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2013-14 BRIDGE AND CULVERT STRENGTHENING PROGRAMME Report by the Depute Chief Executive/Executive Director of Neighbourhood



1 The purpose of the report is to seek approval of Cabinet for the proposed 2013-14 Bridge and Culvert Strengthening Programme and the re-profiling of the bridges Capital Investment Programme.


2 At its meeting on 27 March 2013 Cabinet approved a ten year bridges investment programme amounting to £7.5M from 2013/14 to 2022/23, taking account of priorities and affordability.

3 A report to Cabinet on 22 April, 2009 described the programmes of bridge assessments and bridge inspections that are carried out and outlined how the information is used to prepare prioritised bridge strengthening and replacement programmes. The Bridge Stock Condition Indicator (BSCI) is determined from the results of the inspection programme and, based on recent results, the BSCI shows that overall the structures stock has deteriorated in condition over the last 8 years despite the recent increased levels of investment.

4 Bridges and culverts are subject to assessment to determine their ability to carry the 40tonne assessment loading. In addition all structures are subject to a programme of regular inspections to determine the condition of the structure and highlight any defects requiring attention.

5 A programme of interim measures has been implemented to manage structures that have been identified as being weak or requiring upgrading and include weight restrictions, lane restrictions and / or regular monitoring. Such measures will continue to be put in place until improvement works are brought forward as part of the prioritised programme of Bridge and Culvert Strengthening.

6 The ongoing development of the Road Asset Management Plan (RAMP) will assist in the management of the asset.



7 In 2012 the Gross Replacement Cost for the Structures Asset was calculated at £183M.The bridge assessments, principal inspections and general inspections that have been carried out to date have identified an estimated total of over £35.2M of strengthening and upgrading work, as summarised in Table 1.

£ M Cost of strengthening/replacing structures that fail their

load assessment

11.7 Cost of remedial works identified from inspections 21.5

Other ancillary works 2.0

TOTAL 35.2 Table 1 EAC Bridges Backlog Estimate

8 A simple to use tool to enable the reporting of long term funding needs for structures is currently under development as part of the SCOTS RAMP project. An increased level of funding is required to arrest the rate of deterioration of the asset and thereafter maintain the asset in a steady state condition.

9 Appendix A provides an update on approved schemes that have carried over from previous years.

2013-14 BRIDGE AND CULVERT STRENGTHENING PROGRAMME 10 Table 2 below shows the approved ten year bridges capital budget and a

proposed reprofiling of the budget to accommodate essential works required to a number of bridges to remediate the damage caused by the extreme flood event in July 2012.

2013/14 2014/15 – 16/17 2017/18 – 19/20 2020/21 – 22/23 TOTAL £M £M £M £M £M Approved 0.735 2.250 2.250 2.250 7.485 Proposed 0.995 2.250 2.250 1.990 7.485 Table 2 Ten Year Capital Budget


11 It is proposed to reprofile the budget as outlined in Table 2 to allow the programme of works detailed in Table 3 below to be brought forward in 2013/14. The programme has been prioritised taking account of information from bridge assessments and inspections.


Bridge Strengthening £240,000

Works Identified from bridge inspections £280,000 Bridge Parapet Upgrades £60,000 Additional Works on Previously Approved Schemes £415,000 Total £995,000

Table 3 Programme of Works

12 Bridge Strengthening and Replacement (£240,000) – It is proposed to bring forward the following bridge strengthening and replacement projects in 2013/14.

Design and Land Acquisition for C51 Dykefield Bridge, Mauchline replacement (£20,000) and U26 West Clerkland Bridge, Stewarton replacement (£10,000) – Dykefield bridge suffered extensive damage during the July 2012 floods, necessitating its closure pending replacement. West Clerkland Bridge was initially subject to regular monitoring due to its poor condition but following further deterioration in its condition it has been closed to vehicular traffic pending its replacement. Replacement schemes will be developed and land negotiations undertaken during the coming year. Subject to the projects being sufficiently developed and land acquisition concluded to allow the works to proceed in this financial year, it is proposed that further funding is accelerated from future years to allow the bridge(s) to be replaced and the roads to be re-opened. This will help minimise the inconvenience that the road closures currently present to the local communities and wider public.

