CCL - Centro de Congressos de Lisboa Praça das Indústrias , Lisboa Portugal

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1 Dear Supporter,

We are happy to present you with the HPV2015 Supporters Symposia Manual. This manual covers important information and is designed to assist in preparing for your Symposium. We trust that you will find it helpful and suggest that you read all of the information presented. It will take you very little time now, and could save you a great deal of time later.

The 30th International Papillomavirus Conference & Clinical and Public Health Workshops (HPV 2015) takes place on 17-21 September, 2015 at the CCL - Centro de Congressos de Lisboa.

CCL - Centro de Congressos de Lisboa Praça das Indústrias

1300-307, Lisboa Portugal

A block of rooms have been reserved for the HPV 2015 congress participants and supporters at a discounted rate. Hotel reservations can be made via the congress website. Please click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information or assistance. We look forward to welcoming you in Valencia and wish you a successful Symposium.

Kind Regards, Udi Kanner Meeting Planner



SECTION 1: Symposium Related Contact Information 3

 Kenes Contacts  Contractors Contacts

SECTION 2: Deadlines Table 5

SECTION 3: Timetables 6

 Symposia Timetable  Registration Timetable

SECTION 4: Symposium Session Halls 7

 Hall Technical Details  Location and Layout

Section 5: supplied AV 9

SECTION 5: Symposium Promotion 11

 Symposium Title

 Final Program Advertising  Symposium Invitation Bag Inserts  Symposium Signage

SECTION 6: Lead Retrieval Wireless Barcode Readers 14

 K-LEAD Scanner

 Mini Scanner  Order Form



SECTION 1: Symposium Related Contact Information

Congress Organizer Kenes International 7, rue Francois-Versonnex C.P. 6053 1211 Geneva 6 Switzerland Tel: +41 22 908 0488 Fax: +41 22 906 9140 Website: Kenes Contacts Meeting Planner Mr. Udi Kanner Tel: +41 22 908 0488 Ext 552 Email: Program Coordinator Ms. Joanne Katz Tel: +41 22 908 0488 Ext 920 Email: AV Coordinator Mr. Mike Perchig Email:

Sponsorship & Exhibition Specialist Ms. Carolina Barbosa Groenendal Tel: +31 20 763 01 01 Email: Registration Manager Ms. Dana Daabul Tel: +41 22 908 0488 Ext 538 Email:


4 Contractors Contacts


SERVIS exhibition Solutions Ms. Esther Garcia

Tel: +34 93 423 3107 Fax: +34 93 425 1539

Email: Online ordering system:

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE, Shipping, Advance Warehousing & Material Handling

Hermes-Exhibition and Projects, Ltd. Ms. Zehavit Akerman

Tel: +49 6173 966 95 28 Mobile: +972 52 511 4982


Hostesses Service

AIP Feiras, Congressos e Eventos Ms. Joana P. Silva Tel.: +351 213 601 411 Fax: +351 213 601 499 Email: EXHIBITOR CATERING


Tel: +351 219 255 510


Green Plants & Floral Arrangements Ms. Liz Garden

Tel.: +351 21 842 99 60 Fax: +351 21 842 99 69

Email: Should be ordered in advance via their website:


5 SECTION 2: Deadlines Table

Deadline Contact Person

Payment of Invoice Balance Must be received in full one week prior to the Congress

Ms. Pazit Hochmitz

Staff Hotel Reservation As soon as possible Ms. Nati Glick Lead Retrieval Wireless Barcode Readers Order Monday, August 24, 2015 Mr. Udi Kanner Symposium Program

(for approval by Scientific Committee) Thursday, 30 July, 2015

Ms. Joanne Katz Program Book Advertisement

(for approval by Scientific Committee) Thursday, 30 July, 2015

Ms. Joanne Katz Draft of Bag Insert for Approval

(for approval by Scientific Committee) Wednesday, 12 August, 2015

Mr. Udi Kanner

Symposium Logo slide Tuesday, September 15, 2015 Mr. Mike Perchig

Graphics & Printing Monday, August 24, 2015

A 10% surcharge will be applied after this date

Ms. Esther Garcia

Catering Services Monday, August 24, 2015

A surcharge may be applied after this date

Ms. Sónia Vilarinho Shipping & Material Handling Services Please refer to Shipping Instructions on page 17

for detailed shipping deadlines

Ms. Zehavit Akerman


6 SECTION 3: Timetables

* Registration hours are subject to change.

In order to set up the Hall prior to the start of your Symposia, we would recommend arriving to your Symposium 30 minutes before the

symposium begins, where a member of the Logistics Team will be available should you need any assistance.

If a technical rehearsal is required, please contact the AV Coordinator, Mike Perchig at

We ask presenters to follow the time schedule precisely in order that the day’s events may run smoothly.

