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Installing the Game. System Requirements


Academic year: 2022

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Installing the Game System Requirements

MS-DOS version 5.0 or later. Maximum Roadkill (MRK) requires a minimum of a DX2 66 processor with at least 7 MBs of free RAM. It also requires a sound card, mouse, double speed CD ROM drive, Local Bus SVGA video card and 5 MBs of free hard disk space for installation.

If you are experiencing problems in freeing up sufficient memory to run MRK, you may wish to try creating a boot disk. Take 2 has included a boot disk creation program on the MRK CD. This boot disk program works for most systems. It does not alter your hard drive or permanent system files in any way. If you notice any unusual behavior while using the boot disk created by the program, refer to the boot disk instructions (BOOT.TXT) found in your MRK game directory. It will help you to make any necessary corrections to the boot disk files.

To run Boot Disk Maker, put the MRK CD into your CD ROM drive and change your cur- sor to that drive letter. Now type “Bootdisk” and press <Enter>. Be sure to have a blank floppy disk handy, and follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

Installation & Setup

To install MRK on your computer, insert the game CD into your CD ROM drive, then, from the DOS prompt, change to your CD ROM drive letter (type that drive's letter such as “D", followed by a colon (:), then press <Enter>). For example, if your CD ROM drive letter is “D”, the prompt should now be “D:>". At this prompt, type “Install” press

<Enter> and follow the instructions displayed on your screen. This will install MRK on your system and configure the game to run with your hardware. If you later change your system hardware and wish to update your MRK configuration you may do so by going to the game directory (C\MRK by default), typing “Sound” and then pressing


<Enter>. This will access the game's sound setup utility and allow you to change your configuration.

Once the game:is installed, you may start it by typing “MRK ” from the game directory prompt. By default, this directory name will be “C\MRK:>".

MULTIPLAYER—Up to four players may play the game at one time on an IPX or Net- Bios network. You can also race head to head via a serial link. These options may be accessed in the Options screen.

Technical Support

If you have problems installing the game, or if the product fails to work properly, you may contact Take 2's technical support staff in any one of several ways.

Direct technical support is available on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST by calling (412) 539-6407. You can also contact us by FAX on (412) 539-3195 and via our BBS on (412) 539-6414. In addition, Take 2 operates an area on America On-line which can be reached by doing a Key Word search by “TAKE2”. We also can be reached through CompuServe by selecting “Go GAMAPUB", and on the World Wide Web at:


If you prefer, you can also E-Mail us at:


You can contact us through the mail by writing to:

Take 2 Interactive Software Attn: Technical Support 1004 Ligonier St., 3rd FI.

Latrobe, PA 15650

Please label any correspondence concerning technical problems “Attention Technical Support” on the outside of the envelope and be sure to include both a return address and a telephone number with the description of your problem.

Do not contact our technical support staff in search of game hints. They are neither permitted nor qualified to supply such information. The number to call for assistance with game play strategies is (900) 28TAKEZ. (Ninety-five cents per minute for record- ed hints; $1.25 per minute for live hints. Must be 18 or have parents’ permission.

Touch tone phone required.)

When contacting technical support, please be prepared. It will be much easier to solve your technical problems and go a long way toward reducing frustrations if you are able to provide us with the following information when first contacting our technical support staff:

The brand name of the computer that you are operating.

The operating system version (i.e., DOS 5.0, DOS 6.2 etc.) installed on the system and its manufacturer.

The name of the memory manager that you are using (i.e., QEMM, EMM386, etc).

The amount of system RAM installed on the computer.

The amount of free Conventional and EMS or XMS memory you have available.

(Type “MEM” at your DOS prompt and press <Enter> to determine your available memory.)

The mouse driver manufacturer and version that you are using.

The Sound Card installed on the system.

The Music Card or Daughter Board, if any, installed on the system.

The Video Card on the system. Please include the amount of Video RAM installed on the card.

The VESA Driver that you are currently using.


All of this information can be found by consulting your system's reference material and/or using the diagnostics utilities available through your operating system.

If you believe that your MRK CD is defective in some way and wish to return it to us for a new copy of the game, please be sure to contact Take 2 technical support for diagnosis and confirmation of the problem. We will not be able to replace returned CDs without a proper authorization number which can only be obtained from our technical support staff. Take 2 cannot be responsible for any CDs sent to us without authorization from our technical support department.

The Story Thus Far

By the end of the two thousand and thirties it was getting harder than ever to put on a good show. The total ban on cigarette and liquor sponsorship a decade ago had hit bike racing hard. Most of the teams had to cut back, and the couple of remaining teams with strong sponsorship deals had dominated racing for year upon year.

The racing had become processional and boring, and the television viewers were switching off in millions all around the globe. The television companies were unhappy.