Daldorch Footbridge, Catrine (£50,000) – Works will involve demolition of the closed-off footbridge, diversion of the sewer onto the new footbridge and upgrade of the footbridge bearings.

B744 Little Sorn Burn Bridge, Crosshands strengthening (£100,000) – Existing substandard reinforced concrete slab extensions will be replaced and the masonry arch strengthened by concrete saddling with additional concrete scour protection to the invert of the burn.


Site Investigation (£60,000)

Site investigations will be undertaken at a number of proposed bridge replacement locations, to help facilitate foundation design and the development of the schemes.

13 Upgrading Identified from Inspections – (£280,000)

Structures are assigned a Maintenance Prioritisation Ranking (MPR) with values ranging from 1 to 4, with 1 indicating acceptable condition and 4 indicating the condition is such that urgent remedial action is required. The Principal and General Inspection programme has identified that there are 60 structures with an MPR4 ranking. The repairs to some of these structures will be funded via the Bridges Revenue budget. However, a number of the structures require extensive refurbishment and it is proposed to allocate £280,000 to enable the projects listed below to be progressed. Structures in this category, where it is not possible to strengthen within the existing budget, will be monitored regularly if deemed appropriate. If significant deterioration occurs before remedial action can be implemented, consideration will be given to closure of the bridge or implementation of a weight restriction.

B7037 Causeyfoot East Retaining Wall, Galston – (£95,000) This wall suffered a partial collapse earlier in the year and it is proposed to replace a 40m section of the wall and carry out masonry repairs to another 50m section. A tree felling contract has recently been completed in advance of the wall replacement.

July 2012 flood damage to various bridges and culverts in the Mauchline area – (£185,000) 21 structures suffered extensive scour damage and a number still require scour repairs.

Additional prioritised projects will be brought forward as funding allows.

14 Bridge Parapet Upgrades (£60,000) – A number of bridges have masonry parapets and other walls which are in poor condition and/or have sustained vehicle impact damage. It is proposed to carry out works at the following location this financial year. Other schemes on the programme will be brought forward if the above scheme is delayed due to the need for utility diversions.

A713 Dunaskin Bridge, Waterside – (£60,000) Replacement of the existing parapets, spandrels and wingwalls which are in very poor condition plus widening of the masonry arch to provide a footway which will connect to the existing footways either side of the bridge.


15 Additional Works on Previously Approved Schemes (£415,000) – There are a number of schemes approved in previous years which are either ongoing, about to start or still to be progressed. (Refer to Appendix A.) The total estimated cost to complete these schemes is £1M and with funding carried forward from 2012-13 there is a shortfall of £415,000 which requires to be met from the 2013-14 allocation, as detailed in Table 4 below. In the main the additional costs arise from works that only become evident as a scheme is developed from the initial design to the tender stage.

Scheme Reason for Increase Cost

July 2012 Flood Damage

Initial repairs to flood damaged bridges utilised Capital funding from the 2012/13 programme

£120,000 A71 Mathews

Burn Culvert

Initial estimate was £165k, with current total works estimate of £271k. This is mainly due to increased cost for public utility diversions (eg Scottish Water estimate increased from £34k to £69k once works commenced)


C11 Patna Bridge Masonry Repairs

The extent of repairs required increased significantly as the detailed design was progressed, necessitating an increase in estimate from £90k to £148k


B743 Slot Burn Culvert

The original estimate was £90k and the accepted tender was £119k. There were also additional costs relating to land purchase, additional third party design checks to comply with new Eurocodes and undertaking otter and bat surveys to comply with requirements of SNH. The total project is now estimated at £131k.


Sorn Old and New Bridges

Additional repairs to stonework which only became evident as work progressed. In particular there were major problems with the piers on the Old Bridge which only became evident after vegetation was removed


Various Bridges Additional works were incurred at a number of other schemes


Total £415,000

Table 4 – Additional works

16 Individual schemes may be adjusted as necessary to take account of the following:

• variations in price following tendering processes, and

• changes in the bridge stock condition that can arise throughout the year and which necessitate urgent action being taken, and

• the available staff resource, large backlog of bridge maintenance and the complexity of certain projects which are demanding of staff time



17 The proposed programme of works in 2013-14 will be funded from the 10 year Roads and Transportation Capital Investment Programme.