An updated Scientific Timetable can be found on the HPV 2015 website by clicking here. Symposia Timetable

Supporter Date Session Time Location


Diagnostics Friday, September 18, 2015 13:00-14:30 Auditorium I CEPHEID Saturday, September 19, 2015 07:30-08:30 Auditorium I Medscape

Education Saturday, September 19, 2015 13:00-14:30 Auditorium I Hologic Saturday, September 19, 2015 16:30-18:40 Auditorium I

GSK Sunday, September 20, 2015 13:00-14:30 Auditorium I

Registration Timetable * Thursday, September 17, 2015 08:00-19:30 Friday, September 18, 2015 07:30-19:15 Saturday, September 19, 2015 07:00-19:00 Sunday, September 20, 2015 07:30-18:45 Monday, September 21, 2015 07:30-13:15


7 SECTION 4: Symposia Session Hall

Auditorium 1

The general stage setting includes 1 speaker lectern and a head table accommodating up to 5 persons.

For alternative/additional stage setting please contact Udi

Kanner at:

Hall Technical Details

Hall Capacity & Layout 1500 pax Auditorium style (fixed)

Ceiling Height Approx. 7m

Hall Size 1700 Sqm Stage Size 6m(H) X 12m(W) X 9m(L) Speaker Lectern Banner dimensions W H NA - Electronic Banner

as can be seen under the AV section on pages 9 & 10

Head Table Banner Dimensions


4m 71cm

Sufficient seating for up to 5 persons. 10mm Foam board or similar rigid material is


8 Congress Floor Plans:


9 SECTION 5: Supplied AV

Auditorium 1 of the HPV 2015 Congress

 Large rear projection screen, image of H4.5 X W12 m’ (see photo below)*.

 3 x High-powered Data projectors (2 x Main and 1 x back-up) to create the panoramic background image and to project the PowerPoint & Video images in “windows” on the screen.

 Data/Video control system, including a seamless Data/Video switcher and all necessary cabling (opening "windows" on the main screen, adding titles of the speakers, etc.).

 Fixed video camera, to capture the face of the speaker at the lectern for live close-circuit projection during presentations.  40” Confidence monitor in front of the head table, showing the same PowerPoint image as being projected on the main front

projection screen.

 Laptop computer for PowerPoint presentations, including English version of Windows and Office, DVD drive, USB port, sound card – located at the lectern and networked to the Speakers’ Ready Room.

 Vertical 50" Plasma screen in front of the lectern, facing the audience, projecting a PPT with the name of the speaker (see photo below)*.

 Laser pointer (as back-up, we recommend using the cursor of the laptop computeras a pointer).

 P.A. (sound) system, which covers the hall and the stage, including 11 wired microphones (4 head table, 2 lectern, 5 Questions & Answers) with stands (floor/table), 1 wireless headset microphone and connection to sound from computers (mini PL plug) at the lectern.

 Audio monitors for the lectern and the head table.

 Lighting system, illuminating the lectern and the head table.  5 x AV technicians to operate the above-mentioned systems.



*For demonstration only*

For Sponsors’ Symposia being held in Auditorium 1, the company “virtual” banners in front of the lectern and on the panoramic screen will be projected.

Please contact the Audio-Visual Coordinator, Mr. Mike Perchig (e-mail:, in order to design the images according to the required resolution.


11 SECTION 6: Symposium Promotion

Symposium Title

If there are any changes to your Symposium title or program, or you have not yet provided your complete program details, please inform Ms. Joanne Katz as soon as possible.

Final Program Advertising

For Supporters entitled to adverts in the final program as per their signed contract, and have not yet provided the program book advert, please email adverts to Ms. Joanne Katz at as soon as possible.

Symposium Invitation Bag Inserts

Should you be entitled to a bag insert as per your contract, please follow the below procedure:

1. Please email the invitation draft (including graphic design) prior to printing for approval to Mr. Udi Kanner at, no later than Wednesday, 12 August, 2015

2. The bag insert should not exceed standard A4 dimensions, double sided. 3. A quantity of 2000 inserts is requested.


12 Inserts / Display material need to arrive at the venue no later than 08:00 on Wednesday, 16 September, 2015 for inclusion in the congress bags. Packages should be labeled accordingly with the supporters company’s name and the name of the responsible person (who will be in the event), and the name and date of the event.

Hermes-Exhibition and Projects, Ltd. is the Official Freight Forwarder agent for the IHC 2015 Congress and Exhibition. To ensure the smooth unloading and arrival of your material into the venue, we recommend using the Official Freight Forwarder services. Supporters who choose to use their own services to deliver their goods to the venue door or warehouse are still required to contact Hermes in order to coordinate the time schedule for unloading of freight into the venue.

Please note that companies, stand builders & PR companies may make their own arrangements to deliver and retrieve goods directly to the warehouse/venue entrance.

Please note:

Any deliveries made directly to the venue without going through the official congress shipping agent, will be at the supporters own risk. If they do not arrive on time or are mislaid, the congress organizers and official congress shipping agent will not take any responsibility.


13 Symposium Signage

Symposium supporters have the option to create promotional signage according to the below guidelines. All symposium signage should be produced by the company.

The following may be displayed (and provided by the Supporter):

1. Session Hall Signage

 Self-Standing Sign (optional) - The following may be displayed (and provided by the Supporter)

 1 x standalone sign to be placed at the entrance of the session hall 30 minutes prior to the sessions published start time.

