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Get known – Get customers

Easy I Cheap I Effective

B2B Content Marketing solution

for start-ups and SMEs in energy efficiency market



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The idea behind EnergyPages

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The Network: EEIP (Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes)

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Our service

your benefits

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Easy, cheap and effective B2B Content Marketing


MarketPlace visibility (searchability)


Your needs

your choice: 2 packages

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How to register

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Challenge for companies

Industrial energy efficiency is a huge & complex market

100.000´s of start-ups and SME´s need to become known

They have

small budgets



Challenge to do Content Marketing

(high quality customer contacts)

It cost a lot of money

It is complex and

takes a lot of time

Solution: EnergyPages

Make it easy

=> done in 15 min!

Take out costs

=> integrate with biggest and fast growing

industrial energy efficiency network

Ensure effectiveness => quarterly reports & analytics



The IDEA behind EnergyPages

Take the biggest and fastest growing business network for industrial energy efficiency…

... and turn it into the driving force behind EnergyPages a global B2B content marketing solution for SMEs and start-ups



The Network: EEIP (Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes)

Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP) is a decentralized neutral business & policy network for industrial energy efficiency. Technology-neutral and cross-sectoral, EEIP

supports the functioning of energy efficiency markets through information and best practice exchange.

EEIP follows an innovative way of

connecting and engaging industrial energy efficiency market actors (from energy intensive industries to solution providers, finance, IT, consultancies, media and policy).

EEIP combines various offline (events, publications) and online (social media, portal, apps, e-newsletter, video) channels

– to enable everyone to connect to EEIP in the easiest possible way.

EEIP´s new approach has resulted in tremendous growth – and we are still in our early days... Founded in April 2011, EEIP grew its network community to over 50.000, its influence

(globally No2 social media/Twitter influential index) and recognition (partner Hannover Messe, EU Policy drafter, working group member at International Energy Agency, UNDP, EU).

Partner of Policy drafter for DG Energy

Industrial Energy Efficiency Financing Energy Efficiency



Our service

your benefits

a. Easy, cheap and effective B2B Content Marketing

The challenge

Quality: In a world flooded by advertising, the quality of customer marketing contacts has become of key importance. Content Marketing addresses this by engaging with existing (loyalty) and potential (new) customers on the basis of valuable “content”, something which is relevant and really interesting for a potential new customer. That can be in the form of best practice cases, research papers, white papers, videos, blogs etc. In US, already 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing (study 2014).

Repetition: Another key challenge is repetition. Marketing in general does not work if you

say “hello” once and then remain silent. So you have to have a marketing plan for couple of

month, a year, ...

Goal? No1 goal of Content Marketing is to increase brand awareness and to get new customers. To become known in the market is obviously of crucial importance - especially in the market for industrial energy efficiency, a global USD 500 billion market with double digit growth. And a market which is highly fragmented, complex and with 100.000s of start-ups and SMEs.

Time & Cost: However, identifying the right target group, selecting the right channels, creating messages, driving traffic to your content and analyzing success remains a time consuming and/or expansive task– a strong barrier especially for SME´s and start-ups.


Our solution

We do all of that for you – so it takes only 15 minutes of your time!

How it works

Step1: Upload your Content (“the 15min”) [all the material you

would like a potential new customer to see, e.g. best practices, white papers, research papers, your social media

accounts, your contact details, videos, photos..] EnergyPages uses the functionality of a directory so that you can easily upload all the material you want.


Step2: We create a dedicated “Content page” for you

All your content material is presented on a dedicated content page. This page is not only the starting point for our communication but also the receiving page of your page traffic = the landing page to engage with potential new customers.


Step3: We inform the energy efficiency target audience about your content

We create short messages about your content (e.g. “Schneider Electric whitepaper Active Energy Mgmt - from process to behavioural change …“)

We then useexisting channels of the EEIP community network such as social media, online, mailings, newsletter, publication or even events to let the community know about your content with links to your dedicated company page.

As this network consists out of

people/companies who have voluntarily connected to the industrial energy efficiency


network looking for information, they are representing the perfect target group.

In addition, as we use the same channels for communication the network is using already, you get the right selection of communication channels as well!

Step4: We drive traffic and provide analytics for you

Next to the visibility based on the communication about your content itself, interested companies (= potential new customers) are directed to your company page to read your content (the high quality customer contact).

We are tracking the number of page visits to ensure you receive the page visits according to your selected marketing plan. On a quarterly basis, we will send you a report (more, see

chapter “Analytics”)

b. Energy Efficiency MarketPlace visibility (searchability)

Obviously your company (= your content marketing material) is also fully searchable. That means that you can use all options provided by EnergyPages, namely

- Keywords, free text, country selection and website - Select Expertise Areas

Company logo

(visible in search result list and at your EnergyPages company page) - Business Contact Person

(enter a business contact person on your EnergyPages company page)

- Presenting your company and offerings (added to your EnergyPages company page) o Reference documents

o Best Practice cases o Case Studies o White papers o Videos and photos

o Brochures and other marketing material o Technical sheets (products & services)

o Your online marketing/social media company pages (Twitter, LinkedIn, XING, Baidu, facebook)



Your needs - your choices: 2 packages

We believe in simplicity. “Make it EASY” drove all our ambitions during the development of EnergyPages Content Marketing solution and is also reflected in the development of just two packs tailored to your needs and plans.


