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The Big Bang Theory part 1 (notes and lab)


Academic year: 2020

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Unit 1



1. Use the same warm-up sheet from last class.

2. Write the date, the title of the lesson, and your answer to the warm-up questions for today. Make sure to write your answers in complete sentence(s).

Lesson: Big Bang

Warm-up Questions:

1. Review. Why do stars have different colors?

2. Prior Knowledge. When you are on the road and hear a siren from the ambulance, how do you know if the



SW use the redshift of light from

stellar galactic spectra to explain the





Stephen Hawking- The Big Bang





of the



Our sun is born, the heavy elements around it clump into


Simple life

evolves on


13.7 Billion Years Ago (BYA) 5 BYA

3.8 BYA


The big bang theory is a theory about…

a. What the universe was like in the beginning


The Universe Today


What to do?

1. Perform Expanding Universe Model

Expanding Universe Lab

2. Discussions on Big Bang Theory

Writes notes in your Evidence Notebook as the


What is the Universe?

The universe is defined as everything that physically exists


When we say "known universe," we are referring to what we have been able to observe from our vantage point on Earth. It is uncertain

whether the universe is finite or infinite, therefore when we discuss the universe we are usually referring to the observable universe, which


“Normal” Matter: ~ 4%

(emits electromagnetic energy in the form of light)

Dark Matter: ~ 23%

Dark Energy ~ 72%

(Does NOT emits electromagnetic energy in the form of light)


Cosmic Microwave Background web quest

1. Color the CMB map using the provided key

2. Visit the site below, read the information presented, and answer questions A-D


A. Where did CMB come from? B. Why is CMB so cold?

C. Why is the map of the CMB different colors? D. Why is the map of the CMB an oval?



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