Something had to be done to make the racing exciting again, or they would pull the plug at the end of the season. The idea was radical, but exciting: Take eight of the world’s best racers and pit them against each other and against the circuits. The world's greatest theme park ride designers and engineers were called and each track was especially designed with countless hazards, traps and pitfalls for the riders. Each rider was invited to use any bike technology they could lay their hands on, encouraging the riders to develop and invent their own vehicles. This invention in each of the bikes enhanced the style of each rider's racing technique and brought a new dimension to the world of racing. The prize money was the key to the series’ success. A money and points-for-positions system for each race, with bonus bucks for fastest lap, most laps in the lead and secret sections found made it challenging for the contestants. There was only one thing more important than the money... the glory. Each and every competitor in the series had only one aim, to become the one known around the world as the Maximum Road Kill. After a few seasons of racing, and a catalogue of bad accidents, the World Association of Racing Professionals (WARP) knew only too well that the races were becoming overtly dangerous. They had designed the on-track hazards to be challenging and exciting, but they didn’t count on the riders themselve changing the direction the races would be taking. It was assumed in the early stages of the Championship that the interactivity of the circuits would be sufficient entertain- ment, bringing back enough excitement to the sport without having to encourage the competitors to take matters into their own hands to excite the audience. The WARP didn't foresee that the courses they had devised were bound solely to attract riders who could be described as fearless at best, and severely unbalanced at worst. This led



to a situation where the riders started to take the rudiments of the sport into their own hands. The television cameras generally prevented the riders from using below-the- belt methods against their opponents, “...but we can do some really dirty stuff without breaking the pathetic regulations of the WARP...”, boasted ‘APE’ in an exclusive inter- view for Maximum Road Kill magazine. Some of the more avid followers of the WARP series noticed this ever increasing trend of unorthodox racing tactics and love it. The media are catching on to this and are beginning to squeeze the slander and scandal while the WARP begin to worry about their audience and their future in this fickle entertainment business.

The Gauges 1 Race Standing 3 Current Lap

2 Weapons 4 Current Target

Playing the Game

The object of the game is to win by any means necessary. The championship circuit consists of 10 races of five laps each. The race will end automatically when all contes- tants cross the finish line or you may end the race by pressing the “f” key after you finished the race. If you finish in fourth place or better in each race, you pocket the cash and can continue to race. The more cash you earn, the more upgrades you can add to your bike.


Bonus Bucks - This is extra money, picked up during the race, which is added to the prize money total at the end of the race.

Instant Power-Ups - Basically, if you collect a Boost power-up, you will be given an extra boost shot. If you collect an ammo power-up you will be given instant extra ammo. A damage repair power-up will repair a certain amount of damage immediately.

Roadkills - Squashing bunnies, aliens, cats, spiders and penguins earns big bonuses.

Remember, no guts, no glory!

The Gauges (Refer to diagram on left, p. 8)

During the race numerous displays will detail the status of your systems as well as the activities of other riders.

The race standing is represented by the column of colored bars to the far left. You are the blinking bar.

To the immediate right, your weapons/special moves are represented. Cycle through the available options (you will start with only one) by pushing the right shift button.



Ammo/number of remaining special moves is also displayed here.

A track diagram displays the layout of the track and the position of the race competi- tors. Again, you are represented by the blinking dot. This gauge also indicates your current lap.

The skull and crossbones gauge will let you know who has you in their sights.

The circular gauge with the cross hairs indicates who your weapon is locked onto (if anyone).

Health and remaining nitro boost are represented by the bar gauges above.

Keyboard Controls

Using the numberpad on the keyboard, the keys for steering are as follows

8 - Accelerate 2 - Brake

4- Turn left 6 - Turn right

Right Shift button - Select Weapon Forward Slash/Question mark - Nitro Space bar - Fire Weapon

Gravis Pad

Left Button - Accelerate Top Button - Boost

Right Button - Fire Weapon Bottom Button - Select Weapon

Chop Shop

The bikes eligible for the WARP series are all completely unique to each rider who created them. Each bike will start with the basic amenities required to compete in the race. However, after each race, the competitors are allowed to take their basic machine and make any modifications or upgrades that are available to them in the chop shop. Having enough cash to buy these modifications is the only obstacle between the rider and the perfect machine, but cash in large sums is not that easy to acquire.




Types of Upgrades

There are three basic paths to follow when upgrading the bike: going for increase performance, increase in defense, and an increase in the special abilities unique to each rider. Some may choose a combination of the three and therefore take a ‘jack of all trades’ approach, whereas others may decide to tailor their characters abilities to master a single strength.

