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Not Present: Dave Cavanaugh Board Member, Past President Joyce Hoffman Alumni Office, College of A&A


Academic year: 2021

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LARCH ALUMNI APG MEETING: October 19th, 2013 Meeting Location: Pennsylvania State University

Present: Ed Black Board Member

Michael Fisher Board Member, Vice President

Kelleann Foster Interim Director of the Stuckeman School Patrice A. Hanulak Board Member, President

Ron Henderson Department Head

Ken Mizerny Board Member

Mary Nunn Board Member, Secretary/Treasurer Cecilia Rusnak Board Member, Faculty Representative

Wilson Lee Student Board Representative, President of LASS

Amelle Schultz Board Member

Adrian Smith Board Member

Demo Staurinos Board Member

Not Present: Dave Cavanaugh Board Member, Past President Joyce Hoffman Alumni Office, College of A&A

1. Meeting called to order at 12:07 pm.

a. Introduction of Wilson Lee, President of LASS. Wilson is a 3rd year student from Philadelphia. He recently won a design competition and his work is featured on the PSU Landscape Architecture Department’s website home page.

b. Minutes from the April 6th, 2013 meeting were reviewed.

c. Motion for approval of the minutes was made by Michael and seconded by Ken. d. Ed Black was congratulated by the Board on his honor of receiving FASLA. Ed noted

that he was nominated for service, as he served 15 years on the state board. He also noted his thanks to Penn State. He will be awarded at the ASLA National Meeting in Boston. 2. Stuckeman School Director Update by Kelleann Foster

a. See attached document for further detail.

b. Kelleann has returned from her sabbatical. She is currently serving a one-year term as the Interim Director of the Stuckeman School, until June 2014. The school is currently conducting a job search for the Director position.

c. The school is hiring a new staff assistant who will work more with recruitment and alumni. They are hoping to fill this position by December at the latest.

d. The career advisor, Kristen Barry is moving to a ¾ time role with ¼ of her time as an instructor in Architecture and Art History. She is willing to help Alumni in addition to students with career advisement.

e. The school has initiated a 6-year commitment to a studio space at the Charter High School for Art & Design (CHAD) in Philadelphia. This space will be available spring 2014 and will be shared among the landscape architecture, architecture, and graphic


design programs. The space has not been fully programmed, but will at minimum provide a space for students in Philadelphia-based studios to work.

f. Ron noted that he anticipates the A. E. Bye Archives will be digitized and available online within 2 years.

g. A number of professorships have been given for 2013- 2014. Shayne O’Neil and Thaisa Way will both offer studios to landscape architects and architects. Their appointments are only for the Spring 2014.

h. Thanks to Kelleann’s hard work during her sabbatical, the Geodesign program has made significant progress.

 The Graduate Certificate in Geodesign is approved by the University, the Masters in Geodesign is currently pending.

 During her sabbatical Kelleann wrote two articles for Arch News, due to the quantity of subscribers to Arch News she anticipates the information will be widely


 ESRI has also committed to providing a small advertisement for the Geodesign program in their newsletter.

 Kelleann will be speaking at the first Geodesign conference in Asia this month.  Kelleann and Ron confirmed that the Landscape Architecture Department will be the

home department for the Geodesign program. They did note that the Department has received verbal support from other departments, specifically the Geography


 Steven Mainzer, Brian Lee, and David Goldberg will all be teaching as online faculty.

 The Stuckeman School and the Landscape Architecture Department have made a three year commitment to the Geodesign program. GEODZ 511, Geodesign History, Theory, Principles will begin being offered in March 2014. The geography courses required for the Geodesign program are currently being offered and additional courses will be offered in the near future.

3. Department Head Update by Ron Henderson a. See attached document for further detail.

b. Ron noted that of the 9 new MLA students, 5 have come from China. This was not surprising given the significant amount of applicants from Asia.

c. Ron also mentioned that China divides professions into classes (A, B, C, etc.).

Landscape architecture was previously a class C profession. The profession has recently been moved up to a class A profession and is considered equal with Architecture. This is a significant event and will allow landscape architects to act as the prime on jobs with Architects. This event may also contribute to an increased interest in the field from students in Asia.

