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KN Global & Project Presentation of TURKEY

by IST EG Murat Demirkol University of Istanbul, 10.MAI.2010


Worldwide network - 900 locations in more than 100 countries

Integrated service portfolio – more than 55,000 employees

Over 6 million m


warehousing space











integration and innovation are at the heart of our business philosophy.

Focused on our

customers’ needs we provide integrated logistics








we are the extension of your business.


Special Services

Project Transports

Lead Logistics Solutions

Oil & Energy

Aid & Relief

Wine & Spirits

Hotel Logistics

Forest Products

Fairs & Exhibitions


Insurance Brokerage

Sea & Air Logistics



Rail & Road Logistics



Contract Logistics



Value added services


Market Position

Global No. 1 in Seafreight

Double-digit growth rates

Leading the industry with IT-based solutions

Strong partnerships with preferred carriers

Global Top 4 in Airfreight

Well positioned in the top league

Cargo 2000 Phase II certified (first mover!)

Strong partnerships with preferred airlines

Global Top 3 in Contract Logistics

Global infrastructure for global contract logistics coverage

Dedicated and shared warehousing & distribution


Transportation management solutions

Top 7 in European Rail & Road Logistics

Focus on network services, LTL & FTL business

Pan-European coverage of 38 countries


Presence in Turkey

Kühne + Nagel Nakliyat Ltd. Şti.

Person in Charge: Jürgen Kern Managing Director

Rukiye Demirtaş Finance Manager

Aydin Fatah National Project Manager

Murat Demirkol Project Manager Istanbul

Varol Koçdemir National Airfreight Manager

Sinan Mutlu National Seafreight Manager

Sema Arslan National Quality Manager

Ercüment Gücüyener Sales Manager

Meftun Yücetin Airfreight Manager Istanbul

Feyzan Demirsöz Warehousing & Distribution Manager

Ömer Çevik Branch Manager Gebze

Erkan Şenel Overland Manager

Bülent Süslü Branch Manager Izmir & Bursa

Tufan Zaman Exhibitions & Rail Manager

Founded in : 1954 (100% owned since 1986)

Staff : 176 Employees


Turkey – The Network

Istanbul Gebze Ankara Bursa Izmir Mersin


Country Project Offices Regional Project Centers


Project Transports

Know-How in handling project cargo where ever the job side location would be

Consultancy and precise planning from the beginning until the project is completed

Selecting the most convenient transport mode according to commodity, timing and cost-efficiency

Project Risk Management

Surveying, packing verifications as well as customs clearance services

Tracking of projects with individual reporting to customer


LPG Power Plant Units from U.A.E. and USA

to Iraq via Iskenderun

* Hydraulic trailers for heavy lift units

* Out of gauge cargoes

* More then 50 normal trailers

2 full chartered heavy lift vessels; totally more than 150 trailers from Iskenderun Port, Turkey up to the Project Site – in Erbil, Iraq


Alternators, Generators and Assembly Parts for

the Power Plant Project in Iraq

Full operation door to door from Shantou - China up to Erbil Site – Iraq via

Iskenderun port – Turkey.

Engines up to 140 tons each;

Alternators with 3,40 meters height;

More then 20 shippers own containers;

Door to door just-in-time delivery;


Water Pipe Turkey – Erbil / Iraq

Pipe delivery & Loading India


Kuehne & Nagel Scope of Work

Contract secured for completion of delivery of all line pipe for Azerbaijan Sector, comprising 442Km (Phases 1&2 – Oil&Gas)

Discharging of pipe from vessel using port cranes, however using our rigging and lifting and equipment (spreader beams, slings, shackles and pipe-hooks).

Re-loading and lashing pipe onto 300 dedicated rail-wagons, specifically upgraded for carriage of 42 inch coated pipe.

Arranging transit clearance at Poti and final clearance at Azerbaijan under PSA (parent sharing agreement).

Providing full tracking and tracing of all movements throughout the project.

