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P.O. Box 2818 - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (971 50) 442 5585 (mobile) (971 2) 617 1562 (office) (971 2) 665 1080 (Phone/Fax) June 2007 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Arab Monetary Fund (AMF), Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

(2003 - present). Chief, Studies Division, in the Economics and Technical Department.

• Leads, supervises and conducts macroeconomic policy analyses related to developments and trends in global trade, financial environment and exchange rate regimes and policies; issues of emphasis include trade policy and its interaction with the multilateral trading system such as the WTO, North-South (US and & EU with Arab countries), & South-South free trade arrangements in the context of GAFTA and the GCC, intra-regional flows of capital/FDI and labor, and Development impact of workers’ remittances.

• Delivers technical assistance for economic reforms – for example, advising the respective governments of Yemen and Libya on trade policy reforms in the WTO accession process; assisting the government of Lebanon in linking the reforms for liberalization of services sector to multilateral commitments for WTO accession; providing the government of Qatar with technical assistance on matters relating to the scheduling of services commitments in the GATS negotiations and the EU-GCC prospective FTA; designing for the government of

Kuwait an action plan for the management of trade policy with the WTO and the prospective

FTA with the EU and the USA;

• Collaborates with teams from the IMF, the World bank (MENA Region) and the WTO

Secretariat; in exchanging views and providing input on economic issues of interest to Arab


(1999 - 2003). Division Chief, Technical Cooperation with International and

Regional Institutions, in the Economics and Technical Department.

• Designed and delivered technical assistance and policy advise for economic reforms, trade-related training and capacity building activities for Arab countries, in cooperation with international organizations (IMF Institute, WTO, World Bank);

(1991 - 1999). Senior Economist, in the Economics and Technical Department.

• Conducted analyses and policy studies related to trade reforms in developing countries, international trade liberalization in the context of GATT/WTO; developed and managed empirical projects to classify and measure quantitative and institutional barriers to international transactions in goods and services in the AMF member countries; identified best practices and regulatory policy options in the implementation of country's trade reforms and regional free trade agreements; analyzed the effects of changes in exchange rates in Arab countries;

• Prepared and delivered lectures & workshops for Central Bank & Ministry of Finance officials from the AMF member countries in the areas of fiscal implications of trade reforms, exchange rate arrangements during trade liberalization; the functioning of the WTO Agreements and their economic effects on developing countries;

• Participated in AMF missions to Arab countries; negotiated the implementation of monetary, fiscal and trade reforms (supported by the Arab Monetary Fund's financial resources) with senior officials from Arab Central Bank, Ministries of Finance, Economy and Trade; Performed balance of payments analyses in country-specific economic reports.


The World Bank, Washington D.C., USA. (1998 - 2003). Part-time Consultant

• As a World Bank team member, participated in the establishment of a future vision that assists a formulation of a long-term strategy for the Saudi Economy until 2020; prepared and presented a strategy paper on Trade and Services as a New Driver in the Saudi Economy to the Symposium on the Future Vision for the Saudi Economy, (2002);

• Jointly prepared with Bank staff a study on Completing the GCC Customs Union, (June 2002).

• Conducted workshops (in Arabic) on behalf of WBI in MENA training institutions (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait) on lessons in trade policy reforms, understanding the new trade issues in the Doha Development agenda, the required economic reforms in the implementation of the WTO Agreements, the economic effects of regional agreements - EU-MED Partnership Agreements, USA-Middle East FTAs, the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, GCC, AMU -, (1998-2001).

• Delivered other research assignments and reviewed reports prepared by the Bank’s trade team and the Bank's MENA Region, (2001-2005).

UNCTAD/UNDP, Geneva/New York, USA.

(1995 - 1996). Part-time Consultant, for the Coordinated African Program of Assistance on

Services (CAPAS): a WTO capacity-building program of technical assistance to eight African countries --Benin, Burundi, Guinea, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Zimbabwe-- aimed at developing an analytical and decision-making capacity at the country level in the area of trade in services, competition and regulatory policy issues involved in this sector, and the formulation of market opening policies in the context of the General Agreement of Trade in Services (GATS).

• Managed a research project involving the design of a methodology and the development of research plans for country studies on the liberalization of financial services in the context of GATS; Reviewed and critiqued the eight country studies, prepared by country research economists; Provided policy guidance in the formulation of WTO negotiating positions that are consistent with domestic financial reforms and/or regional integration objectives in preparation for the WTO 2000 Negotiations in services.

• Prepared a synthesis paper on Africa region's main policy issues in opening domestic markets to international financial services suppliers in the context of the GATS Agreement; Presented the paper to a regional meeting of Ministers of Economy and Trade, held in Cotonou, Burkina Faso, (September 1996).

U.S. Department of the Treasury (JECOR Project), Washington, D.C., USA.

