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Tufts University Tel Boston Ave, Suite 106C Medford, MA 02155


Academic year: 2021

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Melissa Colón

Tufts University Tel. 617.627.5327

574 Boston Ave, Suite 106C m.colon@tufts.edu

Medford, MA 02155


Tufts University, Medford, MA

Doctoral Student, Department of Child Study and Human Development present

Masters of Public Policy, Department of Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning February 2013 University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston 2008-2011 Advanced Graduate course work in non-degree program

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA

Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education and History May 1999

Concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies RESEARCH INTERESTS

 Adolescent Development  Community Development

 Community Based Participatory Action Research  Critical Race Theory

 Cultural Studies (Africana and Latino Studies)  Education and Social Policy

 Educational Inequities

 Academic Trajectories and Masculinities  Policy and Program Evaluation

 Schools and Schooling Experiences  Race, Racialization, Racism

 Research to Policy Gap RESEARCH EXPERIENCE

Doctoral Student Research Analyst 1/11-present

Tufts University Medford, MA

The Massachusetts Home Visiting Initiative (MHVI) Evaluation

Principal Investigators: Francine Jacobs, EdD, and Jessica Goldberg, PhD

MHVI is a federal-funded statewide home visiting initiative in 17 high-need Massachusetts communities. In this multi-method program evaluation, using social network analysis, my research focuses on examining the embeddedness and

inter-organizational relationships of programs and services targeting families and children, within existing systems of care.

Qualitative Research Associate 1/14-4/2015 The Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Brown University Providence, RI Opportunity, Equity, Outcomes and Excellent Public Schools for Black and Latino Males in Boston

Principal Investigator: Rosann Tung, PhD

As part of mixed methods study, the qualitative team developed profiles of four public schools experiencing success with Black and Latino males students and identified promising school level and district level practices and policies associated with increased engagement and improved outcomes for this population.

Research Associate 10/12-12/14 University of Massachusetts Medical School/Gastón Institute Boston, MA Por Ahi dicen

Principal Investigators: Phillip Grandberry, PhD, Maria Idalí Torres, PhD

This NIH sponsored community based participatory action research project evaluated the effectiveness of a Spanish media campaign on Puerto Rican mother-child communication about sexuality and sexual health protection. My primary role was to support the implementation and dissemination phases of the study as related to community engagement, participation, and


knowledge utilization.

Research Consultant 8/10 -11/12

Dana Farber Cancer Institute Boston, MA

CRUZA Project

Principal Investigators: Jennifer Dacey Allen, PhD, Hosffman Ospino, PhD, Maria Idalí Torres, PhD

This NIH study focused on the design, evaluation and dissemination of community-based approaches for cancer control and prevention among Latino Catholics in Massachusetts. My primary responsibility was to develop a 16 hour evidence based intervention focused on building the capacity of Catholic lay leaders to implement and sustain health focus activities in their Parishes.

Graduate Research Assistant 1/2012 to 10/2012

Tufts University Medford, MA

Youth Systems Study

Principal Investigator: Jonathan Zaff, Ph.D.

The Youth Systems study, a project of America’s Promise Alliance, was a mixed method national project that examined how communities (through the work of four comprehensive community collaboratives) came together to promote positive youth outcomes. Research tasks included administering interviews and surveys in Spanish and English to parents, youth, conducting focus groups of front-line providing, recruiting research participants, assisting with the development of coding schemes, coding, collaborating on report writing, and conducting qualitative analysis.


Colón, M., and Del Razo J. “Black and Brown at Bruin High School.” Opportunity, Equity, Outcomes and Excellent Public Schools for Black and Latino Males in Boston. (2015) The Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Brown


Colón, M., and Flannery Aguilar A. Entre Nosotros: Información para familias sobre los Estudiantes Latinos de Massachusetts. (2011) Gastón Institute Publications.

Gastic, B., Colón, M., and Flannery Aguilar A. The State of Latino Educational Outcomes in Massachusetts: 2010. (2010) Gastón Institute Publications, Paper 160.

