented in Scotland.

S4M-12934# Hanzala Malik: Growing Islamophobia in Scotland and Graffiti on the New Central Gurdwara Glasgow—That the Parliament is concerned at the reported growing Islamophobia in

Scotland and notes calls for cross-party action to ensure community cohesion, with funding made available to enable a range of outreach events that will help communities live together; understands that Sikhs are often victimised by extremists who believe that they are Muslims, which causes a divide between Muslims and other ethnic minorities, and notes calls for all faiths to come together with a view to cleaning the racist graffiti from what it considers the gorgeous new Central Gurdwara Glasgow and all other religious buildings in Scotland.

Record of Members’ Business taken by the Parliament from 8 June 2011

Date MSP Party Subject

8/6/2011 Marco Biagi SNP Green Investment in Edinburgh

9/6/2011 Elaine Murray LAB Ban on Use of Wild Animals in Circuses 15/6/2011 Bob Doris SNP Fighting Sectarianism and Anti-Irish Racism 16/6/2011 Mark McDonald SNP North Sea Taxation

22/6/2011 Elaine Smith LAB There is a Better Way

23/6/2011 Stuart McMillan SNP David MacBrayne Group Supports Coastguards 29/6/11 Margaret Mitchell CON Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland

30/6/11 Willie Coffey SNP The Scheme

7/9/11 David Stewart LAB Young Drivers

8/9/11 Aileen McLeod SNP Flavour Fortnight 2011

14/9/11 Rob Gibson SNP Remembering the Russian Arctic Convoys

15/9/11 Hugh Henry LAB Upper Clyde Shipbuilders

21/9/11 Bill Kidd SNP UN International Day of Peace, 21 September 2011

22/9/11 Jamie Hepburn SNP Save the Children Report, Making Work Pay – The Childcare Trap

28/9/11 James Dornan SNP Battling Scotland’s Drinking Culture 29/9/11 Paul Martin LAB Stop the Closure of Lightburn Hospital

5/10/11 Rob Gibson SNP Germany Exits Nuclear Energy

6/10/11 Christine Grahame SNP Jeremy Hunt Doesn’t Get the Picture so Neither Does the Borders

26/10/11 Jenny Marra LAB Fuel Poverty in Scotland

2/11/11 Sandra White SNP Mordechai Vanunu, Israel’s Nuclear


3/11/11 James Kelly LAB Nail the Rogues Campaign

9/11/11 Margaret Mitchell CON Prescription Medicine Waste

10/11/11 Liam McArthur LD Damaging Impact of Air Discount Scheme Changes



Date MSP Party Subject

16/11/11 Dave Thompson SNP The People’s Bible

17/11/11 Siobhan McMahon LAB British Heart Foundation’s Heart Start Event

23/11/11 Jim Eadie SNP Act of Settlement

24/11/11 John Scott CON Provision of Orthopaedic Trauma Services at Ayr Hospital

24/11/11 Christina McKelvie SNP Nuclear Test Veterans

30/11/11 Kevin Stewart SNP St Andrew’s Day

1/12/11 Neil Findlay LAB Community Benefit and the Cumulative Impact of Windfarm Developments in Communities 7/12/11 Sandra White SNP Truth About Youth Project

8/12/11 Rhoda Grant LAB MS, Better Care

14/12/11 Stuart McMillan SNP Commending Petrol and Diesel Watch 15/12/11 Sandra White SNP University of Glasgow Ranked First in the UK 21/12/11 Siobhan McMahon LAB Disability History Month

22/12/11 Jim Eadie SNP 10 Years on from Harkin-Engel, Child Trafficking in the Chocolate Industry

11/01/12 Annabel Goldie CON Volunteer Centre East Dunbartonshire 12/01/12 Margaret Burgess SNP High-interest Payday Loans

18/01/12 Elaine Murray LAB Independence Referendum, Let Wallace Vote 19/01/12 Joan McAlpine SNP Save Introducing in Scotland

25/01/12 Stewart Maxwell SNP Holocaust Memorial Day 2012 26/01/12 Patricia Ferguson LAB Save Glasgow’s Local Train Services

01/02/12 Colin Keir SNP Drum Brae Library and Community Hub Project 02/02/12 Linda Fabiani SNP Assistance Dogs are Working Dogs Too 08/02/12 Jamie McGrigor CON Designation of Special Areas of Conservation 09/02/12 Helen Eadie LAB Celebrating the Value of Co-operatives


22/02/12 Dennis Robertson SNP Eating Disorders, Raising the Awareness 23/02/12 George Adam SNP Take a Step in 2012 for Fairtrade

29/02/12 Iain Gray LAB Protecting Access to Justice across Scotland 01/03/12 Sandra White SNP BBC Scotland Job Cuts