(1987 – 1991). Economic Advisor to the Saudi Arabian Minister of Finance and National

Economy - As a staff member of the U.S. Treasury Department, assigned to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Finance and National Economy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

• Prepared policy analyses for the Minister on international economic developments including monitoring volatility in international prices of oil and other key commodities and their implications for Saudi and GCC export revenues; participated in meetings with IMF staff on mission for discussions of Article IV consultation with the Saudi authorities.

• Designed and developed a database of relevant trade policy measures; Estimated potential trade expansion for Saudi Arabia, formulated bargaining positions, including market access offers and requests for negotiations of regional trading agreements with the EU, the member states of the Arab League, the Islamic countries, and other developing countries in the context of the Global System of Trade Preferences (GSTP).


Department of Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado. USA.

(1986 - 1987). Visiting Professor

• Taught intermediate courses in theory and principles in international trade.

Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, USA.

(1984 - 1986). Research Associate

Supervisor: Professor Emeritus Kenneth Boulding (deceased 1993).

• Created and managed database for national income statistics, capital structure and a wide range of other economic and social indicators for the U.S.A., Latin America and the Caribbean region; Designed and produced computer graphics analyzing basic economic data and some social data for scholarly publications.

• Collaborated with Prof. Boulding in carrying out research for his last book, The Structure of

a Modern Economy: The United States, 1929-89, Macmillan Press, Ltd. of England, 1993.

France Radio Television, Lille, France (1978 - 1981). Financial Analyst,

(FRT, a company delivering audio-visual and TV programs for French and Belgian educational and professional markets).

• Prepared cost/benefit analyses of company and outside financial parameters to assist management in decision-making; Assisted the research staff in analyzing new program ratings and providing factual data for various department heads.

Inter-Impex, S.A., Tunis, Tunisia.

(1970 - 1973). Vice-President,

• Assisted in the management of a family company in the business of import, export, and sales of textiles and clothing from/to Europe, Middle and Far East;

• Assisted in the creation and management of a joint venture company (German-Tunisian) in garments tailored and made in Tunisia and then re-exported to the European Community.


Ph.D. in Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, 1987. Fields of Specialization: International Trade & Finance.

Thesis: Effects of Real Exchange Rate Risk on International Desaggregated Trade. Supervised by Keith E. Maskus and Robert F. McNown.

M.A. in Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, 1984.

Maîtrise de Sciences, Université des Sciences et Techniques de Lille, France, 1978. Diplôme D'études Universitaire Générales (DEUG), Major: Sciences Economiques,

Université desSciences et Techniques de Lille , France, 1976.

Baccalauriat de l'enseignement Secondaire, College Sadiki, Tunis, Tunisia. LANGUAGE ABILITIES

Trilingual: Arabic (mother tongue), English, French. PERSONAL DATA

Country of Nationality at Birth: Tunisia. Granted US Citizenship. Married; two sons & a step daughter.


Research Fellow of the Cairo-based Economic Research Forum for the Arab countries, Iran And Turkey (ERF).



The Development Impact of Workers’ Remittances in Arab Countries, (in Arabic), co-authored with Adil E. Abdalla and Brahim Razgallah, Arab Monetary Fund Publication, Abu Dhabi, UAE. (forthcoming)

Catching Up With the Competition, Trade Opportunitiy and Challenges for Arab Countries,

Jamel Zarrouk and Bernard Hoekman (Editors), The University Of Michigan Press, Studies in International Economics, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, April 2000.

Published Articles

“Trade Liberalization, Integration in the Global Market and Employment Prospects in Arab Countries,” (in Arabic), published in the papers Proceedings of the Annual Joint Seminar of Arab Monetary Fund and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, held in Kuwait, 19-20 November, 2006. (forthcoming)

“Policy and Institutional Implications of WTO Membership for the GCC Economies” in the World Bank and KISR International Conference Proccedings on Challenges of Economic

Development for the GCC Countries, 2005.

“Trade and Investment and the WTO” in The World Bank – UN ESCWA Papers for the Fifth WTO Ministerial Conference, Cancun, 10-14 September, 2003.

“A Survey of Barriers to Trade and Investment in Arab Countries” Book Chapter (4) in Arab

Economic Integration, Between Hope and Reality, by Ahmed Galal & Bernard Hoekman, ed.,

ECES (Cairo) and Brookings Institute Press (Washington, D.C.), 2003.

“Surveying Trade and Investment Barriers in the MENA Countries”, in Bernard Hoekman & Patrick Messerlin,“Harnessing Trade for Development and Growth in the Middle East”, a Study of the Council on Foreign Relations, New York, March 2002.

"Integrating Free Trade Agreements in the Middle East and North Africa," co-authored in the

Journal of World Investment, volume to No. 2, June 2001, Blackwell Publishers, USA.

"Developing Countries and the Next Round of WTO Negotiations," co-autored, in the World

Economy, April 2000 (Special Issue), Blackwell Publishers-Oxford, UK & USA.

