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IP Sensing Water & Wastewater AMR/SCADA System


Academic year: 2021

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IP Sensing is Pleased

To Be Presenting The:

IP Sensing Water & Wastewater



Key Markets Addressed by

IP Sensing Products Are:

• Remote Monitoring AMR/SCADA for Water and Wastewater Districts.

• Hazardous Locations Monitoring

AMR/SCADA for Oil & Gas Industry.

• GIS Mapping of Utility Assets for Remote Monitoring and Maintenance.


So Why does IP Sensing exist?

IP Sensing products are targeted towards Ingress Protection (“IP”) engineering for the design of sensors and electronics to meet IP68 standards of long-duration submersion in water, fluids, and hazardous gases.

IP Sensing specializes in long-range wireless sensor products and has the longest range pit radio on the market, named the PitBull Radio.


How Does IP Sensing Build Products?

IP Sensing engineering knows that product robustness and reliability are dependent on manufacturing quality, therefore, all products are Made in the USA in order to maintain a close watch over factory production.


What Are the Key

AMR/SCADA Drivers?

• AMR and SCADA are the Water, Wastewater, and Petroleum industry’s tool for Billing,

Monitoring, and Preventive Maintenance.

• Fixed-Base AMR/SCADA monitoring and

control of field assets reduces operational cost:

• Rapid-alarm response prevents expensive damages, • Identifies leaks and problems which drive up cost,


IP Sensing Design Success

Deployments of over 20,000 water meter and vacuum sewer pit radios over the last 5

years in Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Indiana, Minnesota, and Canada.

5 - 15 year battery life.

Less than 0.1% failure rate.

Zero water intrusion, making the PitBull


Wireless System Coverage:

PitBull Radios and Data Collectors

• The IP Sensing AMR/SCADA System uses a wireless end point called the PitBull Radio for reading water meters and monitoring vacuum valve pits.

• Fixed-Base Data Collectors are placed on a 1 mile grid for system coverage and enabling communications with the PitBull Radios

installed under cast iron lids in each water meter pit and vacuum valve pit.


Vacuum Sewer Monitoring System

• The IP Sensing AMR/SCADA System

monitors a Vacuum Sewer System using Sensor Modules placed throughout the system:

• Valve Pit Sensor Module

• Sawtooth Lift Kit Sensor Module

• Sewer Main End Point Sensor Module • Vacuum Station Sensor Module


Vacuum Sewer Valve Pit Monitoring

Valve Stuck Open

Sensor Tube Grease Clog

Mechanical Controller Failure

Sump Overflow Alarm

Valve Seat Leak Alarm

Valve Air-to-Liquid Ratio Alarm

Valve Actuations Counter

Valve Pit Low Vacuum Alarm


PitBull and Valve Pit Sensor Module

PitBull Radio Valve Pit Sensor Module


Vacuum Sewer Main

Sawtooth Lift Kit Sensor Module

• Sawtooth Lift Sensor Module monitors the

Sawtooth Lift in problem areas of main sewer lines, such as sags and summits.

• Monitors:

• Air-to-Liquid Ratio in sewer main • Waterlogged condition exist

• Sewage Flow in mains


Sawtooth Lift Kit

Sensor Module Measurements

• Air-to-Liquid Ratio (“A/L”) is defined by the

amount of air flow versus liquid flow, and can be monitored at the Sawtooth Lift locations.

• Waterlogging condition occurs when sewer

main is full of water with no air present and will first occur in the sags.

• Sewage Flow in mains are monitored and compared to valve pit sewage usage to determine water infiltration due to leaks.


Data Collection Options:

Fixed-Base, Handheld, or Truck Radio

• Handheld and Truck Radio allows

communications with PitBull Radios in the field to download Water Meter Reads and Valve Pit operations.

• Fixed-Base System brings all of the data to the home office with real-time performance and

allows outgoing commands to remotely shutoff water meters and actuate vacuum valves.