07/03/12 Humza Yousaf SNP Save Gadburn School

08/03/12 John Park LAB The Living Wage, Tackling In-work Poverty

14/03/12 Sandra White SNP Commonwealth Week 2012

15/03/12 Mark McDonald SNP Changing the January Pay Date

21/03/12 John Lamont CON Local Rail Services to Berwickshire and East Lothian

22/03/12 Sarah Boyack LAB Green Investment Bank

28/03/12 Jim Eadie SNP Violence in Syria

29/03/12 Jim Hume LD The Road Forward for Community Transport 18/04/12 David Stewart LAB Devolution of the Crown Estate

19/04/12 Christine Grahame SNP Community Radio Coming from a Station Near You

25/04/12 Kenneth Gibson SNP Allotments Regeneration Initiative in North Ayrshire

26/04/12 Richard Baker LAB UCAN’s Campaign for Robot-assisted Surgery

02/05/12 George Adam SNP National MS Week

09/05/12 Elaine Smith LAB Beyond the Frame

10/05/12 Dave Thompson SNP Centenary of the Dewar Report 16/05/12 Alex Fergusson CON A Road to Health



Date MSP Party Subject

17/05/12 Paul Wheelhouse SNP Addressing Alcohol Abuse among Scotland’s Armed Forces

17/05/12 Christine Grahame SNP Commemorating James Graham, Marquis of Montrose and Member of the First Scots Parliament

23/05/12 Jenny Marra LAB Deaf Awareness Week

24/05/12 Kenneth Gibson SNP Glasgow Epilepsy Genetics Service

30/05/12 Aileen McLeod SNP Rio+20

31/05/12 Elaine Murray LAB Improvements to the A75 06/06/12 Colin Keir SNP Royal Highland Education Trust 07/06/12 John Mason SNP The Death Penalty in India

13/06/12 Liz Smith CON Scotland’s Mountain Rescue Teams

14/06/12 John Park LAB Celebrating Fife’s Outdoor Education Centre

20/06/12 Rob Gibson SNP Remember Cunningham Graham

21/06/12 Jamie Hepburn SNP Time for an International Arms Trade Treaty 27/06/12 Patricia Ferguson LAB Scottish Government Cuts Threaten Creativity 28/06/12 Christina McKelvie SNP Success of Armed Services Advice Project 04/09/12 George Adam SNP Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697, Shining the

Light for Community-based Events 05/09/12 Kenneth Macintosh LAB Humankind Index

06/09/12 Annabel Goldie CON River City

11/09/12 Kevin Stewart SNP Aberdeen City Centre

12/09/12 Clare Adamson SNP Scottish Steelworkers’ Memorial Fund

13/09/12 Claire Baker LAB Welcoming Fife Diet’s New Food Manifesto 2012

18/09/12 Graeme Dey SNP Keep Scotland Beautiful

19/09/12 Christine Grahame SNP The Great Polish Map of Scotland 20/09/12 Sarah Boyack LAB Fair Access to the Legal Profession

25/09/12 John Mason SNP Gambling Proliferation

26/09/12 Kevin Stewart SNP Work Capability Assessments

27/09/12 Hugh Henry LAB NSPCC

02/10/12 Liam McArthur LD No to Nuisance Calls

03/10/12 Linda Fabiani SNP October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 04/10/12 David Stewart LAB Isle of Gigha,10 Years of Pioneering Land


23/10/12 David Torrance SNP 5th Fife Scout Group, Kirkcaldy, Scottish Championship Award

24/10/12 Margaret Mitchell CON Dyslexia 25/10/12 Willie Coffey SNP Neil Armstrong

30/10/12 Hugh Henry LAB Protection of Workers

31/10/12 Roderick Campbell SNP The Vivarium Trust and Co-housing for Older People

01/11/12 Kenneth Gibson SNP Time to Introduce Presumed Consent

06/11/12 Adam Ingram SNP William Murdoch, The Scot Who Lit the World

07/11/12 Kezia Dugdale LAB Living Wage Week

08/11/12 John Mason SNP Glasgow 2014, Scotland’s Time to Shine

13/11/12 John Scott CON British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly Autumn Plenary

14/11/12 Neil Findlay LAB Christian Aid, Tax Justice Bus 15/11/12 Nigel Don SNP Scottish Literature on the Big Screen



Date MSP Party Subject

20/11/12 Jim Eadie SNP Caring for and Curing Boys and Men with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

21/11/12 Claudia Beamish LAB Scotland’s National Museum of Costume 22/11/12 Linda Fabiani SNP Open Your Eyes to Destitution in Scotland 27/11/12 James Dornan SNP Celebrating St Andrew’s First Aid Week 28/11/12 Iain Gray LAB Value of Instrumental Music Tuition 29/11/12 Christine Grahame SNP A Scottish Media Panel

04/12/12 Jamie Hepburn SNP White Ribbon Campaign 16 Days of Action to Tackle Violence Against Women