4. LASS Update by Wilson Lee

a. Wilson noted the effort in LASS to include freshman and get them involved.

Approximately 50% of the freshman class is involved in LASS. LASS is also working to offer the freshman a ‘start up kit’ this would include material necessary for drafting and landscape architect work.

b. $1,200 was raised recently at Fall Fest.

c. LASS has a facebook page and is currently working on a website. d. Next semester LASS hopes to participate in Parking Day.

e. The annual spring banquet will be held at the Day’s Inn and alumni are invited to attend as usual.


f. This fall ten students were able to visit Richard Arentz for a day and learn more about his work.

g. Students traveled to Philadelphia this fall and worked on retrofitting a raingarden. 5. College of Arts & Architecture Board Update by Michael Fisher

a. The A&A board had a meeting with Gary Kessler who raised concerns about the declining enrollment within the College while Penn State overall has had one of its largest freshman classes this fall. Landscape Architecture, Music, and the Visual Arts are the three units with decline. Perhaps recruitment can help assist in this effort. Michael also noted that given Ron’s report on the 13 change-of-major and transfer students to the second year class, perhaps this issue of low enrollment is less of a concern for our department.

b. Michael also noted the possibility of a reduction in the required 6 general education credits for Arts. This is currently being considered by faculty senate. The reduction in the required credits could have a significant impact to the A&A College programs and revenue. The board is also concerned that producing graduates from the other College’s without an exposure to the arts would be a detriment to the quality of education at PSU. Patrice asked how the APG Board can get involved an help promote the general

education requirements. Ron and Kelleann confirmed that the Landscape Architecture Department has also expressed concern on this issue and encourages alumni to voice their concerns and support of the programs.

c. Michael noted that Freeman Hrabowski of UMBC has made significant progress on the end of promoting arts & humanties at UMBC. He was able to secure ninety million dollars for arts & humanities at UMBC. Perhaps PSU could look into his efforts and strategy to promote the arts.

d. Patrice reported that on a positive note, Dave had a great initial meeting with the Academy in Philadelphia (AIM) a 1-12 year college-prep private school with language-based learning differences. The school utilizes an arts-language-based learning environment to teach students. Dave has been invited back to give a presentation about the profession. e. Reminder that the College of A&A is planning their alumni trip to Italy.

f. Carlo Nenasti will be teaching a weekend course at the Smeal Business School entitled ‘Business Acumen for Architects’. The course will have CEU’s available and will be offered Spring 2014.

6. APG Business

a. Treasure’s Report by Mary Nunn: Current account balance with PNC is $337.74. b. Endowment Update by Patrice Hanulak on behalf of Dave Cavanaugh:

 The Endowment currently stands at $35,089.34. With that amount the Department can expect to obtain +/- $1,500 next July. A reminder that the funds are directed by the Department Head, with the suggestions of the Board. It was discussed that uses for the funds would now typically be discussed at the Winter meetings and voted upon during the Spring meetings for use over the summer.

 Reminder to current members to make contributions/annual dues. The following is the link for donations: www.givenow.psu.edu/LandscapeArchitecture.

c. Board Elections:

 Mike, Ed, and Patrice terms end and are up for renewal. Patrice will not be renewing her term due to her location. As requested during our April board meeting, several members brought names of potential candidates, they are as follows: Lisa Thomas, Greg Burrell, Matt Rinald, and Peg Prizer. Ken has volunteered to act as point person for elections. He will work with Kelleann to set up the ballots and collect


candidate material. We are aiming for the following schedule: 10/25 - candidates receive all information from APG, 11/8 – Ken receives all completed bios and candidate material, 11/15 – voting opens, 11/28 – voting closes.

7. APG Initiatives:

a. Mentorship Program Update given by Mary Nunn:

 During the April meeting Mary proposed using endowment funds to provide a launch party for the Mentorship Program. Mary proposed that the APG sponsor a breakfast for the Friday morning of Career Day. With an estimate of 150 students/alumni the APG could provide bagels and spreads, breakfast sweets, and coffee for $323.00. Ron and Kelleann suggested an estimate of 100 students/alumni would be more accurate.

