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Thank you for choosing our Cloud9 hosted phone solution.

This user guide will provide everything you need to know in how to use your new system with the Polycom Soundpoint 331/335 desktop phone unit.

User Guide.


Your Polycom Soundpoint IP335 HD Voice

Checking Voicemail

You will know that you have a new voicemail message if the light at the top right of on your phone is flashing red.

From Handset

- Dial destination number - Pick up handset

From Handset

- Pick up the handset

From Hands-free Speaker Phone

- Dial destination number - Press the speaker phone button

Dial Menu

Line 1 Messages


Graphical LCD

Hookswitch Handsfree Speaker Dial Key Menu Key Navigation Keys

Microphone Mute Dial Pad

LED Indicator

Context-Sensitive Soft Keys

Line 1 Key

Messages Key LED Indicators

Hold Key Headset Key Speakerphone Key

Volume Up/Down Handsfree Microphone

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9








Placing a Call

Answering a Call

There are two ways to make a call on the Polycom - through the handset or through hands free.

Call Hold & Resume

- Press the Hold button, press it again to return to the call

From Hands-free Speaker Phone

- Press the speaker phone button


- Dial 8555

- Enter your password (default is your extension number)


Transfering a Call

There are two options when transferring a call - blind transfer or active transfer.

Call Forwarding

Note: Transfer may be cancelled during establishment by pressing the [Cancel] soft key. The original call is then resumed.

Blind Transfer (call is transferred without call to receiver)

- While on a call, press [Transfer] button. This puts the caller on hold

- If you wish to transfer the call without speaking to the second party, press the [Blind] soft key - Key in the number/extension number and press the select key

Active Transfer (with call to receiver)

- While on a call, press [Transfer] button. This puts the caller on hold - Call the number/extension to which you want to transfer the call

- After speaking with the second party press the [Trans] soft key to complete the transfer - The call has been transferred, you may end the call.

Note: For the forwarding option of “No Answer” you can select the number of rings before the call is forwarded.

To enable call forwarding

- Press the (Menu) key and select [Features], and then navigate down to [Forward]

- Select the desired conditional forwarding option, press the select (tick) button in the navigation pad, then enter a number to forward future calls to then press OK

- Lastly, navigate down and enable forwarding by pressing the select (tick) button to select Enabled

Do not Disturb

- Press the Menu, select [Features], select [Do Not Disturb] to prevent the phone from ringing on incoming calls. A “Do Not Disturb” message appears to confirm that Do Not Disturb is enabled - Repeat the above process to disable Do Not Disturb

Volume Adjustment

- Press the volume key buttons to adjust the volume required


Advanced Features of Cloud9

Logging in

To access the advance features of the Cloud9 solution, start by opening your internet browser and enter in your Cloud9 access link and then press enter.

Voice Mailbox

Once you have logged in, the default section will be the voice mailbox page.

This is where you can listen and manage your voicemails.

- To playback through the browser click on the speaker icon - To playback through your phone click on the phone icon - To playback through the browser click on the speaker icon

Enter your extension in the User Field

The Default Password will be your extension number.


You can also forward your voicemails to other extension by selecting an extension from the below drop down menu

Or email the voicemail file to an email address

Call Monitor

This section allows you to view the calls you have made and received from your extension.

It will show:

Date & Time, Source/Destination, Duration

Follow Me

This function allows you to set up any incoming internal/external calls to your extension to automatically forward out to another number/extension.

- To enable this, click ‘Enable’

- Enter the number/extension to the FollowMe List - Select the desired ring duration times

- Enable Use Confirmation if required - Click ‘Update’ to save settings

Tip: Hold your mouse cursor over the function

headings to get further description.


Phone Features

Call Waiting

If a calling party places a call to the called party which is otherwise engaged and the called party has the call waiting feature enabled, the called party is able to suspend the current telephone call and switch to the new incoming call.

Do not Disturb

The phone will not be ringed on the called party end and the call will be forwarded to the voicemail box (providing FollowMe is not set to forward calls).

Call Screening

With this feature enabled, the incoming external caller will be required to say their name, which will be played back to the user and allow the user to accept or reject the call.

Ringtimer (Default Ringtimer: 20secs)

Number of seconds of ring before going to voicemail or ringing other numbers such as Forwarding if enabled.

Call Forward Ringtimer

This is the ringtime at the forwarded number before it goes to Cloud9 Voice Mail.

Please note: Typical mobile time before going to Voice Mail is 20secs

If this is set as Default it will use the ‘Ringtimers’ set above.

Call Forwarding

- Unconditional – This option when enabled will always forward all incoming calls - Unavailable – This option when enabled will forward if the phone can not be reached - Busy – This option will forward when

Tip: Ensure you remember to turn off your

Do not Disturb mode.


Password Settings

This panel will allow you to manage your voicemail password settings, it is recommended that you visit this once your phone and system is running and change your password.

VmX Locator™

Voicemail Settings

When enabled this feature allows the calling party to be given forwarding options during the personal voicemail greeting playback.

- Voicemail Instructions – By default, a system default voicemail message is used.

- Press ‘0’ – By default will allow call to be transferred to the Operator

- Press ‘1’ & ‘2’ allows users to customer the options to transfer the calling party to other numbers

Tip: You can also have the voicemail attached

to the notification email.

Notification Settings

To setup the voicemail notification email feature, click on ‘Enable’ and enter your email address.


Quick Feature Codes

This panel will allow you to configure the way the voicemail playback in the browser.


Handset Feature Code












*21 411



*75 8500 8555

Call Forward No Answer / Unavailable Activate Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate Call Forward All Activate

Call Forward All Deactivate

Call Forward All Prompting Deactivate Call Forward Toggle

Call Forward Busy Activate Call Forward Busy Deactivate

Call Forward Busy Prompting Deactivate Call Waiting - Activate

Call Waiting - Deactivate FindMe Follow Toggle

Phonebook dial-by-name directory Queue Toggle

Speed dial prefix Set user speed dial Dial Voicemail My Voicemail




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