Exterior View

This refers to the view of your bike with its exterior skin showing. At this point the fol- lowing three areas can be upgraded:

1. Tracker: weapons guidance system 2. Special Moves: Choice of abilities 3. Armor: Endurance and Aerodynamics Interior View

This is the view of the bike with its armor removed. The following areas can be upgraded at this point:

1. Engine: Acceleration and Top speed 2. Traction: Road holding

3. Boosters: Temporary speed injection

The Competitors & Their Bikes

2 Jack ‘Ape’ Spade A real road warrior, with little more than aggression , and hate of every living thing to keep him company. This brute from the

badlands of America is renowned as much for his bar-room brawls as his victories in the outlawed ‘Death Races’ of the Badlands stadiums. His e bikes are always lovingly thrown together out of whatever scrap can be

& found in the junk filled ‘Trash Canyons’. Despite his lack of knowledge for engineering, with his innate intuition of “what'll work buddy”, he ' always manages to throw together a creation, which though relatively 8@ slow, is very reliable and can take more than a beating. This is ‘Apes’

eighth race, but this time he has no interest in the money; he’s out to win back the leadership of the ‘Badlands Rattlers’, his bike gang, by proving he’s mean enough to take on the best of the best and come out on top.

The Trail Hog Heavily armored with titanium plating, and with a petrol powered engine, this trike is pretty slow.

However, it can take the knocks without too many problems, and can hand out a bit of punishment itself.

It copes extremely well with rough terrain, when coupled with a skilled use of its nitro boost puts this ‘hog’ in the lead.

Titanium armor. This is the strongest armored vehicle in the WARP.

Special Moves

The Stomp - By using a nitro boost and the combination of the Power Drive, ‘Ape’ can literally get is bike to take off the ground for a short distance with ‘the Stomp.’



By doing this ‘Ape’ can bring his rather overweight beast crashing down on top other riders, completely obliterating them.

Grenade Drop - This cunning device allows the character to drop a grenade with a imer fuse ready to explode either on impact or when its clock times out.

Twin Miniguns- Ape borrowed some fairly old technology of the 20th century and gave it some extra 21st century pep. Instead of firing conventional explosive tipped ammo,

he guns have been supplied with mini plutonium warheads.

Saw of Death - This is a close proximity weapon. When the player elects to use the Saw of Death a huge mechanical arm will unfold from the structure of the Trial Hog.

As the arm extends a massive circular saw will be seen spinning at high speed.

Contact with such a blade is sure to cause a blood bath.

Niki ‘Cyber’ Ashido Niki Ashido is the world’s top female racer. This deter- mined young woman from New Tokyo was involved in a horrific crash in the Rk last WARP competition. Microtech, her sponsors, saved what they could of the original Niki Ashido and married it to their revolutionary experimental CyberArmour TM. They then designed the Shuriken 2000mk.1 for her to w race in the 2097 Maximum Road Kill. ‘Cyber's’ hardware plugs directly into

* the bike's computer system, thus ‘Cyber’ controls her bike directly from her brain, “Woman and machine in perfect harmony.” Cyber is out to prove that she's back with a vengeance, better than ever. There is an even greater pressure than personal pride however, Cyber must win the prize money in order to buy the right to own her hardware body from Microtech. If she

1 doesn’t win, she will be their slave for eternity. Cyber has all the advan- tages of the logical machine and the instincts of a human being.


Shuriken 2000mk.1 The Shuriken is custom built to ‘Cyber’s’

specifications, in fact some of ‘Cyber’ was built to accommodate the Shuriken’s hardware. This marriage of machinery is a deadly opponent for any rider on the WARP race tracks. The Shuriken does have its downfalls too. At the core of the bike design is a highly intense power source, an Atomic power plant of micro proportions. This engine supplies the firepower and speed of the bike as well as all navigational apparatus.

Light Kevlar armor - ‘Cyber’ has some of the strongest alloys and modern materials to enhance the strength of her body, all made by Microtech. This is a substantial armor but is certainly not the strongest.

Special Moves

Power Shield - By transferring energy from the power plant to the Shuriken’s defense system, ‘Cyber’ can create an extra barrier of high energy between herself and the other riders on the track. Although this energy armor has detrimental effect to any bike touching it, the speed and performance of the Shuriken is also impaired since it draws power from the main power source.

Drain Ball - ‘Cyber’ has the ability to transfer energy from other bikes to her own; this is done by dropping a ‘Drain Ball’ on the track. When another rider hits this ball an amount of energy will be deducted from their bike's power and added to the power bar of the ‘Shiruken’. The ‘Shiruken’ already has a facility which regenerates its own power, but at a very slow rate, and the ‘Drain Ball’ will give back the bike's power much more quickly.

Laser Turrets - Both of these lasers fire in front of the bike. High powered and highly charged, these lasers will cut through most materials like butter.