BUSINESS (content marketing: online)


PREMIUM (content marketing: online, print, events)

Obviously Business and Premium are based on the same three guiding principles: 1. EASY: Takes just 15 min of your time, upload & done

2. Effective: Your content engages with potential customers, the energy efficiency


3. Cheap: Next to saving time & agency costs, customer contacts (page visits) are

up to 90% cheaper than what you can get elsewhere

AND full year packs, so you get visibility ongoingly addressing the “repetition” challenge!

Their main difference lies in the usage of channels and the number of customer contacts generated (page visits to your content) – or more precise:


Contacts double

but price triple?

Why is that?, I can get 1000 contacts with a Premium pack vs. 500 with a Business one but the price is more than double?

That´s because with the Premium pack you are moving out of the online world into the “physical” world, meaning to printed magazines and real events. The combination of both worlds increases the quality of your customer contacts (global PR company Edelman analyzed the presidential elections campaign of Obama and concluded that the most

effective communication strategy combines online and offline activities!). However, “offline activities” are much more resource intensive and that´s reflected in the costs.


We call it “m

eet the community

With a PREMIUM package you get visibility not only via online communication channels (like for BUSINESS) but also via multiple industry publications (e.g. Energy Efficiency: Business & Industry”, subscribe here for free) and even real business events in

Europe (up to 6 per year) which we organise in partnership with TIMGlobal Media, the biggest media house for industrial

publications in Europe. Events are organised around different themes of industrial energy efficiency, ranging from energy audits and ISO to demand-response and heat recovery, from financing energy

efficiency to energy savings warranty models,

from new IT solutions (e.g. IoT) to behavioural change.

As a PREMIUM subscriber, visibility in event communication material is included. Even more, you also have preferred access to limited event sponsor packs including a speaker role on these European events.


Difficult to say. Guess it depends very much on your ambitions and budget which of the two fit best to your business plans. Obviously, you can always start with Business and later update to Premium.


Hey, here is another difference between BUSINESS and PREMIUM.

We are running a cooperation with WooRank, a global leader in the area of web analytics.

With a Business pack, you also get for free a quarterly detailed analysis of your entire company web

presence. This delivers a broad analysis covering not only website visitors, SEO and social media, but also details such as meta data or technical issues impacting your web presence.

You receive the analytical report every quarter, it always remains free and we will do the analysis for you!

Even better, we do not need additional input from your side. You just get it automatically from us quarter after quarter.

What´s the difference to the PREMIUM pack now?

As a PREMIUM subscriber, you do not only get a free quarterly detailed analysis of your company web presence as for the BUSINESS pack, but we will also include your 3 main competitors in the analytics.

So you do not only see how good or bad they are but also who is moving up or down over time! (of course, you would need to let us know the 3 other companies we shall analyse for you as well)



How to register

simple 3 steps

We kept registration as easy as possible – and your EnergyPages company page gets live immediately after you activate your page by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.

Change or add content

After your EnergyPage went live, you can change or add content any time by accessing your

company page (to access, press button on top right of the EnergyPages web page: “my company”)




EnergyPages will send you 2 kinds of analytics on a quarterly basis. Details and scope of analytics vary linked to the different subscription packages.

A minimum EnergyPages listing period of 3 month is required before analytics are generated first time (e.g. subscription in March, first analytics in July)


EnergyPages 1/ EnergyPages portal traffic 2/ Your EnergyPages content page traffic

3/ Tailored reference values (e.g. best-in-class overall, corresponding sector & expertise areas)

1/ EnergyPages portal traffic

2/ Your EnergyPages content page traffic 3/ Tailored reference values (e.g. best-in-class overall, corresponding sector & expertise areas)

4/ Improvement recommendations Your company

web presence

Full web presence analysis Full web presence analysis including 3 competitors of your choice (from 2nd report onwards)


Contact & your ideas

EnergyPages was developed based on an idea from an EEIP community company (“...

wouldn´t you be perfectly set-up to support business community with such a search and marketing tool as you have the biggest reach into industrial energy efficiency eco-system

anyhow?”) and benefited further from various companies input – that´s why we call it <from

companies – for companies>.

And that is also the reason why we are keen to know and hear your opinion, your comments, your recommendations for improvement and your ideas for developing EnergyPages further.

Your contact at EnergyPages

Dejan Gosic, Customer Service Manager EnergyPages Mail: CustomerService[at]

We are aiming to answer all e-mails within 2 working days. Kind regards,




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