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Service Once-off charge

External Relocation for Dedicated Internet Access 1 HK$3,000/line (64Kbps – 256Kpbs) HK$8,000/line (512Kbps or above) Internal Relocation for Dedicated Internet Access 2 HK$2,500 line (all bandwidth) External Relocation for Broadband Resilience Solution 1 HK$9,000*

Internal Relocation for Broadband Resilience Solution 2 HK$3,300*

External Relocation for ISDN Resilience Solution 1 HK$3,600* (64Kbps – 256Kbps) HK$8,600* (512Kpbs or above) Internal Relocation for ISDN Resilience Solution 2 HK$2,900* (All bandwidth) Bandwidth Upgrade / Downgrade HK$5,950 (64 Kbps – 512 Kbps)

HK$8,000 (T1/128K or above)

Termination3 Free of Charge

On-site Technical Support Service for each Internet Access HK$2,400 (for the first 2 hours) HK$1,000 (for each additional hour) Note:

1. Relocate to other building 2. Relocate within the same building

3. Subject to the terms and conditions of service contract agreed by customer. 1-month prior notification for termination is required.

4. *The charge covers both primary Dedicated Internet access line and the ISDN back-up line / broadband resilient line.

Over-time Surcharge1

Service 2 OT time slot Charge

Line Installation Mon-Fri: 17:00 – 09:00 Sat: 13:00 – 00:00

Sunday & Public Holiday HK$1,200 per line

Router Installation Mon-Fri: 17;30 – 00:00 HK$2,400 per router (first 2 hours)

HK$1,000 per subsequent hour Mon-Sat: 00:00 – 08:30

Sunday & Public Holiday HK$3,400 per router (first 3 hours) HK$1,000 per subsequent hour Note:

1. Applicable to new installation, Internal Relocation and External Relocation 2. Separate OT charge for line & router installation


Domain Name Application & Hosting

Service Setup charge

Per domain Recurring Charge per domain Local Domain 1 New Application &


Options for annual fee 1 year HK$500 2 years HK$1,000 3 years HK$1,500 5 years HK$2,000

Depends on the option of the annual fee

Local /Global Domain Name Ownership

Transfer HK$1,200 N/A

Global Domain Name New Application HK$1,000

For first two years HK$500 per year (start from 3rd year) Local / Global Domain Hosting 2 (for

migrate in case)

HK$500 for first year HK$500 / year (start from 2nd year) Local / Global Domain Name

Modification (e.g. Admin / Billing / Technical Contact / Primary or

Secondary DNS modification etc). HK$500 per request N/A Domain Name Server Setting

Modifications (e.g. MX record / A

Record(s) modification HK$500 per request N/A

Sub Domain Name 3 creation / modification

HK$500 peer zone record N/A Domain Name Updating Over-Time


Monday – Friday : 18:00 – 09:00 Saturday : 13:00 – 09:00 AND Sunday & Public Holiday

HK$700 per hour

(minimum 2 hours) N/A

Domain Name Update Over-time Surcharge

Monday – Saturday : 00:00 – 09:00 Sunday & Public Holiday

HK$900 per hour

(minimum 2 hours) N/A


Dedicated Internet Access (64K – T1) packages include 1 new local domain name first annual year fee, or 1 local domain name migration fee or 1 global domain name migration fee.

1. Effective from Feb 19, 2001, new local domain name policy is introduced by Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited. The registration fee is based on the yearly option

2. Please note that all domain name(s) hosted by Business NETVIGATOR should be migrated out within 30 days after internet access termination.

3. The sub-domain name can only be created while the local domain name is hosted by Business NETVIGATOR.


Client Software (Browser) Installation

Services Charges

Install Client Software during first-time installation HK$350 per workstation1 Install Additional Client Software After First-time Installation HK$350 per workstation2

(minimum 2 workstations) Note:

1. The service plan includes a software installation of 1 workstation during first time installation of Leased Line service.

2. Windows 95 or above. Network Services

Services Set-up charge Monthly Charge Reconfiguration

Charge Border Gateway

Protocol (BGP4) 1&2

HK$4,000 per line HK$2,000 per line HK$800 per Reconfiguration Network

Announcement Service 1&2

HK$2,500 per line HK$2,000 per line HK$800 per Reconfiguration

Load Sharing 2, 3&5 HK$1,000 6 per line __ HK$800 per Reconfiguration


1. Applicable for leased line customer with a minimum block of customer’s own class “C” IP address. 2. Applicable for 256K full bandwidth or above Dedicated Internet Access customers

3. Links with equal bandwidth is required.

4. Only single NOC load sharing service is provided.

5. Applicable for 256K or above Dedicated Internet Access customers

6. Price applies to new line application only. Additional relocation fee will be charged (NOC relocation) for existing line conversion.


Value-added Services

Services Set-up Charge Monthly Charge Reconfiguration


News Reading HK$300 per public IP __ HK$300 per public IP Smarthost Service HK$800 per server HK$800 per server HK$800 per server E-mail Back-up

Storage HK$800 per domain HK$800 per 300MB only HK$800 per domain Anti-email Open Relay

Service HK$500 per server HK$500 – 64K HK$900 – 128K HK$1,300 – 256K HK$1,800 – 512K or above


Internet Traffic Report (web report)

HK$800 per line HK$1,000 per line __ Internet Traffic Report

(hard copy) HK$100 per copy __ __

Charge for Misc. Item

Service Once-off Charge

Modem for Dedicated Internet Access (Damage / Lost) HK$3,950 / modem

Router for Dedicated Internet Access (Damage / Lost)

Intel 8100 HK$4,860 / router Intel 9300 HK$8,808 / router Cisco 805 HK$7,800 / router Cisco 1005 HK$5,940 / router Cisco 1601 HK$11,248 / router

Modem for ISDN Resilient Line (Damage / Lost) HK$1,250 / ISDN modem


Corporate E-mail

Service Charge E-mail Account Set-up 1 HK$50 per account

Delete E-mail Account Free of charge

Amend E-mail Account HK$50 per account

Monthly Charge 1 HK$50 per account

Free Storage 10MB per account

Additional Storage per Account

(Maximum total storage per Account is 120MB) HK$20 per MB per month Mail size for incoming/outgoing e-mail 5MB per email


1. The maximum number of email account for each line within package is 30. 56K Dial-up

Service Charge

Set-up Charge Free of charge for first 30 accounts

Usage for 56K Dial-up

56K Dial-up account is charged at the rate of $6 per hour and should not exceed HK$138 per month per Dial-up account

Internet Roaming Service

Service Charge

Set-up Charge Free of charge

Delete Account Free of charge

Usage for 56K Roaming HK$0.6 per minute in U.S. and Canada HK$1.5 per minute in all other countries (including Hong Kong)

Usage for Global Broadband Roaming Service

(Please refer Remarks below) HK$290 (per day per hotspot) for unlimited usage in 24-hour in the same Global Broadband Roaming (GBBR) “hotspot”. Remarks:

i) At all hotspots in airports, the 24-hour period is from midnight to midnight (00:00 – 23:59) (local time of foreign country).

ii) At all hotspots in hotels, the 24-hour period is from noon to noon (12:00 – 11:59) (local time of foreign country).

iii) Continuous login sessions which cut across time in (i) & (ii), customer will be prompted to logout and charged for TWO days.





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