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Solution Support Contract


Academic year: 2021

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Solution Support Contract

Flexible, Reliable, Accessible



01623 726 300




Managed Service Provider



Business Challenges

To be successful in today’s economy a

business must focus on its core products and

services. Businesses must be able to react

quickly to market conditions, competitive

threats and opportunities when they arise.

The challenge facing IT is to support the

goals of the business and deliver a cost

effective infrastructure on which processes,

applications and software can flow


Businesses must not be constrained by

technology, capacity, resources and skill and

those working in IT must be able to address

all of these challenges in an increasingly

complex world.

Solution Support Contracts

CSI’s Solution Support Contracts

are designed to give the IT team

the knowledge to deliver what the

business needs in an efficient and

accessible format.

The Solution Support Contract has

the benefit of a flexible approach

to accessing skilled resources at

short notice when required, and the

advantage of providing additional

support services that enhance those

available through the manufacturer or

software provider.

The Solution Support Contracts are

delivered by CSI’s Customer Services

Centre based in the UK, and CSI’s

Customer Service Teams. Through

this combination the customer has

access to highly skilled professionals

on a 24 x 7 basis.


Call: 01623 726 300




Call: 01623 726 300

Email: info@csiltd.co.uk

What are CSI’s Solution Support Contracts?

CSI’s Solution Support Contract is a service level agreement that guarantees access to CSI’s

skilled resources in our core solution areas. This can be on site or remotely through CSI’s

Customer Service Centre. With the option of 24 x 7 cover, CSI’s Solution Support Contract

complements and enhances the standard warranty or maintenance contract from our

partners including IBM, HP and SAP.

Support Levels

CSI’s Solution Support Contracts offer three support levels Standard, Extended and Enhanced.

STANDARD Cost effective entry level Business Hours support only

Not intended for critical systems

EXTENDED As STANDARD plus Double number of calls and

on-site time Service Delivery Manager

(SDM) Health Check

ENHANCED As EXTENDED plus Double number of calls and

on-site time 24x7 for Priority 1 issues

SDM Monthly Reviews


Number of Support Calls 100 200 400

Number of On-Site Days 5 10 20

Coverage 9-5 Weekdays 9-5 Weekdays 9-5 Weekdays Customer Service Centre

Service Delivery Manager SLA

Health Check

KPI Reporting Basic Automated Automated Automated Quarterly Review Monthly Review



CSI’s Solution Support Contract can be used for to enhance or replace existing support teams by providing flexible services including:

• Technical Support and troubleshooting 24x7

• Technical consultancy, architecture and design services

• Application Software development, change requests, enhancement and maintenance



Smart Analytics

Smart Commerce

Smart Infrastructure

Business Objects WebSphere Commerce Network

Lumira MDM Operating Systems


Smart Integration

Data Management & Security Cognos IBM WebSphere Database Technology

Smart Business

Smart Infrastructure

Microsoft SAP Applications Servers Zebra Mobile SAP Development Storage Motorola Mobile

Support is provided for our Core solution areas including:


Managed Service Provider

Customer Services Centre

CSI’s Solution Support Contracts are managed by the Customer Services Centre located near

Birmingham. Activation and management of the SLA or request for resources through the contract is managed by a single point of contact in the Customer Services Centre.

The Customer Services Centre operates a 24 x 7 window with access to dedicated skilled and experienced resources, either to provide 1st level technical support or management of a request for resources under the agreement.

Requests for support or resources are made either by telephone, email or through an online portal.

The Customer Services Centre provides the following management services as standard for each Smart solution.

• First line technical support

• Service management

• Incident management

• Resource request management

• Warranty management

• Change request management




Call: 01623 726 300

Email: info@csiltd.co.uk

The Benefits of CSI’s Solution Support


CSI’s Solution Support Contracts allow businesses to operate and maintain their IT infrastructure and core software applications effectively and efficiently. They help IT to support the business objectives of focussing on what’s important to them and their customers. The Solution Support Contract is the solution to customers gaining access to highly skilled resources at anytime without having to employ the people themselves. This means reducing employment costs and improving the responsiveness of the IT team. CSI’s technical and consultancy resources are the highest calibre professionals and the range of skills covers all major applications and products. The contract gives a customer access to a level of qualified, experienced and accredited resources it could not normally afford.

Solution Support Contracts are a flexible combination of support management from the Customer Services Centre, technical support by UK based staff and onsite consultancy. Each agreement can be tailored to a customer’s specific requirement which means the customer can design a service that fits their individual business needs.

The contract provides an enhancement to those services delivered by the manufacturer by providing a range of management services as standard and additional technical support. This means the customer can get better value for money from both warranty and maintenance agreements and improve speed to fix times. The Solution Support Contracts are

commercially competitive which means that our customers are benefitting from access to better resources at a lower cost than can be achieved internally.

CSI is one of the UK’s leading business

systems integrators with a proven track

record in designing, delivering and

supporting integrated business

solutions, to a wide range of


Application Managed Service Provider

IBM & SAP Integration

CSI is uniquely positioned to support

customers that need to integrate IBM and SAP applications. As an award winning IBM integration partner with expertise and experience in delivering IBM’s Enterprise Application Integration Solutions including WebSphere Enterprise Server, Application Server, Portal, Business Process Management and InfoSphere MDM server for PIM. We have all the development and project management skills needed to deliver complex systems integration projects.

Taken together with our SAP consultancy, development and integration expertise CSI is one of only a handful of world class businesses in the UK that is qualified to deliver SAP and IBM systems integration projects.



Glasgow Office

69 Buchanan Street

Glasgow, UK

G1 3HL

Tel: +44 (0)141 249 6409

Leeds Office

Mayesbrook House,

Lawnswood Business Park,

Redvers Close, Leeds,

West Yorkshire. LS16 6QY

Tel: +44 (0)113 204 3300


Call: 01623 726 300

Email: info@csiltd.co.uk





Glasgow Office

69 Buchanan Street

Glasgow, UK

G1 3HL

Tel: +44 (0)141 249 6409

Leeds Office

Mayesbrook House,

Lawnswood Business Park,

Redvers Close, Leeds,

West Yorkshire. LS16 6QY

Tel: +44 (0)113 204 3300

Nottingham Office

Newstead House,

Lake View Drive, Sherwood Park,

Annesley, Nottingham. NG15 0DT

Tel: +44 (0)1623 726 300

Staines Office

Centurion House, London Road,

Staines. TW18 4AX

Tel: +44 (0)1784 410 000 opt. 4

Customer Service Centre

Garden Suites 1&2, Coleshill Manor,

South Drive, Coleshill. B46 1DL

Tel: +44 (0)1623 726 300


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