"Trade Facilitation: Technical Regulations and Customs Procedures and the Role of the WTO," co-autored with Patrick Messerlin, in the World Economy, April 2000 (Special Issue), Blackwell Publishers-Oxford, UK & Boston, USA.

"Para-Tariff Measures in Arab Countries," in Hoekman editor, Trade Policy Developments in

the Middle East and North Africa, The World Bank: Regional and Sectoral Studies, February


"Linking Euro-Med Free Trade with intra-Regional Free Trade Agreements among MENA countries" in Julia Devlin, Sebastian Dessus and Raed Safadi (eds.), The Dynamics of Open

Regionalism in MENA, Paris, OECD (1999).

"Arab Countries' Trade Policies: Realities and Prospects in the Post-Uruguay Round Era" (in Arabic), published in the Arab Planning Institute's Economic and Development Journal, Volume 1, December 1998, Kuwait.

"Regional Trade Finance in Developing Countries: Trends and Prospects in FORUM, (Newsletter of the Cairo-based Economic Research Forum, September 1997).

"MENA Regional Trade in Industrial Products: Past Trends and Future Prospects” in Industrial

Strategies and Policies under Conditions of Global and Regional Change, ed. by the United

Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), and the Economic Research Forum (ERF), June 1996.

“Policy Implications of the Uruguay Round for Arab Countries,” in The Uruguay Round and

the Arab Countries, ed. by Said El-Naggar, International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.,


“The Uruguay Round Agreements and their Implications for the Middle East Countries,” Guest Editorial, in FORUM, (Newsletter of the Cairo-based Economic Research Forum, Vol. 1, Number 4, December 1994).


“Intra-Arab Trade: Determinants and Prospects” in Foreign and Intratrade Policies of the Arab

Countries, ed. by Said El-Naggar, International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C., 1993.

“Unanticipated Changes in Real Exchange Rates and Their Effects on Trade: Evidence

From Detailed Industries in Germany, Japan and the USA” co-authored with Keith Maskus, in

Discussion Papers in Economics No. 93-11, Department of Economics, University of Colorado,


Book Reviews

“Trade, Investment, and Development in the Middle East and North Africa”, World Bank Publication (July 2003)

“Development, Trade, and the WTO: A Handbbok”, World Bank Publication (April 2002) Select Papers & Presentations Read to Professional Groups

“Policy Impact of Services Liberalization in the GCC Countries” paper presented at a Seminar Sponsored by the Saudi Ministry of Trade, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 5-6 December 2006. “Trade Liberalization, Integration in the Global Market and Employment Prospects in Arab Countries,” paper presented at the Annual Joint Seminar (AMF-AFESD) held in Kuwait, 19-20 November 2006.

“Trade Initiatives and Public Private Partnerships in the GCC Countries,” presentation at the World Bank Workshop on Partnering for Value, Innovation and Job Creation: PPPs in the

GCC, Doha, Qatar 16-17 May 2006.

“The Role of International & Regional Institutions in Trade-Related Capacity Building in Arab Countries”, presented to the Arab Monetary Fund Meeting of Trade and Finance Ministers, in Abu Dhabi, (April 2003).

“Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing the Doha Development Agenda of the WTO for Arab Countries”, presented to the Annual Meetings of the Governors of the Arab Monetary Fund, in Alger, Algeria, (April 2002).

“Integrating Free Trade Agreements in the Middle East and North Africa and the WTO” presented at the Mediterranean Development Forum (MDF III), sponsored by the World Bank & others, Cairo, Egypt, March 3-6, 2000.

"Arab Free Trade Area: Potentialities and Effects", presented at the Mediterranean Development Forum (MDF II), sponsored by the World Bank & others, Marrakech, Morocco, September 3-6, 1998.

"Financial Services Liberalization in the Context of GATS: the Case of CAPAS countries", presented to the UNDP-UNCTAD regional seminar for the CAPAS project, Benin, September 1996.

“Potential Benefits for the Private Sector from the Membership of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) Countries in the World Trade Organization (WTO)”, presented at a Conference on The GCC External Relations with Regards to the WTO and the EU, sponsored by the GCC Secretariat, the European Commission, the UNCTAD and the WTO, Bahrain, March 19-20, 1996.

“Post-Uruguay Round Regional Integration in the Middle East” presented at an Economic Research Forum conference on Liberalization of Trade and Foreign Investment, Center for Economics and Econometrics, Bogazici University, Istanbul, September 16-18, 1995.

“Liberalization of Trade in Financial Services in the Context of GATS: Conceptual Aspects and Policy Issues of Interest to Developing Countries” presented at a regional workshop organized by UNCTAD (Geneva) and UN-DDSMS (New York) in the framework of the regional technical assistance program (CAPAS), Harare, Zimbabwe, March 16-17, 1995. REFERENCES: Available upon request.





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