05/12/12 Margaret Mitchell CON 40th Anniversary of Lanarkshire Samaritans, Hamilton

06/12/12 Patricia Ferguson LAB Bobath Scotland 11/12/12 Alison McInnes LD Camphill Scotland

12/12/12 Mark McDonald SNP Grampian Launches Autism Alert Card

13/12/12 Richard Baker LAB Edwards Syndrome and Support for Babies with Palliative Care Needs

18/12/12 Christina McKelvie SNP Migrants’ Rights Day

19/12/12 Rob Gibson SNP Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters’ Marine Energy Constraints

20/12/12 Drew Smith LAB Job Losses at Clydesdale Bank 08/01/13 Kenneth Gibson SNP The Origins of Addiction

09/01/13 Malcolm Chisholm LAB 20 Years of Zero Tolerance Campaigns 10/01/13 John Mason SNP Mergers and Acquisitions

15/01/13 Adam Ingram SNP Scottish Coal Industry

16/01/13 Rhoda Grant LAB Sustainable Biomass

17/01/13 Bob Doris SNP Day Centre in Glasgow

22/01/13 Alex Johnstone CON Safer Social Networking for Children 23/01/13 Bruce Crawford SNP The Leprosy Mission Scotland

24/01/13 Helen Eadie LAB Clinical Standards for Cardiac Rehabilitation 29/01/13 James Dornan SNP Make Young People Your Business

30/01/13 Joan McAlpine SNP South of Scotland Television

31/01/13 Drew Smith LAB Work Not Play

05/02/13 Dave Thompson SNP Prohibit Cold Calling for Property Maintenance and Repairs

06/02/13 Annabel Goldie CON Street Stuff 07/02/13 Margaret McCulloch LAB Retail in Scotland

19/02/13 Jim Eadie SNP Lothiansound Talking Newspaper Celebrates 25th Anniversary

20/02/13 Chic Brodie SNP Scotland’s Historic Buildings 21/02/13 David Stewart LAB 50 Miles Per Hour Campaign

26/02/13 David Torrance SNP Congratulating Fife Gingerbread on 25th Anniversary

27/02/13 John Mason SNP Families Need Fathers

28/02/13 Sarah Boyack LAB Enough Food for Everyone IF Scotland Plays its Part

05/03/13 Liam McArthur LD Postcode Lottery for People with Multiple Sclerosis

06/03/13 Murdo Fraser CON Endangered Species and Wild Land

Conservation 07/03/13 Christina McKelvie SNP #Scotlandhour



Date MSP Party Subject

12/03/13 Jean Urquhurt GRP The Role of Crofting in the Highlands and Islands

13/03/13 Bob Doris SNP Dr David Livingstone’s Bicentenary 14/03/13 Neil Findlay LAB Lessons from Orgreave

19/03/13 Mark McDonald SNP Count Us In

20/03/13 Jackie Baillie LAB Dementia Carers’ Voices

21/03/13 Angus MacDonald SNP 75 Years of Young Farmers Clubs in Scotland 26/03/13 Bob Doris SNP Kurdish Contribution to Scotland, Remembering


27/03/13 James Kelly LAB Bicentenary Celebrations of Dr David Livingstone’s Birth

28/03/13 Sandra White SNP Bowel Cancer, Don’t Take a Chance, Take the Test

16/04/13 David Torrance SNP Congratulating Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society

17/04/13 Kezia Dugdale LAB One Billion Rising

18/04/13 Nigel Don SNP Scotland’s Butchers Lead the Way with Quality Produce

23/04/13 Alex Johnstone CON Welcome to the National Cricket Teams of Japan

24/04/13 Jamie Hepburn SNP Future of Scotland’s Crown Post Offices 25/04/13 John Pentland LAB Workers’ Memorial Day 2013

30/04/13 John Mason SNP Social Tourism

01/05/13 George Adam SNP MS Week 2013

02/05/13 Neil Findlay LAB Blacklisting, a Scottish and UK Human Rights Abuse

07/05/13 Gordon MacDonald SNP Dads Rock 1st Anniversary

08/05/13 Mary Scanlon CON Importance of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel 09/05/13 Mary Fee LAB Using Prisoners’ Assets to Reduce Reoffending 14/05/13 Christina McKelvie SNP Voices from the Frontline, Digital by Default 15/05/13 Aileen McLeod SNP History is Made at the Mull of Galloway 16/05/13 Margaret McDougall LAB University Marine Biological Station Millport 21/05/13 Clare Adamson SNP Electrical Safety in the Private Rented Sector 22/05/13 Joan McAlpine SNP A National Tree

23/05/13 Anne McTaggart LAB Mary Barbour Commemoration

28/05/13 Sandra White SNP Sectarian Attacks against the Shia Community 29/05/13 Margaret Mitchell CON AEDs in Scotland