Full project implemented under BTC HSE (health, safety and environment) policy and guidelines.

Arrange collection of pipe from pipe yards via KN BTC upgraded and compliant vehicles (35 ton IVECO/MAZ flat-bed trailers). Pipe delivered to various

locations along the pipeline route (stringing operation). Forecasted delivery of 2KM per day, equivalent to 172 pipes per day, utilizing 20 trailers (Forecasted 10,000 trailer movements for phase 1).

Inter-pipe yard transfers of housing accommodation, equipment and pipe.


History of BTC Pipeline

Milestones and Objective

The largest pipeline in the World

Environmental and Social impact assessment undertaken to determine

the potential impact on physical and human environment.

Pipeline measuring 1479 Km, stretching through 3 Countries

(Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey)

2 Phases – Oil & Gas

Project commenced Dec. 2002

Oil pipeline delivery completed Jan 2004 – 190,000 tons (39,000


Gas pipeline commenced Jan 2004 – completion of delivery by Feb

2005 (189,000 tons - 38,594 joints)

Estimated value of each pipeline product at US$ 2.5 billion.

Pipe manufactured ex Japan

Pipe coating in Kuantan, Malaysia

Direct charter vessel ex Japan to Malaysia and Malaysia to Poti,



History of BTC Pipeline

At Poti Port, Georgia and

Azerbaijan. Kuehne+Nagel has successfully completed over 500,000 lifts for BTC/SCP Pipeline Projects during 2003 to 2005, and currently have completed 99% of both

Projects without any DAFWC & AIF

Kuehne+Nagel 300 specifically designed & designated railway platforms for transportation of 42” Coated Line Pipe from Georgia to the 7 designated Azeri Dump Yards


History of BTC Pipeline

Safe and Defensive Driving Practises under the strict control of the Project Management Team Kuehne+Nagel Stringing Operations provided by 30 dedicated, HSE compliant Trucks/Trailers.


History of BTC Pipeline

Azerbaijan/Georgia HSE Statistics

15,000,000 Man hours worked upto Jan 05

KN participated 425,000 +/- man hours worked

10,000,000 KMs driven upto Jan 05

KN have driven over 2, 450,000 KMs

4.250 Advanced Safety Audits (ASA)

KN performed more than 1,200 ASA’s

7,500 Safety Observation Notices (STOP Cards)

KN performed more than 2.600 Stop Cards

7,659 Risk Identification Tool Box Talks (TBT’s)

KN performed more than 2,200 TBT’s

KN has successfully performed all activities required by client

during the project term without any incident, accidents, harm to

people and or damage to the environment.


Port handling at the origin.

Full / part charter vessel.

Port handling at Iskenderun Port.

Sourcing special equipments ( Discharging hooks ).

Storage at Iskenderun Port Yard.

On Truck loading operation at Iskenderun Port.

Land transportation to client site in Iraq.

Private Escort with in Iraq.

Oil Pipe Lines


Oil Pipe Handling

Highlight (2)


Oil Pipe Handling & On forwarding by road freight to North Iraq

More than 2000 full

load trucks (FTL) was

transported in 3

months to N. Iraq.


Disc ha rg in g ♣ 24 TIER ★ ★ ♣ 24 TIER ISKENDERUN EX ULSAN 24"x12 , 20"X12, 16X12 STEEL PIPE 11 TIER ISKENDERUN EX ULSAN 1961 PCS STEEL PIPE 24"X12, 20X12, 16X12 2014.3 MTS 16 TIER ISKENDERUN EX ULSAN STEEL PIPE 24"X6, 24"X7, 24"X8, 24X9 16"X12 1066.5 MTS 16"X12 ISKENDERUN EX ULSAN 1315 PCS STEEL PIPE 30 TIER STEEL PIPE 24"12, 20"X12 ,16"X12 1240.7 MTS ISKENDERUN EX ULSAN 1114 PCS ISKENDERUN EX ULSAN 34 PCS STEEL PIPE 24.8 MTS

