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Morphological and biochemical analysis of regeneration after cardiotoxin injury of Xenopus laevis fast muscles


Academic year: 2020

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Fig.3. SDS-PAGE in pres-
Fig. 5. Hematoxylin-eosinJhistologicalstainsof degenerated181, regenerating(C-I) and controladultfA,JI muscles.The degeneraredand theregeneratingmuscleswere taken at 24 h (B), 15 days (C), 19 days (DI
Fig. 6. Electrophoreticanalvsisnativemyosin Isoforms usedundernon-dissociatingconditionsofmyosinextractedfromregeneratingmuscles.15 days (a), 21days (bl and 1monrh lei afrercardlotoxintreatment


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