30/05/13 Alison McInnes LD Still Waiting Campaign 04/06/13 Patrick Harvie GRP Protecting Tenants’ Deposits

05/06/13 John Mason SNP Bank Branch Closures

06/06/13 Paul Martin LAB Community-based Housing Associations, Building the Community

11/06/13 Christina McKelvie SNP MND Scotland Welfare Reform

12/06/13 Hanzala Malik LAB Challenging Negative Racial and Religious Stereotypes

13/06/13 Roderick Campbell SNP Sales of Interest Rate Swap Agreements 18/06/13 James Kelly LAB Parkinson’s Nurses in Scotland, Providing

Effective, Safe, Person-centred Care 19/06/13 John Wilson SNP Credit Union Expansion Project 20/06/13 Christine Grahame SNP James IV and Flodden Field



Date MSP Party Subject

25/06/13 Dave Thompson SNP Review of Specialist Heart Failure Nurse Services

26/06/13 Duncan McNeil LAB ASH Scotland’s 40th Anniversary 27/06/13 Richard Lyle SNP 100th Anniversary of World War I

03/09/13 Alex Fergusson CON The Da Vinci Challenge to be Tackled by Dalbeattie High School

04/09/13 John Wilson SNP Welcoming Oxfam’s Our Economy Report 05/09/13 Graeme Pearson SNP Enhancing Enterprise for Scotland and China 10/09/13 Graeme Dey SNP Scotland More Aware of Fair Trade

11/09/13 Christina McKelvie SNP End Revenge Porn Scotland

12/09/13 Claire Baker LAB 82% of Scots in Favour of Compulsory Microchipping

17/09/13 James Dornan SNP Disabled People in Politics

18/09/13 Nanette Milne CON Marie Curie, Signpost to Palliative Care 19/09/13 David Stewart LAB Dunoon-Gourock Ferry Action Group

24/09/13 Gordon MacDonald SNP Al-Anon Family Groups, Supporting Families with Alcohol-related Issues

25/09/13 Jim Eadie SNP The University of Edinburgh in World’s Top 20 26/09/13 Richard Baker LAB Safety of Offshore Oil and Gas Workers

01/10/13 Fiona McLeod SNP Celebrating 100 Years of Westerton Garden Suburb

02/10/13 Aileen McLeod SNP Supporting Teenage Cancer Trust’s Education Programme

03/10/13 Jackie Baillie LAB Challenge Poverty Week

08/10/13 Nigel Don SNP Energy Action Scotland Marks its 30th Anniversary

09/10/13 Liz Smith CON Direct Rail Link Between Perth and Edinburgh 10/10/13 Jim Hume LD CAB-run Innovative Youth Outreach Projects 29/10/13 Alison Johnstone GRP Strict Liability

30/10/13 Aileen McLeod SNP Scottish Woodlot Association, a First for Galloway

31/10/13 Malcolm Chisholm LAB Folic Acid Awareness Campaign

5/11/13 Sandra White SNP Glasgow Women’s Aid 40th Anniversary Celebration

6/11/13 Jackie Baillie LAB No More Page 3

7/11/13 Mike MacKenzie SNP The Best Buildings in Scotland

12/11/13 Dennis Robertson SNP Action over Size 10 Models and Mannequins 13/11/13 Claire Baker LAB National Parks, Unfinished Business

14/11/13 Colin Keir SNP 100 Years of Conservation, Research and Education at Edinburgh Zoo

21/11/13 Richard Lyle SNP 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination 26/11/13 Murdo Fraser CON The Future of Medical Research Funding in

Scotland Remains Strong

27/11/13 James Dornan SNP St Andrew’s First Aid Count Me In Campaign 28/11/13 Rhoda Grant LAB World Prematurity Day 2013 and World-class

Neonatal Care in Scotland

03/12/13 Christine Grahame SNP I Come in Praise of Local Development Trusts and other Community Initiatives

04/12/13 Linda Fabiani SNP Celebrating Maxillofacial Prosthetists and Technologists



Date MSP Party Subject

05/12/13 Sarah Boyack LAB World AIDS Day 2013

10/12/13 George Adam SNP YouthLink Scotland

11/12/13 Alex Johnstone CON Arbroath CAFÉ Project

12/12/13 Kezia Dugdale LAB Financial Conduct Authority’s Plans to Regulate the Payday Loan Industry

17/12/13 Stewart Stevenson SNP Moray Library Closures

18/12/13 John Wilson SNP 12 Days of Debtmas Credit Union Campaign 19/12/13 Jackie Baillie LAB Discontinuation of Home Office’s Go Home


07/01/14 David Torrance SNP Congratulations to Fife Gingerbread

08/01/14 Fiona McLeod SNP Recognising the Value of Community Optometry 09/01/14 Paul Martin LAB The Effectiveness of Existing Dog Control Laws