Telescopic Drilling Arm - When the player elects to use this tool, a panel in the side of the Shuriken slides open to reveal the spinning drill. The drill is then thrust out towards the neighboring vehicle. The drill will pierce most materials and mangle the innards of human and machine.

“)) Robert ‘Neuron’ Anders Like so many designer-engineers, Neuron decid- taa¢ ed that the best person to test his bike was himself. He quickly found out Swe that he was as good, if not better than the riders who were competing on Shee his creations, and he ended up as a front-runner in the WARP League.

(7 ‘N\euron’s’ motive for taking part in the WARP championships is to avoid a syndicate of a rather violent nature who are pursuing ‘Neuron’ for his tech-

§ nical genius. BITS Corp., (Bring in the slaves), are aiming for new heights in the power struggle for world domination. BITS believes that ‘Neuron’ has some of the most advanced weapons knowledge in the world and don't want to lose him to the other side.

The Uni-Monoloop Of all the bikes in the race,

‘Monoloop’ has the lightest armor, which is e odd considering ‘Neuron’s’ profession. The speed of the ‘Monoloop’ is medium on all terrain, but it has terrible handling on corners. : The ‘Monoloop’ has more weaponry than any of the @ other bikes to compensate for ‘Neuron’s’ disadvantages.

The bike is pawered by an electrical discharge from the

earth. Due to the ‘Monoloop’ obscuring physical vision from the riding position,

‘Neuron’ added an infra-red camcorder and other visua-sensual aids which are all connected to a VR unit that he wears inside the cockpit. All the electrical devices of this vehicle make it very susceptible to attacks from the elements and more impor- tantly from the ‘Shuriken’. ‘Neuron’ is keeping a very close watch on this particular machine and its partner.

Armor - None

Special Moves

Molecular Morph - This is probably one of the most innovative of Maximum Road Kill special moves and up until this year's season, it has been a completely safeguarded secret. By bringing together a wealth of Neutrons using gravitational atomic theory, he has created the long mythological Neutronium. When ‘Neuron’s’ bike morphs into a Neutronium ball, there is nothing that can stop his path, only a mile thickness of lead could do the job. Anything in ‘Neuron’s’ way will be catapulted out of his way.

Electrical Mine - When the player decides to use this special move, a ball of wild elec- tricity is unleashed on the surface of the track. Any bike that hits this area of intense energy will be slowed. Acceleration and braking is no longer a possibility.

Auto Repair - Some of the other riders have special moves that allow the player to boost the energy bar of their respective bikes by tapping the energy of their opponents.

The ‘Monoloop’ does not have this facility, but does have an automated repair service.

When this special move is employed a portion of the ‘Monoloop’ will be repaired. This acts much like a health pick-up in most other games.

Forward Facing High intensity flame gun - This is yet another piece of Neuron’s technology that BITS Corp. claim belongs to them. The heat generated by this weapon is far beyond that in any previous flame weapons. This weapon has the capability of fusing any material it contacts. Of course many other competitors now have bikes with regen- erating powers that will be able to partially combat this debilitation.

Ripley ‘Invader’ Rogers Little more than ‘Invader's’ name is factual and even this much information is given to us by a suspect source. Not once has she lifted her jet black helmet from her head. It is rumored that

‘Invader’ has a terribly scarred face and that the helmet she wears is actually molded to her skull. Others say that a competitor in the WARP would not be so vain as to worry about appearances and that there




must be something darker behind ‘Invader's’ black mask, perhaps she is not of this world. No one knows what ‘Invader's’ motive is for winning the WARP championship, but every one knows of her skill and deadly tactics. ‘Invader’s’ secret motive for win- ning the races will help her return to the planet of her origin. There is a vital compo- nent of her space craft which is missing. A mysterious crystal that is very dark and quite unique is on sale at a very high price. With this crystal the ‘Necroride’ can then transform into a space vehicle.

The Necroride The frame work

== of ‘The Necroride’ has never been seen and neither has its mechanic.

Its general appearance is of an organic nature. This organic structure is very odd

” indeed, tending towards a monstrosity of organs melded together from a number of life forms When

‘Invader’ is seen mounting ‘The Necroride’ an even more perplexing marriage between rider and bike takes place than in the case of ‘Cyber’ and her vehicle. ‘The Necroride’

literally engulfs ‘Invader’ in a viscose fluid. Like the ‘Shuriken’, this bike has a com- pletely different power and engine. The organic engine which operates like a heart, pumping energy and power around the whole system, is fuelled by a plasma of unknown origin. This is a costly system, but is one that allows ‘Invader’ a strong unity with her bike, enabling her to control all functions of ‘The Necroride’ through impulse travelling from her brain through the ‘slime’ into the heart of the bike. This means that her bike is one of the most responsive and although not the fastest is certainly the quickest reacting control mechanism on the track.

