The future of Debt Recovery Software

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The Future of Debt Recovery Software

1. Introduction 4

2. Overview of ClickDebt® 6

3. The ClickDebt® Advantage 9

4. Key Questions 11

5. Security 12

6. Support 13

7. System Modules 14

8. Case Management – Operator 17

9. Case Management – Agent 20

10. Case Management – Client 21


1. Introduction

1.1 An introduction to ClickDebt


ClickDebt® has been built from the ground up to enable your business to grow through smart use of

cutting-edge technology. It’s easy-to-use, flexible and expertly developed for debt collection, enforcement and high court use.

ClickDebt® can be customised to suit your ‘ideal process’. It is big and small business friendly and

available at competitive rates.

The software is built on Tier 1 UK ‘Cloud’ technology infrastructure:

Æ No hosting or hardware fees.

Æ No security hassles or nasty surprises.

Æ Access your business data from anywhere at any time.

Æ Hassle free back-ups.

Æ Instant updates and feature enhancements.

ClickDebt® can manage the debt collection and enforcement process, from pre-enforcement, letter

creation and allocation, through to client and debtor portals. A built in messaging system enables easy day to day use. Case management is facilitated by instant client, debtor linking and scheme selection.

ClickDebt® Mobile is our industry leading App – an impressive iPhone, iPad and Android app for

enforcement agents. It automatically downloads cases and sends automatic visit reports back to the office, so removing unnecessary paperwork and double entry from enforcement.

The software is:

Æ Easy-to-use.

Æ Quick to train on.

Æ Super-fast.

Æ Customisable.

Æ Very secure.

By automating regular tasks, ClickDebt® provides teams with valuable time to help grow their business.

In short, you can do more with less resources.

Administrator Æ All of the information provided in this brochure is correct providing you are an Administrator. Other user groups may not have the same flexibility of actions.

Agent Æ This is the man on the road, or field, collecting monies owed. Can also be known as an Enforcement Officer, or Bailiff.

Allocation Æ The action of distributing cases to an agent. This can be done by Administrators and Operators.

Client Æ The Client, or sometimes Claimant, is the solicitor or the company issuing cases to ClickDebt®.

Debtor Æ The liable party, the person who owes the money.

Operator Æ The person distributing work, allocating, reviewing and editing cases. This includes operations administrators and operations assistants.


2. Overview of ClickDebt


2.1 History

2.2 The Team

ClickDebt® is founded by software veterans who have built software and mobile applications for clients

such as Sony, HP, the BBC, St. James’s Place Wealth Management, Aviva and Zurich.

Mark Philip-Sørensen

Director Managing Jan HeuffDirector Non-Exec Ian McManusDirector

Salvatore Brundo Lead Developer Dan Walton Core Developer Ben Colonna Core Developer Lizzie Modla

Admin & Client Services

Claire Forrest

New Business Manager

Coding started.


First live client creating most advanced High Court module on the market today.


First iPad/Android App released. Client portal released.


Added 6 clients and all major debt recovery modules. Mobile and Direct modules. ISO 27001 certification & financial stability ahead of targets.


2.3 System Overview

ClickDebt® connects the four major stakeholders in a single ‘real-time’ environment. This provides

instant updates to all parties on-demand, leading to transparent and fair debt collection and enforcement processes.

2.4 The Future

ClickDebt® software is constantly evolving. With the help of our clients and partners, we endeavour to

continue upgrading our services and creating features that aid the debt recovery business.

With ZenDesk, our advanced support structure, we are ahead of the game when it comes to knowing where our clients are and how they want the system to develop. Because the system is flexible, we can adapt and grow swiftly and efficiently.

The team concentrates on maintaining a fast, secure service whilst continually improving its features, meaning additional features are being added all the time.


Client Direct



3. The ClickDebt



ClickDebt® has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the latest developments in technology;

this gives our clients a distinct advantage in a fast-moving world.

Æ ClickDebt® uses the latest technology.

Æ The software is flexible and fully customisable to your business needs.

Æ The software can be driven by case, debtor or client management processes.

Æ Data can be analysed and patterns learnt to continually improve your business process.

3.1 Flexibility

ClickDebt® is the most flexible and mobile system in the industry. By using innovative Cloud computing

technology, it can be run on any device with an internet connection. This will speed up daily tasks and operations, as well as offering our clients the freedom to use the system whenever and wherever. The system architecture has been developed to be customisable and adaptable to suit the client’s needs. Customise the way that you allocate, search, navigate or add fees instantly.