14/01/14 James Dornan SNP The Cedar Network

15/01/14 Annabel Goldie CON Through Care Support Project HM Prison Greenock

16/01/14 Tavish Scott LD Oncology at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 21/01/14 John Finnie GRP Lift Lives for Good

22/0114 Joan McAlpine SNP Congratulations to the Big Burns Supper 2014 23/01/14 Neil Findlay LAB Airlines Discriminating against Disabled People 28/01/14 Stewart Maxwell SNP Holocaust Memorial Day 2014

29/01/14 Angus MacDonald SNP The National Tree for Scotland 30/01/14 David Stewart LAB Melbourne Declaration on Diabetes 04/02/14 Maureen Watt SNP Self-immolations in Tibet

05/02/14 Jenny Marra LAB International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation

06/02/14 Stuart McMillan SNP Society’s Increasing Reliance on Foodbanks 18/02/14 Aileen McLeod SNP The St Ninian Ways, a Proposed Cultural Route 20/02/14 John Mason SNP Promoting Family Recovery Across Scotland 20/02/14 Patricia Ferguson LAB Support for Syrian Refugees

25/02/14 Murdo Fraser CON Police Scotland Traffic Wardens 26/02/14 Dennis Robertson SNP Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2014 27/02/14 Richard Baker LAB Unite’s Back Home Safe Campaign 04/03/14 Claudia Beamish LAB Thirsting for Justice

05/03/14 Linda Fabiani SNP Marie Curie’s 2014 Great Daffodil Appeal 06/03/14 George Adam SNP Scotland’s First Year as a Fair Trade Nation

11/03/14 Kenneth Gibson SNP Clyde 2020

12/03/14 Margaret Mitchell CON Celebrating Commonwealth Week

13/03/14 Claire Baker LAB Recognising the Work of Greener Kirkcaldy 18/03/14 John Wilson SNP Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week 2014 19/03/14 Nigel Don SNP Scotland’s Traditional Housing Stock 20/03/14 Iain Gray LAB Anniversary of the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike 25/03/14 David Torrance SNP Asda Kirkcaldy’s Community Life Programme 26/03/14 James Dornan SNP Scotland’s Outlook

27/03/14 Elaine Murray LAB Closure of Dumfries Control Rooms

01/04/14 Nanette Milne CON Self-management of Anticoagulation Therapy 02/04/14 Mark McDonald SNP Applauding Autism-friendly Theatre and Cinema

03/04/14 Jim Hume LD Keep Justice Local

22/04/14 Alison Johnstone GRP Fan Ownership of Football Clubs



Date MSP Party Subject

24/04/14 David Stewart LAB Local Knowledge Under Fire

29/04/14 Fiona McLeod SNP Action on Hearing Loss and Benefits of its Hear to Help Service

30/04/14 Graeme Pearson LAB Justice for Survivors of Historic Institutional Child Abuse

01/05/14 George Adam SNP MS Week 2014, Treat Me Right 06/05/14 Kenneth Gibson SNP Microchipping and Muzzling 07/05/14 Alex Rowley LAB Halbeath Park and Ride

08/05/14 Fiona McLeod SNP UV Radiation Awareness to Prevent Melanoma and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

13/05/14 Bill Kidd SNP Recovering Health Costs for Asbestos-related Conditions and Diseases

14/05/14 Margaret McDougall LAB Recognising the Impact of Loneliness on Physical and Mental Health

15/05/14 Christine Grahame SNP Animal Rights and Human Responsibilities 20/05/14 Kenneth Gibson SNP Tackling the Stigma of Epilepsy through


21/05/14 Jackie Baillie LAB Scottish Learning Disability Awareness Week 2014

22/05/14 No plenary business European elections

27/05/14 John Wilson SNP Scottish Wildlife Trust Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

28/05/14 Siobhan McMahon LAB Recognising the Work of the Scottish Centre for Children with Motor Impairments and Bobath Scotland

29/05/14 Joan McAlpine SNP Fairness for Local Television in Scotland 03/06/14 Christina McKelvie SNP One Parent Family Scotland

04/06/14 Claire Baker LAB Celebrating the Scottish Spud

05/06/14 Alex Johnstone CON Aberdeen’s Engagement Strategy with Japan 10/06/14 Sandra White SNP Operation Blue Star

11/06/14 Roderick Campbell SNP Scotland’s Secret Bunker Reopening

12/06/14 Elaine Smith LAB Celebrating and Supporting Breastfeeding in Public

17/06/14 Cameron Buchanan CON Strategic Planning in the Lothians

18/06/14 Sarah Boyack LAB First Anniversary of the Rana Plaza Disaster 19/06/14 Richard Lyle SNP Celebrating 125 Years of the Showman’s Guild