Granberry, P., Torres M.I, Allison J., Rosal M., Colón, M., Rustan S., Fontes M., and Puerto Rican Cultural Center Research Team. (2015). “Developing Research and Community Literacies to Recruit Latino Researchers and Practitioners to Address Health Disparities.” Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 1-7.

In progress

Colón, M., and N Zaika (2015). Building Ties: Connecting Adolescent Parents to Service Networks (working paper) Colón, M., and Mistry, J (2015). She fought to stay: Institutional Barriers and the Schooling Experiences of Young Puerto Rican Mothers (unpublished manuscript)

Del Razo, J and Colón, M (2015). Brown and Brown in Bruin High: Critical Pedagogical Approaches (working paper) TEACHING EXPERIENCES

 Introduction to Child Development, Tufts University (Teaching Assistant) Fall 2015  Critical Race Theory: Issues in Urban Education (Teaching Assistant) Spring 2016


“Analyzing Enrollment, Outcomes, and Excellent Schools for Black and Latino Male Students in the Boston Public Schools,” AERA, Chicago, IL (April 2015)

“Por Ahí Dicen: Transcending Power Relationships through Culturally Responsive Practices in a Public Health Research Project,” Diversity Challenge Conference, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, October 2013

“Massachusetts Latino Students & Postsecondary Education,” College Participatory Advisory Group, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, Worcester, MA, May 2013


“Not Present, No Accounted For: School Suspensions in Worcester Public Schools.” Latino Education Institute-Worcester State University , Institute-Worcester, MA, May 2013

“Understanding the Research and Policy Gap:” Community Research Program, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, October 2012 and November 2010

“Disciplinary Action in Boston Public Schools: A Focus on Black and Latino Boys” Seminar for Black Educators, University of Massachusetts, Boston, May 2012.

“If not now, when? State House Briefing Educational and Engagement Outcomes Latino Students Enrolled in Massachusetts Public Schools,” Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA, January 2011.

“Understanding Latino Educational Outcomes in Massachusetts,” Citizens for Public Schools Annual Conference, Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA, October 2010

“Massachusetts Latino Student Educational and Engagement Outcomes”. Nellie Mae Education Town Hall, Statewide Latino Public Policy Conference, Worcester, MA, September 2010.

“Understanding the Research and Policy Gap.” Inter-University Program for Latino Research, Summer Institute for Latino Public Policy, George Washington University, Washington, D.C, June 2010.

“Educational Advocacy for Latino student achievement and community organizing.” Emerging Latino Communities National Gathering, National Council of La Raza, Atlanta Georgia, December, 2007.

“Latinas and Feminisms,” Alpha Rho Lambda Week,. Northeastern University, Boston, MA, March 2003


Graduate Research Excellence at Tufts (GREAT) Fellow, 2015 Mayor Marty Walsh Transition Committee Member, December 2013 Yoel Camayd-Freixas Leadership Award, September 2011

Neighborhood Fellow, Tufts University, May 2011

El Planeta PowerMeter Award (100 Most Influential Hispanics in Massachusetts), March 2011 50 Most Influential Puerto Ricans of Massachusetts, Puerto Rican Festival Committee, Summer 2010 City of Chelsea Stakeholder of Year 2005, Chelsea MA

Fellow for Massachusetts Initiative for New Teachers (MINT) of the Massachusetts Department of Education (1999) Recipient of the Boston College Oscar Romero Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Community Service (1999) Alpha Rho Lambda Sun Award for Academic Leadership and Community Service (1999)

Boston College AHANA Scholar (1995-1999)


Society for Research in Child Development (Oct. 2013) American Education Research Association (Oct. 2014) Puerto Rican Studies Association (Oct 2014)


Co-Chair, Graduate Women of Color Forum, Tufts University Co-Chair, Students with Families Group, Tufts University

Mentor, 2015 Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program, Tufts University


Gastón Institute, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Boston, MA

Associate Director 12/06-08/2011

 Senior Operations manager for a department with over 15 affiliated faculty and principal investigators, program and staff and graduate and undergraduate interns. Responsibilities included strategic and financial planning and

management, fundraising, contract and grant compliance, grant writing, public and media relations, research, hiring and payroll, and employee evaluations.

