This year there is also an extra $200 to pay for professional memberships and this is separate from travel.






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05/01/2015 BBN/PTN Joint Department Meeting Minutes

BBN/PTN Joint Department Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date






Call In #: 888-808-6929

Access Code: 9332515

Meeting Leader

Jean Pawl & Beth




Janelle Mangrum

Meeting Purpose

BBN/PTN Department Meeting

Meeting Preparation

Jean Pawl, Beth NeSmith, Sarah White, and Michelle Felder


Agenda Items


1300 1. Call to Order Jean Pawl/

Beth Nesmith

2. Approval of Minutes – 3/6/2015 Faculty

3. Welcome

Both Drs. Pawl and Nesmith welcomed faculty and staff to this joint meeting.

Jean Pawl/ Beth Nesmith 4. Unfinished Business - None

5. Congratulations:

 Denotra Gaillard has had an abstract accepted by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) to be presented a at 6-Minute Lecture at the AANP 2015 National Conference on June 13, 2015 in New Orleans

 Congratulations to Denotra Gaillard and Lovoria Williams on being promoted to Associate Professor.

 Stephen Gilliam - Passed the ANCC FNP Exam for Certification/re-Certification

 Judy Glaser - received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Carl Sandburg College in Illinois

 Anita Thornton has been selected to attend the AANPCP sponsored Item Writing Workshop that will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 14, 2015.

 Marlene Rosenkoetter has had published an article entitled “Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion and Mutiple Daily Insulin Injections: A Patient- and Significant

Other-Jean Pawl/ Beth Nesmith



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05/01/2015 BBN/PTN Joint Department Meeting Minutes Perceived Impact Study”, International Journal of Health

Sciences (In Press, Volume 3, No 1, 2015 – will be

electronic and print).

 Marlene Rosenkoetter has had an abstract entitled

“Remove Monitoring of Clinical Nursing Students in Geriatric Residential Settings”, accepted for the 2015 NLN/Elsevier Technology Conference

 Marlene Rosenkoetter will present "Guidelines for Culturally Congruent Care at the 2nd Annual Cultural Inclusion

Institute: Valuing the Culture of Women, in Orlando, Florida, June 29-30, 2015

 Annette Bourgault has been invited to participate on a national Evidence Based Practice Work Group with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.

 Amber McCall, CON Jag 20 Awardee

 Jeannette Merriweather for finishing FNP school

 Stephanie Wright for the Outstanding Faculty Award

 Diane Robillard for completing her DNP

 Gayle Bentley was “Caught in the Act” of Great Teaching Compassion.

6. Effort Reporting

Allen Edmunds spoke about effort reporting and the process that faculty are required to do by the federal government. The discussion included information about teaching assignments (more detailed) and campus reporting being different. These two reportings won’t necessarily match. It will be listed as 90/10 unless faculty are practicing. The 90% teaching is broken it down into what is, clinical/didactic/education release/etc. and there are 14 categories that the campus is trying to track. The variable part-timers are going to have to start doing this also now and whey they are signing timesheets they are also certifying time.

Allen Edmunds

7. Chairs Update / Official Business

 Nurses Week – Media May 6-12

Nurses Week is today (5-1-15) thru the 12th. The media will be back and

forth between us and the hospital so have your speech ready in case you are approached.

 Travel Money

This year there is travel money in the amount of $1,200 with $300 for presenting. The first 2 presentations can be posters then there will be an oral presentation. These presentations get the university name out in the public and meet necessary criteria. Staff was $500 and it might go up. For the new year starting July 1st to renew your nursing license you will

need 30 CE’s in a 1 year period or show completing of nursing programs.

Jean Pawl Beth Nesmith



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05/01/2015 BBN/PTN Joint Department Meeting Minutes

This year there is also an extra $200 to pay for professional memberships and this is separate from travel.

 Digital Measures (PACT)

The PACT app/icon is on PAWS and you use your university user name and password. CON is one of the first groups to be uploaded into new program and J. Pawl explained the overall purposes of this program and how information will be placed into the program ahead of time. Faculty will need to go through and make sure that your information is correct in the program and make any necessary corrections. The setup has been customized for GRU and will have the CV template uploaded.