Armor - Plasma suit. The plasma suit has some fairly undefined properties but seems to be made up of some kind of regenerating tissue. This is one of the strangest armors of the WARP, although it is fairly weak it regenerates its strength.

Special Moves

Hover Craft - Advanced bioengineering allows ‘Invader’ to change the shape of her bike into a flying craft. The wheels of the bike rotate until they are horizontal. Jet thrusters propel the Necroride above the track, the faster the Hover Craft accelerates the higher it's altitude will be. When the Hover Craft has run out of energy the Necroride will descend at an even rate before transforming back into it's standard shape.

Energy Drain - By performing this move ‘The Necroride’ is able, at shot distance, to copulate with another bike via a bio-mechanical member. This facility saps energy from the other rider/bike and gives it back to central operations, the heart. With this double action weapon ‘Invader’ is a force to be reckoned with.

Bile Glue - Excreted from the bowels of ‘Invader's’ bike is a viscous substance that will slow the pace of any rider who may have the misfortune to pass through it. After a while the effects of this stomach churning gunk will wear off, but the unfortunate rider will have lost much ground in that space of time.

Plasma Bolt - The Necroride produces a lot of electrostatic energy and this enables the bike to create a concentrated form of bio kinetic energy known simply as plas-

ma. When this missile is fired the energy streams along the track and zeros in on the next bike in view. A bolt of energy like this will not only , cause horrendous damage, but will also render the victim out of con-

>. trol for a short period of time.

Gogetsu ‘YoYo’ Tenteki A fearsome and undeterred rider who { has all his thoughts directed at one thing alone--winning the WARP

championship. A good source has revealed why ‘YoYo’ is so deter- mined for victory this year. ‘YoYo's’ family originates as far back as

the Nintoku period in the years 313-399 AD, and ever since this time the Tenteki family has struggled to regain respect for their



their name. To make a long story short, a ruley emperor of Nintoku thought the Tenteki unworthy of their social standing and denounced them of all privileges and rights com- mon even to the poorest of thieves. The emperor had a law written to ensure the Tenteki would only regain their previous social standing if one of them could prove themselves to be unbeaten in any given field. The prize money means nothing to ‘YoYo’

other than to ensure his bike is unbeaten in performance. This rider has become the natural enemy of all those who ride in the WARP championships, not only because of his undisputed skill and victories but for his rumored ability in an ancient magic. ‘YoYo’

denies all knowledge of such an ability and challenges anyone who says otherwise.

Armour - Splinted Alloy. Made by a master sword smith in order to protect ‘YoYo’ from any evil spirits.

Tenteki K1900 The ‘Tenteki K1900' is certainly one of the faster machines and has the capability to go even faster with the correct adjustments. Built in strictest secrecy the Tenteki family proved that they can build world class machines at competitive prices. The world motorcycle industry is surprised by how fast the Tenteki family has been able to produce such workmanship and wonder if there isn't some kind of conspiracy taking place. The Tenteki family denies

such allegations and claim that the rest of the world are only jealous of a small family doing so well. The politics aside, the ‘Tenteki 1900’ has a very basic make up, designed to be light weight and versatile. The style is fairly conventional but has a few additions to boost its performance.

Light Kevlar armour. A similar grade of armour to the ‘Shuriken 2000’

Special Moves

The Tenteki Tickle - After many years of secretive training with his Ninja master, YoYo

has developed a highly accurate and deadly skill with his chime yo-yo and hence Gogetsuo’s nickname. The chimes in the yo-yo are used primarily for meditation pur- poses, but they have an entirely opposite function as well. There are two effects of the chime yo-yo. First, while the yo-yo Is spinning the chimes charge a sonic strength so powerful that it will cause a king of sonic boom to travel in the direction of the opposi- tion. Once hit by a sonic boom a victim will be damaged slightly and confused for a short period of time. Next, the chime yo-yo will spin out as above but this time five curved blades will spring out and grind into any neighboring vehicle.

Dragon Dance - From the ancient tradition of the Tenteki family come patient and virtu- ous young warriors who can wield the might and agility of the spirits. In this special move YoYo can shift the weight of his bike in such a way that allows him to literally pick his bike up and flip it over other riders adjacent to him. This move is very useful for avoiding other riders and hazards.

Blade run - This move allows ‘YoYo’ to speed ahead, as if using a nitro boost, at the same time leaving a constant trail of spikes in the road. When executed well it

is possible to force many riders into crossing this bed of nails and then caus- ing subsequent damage. The effect can be used three times per race.