 Served in various statewide policy committee including the Early Education for All (Strategies for Children), the Boston Public Schools ELL taskforce and the Massachusetts Readiness High School Plus committee.


 Directed Institute’s programs including the Speakers’ Series, the bi-annual statewide policy conference, policy dialogues, undergraduate student programs, and other special events.

 Worked with Principal Investigators and research teams on research translation and dissemination plans. This work included developing policy and practice recommendations and creating various research products to meet the needs of various audiences.

 Build collaborative relationships with local and national and local organizations, elected officials, government, media representatives and other stakeholders.

 Supervised and trained administrative and financial team as well as undergraduate and graduate students engaged in programmatic and policy analysis work.

Research Management, Production, Translation, & Assistance

 Borges-Mendez et al. Immigrant Workers in the Massachusetts Health Care Industry: A Report on Status and Future Prospects. Gastón Institute, December, 2009.

 De los Reyes, Eileen et al. If Our Students Fail, We Fail. If They Succeed, We Succeed: Case Studies of Boston Schools Where Latino Students Succeed. . Gastón Institute, February, 2008.

 Lavan, Nicole and Uriarte, Miren. The Status of Latino Education in Massachusetts: A Report. Gastón Institute, March 2008.

 Lima, Alvaro and Siqueira, Eduardo. Brazilians in the U.S. and Massachusetts: Demographic and Economic Profile Gastón Institute, November, 2007.

 Torres, Maria Idali et al. Securing the Dream: Power, Progress, and Prosperity. Gastón Institute, September, 2011

 Tung, Rosann et al. English Learners in Boston Public Schools: Enrollment, Engagement and Academic Outcomes,

AY2003- AY2006. Gastón Institute, April, 2009.

 Uriarte, Miren et al. English Learners in Boston Public Schools: Enrollment and Educational Outcomes of Native Speakers of Haitian Creole. Gastón Institute, April 2009.

 Uriarte, Miren et al. English Learners in Boston Public Schools: Enrollment and Educational Outcomes of Native Speakers of Spanish. Gastón Institute, April 2009.

 Uriarte, Miren et al. English Learners in Boston Public Schools: Enrollment and Educational Outcomes of Native Speakers of Cape Verdean Creole. Gastón Institute, April 2009.

 Uriarte, Miren et al. English Learners in Boston Public Schools: Enrollment, Engagement and Academic Outcomes of Native Speakers of Cape Verdean Creole, Chinese Dialects, Haitian Creole, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Gastón Institute, April 2009.

 Uriarte, Miren et al. Where We Go To School: Latino Students and the Public Schools of Boston. Gastón Institute, June 2008.

The MassachusettsEducation Initiative for Latino Students

Boston, MA

Executive Director 10/02-10/06

 Responsible for the day to day management of a statewide nonprofit advocacy organization, including five city wide coalitions, statewide initiatives, special events, and parent trainings.

 Enhanced programmatic excellence by establishing operational benchmarks, fundraising initiatives and strategic planning.

 Created a communication, education, and marketing plans that kept partners engaged in local, statewide, and national education events, publications, and legislative initiatives.

 Developed and implemented trainings, community organizing campaigns, and statewide events focused on public education issues.

 Researched and published community fact sheets on the current state of Latino Achievement in Massachusetts.

 Build collaborative relationships with local and national organizations, schools, elected officials, government, and media.

 Recruited, hired, and trained staff, interns, and volunteers.

National Council of La Raza (NCLR)∙ Washington, DC

College Bound Coordinator 8/01-9/02

 Worked NCLR affiliates in developing the capacity to create, fund, and successfully operate linguistically and culturally appropriate college preparation programs.

 Provided professional development and training opportunities to community-based educators.


 Lead Coordinator for Esteban E. Torres Fellowship, a fellowship for Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

 Served as a liaison between affiliate TRIO projects and federal policy initiatives.

Public School Teacher, Humanities (Boston, MA) 8/99-7/01

Literacy and Language Summer School Teacher in St. George’s College (Kingston, Jamaica) 1999, 2001 Youth Program Director, Juntos-Concilio Hispano (Cambridge, MA) 5/97-5/99


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