3.2 Reliable

The system is fully managed by the ClickDebt® team saving time and money. Backups and administration

are taken care of.


Æ Single non-redundant distribution path serving the IT equipment.

Æ Non-redundant capacity components.

Æ Basic site infrastructure with expected availability of 99.671%.

Hosting Partner – Rackspace

Æ Rackspace has delivered enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and specificities around the world. They integrate the industry’s best technologies for each customer’s specific need.

Æ UK Tier 1 hosting with 247/365 availability.

Æ All Data backed-up daily.

Data Backup – Amazon Web Services

Æ Amazon Web Services provide us with a highly reliable, scalable secondary infrastructure platform in the cloud to power ClickDebt®.

Æ AWS is a secure, durable technology platform with industry-recognised certifications including ISO 27001.


3.3 Powerful

ClickDebt® is a powerful tool to aid the debt collection process, leaving you with more time free from

paperwork and able to run your business.

ClickDebt® is a system suited to a diversity of clients, each with thousands of cases, and growing daily. It

is extremely powerful, runs smoothly and quickly, and enables our clients to work as fast and efficiently as possible.

3.4 Branded

ClickDebt® is configured individually for each business. We work from the core of the system to expand

and create something bespoke for your company’s needs.

The system will generate branded letters featuring your logo, headers and footers to represent your company.

The ClickDebt® secure messaging system has the option of adding customisable headers and footers to

start and end your correspondence. These can be changed at any time, and set up according to whoever is sending a message – e.g. Officer, Agent, Client etc.

4. Key Questions

4.1 Data

We have years of data to transfer and millions of data points. Is it going to be painful and time consuming?

Æ Leave it to us. We offer FREE migration during the set-up process.

Æ We recommend an initial data transfer then running system in parallel for 1-2 months.

Æ Data will be transferred successfully from all our major competitors systems.

4.2 Costs

What are the costs?

ClickDebt® is available at competitive rates with no hidden fees.

Æ Our per month fees include software licensing, data storage, data transfer, back-ups and responsive support.

Æ No maintenance costs.

Æ Low set-up costs.

Æ No hardware costs, other than for agents on the road.

4.3 Training

We are worried about staff training. How do you do it?

Æ ClickDebt® was built from the ground up to be FAST to train on.

Æ Our staff will visit your office for initial training as part of the set-up process.

Æ All key features in the system can be learned through simple FAQs, How-to videos and in-built tutorials.

Æ Please ask us for a demo.

4.4 Service

What’s ClickDebt®’s approach to service?

Æ Historically, we think the industry has had very poor levels of software service but we are passionate about delivering the best service levels in the industry.

Æ Our contract has SLA with guaranteed levels of response times.


5. Security

5.1 Secure Cloud

ClickDebt® is hosted in London

by Rackspace, one of the most advanced Cloud environments in the world. The service is backed by their ‘100% up-time network guarantees’ and 24-7 support. Rackspace are used by 40% of the Fortune 100 companies and has revenue of over $1 billion.

Why we use the Cloud:

Æ Secure, fast and infinitely expandable.

Æ Very flexible, customisable with rapid developments.

Æ Greener, less downtime, real-time data, more economical.

Cloud computing means that you get all of the resources and information that you need, when you need it, instantly.

ClickDebt® always:

Æ Provides a secure and reliable service.

Æ No security hassles.

Æ No Location issues.

Æ And no nasty surprises.

5.2 ISO 27001

ClickDebt® is fully ISO 27001 Information Security Management (ISMS)


The ISO 27001 accreditation relates to the management and protection of information within our system. It is an assurance to our clients and councils that use ClickDebt® that we are complying with the best

international security practices.

6. Support

6.1 Zendesk

We like to work directly with our clients. Our fantastic, friendly support function, integrated into ClickDebt®,

helps us to do so.

Our clients can post tickets to us explaining features that they desire to help enhance the way in which their business will work. ClickDebt® responds to these needs and creates a solution.

Every client starts with the basic core of the system, with their own custom features to strengthen the running of their business. All of our clients can post suggestions for us to develop.

ZenDesk is a great way for us to interact with our clients on a day to day basis. We keep them up to date with how far along in the developmental processes we are, with less time on the phone, and more time for both sides to work together and develop their business.

6.2 Training

The ClickDebt® team regularly respond to ‘how to’ queries. We post articles based on new features, with

step-by-step pictures. These articles are available for the ClickDebt® customer community to see. This

way one client’s query can benefit another client.

We have created one to two minute training videos for team use. These can be viewed on the go, via ZenDesk or email, and integrated into the system.