Renju - This is the fabled magic ability that the Tenteki family have kept fen secret for so long. It is this magic in fact that originally brought the family

@? into conflict with a disapproving emperor. By summoning this power

‘YoYo’ can unleash a bolt of undiluted power that will strike a painful chord through any rider and their bikes.

Arnie ‘Metal Hed‘ Crewkurt \t's not for his taste in music that ‘Metal Head’ gets his name but from a war wound. From day one Arnie Crewkurt

was a number one, ram raiding war jockey. It wasn’t until his second year in the marines that he found himself racing motorbikes for kicks. He loved

riding so much that it became a strategic weapon in his unit. Even




when embarking on no more than a reconnaissance mission, Arnie Crewkurt would fly the flag ahead of his team into a full blown battle charge. It was on this occasion that a piece of shrapnel got lodged in Arnie’s head. The field medic refused to operate on such a viscous wound on the grounds that if the shrapnel was removed, what little of Arnie’s brain was left would go with it, hence the name ‘Metal Head’. When ‘Metal Head’ was decorated for the last time, he made up his mind to keep active and took up his only passion left open to him, racing bikes. ‘Metal Head’ has entered the WARP championships to show The Marine Core that he still has the Gaul of a fighter and for himself that there must be something of worth in him that makes him the one and only

‘Metal Head’. More importantly though ‘Metal Head’ is trying to raise the funds to take back a war hostage from a hostile country..

Armour Bullet proof body suit.

Memphis Belle The ‘Memphis Belle’ looks to be heavily laden with overweight redundant weaponry, but there is a little more to the bike than at first glance. The bike itself was a gift from the Marine Field Marshall for a job well done and as a result has the latest in military design. This bike was built to last and has an armor almost comparable to the ‘Trial Hog’.

It’s built with a little more technical ability than the

‘Trial Hog’ and will last longer as a result. The armor also has a reflective quality which rebounds the strengths of some very strong lasers. As well as

being impervious to most corrosive substances, the —

‘Memphis Belle’ has a concealed missile launcher on board.

Heavy Kevlar armor - A far superior grade of armour to the ‘Shuriken 2000’.

Special Moves

Chameleon Armor - Covert operations have lead the technicians at the Octagon to head up investigations into High Definition Integrated Stealth technology. This has lead

to the invention of the Chameleon Armor which Metal Head has a prototype version.

When a player uses this function the Memphis Belle will simply drop out of vision alto- gether. Due to the unfinished nature of the prototype, the bike leaves a refraction of light caused by the special paint used. Although this is still very difficult to detect, it does mean that other riders have a fighting chance.

Air Strike - With all the military contacts that ‘Metal Head’ has acquired over the years it is possible for him to summon a huge mercenary power. When ‘Metal Head’ dials a number from his bike phone he can call coordinates out to a squadron to bomb the hell out of the player in front of him. The rider in front must be on screen and visible to

‘Metal Head’.

Barrel Mines - Using this move ‘Metal Head’ can opt to lay a high octane explosive mine on the track. A respective amount of damage will be deducted from the poor soul who hits this device. Three mines may be used per race. This device can be activated by the player any time after the mine has been dropped. Obviously when another rider hits the mine it will go off anyway.

RM56 Missile - This is a rather large missile to say the least. It is housed in the sidecar of the Memphis Bell. The explosive contained in the missile is one of the most powerful and volatile nuclear sub- stances known to science. Red Mercury was discovered in the late 20th century, but some say it was first used by African witch doctors thousands of years ago.

Jimmy ‘Sunset Kid’ Ingalls Hailing from Wyoming in the USA, the ‘Sunset Kid’ is a wild unpredictable and untamed talent.

Raised on a ranch riding trial bikes, he spent his teenage life wip- ing the floor with the competition at dirt bike races, when he wasn't totalling his bike in avoidable accidents caused by losing his temper or patience. Now in the big-league, he has become a pretty cool


customer and would seem to be far from being a kid. No longer the hick he used to be, his friends don't seem to matter anymore, the ‘Sunset Kid’ only has the race on his mind now. Jimmy has got himself into a lot of trouble recently. He owes some very dodgy people a lot of money. ‘Sunset Kid’ has decided to disappear and he needs the funds to pull it off. Plastic surgery, a new identity and a new life are on the cards.

Armor - Reinforced Leather. Beats grazin’ flesh.

The Chipmunk This bike is essentially a scrambler for use on rough terrain and this is where ‘The Chipmunk’ is most at

home. Surprisingly fast for its shape and build, with its direct mono-drive ‘The Chipmunk gives a sprinting start to

get ahead of the pack, like slicing through butter. Put together in a relatively ad hoc manner the bike has a

hybrid look about it and a strange axle suspension sys- tem has caught the eye of many a bike mag. The

‘Sunset Kid’ has worked on this bike most of his waking hours and speaks to it as if it would talk back to him. Indeed ‘Sunset Kid’ knows the sound of his bike so well that if a problem aris- es he only need listen for a few seconds before finding a problem with it.