24/06/14 Bob Doris SNP The Regeneration of Royston

25/06/14 Liz Smith CON Centenary of Perth Royal Infirmary 26/06/14 Alison McInnes LD Your GP Cares Campaign

05/08/14 Rhoda Grant LAB The Bunchrew Land Declaration

06/08/14 Dave Thompson SNP Highlighting the Plight of Persecuted Christians 07/08/14 Linda Fabiani SNP East Kilbride has Real Heroes

12/08/14 Drew Smith LAB Gaza

13/08/14 Bill Kidd SNP A Message for Dearest Scotland 14/08/14 Angus MacDonald SNP Scotland’s Pollinator Population

19/08/14 Gordon MacDonald SNP Celebrating the Contribution of Independent Retailers to the Scottish Economy

20/08/14 Margaret McCulloch LAB The Future of DFID in Scotland 21/08/14 James Dornan SNP Celebrating Glasgow the Caring City



Date MSP Party Subject

Award Winner 2014 24/09/14 Claudia Beamish LAB Skills Partnerships

25/09/14 Annabelle Ewing SNP Remembering the Contribution of Those who Built the Dams and Tunnels

30/09/14 Murdo Fraser CON Objections to Talladh-a-Bheithe Wind farm and NPF3

01/10/14 Graeme Dey SNP Angus CAB Publishes Paper Highlighting Challenges Faced by Online Benefit Claimants 02/10/14 Hugh Henry LAB End-to-end Competition and the Universal

Postal Service 07/10/14 DEBATE POSTPONED

08/10/14 Jackie Baillie LAB Absence of Suitable Hospice and Respite Facilities for Young Disabled Adults

09/10/14 Christina McKelvie SNP Voting Franchise for 16 and 17-year-olds 28/10/14 Linda Fabiani SNP 10 October is World Mental Health Day 29/10/14 Michael McMahon LAB Fire Risk Assessments

30/10/14 Jackson Carlaw CON Neilston and Uplawmoor First Responders Reaches 100th Emergency Call-out

04/11/14 Stewart Stevenson SNP The Importance of School Bus Safety around Scotland

05/11/14 Jim Eadie SNP Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign 06/11/14 Neil Findlay LAB RBS Takes Communities for Granted

11/11/14 Christina McKelvie SNP Armed Services Advice Project in a Year of Remembrance

12/11/14 David Stewart LAB World Diabetes Day 2014 13/11/14 Clare Adamson SNP Home Safety Kits

18/11/14 Alex Fergusson CON MUM’s Last Big Challenge 20/11/14 John Wilson GRP Child Poverty Figures Increasing

25/11/14 Marco Biagi SNP Marking the Anniversary of the Ukrainian Famine

26/11/14 Ken Macintosh LAB Even it Up: Time to End Extreme Inequality, Oxfam’s New report and Campaign

27/11/14 Jim Hume LD One Step Closer to Trains at Reston and East Linton

27/11/14 Annabelle Ewing SNP St Andrew’s Day 2014

2/12/14 Nigel Don SNP Fuel Poverty in pre-1919 Residential Properties 3/12/14 Sarah Boyack LAB The Engine Shed and Supported Employment 4/12/14 Joan McAlpine SNP Meal Makers Tackle Malnutrition in Frail Older


9/12/14 Rhoda Grant LAB Scottish Local Coastal Partnerships 10/12/14 Christine Grahame SNP Capital Credit Union Outpost Penicuik

11/12/14 Kenneth Gibson SNP Educational Disadvantage and Deaf Children in Scotland

16/12/14 John Mason SNP The Bellgrove Hotel

17/12/14 Paul Martin LAB Creating Jobs in Glasgow’s East End 18/12/14 Roderick Campbell SNP Scotland’s Outstanding Year of Sport

06/01/15 Alex Johnstone CON New Psychoactive Substances Needs Assessment for Tayside, 2014 Report

07/01/15 Malcolm Chisholm LAB Nursing Against Health Inequalities 08/01/15 Christine Grahame SNP A Shocking Way to Treat a Dog



Date MSP Party Subject

13/01/15 Angus MacDonald SNP The Need for a Direct Ferry Service Between Scotland and Scandinavia

14/01/15 Hanzala Malik LAB Taliban’s Attack in a School in Peshawar

15/01/15 John Mason SNP Equal Pay

20/01/15 Jim Eadie SNP 35th Anniversary of Mercy Corps

21/01/15 Iain Gray LAB Learned Societies Group on Scottish Science Education Report

22/01/15 Jamie McGrigor CON Tackling Projected Population Decline in Argyll and Bute

27/01/15 Stewart Maxwell SNP Holocaust Memorial Day 2015

28/01/15 Kevin Stewart SNP Hepatitis C

29/01/15 David Stewart LAB Educational Psychologists Numbers at Dangerously Low Levels in Scotland