 Announce new Assistant Department Chair

J. Pawl announced that N. Andrews is the new BBN Assistant Department Chair.

 Announce new Research Assistant (PTN Department)

B. Nesmith introduced N. Brown as the new research assistant in PTN.

8. Committee Positions

C. Peterson appealed to the faculty for any interested in serving on a committee to let him know. He reminded faculty that committees can fulfill the service commitment listed on faculty evals. All university faculty positions filled and currently there are 4 openings for the CON Committees.

Corey Peterson

9. Cyber Security Committee

GRU is trying to set up a cyber-institute and is working to pull everybody together and get all involved. The question is, how can nursing

contribute to the cyber institute? Please let T. Puig-Baker know if you are able to list ways that nursing can become involved in this venture.

Tracey Puig-Baker

10. Faculty Updates

There are 4 applicants for the Associate Dean for Research Search. They are Pam Shiao – May 13 & 14; Tess Briona end of May; Teresa Gillespie – beginning of June; Monirul Islam – June.


11. Announcements, Events & Opportunities

 May 1, 2015 - 5:30 PM - 16th Annual GNA Nursing Showcase - First Baptist Church of Augusta

 Saturday, May 2, 2015 - 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM - Sigma Theta Tau Beta Omicron Chapter - Evidence Based Seminar - JSAC - Summerville Campus - Offering continuing education credits. Admission - $50 in advance, $20 for students, $75 for active RN's at the door.

 May 4, 2015 - 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Monthly walk-in sessions for faculty on Writing for Publication and Manuscript Reviews, hosted by Dr. Marlene Rosenkoetter - EC-5504, Call in: 888-808-6929 Access Code: 6826187 - For more information please contact Dr. Rosenkoetter at



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05/01/2015 BBN/PTN Joint Department Meeting Minutes

 May 7, 2015 – 9:00AM - Resolving Conflict in the Workplace Webinar - Augusta: EC-2238 CONAT: Classroom 1

 May 7, 2015 – 3:00PM - Spring Convocation - Christenberry Fieldhouse. Faculty and students report at 2:00 PM

 May 7, 2015 – 5:30PM-7:30PM - Recognition Ceremony Partridge Inn - Augusta

 May 8, 2015 – Faculty need to be there at 1:00PM - Spring Graduation - James Brown Arena

 May 8, 2015 – 9:00AM - BSN Program Review – EC-2237

 May 11, 2015 – 5:30PM-7:30PM Preceptor Thank You Reception, Alumni Center Ballroom

12. Adjourn

Next BBN Department Meeting – September 4, 2015

Next PTN Department Meeting – June 26, 2015


Status Action to be taken Responsible Due Date

1. 2. 3.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting: Friday, June 26, 2015, 1:00-2:00pm, EC-1204

PTN Department Members & Meetings Dates:

√=present E=excused X=absent

Team Members 9/5/14 10/24/14 1/9/15 3/6/15 5/1/15 6/29/15 Anderson, H. (CONAT) X X X X X Anderson, L. E E X X X Blanchard, M. E √ X X X Bourgault, A. E √ Boyd, A. X E X X X Brown, N. --- --- --- --- √ Broxton, S. X E X √ X Castleberry, J. (CONAT) --- √ √ √ √ Chernecky, C. E √ √ √ √ Cook, P. X E X



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05/01/2015 BBN/PTN Joint Department Meeting Minutes

Team Members 9/5/14 10/24/14 1/9/15 3/6/15 5/1/15 6/29/15 Felder, M. Garrett, M. √ √ √ √ √ Garvin, J. --- --- √ √ √ Gazaway, S. (CONAT) Haley, J. (CONAT) --- √ √ X √ Hartley, P. (CONAT) --- --- √ √ √ Holsey, E. X X Jennings, M. Johns, R. (CONAT) E Langley-Brady, D. Markwalter, G. X X X X X Masiongale, A. X E E √ X Masiongale, J. X E E X X McCall, A. E McLear, B. (CONAT) E √ √ X Merriweather, J. E √ E √ Murphy, M. E X Murrell, R. --- --- √ √ √ NeSmith, E. √ Newman, L. X √ √ E X Peterson, C. E E √ X √ Plowman, K. X X X X X Puig-Baker, T. --- --- √ √ √ Schumacher, A. E Slone, F. E E Stephens, T. E E E E X Thomas, S. E X X X √ Wilson, C. --- --- --- --- √ Wright, S. E √ √ X





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