Standard alloy armor - An average amor class but nothing to write home about.

Special Moves

Power Jump - By using the hydraulic jump thrusters, ‘Sunset Kid’ can ride high and dry for prolonged distances, allowing him to avoid many an obstacle. If timed well Sunset can guide himself to land on another rider. This will invariably cause the victim dam- age, but will also cause confusion and bad road handling for a short period of time.

Man Trap - Yet another one of ‘Sunset's’ hobbies has become an invaluable tool in the

championship races, instead of catch prairie dogs with these traps he can pinch a few


tires when a ‘Man Trap’ is laid down on the track it lays in wait of a poor unsuspecting rider to hit it.

Harpoon Gun - This armor piercing point will wreck the body work of those who ride between ‘sunset’ and the championship.

Chaff Bomb Confusion - Sunset has designed a smoke screen effect with some simple explosives technology. When the player uses this special move the Chipmunk will release a long stream of small Chinese banger-style fireworks. Each exploding capsule sends out a fine cloud of paint which thickens when mixed with air. At the same time the explosion takes place, small shards of glass, metal and stone burst into a radial formation.

Tobias ‘Fox’ Tucan From the putrid mists and the intoxicating bilge of rubbish dumps came the ‘Fox’. Left as an orphan, ‘Fox’ learned to fend for himself and make his own life from the dead ends of society.

Living knee deep in the garbage and toxic waste of millions, ‘Fox’ has Wi developed some of the wildest and most rare mutations of the mind and body known to man. This enhancement of his physical form has lead : him to create a strange magical power. This magic is of a very volatile nature and has earned ‘Fox’ great respect on the city streets. A scav- enger by nature ‘Fox’ is very close to the street urchins and lowlife that crawl the gutters of civilization and is considered a guardian of these folk. ‘Fox’ moves in higher circles as well, especially when he has work to sell. His sculpture is known far and wide for its captivating honesty, built from the raw excrement of the city dump. A proud and sincere

composure fronts his desire to bring the problems of the millions of homeless that continue to suffer in the world’s urban shanty towns. It is purely for this recognition that ‘Fox’ wishes to win the championship and to reach out to the populous of the world via the WARP network.

Armor - Cloak. Studded with shielding fetishes.




The Vroom Stick This bike is not unlike ‘Fox's’ high brow art, cobbled together from various bits of discarded house-

hold appliances and odd part from a breaker's yard. The overall structure of the vehicle is composed in a similar style

to that of a scooter ridden by a former sub-culture known

» as The Mods. As did The Mods, ‘Fox’ covers his bike with keepsakes and coveted collections of junk. Taking a closer look you will see that all of these objects are painted or engraved with inscriptions and shamanic markings. It is these inscriptions which power the ‘Vroom Stick’, not tangible fuel or scientific reasoning. ‘Fox’ claims that it is the fury of a cap- tured elemental that propels the bike forward. Any who attempt to approach the

‘Vroom Stick’ are overcome, black out and lose all memory of the bike and its rider.

Any photos or digitized images of the bike fade and white out.

Fetish Shield - This magic armor gives an average armor class but nothing to write home about.

Special Moves

Shadow Spirit - Using this spell means that ‘Fox’ and his bike become a shadow of their former selves. The player may now guide a whirlwind of raging magic along the track without colliding or being damaged by hazard or weapon. The ‘Shadow Spirit’

will also allow the player to float over any gap in the track.

Heal - One of the first things ‘Fox’ learned to do for himself and those who suffered around him was to learn the art of healing. Directing all his attention and thought to this aim, ‘Fox’ can summon the spirits to revitalize the ‘Vroom Stick’ to its original


Confusion - With this spell, ‘Fox’ can zap the nearest player with a field of confusion.

Once caught in a ‘Confusion’ spell a rider will drive in opposite directions to the one

intended. This means a player or rider who wants to bank left must push right instead.

This method could be applied te acceleration and braking also.

Fire Ball - This is one of the most aggressive spells that Fox has under his magical belt.

When this spell is elected a huge surge of power fuses together and spins into a ball of furious flame. The wild flames dance in the image of screaming faces. As the Fire Ball speeds towards its aggressor a choir of shrill screams can be heard coming from the flames.

The Tracks Apocalypse Now

Powermonger’s have marred the planet's future in attempt to satisfy their insatiable greed to rule the world. In doing so a whole continent has been virtually wiped clean of any life-like existence. Devastated in the thirty minute war, this area is, even by future standards, too hazardous for human habitation. Now thousands of craters, bomb noses and tailfins sticking out from them provide the nightmarish horizon under the dark ominous clouds. Strange mutated life forms live and battle for survival within this desolate area - occasionally feeding on any illegal antique hunters or stray troopers who may wander across their path.