 Mary proposed that along with the breakfast, a member of the APG could use one of the morning sessions to discuss APG efforts and initiatives as well as presenting the Mentorship Program. A poster or brochures could also be on display at the breakfast area.

 While the formal launch will be at Career Day, the program itself will be initiated in January. In order to make this happen a checklist of items was discussed with the group. Immediate needs are as follows:

- Provide students with handout/email to complete during class, perhaps professional practice class. Kelleann noted that perhaps we could use an online form. Ron noted that Kristen Barry may have some of their information already and it would be best to coordinate with her on developing the form. Ideally students will completed the form by mid-November.

- The APG Board was asked to email PSU landscape architecture alumni and coworkers regarding the program. Mary will provide text for an e-blast via email following the meeting. Mary will also work with Kristen to develop an alumni form that can also be sent out, similar to the student form.

- Mary asked how we can reach other alumni be it the newsletter or a mass email from Joyce. Kelleann recommended including this information in the email ballots that will be sent out.

- Ron noted that there are 28 students in the 3rd year class, given the

mentorship program will be initiated with only the 3rd years unless there is an overwhelming interest from alumni in which case we could consider 2nd and 4th year students as well.

 Items to resolve before the end of the semester are as follows:

- Kristen will receive completed alumni and student forms. Ron and Kelleann suggested that Kristen will take a first pass at matching alumni with students. Afterwards Kristen could meeting with Ron and select faculty to review matches. Mary stressed the importance of this component given poor matches will quickly result in a loss of interest for both parties involved.  Additional Items:

- Students and Alumni will be emailed their match by Kristen at the beginning of the Spring semester.

- The formal launch at Career Day will provide an opportunity for students to hear about the program, meet and interact with mentors and hear from their peers about what they have learned and worked on with their mentors.


- Patrice suggested that alumni be sent some ice-breaker questions to discuss with their assigned students, such as having the student send their mentor their Spring studio project statement.

- Demo has volunteered to help with Mentorship.

b. Recruitment Program Update given by Adrian Smith & Amelle Schultz:

 On 10/29 Adrian will go to a recruitment event at a NYC highschool. Adrian asked when applications are due for Penn State. Ron noted that early admission is in November and regular admission is in January. Kelleann suggested that 'Spend a Summer Day' may an event that the recruitment program targets. The event occurs in the summer typically just after Arts Fest. It brings juniors from high school to Penn State’s campus.

 Amelle noted that she is continuing to pursue the Baltimore Design School and knows a board member at the school who is interested in building a relationship and providing recruitment opportunities.

 Kelleann suggested the Hershey School which accepts children who were orphaned or raised by a single parent. Children that graduate from the school receive a full college scholarship.

 Mary suggested reaching out to large high schools in suburbs of Philadelphia and New York. Her high school has over 1000 students graduate annually and each year the school offers a Career Day to the junior class. Given Ron’s earlier comments on the decline of students applying from suburban areas this may be a good opportunity to reach those applicants.

 Ed noted that he has worked with high schools in the past and has always had great success working first with the guidance counselors. He also added that he typically invited the students for an office visit and found success with that as well.

 Patrice asked that as a group we clarify if the recruitment program will push the profession of landscape architecture or push Penn State landscape architecture. Amelle and Adrian agreed that it would be best to push Penn State landscape architecture, noting that some students may not be interested in Penn State but will still get the landscape architecture component.

 Adrian noted that he and Amelle are going to begin monthly phone calls and increase work on the Recruitment Program.

 Kelleann asked that Adrian and Amelle reach out to more alumni with their efforts as well.

 Information regarding the recruitment program will be sent to alumni with the results of the APG ballots.

8. Closing Comments:

a. Patrice asked if a PSU LArch social will be held at the ASLA annual meeting. Ron and Kelleann confirmed that a social will happen, look for the blue and white balloons. b. Our next meeting will be held on February 15th at the Stuckeman Family Building at 12


c. Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ken and seconded by Mike. Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.


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