03/02/15 James Dornan SNP 100 Years of Langside Library

04/02/15 Neil Findlay LAB The Umbrella Company Contract Scam

05/02/15 Jim Eadie SNP The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland and European Antibiotic Awareness Day

17/02/15 Margaret Mitchell CON Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland’s Outstanding Support for Survivors

18/02/15 Liam McArthur LD The Wave Energy Sector in Scotland 19/02/15 Patrick Harvie GRP Young Voters and School Debates 24/02/15 Dennis Robertson SNP Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015 25/02/15 Bruce Crawford SNP Clean Up Scotland

26/02/15 Mary Fee LAB An Unfair Sentence

03/03/15 Jenny Marra LAB Celebrating Mary Slessor on International Women’s Day 2015

04/03/15 Linda Fabiani SNP Marie Curie’s 2015 Great Daffodil Appeal 05/03/15 George Adam SNP Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

10/03/15 Graeme Dey SNP Welcoming a More Energy Efficient Retail Sector

11/03/15 Patricia Ferguson LAB Young People and the Commonwealth, Commonwealth Day 2015

12/03/15 Colin Beattie SNP The Importance of Libraries

17/03/15 Mike MacKenzie SNP Average Speed Cameras on the A9

18/03/15 Alex Rowley LAB UK Government Carbon Price Support Exemption for Opencast Coal Sites

19/03/15 Kenneth Gibson SNP European Conference for Cold Water Island Tourism

24/03/15 Annabel Goldie CON Greenock Ocean Terminal

25/03/15 Graeme Dey SNP Earth Hour 2015

26/03/15 Hugh Henry LAB Accountability of Police Scotland 31/03/15 Margaret McDougall LAB Awareness of Group B Streptococcus 01/04/15 Mark McDonald SNP Making Scotland Autism Friendly

02/04/15 Stuart McMillan SNP Congratulating Greenock Morton Community Trust




Frequency (no) 203 111 37 12 7 0 370







Monday 20 Constituency Constituency

Tuesday 21 0900-1300 Committees 1400 Time for Reflection

Followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1405-1420 Topical Questions

1420-1450 Ministerial Statement: Bonomy Review

1450-1700 Scottish Government Debate:

Contribution of Culture, Visitor Attractions and Events to Scotland's Economy and Society

1700 Decision Time

Followed by Members’ Business Sandra White: Recognition of the Palestinian State

Wednesday 22 0900-1300 Committees

1400 Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1400-1440 Portfolio Question Time: Justice and the Law Officers; Rural Affairs, Food and Environment

1440-1600 European and External Relations Committee debate: EU Priorities

1600-1700 Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee debate: Members Interests Bill

Followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1700 Decision Time

Followed by Members’ Business Rhoda Grant: UK National Stalking Awareness Day

Thursday 23 0900-1100 Committees

1140-1200 General Questions

1200-1230 First Minister’s Question Time

Followed by Members’ Business Joan McAlpine: DG Food and Drink

1430 Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1430-1659 Stage One debate: Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill

1659-1700 Financial Resolution: Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill

Followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1700 Decision Time







Monday 27

Constituency Constituency

Tuesday 28 0900-1300 Committees 1400 Time for Reflection

Followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1405-1420 Topical Questions

1420-1700 Scottish Government Debate: Scotland’s Future Employability Services

1700 Decision Time

Followed by Members’ Business S4M-12526 John Scott: Prestwick Airport Spaceport Bid

Wednesday 29 0900-1300 Committees

1400 Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1400-1440 Portfolio Question Time: Health, Wellbeing and Sport

1440-1700 European and External Relations Committee debate: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – Implications for Scotland report

Followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1700 Decision Time

Followed by Members’ Business S4M-12808 George Adam: My Life My MS

Thursday 30 0900-1100 Committees

1140-1200 General Questions

1200-1230 First Minister’s Question Time

Followed by Members’ Business S4M-12938 Neil Findlay: Expanding Coverage of the Living Wage

1430 Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1430-1700 Scottish Government Debate: Making the most of veteran’s contribution to Scotland

Followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1700 Decision Time

Friday 01 May







Monday 04

Constituency Constituency

Tuesday 05 0900-1300 Committees 1400 Time for Reflection

Followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1405-1420 Topical Questions

1420-1700 Scottish Government Business

1700 Decision Time

Followed by Members’ Business

Wednesday 06 0900-1300 Committees

1400 Parliamentary Bureau Motion (if required)

1400-1445 Members Business

1445-1505 General Questions

1505-1535 First Minister Questions

1535-1615 Portfolio Question Time: Infrastructure, Investment and Cities; Europe and External Affairs

1615 Decision Time

Followed by Members’ Business

Thursday 07 General Election No Business General Election No Business Friday 08 Constituency Constituency




Date of Lodging:

21 April 2015

Short Title:

Business Motion

Joe FitzPatrick on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau:

That the Parliament agrees

to the following revision to the programme of business for

Tuesday 21 April 2015—


followed by Topical Questions


followed by Ministerial Statement: Bonomy Review


Date of Lodging:

21 April 2015

Short Title:

Business Motion

<Unique Identifier> Joe FitzPatrick on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau:


the Parliament agrees the following programme of business—

Tuesday 28 April 2015

2.00 pm Time for Reflection

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Topical Questions (if selected)

followed by Scottish Government Debate: Scotland’s Future Employability Services followed by Business Motions

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions



Wednesday 29 April 2015

2.00 pm Parliamentary Bureau Motions 2.00 pm Portfolio Questions

Health, Wellbeing and Sport

followed by European and External Relations Committee Debate: 2nd Report, 2015, The Implications of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership for Scotland.

followed by Business Motions

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Thursday 30 April 2015

11.40 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions 11.40 am General Questions

12.00 pm First Minister’s Questions

followed by Members’ Business

2.30 pm Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Government Debate: Making the Most of the Contribution of Veterans to Scotland

followed by Business Motions

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

Tuesday 5 May 2015

2.00 pm Time for Reflection

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Topical Questions (if selected)

followed by Scottish Government Business

followed by Business Motions



5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business

Wednesday 6 May 2015

2.00 pm Parliamentary Bureau Motions

2.00 pm Members’ Business

2.45 pm General Questions

3.05 pm First Minister’s Questions 3.35 pm Portfolio Question Time

Infrastructure, Investment and Cities; Culture, Europe and External Affairs

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

4.15 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business


Date of Lodging:

21 April 2015

Short Title:

Business Motion

Joe FitzPatrick on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau:

That the Parliament agrees

that consideration of the Education (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1 be completed by 9

October 2015.


Date of Lodging:

21 April 2015



Joe FitzPatrick on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau:

That the Parliament agrees

that consideration of the Harbours (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1 be completed by 19 June



Date of Lodging:

21 April 2015

Short Title:

Business Motion

Joe FitzPatrick on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau:

That the Parliament agrees

that consideration of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1

be extended to 15 May 2015.


Date of Lodging:

21 April 2015

Short Title:

Business Motion

Joe FitzPatrick on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau:

That the Parliament agrees

that consideration of the Scottish Elections (Reduction of Voting Age) Bill at Stage 1 be

completed by 29 May 2015.














1. The Alcohol (Licensing, Public Health and Criminal Justice) (Scotland) Bill was

introduced by Dr Richard Simpson on 1 April 2015.

2. The Bill makes a series of provisions aimed at reducing and dealing with the abuse

of alcohol, including provision in relation to the minimum price of packages

containing more than one alcoholic product; alcoholic drinks containing caffeine;

consultation and publicity in relation to applications and variation of premises

licences; restrictions on alcohol advertising; alcohol education policy statements and

drinking banning orders.


3. The Bill falls within the remit of the following committees for the following reasons:

Health and Sport


Responsibility for problem alcohol use and recovery falls

within the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary for

Health, Wellbeing and Sport. As such, the remit of the

Health and Sport Committee is engaged.

Justice Committee

Local Government

and Regeneration


The Bill makes provision for drinking banning orders both

on application to the sheriff and on conviction. The Bill

also makes it an offence to contravene the restrictions

placed on alcohol advertising. Generally, the creation of

a new offence would not automatically bring a Bill within

the remit of the Justice Committee, but, in this case,

drinking banning orders are a central strand of the Bill’s

proposals. As such, it is considered that the remit of the

Justice Committee is engaged.

The Bill makes changes to the application for and

variation of licences in relation to on-sale and off-sale

premises. The local licensing systems for alcohol and

other civic licensing regimes are key responsibilities of

local authorities. The remit of the Local Government and

Regeneration Committee is therefore engaged.

4. It is considered that, due to the wide-ranging nature of the Bill’s provisions, the

Health and Sport Committee is best placed to scrutinise the Bill.




5. The Bureau is invited to recommend to the Parliament, by motion, that the Health

and Sport Committee be designated as lead committee for the Bill under Rule 9.6.1.

6. We are not aware of an interest on the part of the Justice Committee or the Local

Government and Regeneration Committee in being formally designated as a

secondary committee. Lack of formal designation does not, of course, prevent any

committee from considering the Bill if it subsequently decides to do so.

7. A draft motion is attached as an



Parliamentary Business Team

April 2015


Draft Parliamentary Bureau motion on the Alcohol (Licensing, Public Health

and Criminal Justice) (Scotland) Bill

Designation of Lead Committee

––That the Parliament agrees that the Health and

Sport Committee be designated as the lead committee in consideration of the

Alcohol (Licensing, Public Health and Criminal Justice) (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1.





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