We endeavour to have an article and/or training video sent out in one to two working days on the back of every new major feature launched.


7. System Modules

The ClickDebt® Admin area ensures that all system modules can be constantly improved.

Add new schemes, fees, alerts to create the perfect system for your operation.

7.1 Scheme Management

The full high court process is built into the ClickDebt® system, including all

key letters and stages, with ready made schemes set up for the fiscal side of High Court Enforcement – including HC-County Court, HC-Queens Bench and HC-Chancery Division.

Some amazing tools have been developed for debt recovery and enforcement.

ClickDebt® also covers a wider variety

of flexible schemes, including Vehicle Repossession Parking, Commercial Rent and Council Tax.

Schemes are set up with the ability to:

Æ Drag and drop stages to rearrange the order.

Æ Add in new stages linked to alerts and letters.

Æ Add automatic fees to stages globally.

Æ Duplicate existing schemes with one click.

Æ Tree view – view schemes in a graphical way to see every detail needed to take a case from Open to Close.

Æ Auto change function, changing stages after a set amount of days.

Æ Trigger actions based on alerts or events.

Æ Be results based and on a non-linear collection process (if needed).

Æ Be customisable (can match any flow chart with the way you do business).

7.2 Financial

ClickDebt® has a full set of statutory fees that can be charged to cases automatically, based on actions

that occur on a case. These fees can be set up for each individual client. Additional fees can be entered manually in ClickDebt®’s financial area, and applied to individual cases.

7.3 Reporting

ClickDebt® can generate complex reports through its powerful custom search engine. Many of these

reports can become graphical with a few additional steps.

Remittance – schedule remittance for different clients automatically. Instant generation of remittance reports are saved as a zip file. You can also use the Remittance Generator to see all cases where remittance has been:

Æ Successful.

Æ Unsuccessful.

Æ Paid Directly.

Æ Paid and cleared.

Æ Paid and uncleared.

Commission – create a report by following a series of pre-set menus, including enforcement officer, BDM and introducer, to see what amount of monies a user is owed between certain dates. The commission is set according to each client, by percentage or flat rates of fees.

Daily Fees – filter through your receipts and see which cases are Ready for Pay-out, which cases will have Future Pay-outs between dates, and which cases have Paid out between dates.

Report Generator – access old reports or create a new custom report, e.g. all cases over 300 days old.

7.4 Batch Actions

The Batch Action function is another feature of ClickDebt® created to make the debt recovery process

as quick and effective as possible.

After using the Power Search (8.6), create a batch action to:

Æ Move all cases to the next stage.

Æ Move all cases to a specific stage.

Æ Create a letter and deliver it.

Æ Delete all cases selected.

Æ Allocate, or de-allocate all cases selected.

7.5 Arrangements

The arrangement system on ClickDebt® keeps you on top of debtors who pay, and those who do not.

You can set up an arrangement by frequency, amount and date. A date by date table will calculate the amount of necessary payments owed until the final payment is received.

Should an arrangement be broken, it will be clearly displayed in red and will trigger the ‘Broken Arrangement Alerts’. Similarly, arrangements can be easily edited. Other users will be able to see that an


7.6 Integration

ClickDebt® has integrated with over 10 separate APIs and is constantly integrating new ones. If your

business has a special integration requirement, we can execute that as part of our set up process.

8. Case Management – Operator

ClickDebt® is easy to use. Once a few basic principles have been understood, an operator will be able

to begin entering cases with minimal training.

The flexible user interface is customisable by scheme and company. The screen and text size is expandable, making it accessible for the visually disadvantaged. Different features can be colour coded, offering an easy overview. The user interface is designed and updated regularly to make it as fast and easy to use as possible. The ability to save favourite cases and reports at user level, as well as to customise system messages for different user groups – operators, clients and agents – makes it highly efficient.

8.1 Batch Import

It has never been easier to import cases. Nearly any file format available can be imported into ClickDebt®

in a matter of minutes. On the initial import, sync up your data with the correct fields and click submit. The system remembers previous configurations making Batch Imports incredibly fast.

8.2 History

It is essential for an Administrator to have access, to see changes made to a case. However, you may not wish for your clients or agents to have similar access.

ClickDebt® uses a controlled history that Administrators can modify manually by clicking show, or not

show – next to each action.

The history can be set globally for access to fees, documents, notes etc. Use the Client View to see your changes.