NO.5 (19.89 X 15.36m) NO.4 (19.89 X 15.36m) NO.3 (19.89 X 15.36m) NO.2 (19.89 X 15.36m) NO.1 (19.72 X 15.36m)

Sailed From


4 Hatch No. Disch Port S,DWT B : 4948 7615,3 17817,5 TOTAL 15410 15410 17817,5 7615,3 5 4948 4194 3652,6 3289,3 3289,3 3 4194 3652,6 3635 3260,3 P'kgs M/TS 1 2633 3260,3 2633 P'kgs M/TS P'kgs M/TS ISKENDERUN TOTAL M/TS P'kgs M/TS M/TS P'kgs M/TS P'kgs M/TS P'kgs 17817,5 15410 7615,3 M/S : " BALGARKA " 4950 3652,6 4192 2014,3 34 24,8 3635 3289,3 2633 3260,3 M/TS 1 1318 2193,8 1315 1066,5 M/TS P'kgs M/TS P'kgs M/TS P'kgs M/TS P'kgs TOTAL Hatch No. P'kgs M/TS P'kgs M/TS P'kgs M/TS P'kgs ULSAN 2 2521 2048,6 1114 1240,7 SHANGHAI Load Port ULSAN, KOREA STOWAGE PLAN 5 4 3 VOY# : Date: 1961 4158 3627,8 2989 5601,0 4346,3 TOTAL 10986 13471,2 4424 12.Şub.07 TO: ISKENDERUN ULSAN LOA B,CAP S,DRAFT TPC GRT 3635 2 P'kgs PART 10 TIER 2193.8 MTS PART 10 TIER 2001 PCS STEEL PIPE 1697.5 MTS SHANGHAI PART B007 BNDLS 3" X 14' PART B007 BNDLS 3" X 14' PART 10 TIER B006 250 PSC ISKENDERUN EX ISKENDERUN EX SHANGHAI 1318 B007 P/L STEEL PIPE 12" 149.1 MTS ISKENDERUN EX SHANGHAI B005 16" 270 PCS STEEL PIPE 202.0 MTS ISKENDERUN EX SHANGHAI B007 1759 PCS STEEL PIPE 1599.0 MTS B005 P/L B005 P/L STEEL PIPE 2188 PCS STEEL PIPE 1633.7 MTS B007 P/L STEEL PIPE ISKENDERUN EX SHANGHAI 16"X12,16X8,16X10,16X11,20X12 1 TIER ISKENDERUN EX SHANGHAI B008 211 BNDLS STEEL PIPE B008 P/L 6" X 5' 6" X 5' 6" X 5' 395.1 MTS ISKENDERUN EX SHANGHAI P/L B008 ISKENDERUN EX SHANGHAI P/L B008 2989 BNDLS STEEL PIPE 5601.0 MTS 6' X 5' 30T 30T 30T 30T


Insurance Brokers

20 offices worldwide

tailormade insurance solutions high technical expertise

 Marine cargo insurance

 Marine liability insurance

 Fire & industrial insurance

 Business interruption insurance

 Third party liability insurance

 Motor fleet insurance

 Credit insurance

 Special project risks

 Risk financing methods

 And other commercial insurance lines


Information Data Flow

Global AS/400 Based operating System - CIEL

CMS Communication Server

Information Broker

EDI • ANSI • EDIFACT • XML Document Image Server




generation data – direct from operating system

Shipment Visibility from Origin – Destination

Integrated Customs Brokerage & Destination Mgmt.

Access to information from any web browser at anytime

Secure environment / Data Partitioning

Document Images available on-line

"Less Inventory Through Better Visibility"



Global Quality & Security Programs

CA RGO 2 0 0 0 C -TP A T T A P A IS O 9 0 0 1 :2 0 0 0 IS O 1 4 0 0 1 QS HE



“The Global Logistics Network”

Door-to-door transport of outstanding quality

Complete range of integrated and innovative logistics


Leading edge communication and information systems

Customer focus: Individual solutions for individual







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