18 The bridge assessments and inspections carried out to date indicate that there is a backlog in bridge and culvert strengthening and remedial works of over £35M. Whilst it is recognised that further funding would allow a full programme to be implemented to address the deterioration and subsequent maintenance of the relevant assets, interim measures and actions are being implemented to manage structures that have been identified as being weak or requiring remedial measures.


19 Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, Part 1, Section 1, requires a local roads authority to manage and maintain all such roads in their areas as are for the time being entered in a “list of public roads”. This duty includes the proper maintenance of all structures carrying or supporting the road.

20 If the structures asset continues to deteriorate the exposure to the Council from public liability claims will increase.


21 Delivering an increased capital works programme has staffing implications. In particular structures schemes may require a design input, which may not be met from existing in-house resources. Framework contracts are in place which could be used to meet peak demands. However these external resources still require to be managed effectively by in-house staff.


22 A well maintained road network will contribute to the aims of the Delivering Community Regeneration and Improving Community Safety Community Plan themes by providing good access to our communities and the wider road network and helping to reduce road accidents.

23 If the condition of the structure asset deteriorates this will have implications in meeting the above aims, for example introducing further weight restrictions to bridges on the network will impede the movement of people and goods across the council area.


24 Any delay in the delivery of the 10 year programme will expose the Council to potential risks with regard to the deteriorating condition of the bridge stock which could result in structure failure and reduced level of service and accessibility issues for the travelling public.


25 Interim measures and actions are being implemented to manage structures that have been identified through the bridge assessment and principal and general inspection programmes as being weak or requiring remedial measures. Such measures include introducing weight restrictions, lane restrictions, monitoring or closing bridges to vehicles.


26 It is recommended that Cabinet:-

(i) approves the 2013-14 Bridge and Culvert Strengthening Programme;

(ii) approves the re-profiling of the bridges Capital Investment Programme as detailed in Table 2;

(iii) otherwise notes the contents of this report, in particular, the estimated cost of the backlog in bridge and culvert strengthening and remedial works of over £35M and that interim measures and actions are in place to manage those structures identified as being weak.

Elizabeth Morton

Depute Chief Executive / Executive Director of Neighbourhood Services 18 April 2013



1. Bridges, Traffic, Transportation and Road Safety Programmes 2008-09 Cabinet – 4 June 2008

2. Roads and Transportation Capital Investment Programme 2009/10 – 2018/19 - Cabinet - 4 March 2009

3. 10 Year Bridge and Culvert Strengthening Programme - Cabinet – 22 April 2009

4. 2010-11 Bridge and Culvert Strengthening Programme - Cabinet 23 June 2010

5. 2011-12 Bridge and Culvert Strengthening Programme - Cabinet 29 June 2011

6. 2012-13 Bridge and Culvert Strengthening Programme - Cabinet 13 June 2012

7. Road Asset Management Plan – Cabinet 27 March 2013

For further information on this report please contact Kevan Aitken, Acting Head of Roads and Transportation, (Tel:- 01563 503164).

Implementation Officer: Alan Ierland, Design Manager, Roads and Transportation, (Tel:- 01563 503196)


Appendix A – Schemes approved in previous years and not yet complete Bridge Assessment

• Assessment of eleven Network Rail Bridges ongoing with expected completion in 2013/14.

Bridge Strengthening and Replacement

U758 Skeldon Bridge, Dalrymple replacement – Contract awarded and due to commence in April 2013

B743 Slot Burn Culvert, Muirkirk replacement - Contract awarded and due to commence in April 2013

Disused Pedestrian Underpasses at A735 Green Street, Kilmarnock and C10 Grassyards Road, Kilmarnock – infilling - Contract due to commence in April 2013, with completion during 2013/14.

B743 Taiglum Burn Bridge, Drongan – strengthening - Works to be programmed.

Upgrading Identified from Inspections

A735 Woodhill Culvert, Kilmaurs - Scheme to be developed

A71 Mathews Burn Culvert, Darvel – Works ongoing and will be completed in Spring 2013.

C6 Auchenharvie Bridge, Stewarton – Scheme to be developed.

Rail Incursions

C23 Rig Road, Cumnock – Scheme to be developed. Further site – Scheme to be developed

Bridge Parapet Upgrades

C11 Patna Old Bridge – Contract awarded and due to commence in April 2013.


Table 3  Programme of Works


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