 Stage Banners (optional) - The following may be displayed (and provided by the Supporter)

 1 x free standing vertical sign to be placed on/next to the stage. Maximum dimensions: W150cm x H250cm

 1 x horizontal sign placed in front the head table facing audience. (For dimensions, see SECTION 4: Symposium Session Halls).  1 x Banner in front of the speakers lectern facing the audience. Auditorium 1 will be equipped with vertical Plasma screen in front of

the lectern. (For dimensions see SECTION 4: Symposium Session Halls).

2. Free standing signage

The Supporter is permitted to place one sign (W50cm X H70cm or W85cm X H200cm) advertising the `Symposium on the day of the session only. The sign may be placed in the registration area. Please coordinate with the On-site Manager. Please make sure to bring your own easels.


14 SECTION 7: Lead Retrieval Wireless Barcode Readers

Lead Retrieval Wireless Barcode Readers are a helpful tool for collecting participants contact information. K-LEAD Scanner

Unique opportunity to use our advanced iPod touch lead retrieval system, enabling Sponsors to enhance their database by securing valuable leads for further marketing and communication.

• Compact and intuitive design

• Sleek iPod touch with customized scanner

• Effortless process using registration badge barcode • Option for pre-installed survey tailored to exhibitor needs • Ability to insert exhibitor comments for each lead

• Immediate information retrieval online • Secure use and password protected

• Package includes hardware and software with on-site support • Use of device for full duration of exhibition

• Cost per unit - € 400


15 Mini Scanner

 No editing capabilities  Basic participant info  Pocket size

 Cost per unit - € 300

Please Note:

 Attendee data is supplied by each participant or the agency responsible for the registration process of that participant. We regret that in some cases data may be incomplete, such as when group registration is completed by a third party, we may not be in possession of the full contact details.

 Data provided will only include the information of participants who have agreed to share their details with 3rd parties. The data of participants who have not agreed to this, will not be provided.

 Kenes International and the Organizing Committee encourage attendees to provide thorough information, however cannot be responsible for the quality and content of such data.

 Furthermore, in some cases, the participant does not give his permission to transfer his contact details to any other party. Therefore, although he was scanned by the bar code reader, we are still unable to forward his contact details.


16 Order Form - Lead Retrieval Wireless Barcode Reader

Please complete the following Order Form. Please note, if the system is not returned to the Exhibition Manager one hour after the exhibition closing hour, an additional € 2000.00 charge will be made to your credit card.

In accordance with the security measures taken by credit card companies, please complete the following form in your own handwriting and sign.

Please mail this form no later than Monday, August 24, 2015to the attention of Udi Kanner at Number of K-LEAD Scanners Requested: (€ 400.00 per unit)

Number of Mini Scanners Requested: (€ 300.00 per unit) Company Name:

Email Address: Telephone Number:

Card Type: Visa / MasterCard / AMEX: Credit Card Number:

Expiration Date:

Security Digits (on the back of the credit card): Name of Card Holder:



17 SECTION 8: Shipping, Tariffs, Material Handling and Shipping Labels


Ms. Zehavit Akerman Tel: +49 69 747 848 Mobile: +972 52 511 4982


Delivery & Logistic Services

Hermes/Merkur Ltd. has been appointed as the official forwarding agent and clearance agent for this Congress and offers the following services:

Customs clearance, delivery to the stand, freight forwarding, manpower & trolleys for un-loading/loading during build-up and dismantling, storage of empty crates, transportation to and from the Exhibition hall.

For security, insurance, and efficiency reasons, Hermes/Merkur is the sole official agent to handle cargo inside the venue. Stand builders are prohibited from using trolleys during set-up and dismantling periods.


18 Exhibitors and stand builders are free to deliver their goods or to pick their goods up from outside the venue. Those who use their own

facilities up to the venue are requested to coordinate their time schedule and unloading of their cargo into the venue with the official logistics agent.

Insurance of Goods

All cargo should be insured from point of origin.

Exhibition Goods, Inserts and Display Materials

Please note that all materials entering the venue incur a handling charge. This includes materials for inserts to the Congress bags and display. In order to receive a price quote for handling and to assure arrival of your materials, please be sure to complete the “Pre-Advise” form included in the shipping instructions.

Please Note: All advanced shipments and deliveries to the Hermes/Merkur warehouse, including by courier, must be coordinated with Hermes.

In order to assure receipt of sent materials, Hermes must receive the Pre-Advise form. Please complete this form and return it to:

Ms. Zehavit Akerman: You will then receive confirmation of your material arrival.


19 To view the full IHC 2015 Shipping Instructions, including Tariffs, Material Handling and Shipping Labels please select the relevant links below:

Shipping Instructions Shipping Labels

Shipping Instructions – Inserts and Display Material Bag Inserts Shipping Label – Air Freight

Material Handling and Payment Confirmation Form Bag Inserts Shipping Label – Warehouse

Bag Inserts Shipping Label – Direct to venue

Handling Rates Display Material Shipping Label – Air Freight

Display Material Shipping Label – Warehouse




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