Water Consumption and Vacuum

Valve Actuations Datalog Display


Vacuum Sewer System

Database Reports

Valve Open Alarms

Sensor Tube Clogging Alarms

Mechanical Controller Failure

Excessive Valve Actuations Alarms

Low Vacuum Alarms

Waterlogged Sewer Main Alarms

Sump Overflow Alarms


Fixed-Base AMR/SCADA allows remote

monitoring of Valve Pits and Vacuum Sewer Mains for rapid response.

Real-time monitoring vacuum levels at Sewer Main ends and Vacuum Stations.

Preventative maintenance of valve pits becomes targeted towards actual use of

equipment instead of servicing all valve pits once a year as requested by manufacturer.



Mesh Network Configuration

PitBull Radios transmit their readings to Fixed-Base Data Collectors, spaced on a 1 mile grid.

A Master Data Collector at the Utility office

gathers data from all of the Data Collectors in the field.

Multi-hop Mesh Network topology provides many paths of transmission from each PitBull Radio to the Master Data Collector.


Multi-Hop Mesh Network



Remote Meter and Gauge Readings.

Remote Variable Speed Pump Control.

Remote Tank Level Monitoring.

Remote Valve Monitor and Control.

Datalog History of Meters, Gauges, Pump Control, Tank Level, and Valve Positions.

Alarm Notification Options, i.e. Email, Cell.


Real-time monitoring and control of pump station sensors and relays

• 4–20 mA Current Loop. • MODBUS RS-485.

Excessive vibration, current, and

over-heating of a motor or pump are indications of a problem before a catastrophic failures occur.

Proactive monitor and control of the Water & Wastewater System is much less expensive that recovering from a catastrophic failure!


Assets Manager Graphical Interface

User-friendly Graphical Maps make the AMR/SCADA System easy to operate.

GPS Location of all Field Assets include water & sewer lines, meters, valve pits, and pumps.

Graphical Maps Display of all Field Assets with easy to understand Alarm Indicators.


Vacuum Sewer System

Alerts & Alarms

• Valve Partially Stuck Open • Sensor Tube Clogging

• Mechanical Controller Failure • Vacuum Mains Waterlogged • Valve Pit Vacuum Low

• Valve Actuations Counter Exceeded • Full Sump

• Station Motor Runtime Excessive • Station Vacuum Levels Low

• Water Infiltration Detected • Sensor Module Diagnostics • Lost Communications


Operation & Maintenance


The PitBull Radio keeps a “finger” on the pulse of a water/wastewater system.

Forewarns of problems before they occur.

Provides for more rapid response.

Gives GPS coordinates and address of the problems.

Provides diagnosis of problems, and lets you know if it has been corrected.


Operation & Maintenance


Data Logging provides history of water consumption, vacuum valve actuations, sewer main waterlogging, alarms, etc., and stores records for troubleshooting. Customer no longer has to call to report a problem! Improves operator and customer confidence in the


Liabilities and Losses are reduced:

• Prevents Waterlogging Sewer Mains • Prevents Customer Backups


Man-hour Cost Savings

Low Vacuum at Valve Pit:

– Forewarns of problem growing

– Locates water logged sewer main – Locates leaks in sewer mains


Operational Cost Savings

Preventative Maintenance:

– Saves man-hour overtime cost by

identifying problems during normal hours – Saves preventative maintenance cost by

only servicing the vacuum valve pits with problems, i.e., sensor tube clogging


Liability Cost Savings

Critical Full Sump Alarm:

– Prevent customer backups – Prevent cleanup cost

– Customer does not have to call


Operational Cost Savings

Identify Leaking Valves:

– Reduces energy cost by 50% - 90% per leaking pit – Increases Vacuum Station Capacity

– Increase Sewer Mains Capacity

– Run Vacuum Station at lower Vacuum Pressure – Save man-hours in locating leaking valve


Operational Cost Savings

Increases system capacity:

– Saves cost in adding new hookups without having to add larger sewer mains

– Saves cost in adding new hookups without having to add new vacuum pumps

– Saves cost in having to increase vacuum levels during peak demand times

– Saves cost in being able to run vacuum pumps at lower levels during normal operation


IP Sensing

1000 Breeze Way Southlake, TX 76092



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