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Isabela Nogueira de Morais Education Ph.D. in Economics M.A. in Political Science B.A. in Social Communication (Journalism)


Academic year: 2021

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Isabela Nogueira de Morais

Corresponding address: CIGEV, Université de Genève 54 Route des Acacias, 1225, Carouge, GE, Switzerland isabela.nogueira@unige.ch / isabela.nogueirademorais@gmail.com

Office: +41 22 379 3796


Ph.D. in Economics

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ (2007-2011) Field of study: Economic Development

Dissertation: Economic Development, Income Distribution and Poverty in China

Grant: Coordination for Enhancement of Higher Education Personnel, Ministry of Education, Brazil (2007-2010)

M.A. in Political Science

University of São Paulo, USP (2003-2005) Field of study: International Politics

Thesis: Asian Regionalism Revisited: Impacts on ASEAN of Chinese Emergency B.A. in Social Communication (Journalism)

Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, PUC-SP (1998-2001) Monograph: China's image in the Brazilian press

Grant: Brazilian National Research Council (1999-2000)

Research Experience

University of Geneva, Institute of Socioeconomics (Geneva, since September 2012) Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Currently working on the research project “New donors, new practices? South-South development cooperation and prospects for structural change. A case study of Brazilian aid in Mozambique”. With grant from the Swiss Federal Commission for Scholarships.

Institute of Social and Economic Research (Maputo, March and April 2013) Visiting Researcher

Conducted field research on Brazilian cooperation practices in the agricultural sector in Mozambique. With funding from the Fonds national suisse (International Short Visits program).

Brazilian Institute for Applied Economic Research, IPEA (various locations, November 2011 - October 2012)

Research Fellow

Member of IPEA’s research team on Global Electronic Production Chains and the Place of China. Responsible for both quantitative and qualitative research on Chinese domestic value added in the electronic industry.

Tsinghua University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Beijing, August 2009 – January 2010)

Visiting Research Fellow

Worked on the research project “Capital Accumulation and Income Distribution in China” in cooperation with Professor Zhu Andong. The results were presented in


published articles and in my Ph.D. dissertation.

Latin American Council of Social Sciences, Clacso (Rio de Janeiro, December 2007–

May 2009) Junior Researcher

Grant from Clacso’s Program on Critical Thinking in Latin America to work on the research project “Reiterated Dependency: South-American Peripheral Capitalism and Commercial Pattern with China”. The results were published in different articles and presented in conferences in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

Teaching Experience

Aalto University, School of Science (Helsinki, Spring Terms, 2011, 2012 and 2013) Visiting Lecturer

Visiting lecturer of International Economics at the Department of Management and Industrial Engineering at the former Helsinki University of Technology. Lectures given included international financial crises and emerging economies conditions and prospects.

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, PUC-Rio (Rio de Janeiro, August 2006 – December 2010)


Lecturer of Chinese and Asian studies at the Institute of International Relations in one of the main universities in Brazil. Developed and taught two courses: Comparative Economic Development in Asia (during eight semesters) and Chinese Economic Development (during four semesters). Also had numerous undergraduate students under advisory for monograph writing.

Other Professional Experience

Impact Consulting (Helsinki, September 2011 - July 2012) Project Assistant

Worked in a team of Finnish and international experts that provides consulting services for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of international development cooperation projects. Closely cooperating with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA Finland), duties included back-office support for the teams in the field, research assistance, and tender preparation and submission. The projects handled related to poverty reduction, rural livelihoods, natural resources and environment conditions in low-income African, Asian and Latin American countries. All projects were financed by MFA Finland.

China-Brazil Business Council (Rio de Janeiro, May 2004 - July 2006) Executive Coordinator

Consultant (various assignments from 2006 to 2011)

Engaged in advocacy and institutional relations with technical staff of the Brazilian government, member companies, industrial federations and other national organizations.

Produced reports and analysis on economic and political relations between Brazil and China. These reports were presented to the Brazilian government as a way to influence public policy making.

Main editor responsible for CBBC´s publications: “Letter from China”, a monthly


newsletter, and “MacroChina”, a quarterly macroeconomic snapshot.

Coordinated working groups on bilateral relations, investment, agriculture, trade and legal framework.

Created and maintained an economical, political and legal database about China and bilateral relations.

Dinheiro Vivo News Agency (São Paulo, March 2000 – April2004) Journalist

Assistant of Luis Nassif, a distinguished Brazilian journalist dedicated to economics and social development. I supported him in different media, mainly co-writing and making research for his daily column at Folha de S. Paulo (main national newspaper) and editing and presenting a TV program at TV Gazeta and at TV Cultura, Brazilian public television channel. We were dedicated to covering issues related to national and international economics, social policies and Brazilian foreign relations.


Academic Journals

Nogueira, I. 2012. ‘Global productive chains and value added: China's position in the electronic industry’. The Perspective of the World Review, Institute of Applied Economic Research, vol. 4, n. 3.

Nogueira, I. 2012. ‘Cadeias produtivas globais e agregação de valor: a posição da China na indústria eletroeletrônica de consumo’. Revista Tempo do Mundo, Institute of Applied Economic Research, vol. 4, n. 3.

Medeiros, C. and Nogueira, I. 2011. ‘A structuralist approach on income inequality in China’. The Perspective of the World Review, Institute of Applied Economic Research, vol.

3, n. 3.

Medeiros, C. and Nogueira, I. 2011. ‘Uma abordagem estruturalista das desigualdades de renda na China contemporânea’. Revista Tempo do Mundo, Institute of Applied Economic Research, vol. 3, n. 3.

Nogueira, I. 2008. ‘O lugar da China na economia-mundo capitalista wallersteiniana’.

Textos de Economia, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, vol. 11, n. 1.

Nogueira, I. 2004. ‘Uma avaliação do sistema bancário na China’. Revista Política Externa, vol. 12, n. 4.

Nogueira, I. 2003. ‘A crise norte-coreana e os interesses estratégicos do nordeste asiático’. Revista Política Externa, vol. 12, n. 1.

Nogueira, I. 2003. ‘Depois da ruptura hegemônica’. Review of the book Chaos and Governance in the Modern World System, by Giovanni Arrighi and Beverly Silver, Revista de Sociologia e Política, Universidade Federal do Paraná, n. 21.

Book Chapters

Nogueira, I. and Ollinaho, O. 2014 (forthcoming). ‘From Rhetoric to Practice in South- South Development Cooperation: A case study of Brazilian interventions in the Nacala


corridor development program’. In: Chichava (org.), Brazil on the Route to Mozambique, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Maputo.

Nogueira, I. 2013 (forthcoming). ‘Políticas de fomento à ascensão da China nas cadeias de valor globais’. In: Macedo & Gomes (orgs.), Economia Internacional e Nova Arquitetura Financeira, Institute of Applied Economic Research, Brasília.

Nogueira, I. 2008. ‘A política regional da China e os processos de integração na Ásia’. In Conferência Nacional de Política Externa e Política Internacional: China. Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations, Fundação Alexandre Gusmão, Brasília.

Nogueira, I. 2004. ‘Relações Brasil-Coréia do Sul: Uma Trajetória Incipiente’, In: Amaral et al. (orgs.), Relações Sul-Sul: Países da Ásia e o Brasil, Aduaneiras, São Paulo.

Research Reports and Working Papers

Nogueira, I. and Ollinaho, O. 2013. ‘From Rhetoric to Practice in South-South Development Cooperation’. Working Paper, Institute of Socioecomics, University of Geneva.

Aarva P., Zukale S., Magnusson A. and Nogueira I. 2012. ‘Evaluation of Nordic influence in multilateral organizations: A Finnish perspective’. Evaluation report 2012:6, Helsinki, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Papers Published in Conference Proceedings

Nogueira, I. 2010. ‘Wealth Accumulation in China: Comments on the Recent Cycle’. XV National Meeting on Political Economy, Brazilian Political Economy Society, São Luis, Brazil.

Nogueira, I. 2008. ‘Inserção periférica, dependência e reprimarização das exportações brasileiras’. V Latin America Society for Political Economy and Critical Thought, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nogueira, I. 2008. ‘O risco da reprimarização das exportações brasileiras’. XIII National Meeting on Political Economy, Brazilian Political Economy Society, João Pessoa, Brazil.

Nogueira, I. 2007. ‘Capitalismo dependente latino-americano e sua inserção nas redes produtivas asiáticas’. IV Latin America Society for Political Economy and Critical Thought, Caracas, Venezuela.

Conference Presentations

‘Agricultural systems with pro-poor orientation in Mozambique? ProSAVANA and the forgotten risks of contract farming’. UNU-WIDER (World Institute for Development Economic Research) Conference on Inclusive Growth in Africa: Measurements, Causes, and Consequences, Helsinki, September 2013.

‘Towards a welfare state in Brazil? Some notes on Brazilian economic and social performance in the last decade’. Studia Latinoamericana, Helsinki University, November 2011.

‘System and policies of urban-rural integration in China’. 5th Sino-Norwegian Social


Policy Forum on Urbanization and Urban-Rural Integration - New Trends, New Challenges and New Breakthroughs, China Institute for Reform and Development, Haikou, China, December 2009.

‘Structural characteristics of Brazilian income distribution’. Center for Brazilian Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Beijing, China, September 2009.

‘Brazilian commercial insertion into Asian productive chains based on China’. VIII Meeting of the Latin American Study Group on Asia Pacific (REDELAP) of the Interamerican Development Bank, Bogotá, Colombia, August, 2008.

‘The economic integration in Asia’. IV Week of International Relations, PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 2007.

‘Asian regionalism revisited: impacts on ASEAN of China’s emergency’. 5th EuroSEAS (European Association for South-East Studies) Conference, University of Naples L’Orientale, Naples, Italy, September 2007.

‘China’s place in Wallerstein’s world-system’. I Brazilian Seminar on World-System Political Economy, Graduation Program in Economics of Federal University of Paraná, Santa Catarina, Brazil, July 2007.

‘The emergency of China and the international system responses’. III World Politics in Focus, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2007.

‘China and a new deal: a Brazilian strategy’. 10th World Summit of Young Entrepreneurs, São Paulo, Brazil, March 2006.

‘The reform of the Chinese financial system’. Institute of International Economic Studies (IEEI), São Paulo, Brazil, November 2003.

‘The Chinese banking system: crisis or reform?’ 3rd Symposium of Political Science at University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, November 2003.

Articles Published in Electronic Magazines

Nogueira, I. 2008. ‘A centralidade do investimento para a teoria macroeconômica: uma breve revisão do modelo de Kalecki’. Crítica Econômica, electronic version, 16/01/2008.

Nogueira, I. 2008. ‘Uma introdução ao debate sobre distribuição de renda e salário mínimo no Brasil’. Crítica Econômica, electronic version, 18/01/2008.


Portuguese – mother tongue English – fluent

Spanish and French – working knowledge Chinese and Finnish –basic daily language


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