Nowadays, the powermongers have constructed a series of military missile bases throughout the land. They serve the function of deterring unwelcome prying eyes and keeping the mutant creatures at bay.

Inside the base the ‘Devastator’ missiles stand huge and gleaming, polished to an immaculate sheen - ready to do their duty for the nation.




Trash City

“The future is here...and it’s rubbis,” stated the City's Mayor back in 1998 as the first

‘block’ of condensed waste was laid in place. Several mayors later and the quote has taken on a prophetic tone. This is a dark and ominous landscape of tall stretching sky- scrapers blocking out the light of day. The worlds cities are now constructed using the waste of the throw away society, but also have a high tech appearance with the addi- tions of modern technology. Concrete City is now a crumbling cloud touching, dark, dank, ooze secreting, stinking metropolis - populated by the worst dregs of society . No wonder the WARP chose this to be their most dangerous and cheapest race course. On closer inspection WARP found an almost ready-made course - deep canyons formed by huge skyscrapers composed of decades of waste turned into homes. Sections of road are closed by exploding road cones for repairs which are never carried out.


Once again WARP scoured the world for the most cost effective disaster track for the competitors. This track is a Duchamp of the sports world, untouched or tainted by WARP's usual modifications; the track is a complete ready made danger zone.

Somewhere underground, a long way underground, the earth's mineral resources have been stripped clean. In the aftermath of this destruction multitudes of catacombs have been left behind for our riders to discover. The mines are of an unforgiving nature, dark and unpredictable leaving the environment with a heavy air of instability.

Polar Sea Scape

Even the polar caps are now being inhabited by the ever increasing populous of the world. The conditions here are so extreme and undesirable, and the cost of living is low, hence a good location for a WARP track. The track itself is made of ice sheets supported by ice pillars fading into the distance below. The track is slippery and gener- ally hard to handle. The WARP have made good use of the environment and have designed their track hazards accordingly.

Manga Satellite

The scene is out in space, with pretty planets and stars, etc. The track is set into a huge satellite station. The track winds its way through a massive tubular enclosure.

The enclosure is constructed from modern materials, some opaque, others translucent, allowing partial views of the outer space exterior. The track is marred by the wear and tear of huge mechbots that help keep the satellite in order. The satellite station has been slowly deteriorating and has fallen into misuse. The mechs that usually take care of things have gone a bit crazy and all manner of stationary machinery are going hay- wire. Cables litter parts of the city causing sparks of highly charged bolts of electricity.






Lead Programmer Pete Baron

Networking John Conners

Presentation Steve Clark, John Conners

Imagus Tools Mark Taylor, Damien Byrne, Shahid Ahmad Design

Game Design Tim Hull, Jon Beeston, Gary Sheinwald Artwork

3-D Tracks and Objects Orion Abbot-Davies, Jamie Walker, Kieron Wheeler, James Boty

3-D Sprite Animation Mark Gregory

3-D Presentation Caroline Peelo, Orion Abbot-Davies, Jamie Walker 2-D Cel and Bit Map Animation Colin Gordon, Wayne Howe

2-D Paper Illustration John Beeston Audio

Music Composition and Spot Effects Dylan Beale Technical Monitor

Technical Management James Cox

Technical Support Kieron Wheeler, Laurence McdDonald

Processing Jason Brown, Jim Glanville

Quality Control Jim Glanville, Jason Brown, Steve Cox Schedule Management James Cox, Tim Hull, James Baker Assistant Producer Jason Brown

Producer Tim Hull

Executive Producer Foo Katan


Juan Abad, Julie Anidjar, Jamie Bartolomei, Barbara Beresheim, Henry Borrasso, Ryan Brant, Michael Bross, Greg Brown, Linda Bouck, Tim Bumar, Layne Burd, James Dargie, Jodie DeGeorge, Glenn Dill, Don Dillinger, Tammy Flanders, Pierre Gagne, Cef Grima, Steve Glasstetter, Michael Goodis, Rick Hall, Saturo Hosogai, Chuck Husa, Joel Ishler, Jennifer Kolbe, Ed Medors, Amy Merva, Bo Mosley, Jeraldine Olaso, Troy Paradise, Stephanie Pientek, Kiera Reilly, Larry Rich, Tom Rigas, Phil Robb, Dave Scheele, Christina Schulman, Mark Seremet, Lance Seymour, Chris Short, Scott Shust, Jack Snyder, Michael Snyder, Phil Spagnolli, Jeff Styers, Ray Taylor, Carolyn Wahl, and Shane White.



All Pights reserved.


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