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All facts you have to know!

Master‘s programme

Print and Media





Globalisation on every level of economy and society require highly qualified, internationally and interdisciplinary trained graduates. To keep pace with these developments, it is im- portant for young people to have a deep understanding of current technology trends and at the same time acquire new skills and broaden their expertise.

The M.Sc. course “Print and Media Technology”, taught in English, is a 2-year, full-time Master’s degree programme with focus on new printing and media technologies. Being a hybrid field of study, the course draws upon a wide range of disciplines. With input from both academia and industry, the programme’s interdisciplinary curriculum is uniquely designed to be relevant in many rapidly growing and di- versifying markets. Through team-based, industry- as well as research-facing projects, stu-

dents develop the professional skills required to become practi- tioners, managers or scientists in the printing and media industry or to pursue PhD studies. With the possibility to study for one semester abroad and thereby re- ceive two full Master’s degrees, students are able to maintain a distinct competitive edge, open- ing the doors to excellent career opportunities.


Programme facts

Degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) Standard period

of study 4 semesters

Start of term Winter semester (October) and summer semester (April)


requirements Bachelor‘s degree (B.Sc.) in Print and Media Technology/Media Production from Chemnitz University

or equivalent university degree in a similar technical subject

No specific Bachelor’s grade point needed to apply for this programme Sufficient fluency in written and spo- ken English is required

German language skills are not required

ECTS 120 (workload of approx. 900 hours per semester)

Organisation Full-time studies Course

language English Study

alternatives 1. Double degree programme (one semester at our Indian partner univer- sity in Manipal, graduates receive two M.Sc. degrees)

2. Whole programme at Chemnitz University of Technology

Tuition fees/

costs No tuition fees (for double degree students enrolled at CUT there are also no tuition fees for the study period at Manipal University)

Administrative fee: currently 192 EUR per semester (includes free public transportation in Saxony)

Programme facts


Programme curriculum

Programme curriculum

The 2-year Print and Media Technology programme is divid- ed into four semesters. During the first semester, students take lectures in the fields of Media Physics and Electronic Media and participate in a challenging team-based research project seminar, in which they work on a research-based or industry-based task. In the second semester, students acquire knowledge in Media Management and Entrepre- neurship as well as Print Production. In addition, they can elect courses in the interdisciplinary Applied Specialisation Module I. According to their choice in the subject areas Electronic Devices, Industrial Production and Management and Economics, students are able to establish an individual qualification profile. The following semester is focused on extending the students’ knowledge in Media Technology, Digital Fabrication and Printing Press Concepts. Again, a wide range of elective courses in the Applied Specialisa- tion Module II supplements the subject-specific educa- tion. A further research project seminar places students in interdisciplinary teams working closely on a specific task with researchers of the department and in most cases also industry professionals. During the last semester, students work on their Master’s thesis. Thesis work may be performed at the university, partner universities, associated members, industry or research institutions related to the course spe- cialisation.


Course structure


One programme - two degrees

An exceptional opportunity is offered to students who opt to study the programme as double degree, which is jointly organised by Chemnitz University, Germany, and Manipal University in India. Double degree students from Chemnitz spend their second semester in Manipal, benefiting from the high quality and exceptional reputation of the part- ner university as well as the possibility for in-depth study within different cultural contexts. Successful graduates of the double degree programme are awarded two full Master’s degrees - the Master of

Science “Print and Me- dia Technology“ from Chemnitz University of Technology and Master of Science “Printing and Media Technology“ from Manipal University.

There is also the pos- sibility to study the whole programme (4 semesters) in Chemnitz.

Graduates receive the degree Master of Sci- ence “Print and Media Technology“.

One programme - two degrees


Target audience & admission requirements

Target audience and admission requirements

The Master’s programme “Print and Media Technology” ad- dresses German and international applicants who have al- ready obtained a Bachelor’s degree, a German Diplom or Magister degree in Printing Technology/Media Technology or a university degree in another technical subject. Appli- cations from students who have another degree than B.Sc.

Pint and Media Technology/Media Production from Chem- nitz University are considered on a case-by-case basis.

As our programme is taught in English, we ask for profi- cient English language skills. Students who are not native speakers of English, have to document their knowledge of English. German language skills are not necessary to study the programme.


Qualifications and career opportunities

Graduates’ qualifications and career


The Master’s programme Print and Media Technology stands out due to its multidisciplinary and international orienta- tion. Besides print media specific aspects, it includes ad- vanced business studies and economics, engineering and natural sciences. Owing to the strong emphasis on interdis- ciplinary education, graduates of this Master’s programme possess excellent competencies for responsible positions in the print and media sector, in both academic and industrial settings, but also for a career in areas where cross-border knowledge is required and innovative and interdisciplinary approaches in an intercultural context are essential. Gradu- ates of the programme can, for instance, work in the fol- lowing areas: project management, research, planning and development, sales and services of media products, busi- ness organisation, corporate communication, marketing, etc. The M.Sc. can also be a useful stepping stone for PhD studies.


How to apply?

How to apply?

German applicants

German nationals can directly apply at Chemnitz University.

Preferably you should use our online application platform (

Deadline for applications is end of September for the following winter semester and end of March for the following summer semester.

International applicants

All international students have to send their application via uniassist ( uniassist checks the basic requirements for your admission at Chemnitz University (e.g. university entrance qualification; Bachelor’s certificate), then forwards your documents to the admission office of Chemnitz University. The admission office forwards your documents to the head of the examination board of the Master’s programme Print and Media Technology to check the subject-specific requirements. If all parties approve, you will get your admission letter from Chemnitz University (so-called Zulassungsbescheid).

Deadline for applications at uniassist is 15th July for the following winter semester (starts in October) and 15th January for the following summer semester (starts in April).

In exceptional cases we also accept later applications.

However, please note that it might take up to 12 weeks until you get your admission letter. So we advise all students to send their application documents as early as possible, especially if you need a visa to come to Germany.


Further advice and contact details

Further advice and contact details:

For questions of an academic nature about the M.Sc.

programme Print and Media Technology please contact the head of the Institute for Print and Media Technology:

Prof. Dr. Arved Hübler

Office: Reichenhainer Str. 70, 09126 Chemnitz, Germany Phone: +49 (0)371 / 531-23610


If you have general questions about the application and admission process please get in touch with our Admission Office:

Studentensekretariat (Admission Office) Office: Straße der Nationen 62, room 043, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)371 / 531-33333


If you have questions about the university or student life in Chemnitz contact our International Office:

International Office (IUZ)

Office: Straße der Nationen 62, rooms 003-005, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)371 / 531-13500 E-mail:





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