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Secure Web Service

Managed Firewall Load Balancer

Rackspace Cloud Rackspace Cloud Rackspace Cloud


8.3 Documents

Administrators will be able to view any letter or report created case specifically, or as a batch action, for a case in PDF format. They can select documents and consolidate them to create a combined document e.g. a letter and report pack. These can then be downloaded, attached to an email, or printed and posted. Letters are stored on the History section for easy access and duplication of letters on file.

8.4 Messaging and Letters

All correspondence can begin and end with ClickDebt® through its secure messaging system. The

system’s letter generator is not reliant on any other software. It comes with spellcheck and dynamic paragraph creation.

The core ClickDebt® system will start with your pre-built letters, complete with header and footers.

Letters are generated automatically to compile case details, which you can modify, save as a PDF, print and then send via email, sms or post. Generating letters by case or batch is an easy process; find an email in your inbox with a receipt and document ready to print and post, or email. Letters are stored in the History section. You can access any letter and copy it.

8.5 Alerts

System Alerts (pictured) are clearly displayed on the user interface, when you first login to ClickDebt®.

These alerts guide you through your daily tasks.

Keep on track of the most urgent statuses of your cases:

Æ Ready for Pay-out.

Æ Ready for Allocation.

Æ Broken Arrangements. Every scheme has stages, and every stage can be set to have alerts attached to them. For example, use them to be alerted when:

Æ You need to send a letter.

Æ When a fee has been added.

Æ When an arrangement has been set up.

Alerts can also be added to remind users to perform specific

8.6 Search

The Power Search (pictured) is an effective tool with the ability to do complex searches, using all fields in the system. A set of tabs, and manual criteria entries, help you to narrow a search that can be easily exported into a .csv report. Save, attach and email the information on where necessary.

The search can be varied between user groups. For example, the Clients and Agents search may only cover cases relative to them. The Report Generator facilitates the speedy delivery of reports. Find out how much an Agent collected last month in a matter of clicks, and receive the results as a chart, .csv or PDF.


9. Case Management – Agent

9.1 Allocation

ClickDebt®’s Agent allocation is flexible; the process can be done in several ways:

Æ Case by case.

Æ Automatically by batch.

Æ By visual map.

Æ Postcode based.

Cases will appear on the Agent’s dashboard with instructions to print the relevant material for a visit. Once visit reports are completed and sent to the system, the stage will change and relevant fees and costs are automatically added to the case.

9.2 Mobile

ClickDebt® Mobile works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, with the aim to make reporting for

officers simple, fast and secure.

The app is fully independent from the system. It can connect to any back-office solution and deliver fast and accurate results.

Æ Fully customisable reports and visit forms.

Æ Use the Bank log feature to track collected payments.

Æ Calculate fees on the go with the Fee Calculator.

Æ Improve officer performance with linked cases.

Æ Take or upload photographs to visit reports.

Æ Use the route planner to take you the most effective way around.

Æ No signal? Download all cases and work offline for up to 48 hours.

10. Case Management – Client

10.1 Direct

ClickDebt® Direct gathers all your client communication in one place. The client login area combines

case reporting features and secure email in one easy to use system.

You control the flow of information. The fully flexible access controls enables you to restrict the information available to your clients. You can monitor clients’ viewing of cases and any actions they may have made.

10.2 Case Functions

Clients can log in and access their work from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection. Clients can use Direct to:

Æ Search through all their cases, and print them.

Æ View all cases waiting for attendance, and send a visit report that will return to the main system.

Æ Send a message to a debtor, download any case document and attach it to an email, or print and post.

Æ Change debts, or add payments direct. Automation with payment over the phone.

Æ Put cases on hold or request return.

Æ See history and add notes.

Æ See the original debt, as well as total monies received and outstanding left to pay.

Æ Link cases to spread payments over same debtor cases.

10.3 Custom Reports

The advanced custom graphical reporting tools available to your client will make them stand out against the competition, as well as keeping them up to date with client specific reports:

Æ Progress – shows overall outstanding debt across all cases.

Æ Case Throughput – how many cases have been opened and closed in the last 6 months.

Æ Repeat Debtors – how many repeat debtors across all of their cases.

Æ Repeat Debtors by Amount – specific detail by the amount of fees paid, debt and amount paid.

All work will sync to the system when signal is restored with automatic adding of:

Æ Fees and additional costs.

Æ Payments received.

Æ Arrangements created.


11. Summary

ClickDebt® is the next generation of Debt Recovery software. It combines expert data management,

system flexibility and ease-of-use in a single package.

ClickDebt® is focused on making your business more profitable. It simplifies each process and drives

your business to achieve your company’s goals.

Our team would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the system in more detail. Please speak to our office today for further information:

T: 01242 696413 E: