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Gorringes Antiques Sale - Monday 15th March A late Victorian upholstered beech settee and armchair, settee width 130cm depth 66cm height 100cm


Academic year: 2021

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Gorringes Antiques Sale - Monday 15th March 2021

Started 15 Mar 2021 09:30 GMT

15 North Street Lewes East Sussex BN7 2PD United Kingdom

Lot Description

1 A Victorian mahogany chest of drawers, width 99cm depth 49cm height 104cm

2 An 18th century oak gateleg dining table, 159cm extended, width 140cm height 78cm

3 A late Victorian upholstered beech settee and armchair, settee width 130cm depth 66cm height 100cm

4 A late Victorian figured walnut breakfront side cabinet, width 168cm depth 43cm height 104cm

5 A Wesley Barrell beech two seater settee, width 140cm depth 84cm height 96cm

6 A mid century design moulded plastic swivel chair, with four prong base, width 62cm depth 50cm max. height 80cm

7 An Edwardian satinwood banded mahogany revolving bookcase, width 48cm height 89cm

8 A George IV Scottish ebony strung mahogany sideboard, width 180cm depth 64cm height 96cm

9 A mid 18th century walnut chest on stand, width 110cm depth 58cm height 142cm

10 Shakeshaft of Preston. A George III mahogany eight day longcase clock (dial altered), height 230cm

11 A 19th century Spanish leather four leaf draught screen, painted with vases of flowers, each panel width 53cm height 184cm

12 A 1920's mahogany bureau bookcase, width 92cm depth 44cm height 209cm

13 An Art Deco figured walnut nest of tables, n the manner of Epstein, diameter 74cm height 55cm

14 A Provincial painted fire surround, width 150cm height 160cm

15 An Edwardian brass telescopic lamp standard, height 130cm

16 A pair of Knoll International BRNO chairs, after Mies Van De Rohe, upholstered in peach suede fabric, width 58cm depth 54cm height 79cm

17 A contemporary Hulsta television stand, width 120cm depth 63cm height 36cm

18 An early 20th century painted oak dresser, width 152cm depth 56cm height 197cm


19 A contemporary white five drawer chest, together with a pair of matching three drawer bedside chests, larger width 105cm depth 50cm height 91cm

20 A contemporary tubular metal dumb valet, height 168cm

21 A set of four metal and ply child's stacking chairs

22 A pair of 19th century style painted pot board dressers, width 110cm depth 40cm height 187cm

23 A pair of Victorian style wing armchairs, recently re-upholstered in buttoned grey fabric, width 82cm depth 78cm height 116cm

24 A late Victorian walnut piano stool by Shoolbred & Co, together with an early Victorian upholstered side chair

25 A painted wood and gesso twin plate overmantel mirror, width 114cm height 159cm

26 A contemporary white painted five foot bedframe, headboard height 102cm

27 A large rectangular reclaimed wood wall mirror, width 122cm, depth 184cm

28 A late 19th century carved oak panel, width 72cm height 84cm

29 A George III oak and pine dresser, width 188cm depth 50cm height 204cm

30 An early 19th century mahogany eight day longcase clock, height 218cm

31 A 17th century style oak cupboard, width 100cm depth 42cm height 140cm

32 A Victorian ornate gilt oval wall mirror, width 110cm height 100cm

33 An early 18th century walnut lowboy, width 76cm depth 47cm height 70cm

34 A George III mahogany commode, width 54cm depth 45cm height 72cm

35 A Georgian style narrow mahogany bureau bookcase, width 76cm depth 44cm height 191cm

36 A Jomain Baumann wood tambour dressing screen, height 172cm

37 A pair of George I style upholstered mahogany dining chairs (one with arms), width 64cm depth 64cm height 110cm

38 A Liberty rectangular carved oak wall mirror, width 91cm height 64cm

39 A pair of George III mahogany upholstered dining chairs (one with arms), width 62cm depth 52cm height 99cm

40 A Victorian mahogany salon chair together with a Regency dining chair


41 An early Victorian oak console table, width 126cm depth 58cm height 96cm

42 A Victorian painted, simulated grain and faux marble console table, width 92cm depth 36cm height 100cm

43 A Regency giltwood and gesso pier table and mirror, with painted faux marble top, width 95cm depth 40cm height 262cm

44 A late Victorian walnut bedside cabinet, width 40cm depth 36cm height 73cm, together with a pair of Queen Anne Revival walnut bedside cabinets

45 A pair of contemporary upholstered armchairs, width 96cm depth 100cm height 96cm

46 A set of four 1920's oak and tan leather dining chairs, height 109cm

47 An Edwardian satinwood banded mahogany music cabinet, width 53cm depth 37cm height 108cm

48 A Victorian elm and beech lathe-back Windsor armchair, width 58cm depth 50cm height 115cm

49 An 18th century design oak draw leaf dining table, 270cm extended width 92cm height 77cm, together with a set of six caned oak dining chairs, two with arms

50 A late 19th century French marble topped mahogany semanier, width 74cm depth 38cm height 146cm

51 A George III mahogany four drawer chest, width 76cm, depth 40cm, height 81cm

52 An early Victorian mahogany bagatelle table, width 120cm, depth 64cm, height 90cm

53 A circular weathered teak garden table, diameter 120cm, together with a garden parasol and four folding garden chairs (two with arms)

54 An Edwardian mahogany torchere, height 126cm

55 A Victorian mahogany Wellington chest, width 50cm, depth 34cm, height 104cm

56 A Gothic revival cast iron fire grate, width 86cm, depth 46cm, height 73cm

57 A brass spark guard and a brass fire kerb, fender width 67cm

58 An Adam revival brass and cast iron fire grate, length 54cm, depth 30cm, height 54cm

59 A George III mahogany elbow chair

60 A Regency style mahogany two pillar extending dining table, length 240cm extended (two spare leaves), width 98cm, height 75cm

61 A Scandinavian design copper mounted teak mantel timepiece, height 64cm

62 An Empire revival giltwood fauteuil, width 64cm, depth 50cm, height 98cm


63 An 18th century painted headboard, width 124cm, height 170cm

64 A set of eight Edwardian mahogany dining chairs (two with arms)

65 A French dressing stool, length 100cm, depth 38cm, height 52cm together with a Victorian adjustable piano stool

66 A Regency brass inlaid rosewood folding card table, width 91cm, depth 45cm, height 74cm

67 A Victorian carved oak wall cabinet, width 90cm, depth 23cm, height 80cm

68 A Victorian oak extending dining table, length 320cm extended (five spare leaves), width 140cm, height 76cm

69 A set of six Victorian balloon back rosewood dining chairs

70 A George III mahogany three tier dumb waiter, converted to a lamp, height 115cm

71 A late Victorian mahogany overmantel mirror, width 115cm, height 147cm

72 An ormolu fire guard, width 55cm, height 79cm

73 A Chippendale style side table, width 86cm, depth 44cm, height 71cm

74 A Victorian polescreen, height 150cm

75 A George III mahogany work table, width 46cm, depth 39cm, height 74cm

76 A George III mahogany drop leaf dining table, width 122cm, depth 178cm extended, height 73cm

77 A yew wood circular tripod table, 53cm diameter, height 65cm

78 A 17th century style oak three drawer chest, width 79cm, depth 52cm, height 76cm

79 A set of five mid century black leather and chrome banquette chairs, width 65cm, depth 70cm, height 68cm

80 An 18th century style oak sideboard, length 150cm, depth 46cm, height 93cm

81 Three Victorian-style mahogany tripod wine tables, largest 49cm diameter

82 A George III oak hanging corner cabinet, width 77cm, depth 42cm, height 93cm

84 A Victorian mahogany swivel desk chair, width 60cm, depth 50cm, height 82cm

85 A late Victorian rectangular oak table, width 122cm, depth 69cm, height 74cm together with four church chairs


86 A pair of Edwardian Howard & Son upholstered square framed armchairs with stamped legs and casters, width 69cm, depth 70cm, height 78cm

87 A pair of Arne Jacobsen-style saddle seat stools, width 39cm, depth 25cm, height 48cm

88 An early 18th century walnut six drawer chest, width 96cm, depth 53cm, height 95cm

89 A set of eight Regency painted dining chairs with caned backs, width 50cm, depth 42cm, height 83cm

90 A set of four circular lead garden planters, 37cm diameter, height 20cm

91 A pair of rectangular lead garden planters, width 60cm, depth 24cm, height 23cm

92 A Victorian gilt carved wood overmantel mirror, width 110cm, height 117cm

93 A Victorian mahogany washstand, width 106cm, depth 54cm, height 79cm, together with a mahogany toilet mirror and a stool (3)

94 A Victorian brass kerb, length 140cm, together with a brass coal helmet and sundry brass fire implements

95 A Victorian mahogany glazed display cabinet, width 115cm, depth 46cm, height 182cm

96 A George III mahogany cottage drop leaf dining table, width 106cm, length 128cm extended, height 70cm

97 A Victorian carved walnut upholstered spoon back armchair, width 75cm, depth 70cm, height 102cm

98 A pair of Gothic-style oak elbow chairs, width 59cm, depth 43cm, height 127cm

99 A pair of Spanish oak elbow chairs, width 62cm, depth 52cm, height 128cm

100 A 1920's oak narrow dresser with distressed paintwork, width 76cm, depth 42cm, height 175cm

101 A Globe Wernicke-style oak 3-section bookcase, length 87cm, depth 33cm, height 117cm

102 A Victorian Newhome cast iron treadle sewing machine base now as a glass top occasional table, width 75cm, depth 45cm, height 72cm

103 An industrial style iron mounted pine dressing table, width 80cm, depth 54cm, height 140cm

104 A Victorian walnut button back nursing chair, width 60cm, depth 60cm, height 96cm

105 A set of eight early 20th century Queen Anne style mahogany dining chairs (two arm, six single)

106 A George III oak lowboy, width 84cm, depth 46cm, height 72cm

107 A Regency mahogany Pembroke breakfast table, width 100cm, depth 60cm, height 69cm


108 A late Victorian chair back settee, length 110cm, depth 44cm, height 90cm

109 A Victorian mahogany pedestal desk, with a three quarter gallery top, width 122cm, depth 60cm, height 83cm

110 A George III oak drop leaf dining table, width 122cm, depth 178cm extended, height 73cm

110A A giltwood and gesso triple folding dressing table mirror, width 106cm, height 78cm

111 A small Victorian pine chest of drawers, width 84cm, depth 45cm, height 74cm

112 In the manner of Baillie Scott, an Arts and Crafts embossed pewter and copper stick stand, width 32cm, depth 15cm, height 70cm

113 An African carved elephant ashanti stool, width 52cm, depth 26cm, height 35cm

114 A Victorian pine chest of drawers, width 101cm, depth 48cm, height 87cm

115 A contemporary metal and glass two tier console table, width 102cm, depth 36cm, height 80cm

116 An Edwardian satin walnut chest of drawers, width 106cm, depth 49cm, height 106cm

117 A Victorian upholstered walnut salon chair, width 63cm, depth 50cm, height 100cm

118 A Victorian mahogany pedestal cupboard, width 65cm, depth 56cm, height 94cm

119 A set of eight mid century design Danish teak high back dining chairs

120 A 19th century French rectangular walnut farmhouse table, length 230cm, depth 85cm, height 76cm

121 A carved wood statue of dog of fo, width 80cm, height 112cm

122 A Caucasian brown ground carpet, 280 x 190cm

123 Two Kelim flat weave rugs, larger 240 x 170cm

124 A reconstituted stone garden ornament of a putto with swan, height 68cm

125 A George III oak dresser, width 170cm, depth 52cm, height 208cm

126 An Edwardian mahogany pedestal cupboard, width 45cm, depth 44cm, height 86cm

127 A contemporary Howard style upholstered two seater settee, length 186cm, width 94cm, height 80cm

128 A Victorian mahogany kneehole desk, length 108cm, depth 55cm, height 76cm


129 A Victorian cast iron boot scraper, width 30cm, height 42cm

130 A mahogany fender stool, on cabriole legs, length 140cm, depth 44cm, height 44cm

131 A George III pierced steel serpentine fender, length 130cm, together with a pair of wrought iron firedogs

132 A large Victorian polychrome tapestry panel depicting a Hussar mounted and Moor in combat (oak framed), panel 145 x 130cm

133 F. Whitfield & Co. - A Victorian cast iron safe, with key, width 60cm, depth 46cm, height 41cm

134 A large French 17th century style walnut bookcase / cabinet, length 360cm, depth 50cm, height 240cm

135 A 19th century French faux fronted marble top cabinet, width 42cm depth 34cm height 91cm

136 A mid 18th century Dutch bleached oak bureau cabinet, length 155cm, depth 56cm, height 216cm

137 A 19th century French mahogany cheval mirror, width 84cm, depth 68cm, height 168cm

138 A French blue painted wrought iron wine rack cage, length 56cm, depth 58cm, height 166cm

139 Three wicker grape harvest hods, width 87cm, depth 48cm, height 30cm

140 A 17th century style cast iron fire back, width 87cm, height 74cm and an iron grate (2)

141 A glazed pine two door bookcase, width 112cm, depth 26cm, height 150cm

142 A Louis XV style marquetry inlaid kingwood poudreuse, width 80cm depth 46cm height 74cm

143 An 18th century oak gateleg dining table, width 128cm 150cm extended height 74cm

144 An inlaid mahogany bureau bookcase, width 95cm, depth 54cm, height 207cm

145 A Regency style mahogany sofa table, width 78cm depth 53cm height 72cm

146 A late 18th century French provincial bleached oak three door buffet, length 244cm, depth 46cm, height 133cm

147 A mid 18th century oak low dresser, width 188cm depth 49cm height 83cm CONDITION: Handles not original. Middle drawer has a split across the base towards the back. No visible signs of any other damage to drawer interiors.

148 A George III rectangular mahogany breakfast table, width 141cm, depth 103cm, height 73cm

149 A set of eight early 20th century mahogany dining chairs (two with arms)

150 A George III design mahogany twin pillar extending dining table, 228cm extended (one spare leaf) width 99cm height 72cm


151 A Victorian mahogany extending dining table, 230cm extended (two spare leaves), width 120cm height 74cm CONDITION: Yes action does work. Top scratched through use, has a slight bow and some colour difference due to some fading. 230cm is at its full extent.

152 A late 17th century oak dresser base on cabriole front legs, length 180cm, depth 43cm, height 77cm

153 A mid 18th century oak dresser base, length 140cm, depth 46cm, height 86cm

154 A 19th century fruitwood provincial dining table on square tapered legs, length 210cm, depth 90cm, height 77cm

155 A late George III satinwood banded mahogany 'D' shaped side table, fitted frieze drawer, width 71cm, depth 35cm, height 75cm

156 A Caucasian geometric pattern runner, 366 x 90cm

157 A Victorian button back nursing chair, with pink brocade upholstery, width 65cm, depth 55cm, height 85cm

158 An Edwardian mahogany sheet music cabinet, width 52cm, depth 46cm, height 103cm

159 A tapestry upholstered armchair and nursing chair (2)

160 A Queen Anne revival walnut bow front three drawer chest, width 76cm, depth 50cm, height 77cm

161 An iron bound flour trough, width 130cm, depth 45cm, height 24cm

162 A late 19th century Dutch mahogany and floral marquetry kidney topped writing table, width 98cm, depth 56cm, height 74cm

163 A Victorian floral upholstered Chesterfield settee, length 200cm, depth 85cm, height 68cm

164 A harlequin set of nine George IV mahogany dining chairs (one having arms)

165 A tub framed two seater settee upholstered in patterned pale green fabric, length 150cm, depth 80cm, height 78cm

166 A pair of Globe Wernicke style oak five sectional bookcases, length 88cm, depth 32cm, height 178cm

167 A Victorian mahogany glazed bookcase, width 122cm, depth 43cm, height 225cm

168 An 18th century Dutch brass mounted and studded leather covered domed top trunk, length 116cm, depth 50cm, height 48cm

169 A Regency simulated rosewood upholstered day bed, length 200cm, depth 68cm, height 84cm

170 A small Queen Anne style walnut bow-fronted chest of drawers, width 44cm, depth 44cm, height 74cm

171 A carved walnut occasional table on tripod base, diameter 38cm, height 47cm

172 A 19th century mahogany oval tripod wine table, width 54cm, depth 40cm, height 70cm


173 A 19th century mahogany bow-fronted chest of drawers, width 107cm, depth 55cm, height 104cm

174 A George III mahogany enclosed washstand / night table, width 50cm, depth 40cm, height 84cm

175 A set of four mid-18th century walnut / mahogany dining chairs

176 An 18th century mahogany drop-flap pad foot dining table, length 136cm extended, width 117cm, height 71cm

177 A set of five Regency brass inlaid simulated rosewood cane seated dining chairs

178 A Queen Anne revival burr walnut glazed china display cabinet, combined cupboard, length 136cm, depth 40cm, height 184cm

179 Joseph Humm[ell] of Peterborough. An early 19th century inlaid mahogany and oak eight day longcase clock, height 216cm

180 A 19th century French mahogany sofa table, width 74cm, depth 65cm, height 73cm

181 An Edwardian satinwood banded mahogany breakfront wardrobe, length 250cm, depth 65cm, height 230cm

182 A 19th century flour trough, width 100cm, depth 36cm, height 14cm

183 A 19th century flour trough on stand, width 117cm, depth 59cm, height 70cm

184 A large Chinese woven octagonal casket and cover, length 126cm, depth 92cm, height 64cm

185 A Bechstein ebonised cased boudoir grand piano, c.1901, length 198cm

186 A 19th century Spanish four leaf draught screen, painted with a village scene with numerous figures, each panel width 52cm, height 184cm

187 A pair of Italian mid-century armchairs by Moruso, width 94cm, depth 83cm, height 64cm

188 An Edwardian mahogany box seat duet piano stool, width 97cm, depth 36cm, height 61cm

189 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany serpentine fronted sideboard, length 184cm, depth 68cm, height 112cm

190 A pair of oak carolean-style dining chairs circa 1880, red leather and studding

191 A George III mahogany linen press, width 126cm, depth 62cm, height 210cm

192 A carved wood circular wall mirror, diameter 56cm

193 A George III mahogany circular tilt-top table, diameter 75cm, height 72cm

194 A William IV Irish rosewood wheel barometer marked Riddel & Co, Belfast


250 A Galle style glass vase, etched with flowers and leaves, height 33.5cm

251 A pair of Royal Dux female water carriers and another of a farmer, 32cm

252 Two Tunbridgeware boxes, one for jewellery and a cribbage board

253 A Continental porcelain cylindrical jar and a Portuguese ice pail, height 23cm

254 Five Continental porcelain figures, tallest 22.5cm

255 A quantity of Chinese ceramics Qing, tallest 17cm

256 A quantity of mixed brass and three copper measures

257 A Doulton Lambeth Autumn leaves vase and a Royal Doulton stoneware vase, tallest 27.5cm

258 A pair of Chinese celadon glazed rectangular planters, late 19th to 20th century, length 24cm

259 A Chamberlain's Worcester 'Malvern' pot pourri pot, a Derby Imari vase, a Minton sucrier, c.1810 and a Davenport Imari jar and cover, tallest 12cm

260 A Regency kingwood? tea caddy, length 20cm

261 Three Staffordshire figures, one of Charles Spurgeon in the pulpit, height 31cm

262 A Sampson Hancock Derby inkwell and a Chinese famille rose vase, Qianlong, height 10.5cm

263 An Art Deco 'ship' table lamp, height 22cm

264 A pair of Chinese famille verte vases, height 24cm, and a jar

265 An 18th century Worcester Pinecone pattern blue and white basket, diameter 22cm

266 A Chinese polychrome famille rose petal lobed bowl, Tongzhi seal mark and period, diameter 18cm

267 A small 19th century gilt glass decanter and a Regency glass lustre, tallest 25cm

268 An early 20th century silver plated 'owl' table lamp and shade, overall height 50cm

269 Two Chinese blue and white vases, one baluster and one cylindrical, late Qing, tallest 20.5cm

271 A Japanese scroll painting of a gentleman

272 A miniature mahogany longcase clock, height 38cm


273 A Royal Worcester fruit painted dessert dish, signed Lockyer, length 31cm

274 A large 9th century painted glass rolling pin, length 71cm

275 A late 19th century five light gilt bronze candelabrum, in the manner of Dresser, height 57cm

276 A Victorian silver mounted 'duck head' cane, London 1899 and a white metal mounted 'dove' head cane

277 A large Chinese blue and white crackle glazed 'dragon' bowl, 19th century, diameter 37cm

278 A 19th century framed sampler, dated 1823, 41 x 32cm

279 A resin bust of a classical torso on stand and a pair of alabaster bookends

281 A Chinese famille verte plate, Kangxi and a famille rose soup dish Qianlong, largest diameter 23cm

282 A pair of bronze two branch wall lights, length 52cm

283 An Anthony Redmile style shell claw stand, height 40cm

284 A 'big cat' sterling-mounted cane, a 'dogs head' 925 sterling mounted cane and a resin 'dog's head' mounted cane

285 A display box, three snuff boxes, a Victorian brass bound oak document box and a coromandel box

286 An Austrian brass inlaid tray, possibly Wiener Werkstatte, length 36cm

287 A silver plated meat dome, length 51cm

288 A Minton 'dragon' bottle vase, in Japanese style c.1880, height 40cm

289 A Japanese blue and white porcelain stick stand

290 A quantity of mixed collectables including a pair of Chinese watercolours of seated dignitaries, various postcards, an aneroid barometer, etc

291 Five various glass decanters and a similar claret jug

292 A mahogany cased microscope and veterinary equipment

293 Two wooden Art Deco clocks and a ceramic clock modelled with lion cub

294 A Versace Parfums duffel bag

295 A sled


296 A Heath & Co 'Hezzanith' sextant in mahogany case, No. Y710 with Lilley & Reynolds Limited examination certificate dated 1970 to inside cover

297 Miscellaneous metalware, including two Eastern copper kettles, pewter measures, chestnut roaster etc.

298 A mixed children's toys

299 A quantity of silver and plated ware including cutlery

300 Three wicker baskets, a wirework basket and two baguette stands

301 A Victorian eagle surmounted wooden columned table thermometer and an ornate inlaid tray, length 46.5cm

301A A 19th century French four-glass mantel clock, bell-striking movement with countwheel, mercury pendulum, with key, 30cm high

302 A cast iron armorial crest, height 70cm

303 A 19th century Nailsea glass walking stick and three others (4)

304 A pair of Ouvrard & Villars copper and brass ship lanterns, height 36cm

306 An 18th/19th century German hanger blade, overall length 45cm, and another dagger with horn mounted handle

307 A pair of 19th century bisque gilt painted and decorated figures of a peasant boy and girl carrying baskets, 36cm


A Christofle Art Deco plated three-piece teaset and tray (pot handle a.f.) and sundry plated items, including a Continental cruet stand with glass oil and vinegar bottles (missing one stopper and other components), a circular tray with wavy edge, a shaped square serving dish, etc.

309 A yellow metal mounted bamboo cane and a gilt metal mounted cane

310 A Dutch brass embossed parasol shaped stick stand, height 91cm

311 Four cased plated sets and a walnut box

312 A Bandmaster concertina, rare in original box

313 A 19th century oval brass planter and chestnut roaster

314 An Italian powdered gilt and pale brown glass ceiling pendant with green banding and a green glass six-branch chandelier (faults)

315 A Victorian Cooke & Kelvey mahogany cased canteen of plated flatware

316 A Victorian mahogany circular wall clock


317 A boxed Hornby MO Goods tinplate train set, post war

318 A Victorian carved ivory dog's head cane and another with silver collar

320 A late 19th / early 20th century brass skeleton clock, with single chain fusee movement, lacking pendulum and base, H.42.5cm

321 A Chinese famille rose Canton vase, a pair of blue and white vases and two others, tallest 35.5cm

322 A Lurex 19th century cross stitch pelmet with gold coloured metal bullion fringing, a long French floral braid and a quantity of gold coloured metal thread edging

322A A cast white metal bowl and a collection of plated items, including a hot water pot, meat cover, cased flatware etc.

323 Three silver-mounted sticks and canes and three others

324 A quantity of mixed collectables including a tortoiseshell tray, a Chinese needlework, a silver paperknife, fans, jewellery boxes, etc.

325 Two ivory mounted 'fist' canes and a marine ivory 'knot' baton, 19th century

326 An Italian burnt orange glass circular ceiling shade

327 Mixed collectables including quantity of lantern slides, a hardstone carving, a Studio pottery dish, etc.

328 A white metal mounted cane, possibly Hanau?, another white metal 'dog head' mounted walking cane, a white metal 'jaguar head' parasol, a carved wood 'parrot head' walking and another carved wood 'bird head' parasol

329 A collection of Italian glass lighting, comprising a near pair of brown and white striped circular ceiling lights with flower terminals, a pair of Venetian pale mauve wall lights (lacking fixing brackets) and a blue and white striped bellflower-shaped ceiling pendant

331 A Staunton style boxwood chess set, a chess board and miscellaneous card games

332 A large Salter's brass faced 'Sylvester' spring balance

333 A large Chinese famille rose vase, Daoguang, mounted as a lamp, height 62cm

334 A quantity of books to include Barons and Kings, and Admiral's Memories, The Flowers in the Gardens of Japan, Flower Paintings of Catherine Saunders, etc.

335 A pair of Chinese famille rose vases, mounted as lamps

336 A cut glass and brass plaffonier

337 A Continental majolica planter, length 46cm



A Continental porcelain vase (converted to electricity) and sundry ceramics, including a model of a black and brown terrier, a Fosters Studio fish jug, a Copeland majolica jug with vineous decoration in relief and naturalistic branch handle, another jug with applied bands of flowerheads and a pair ...[more]

339 A collection of gilt decorated glasses and a jug, etc

340 A Chinese blue and white 'lotus' jar and cover, early 20th century, a similar 'dragon' vase and a small Kangxi jarlet and cover, tallest 30cm

341 Eight French 19th century agricultural lunch boxes in coloured enamels

342 A pair of Chinese turquoise-glazed lion dogs, a lacquered jewellery box and three plated miniature figures

343 A faience model table and sedan chair, tallest 16.5cm

344 A Meissen porcelain group, The Indiscreet Harlequin, 19th century, height 16cm (a.f.)

345 A Continental porcelain figure group, an overlaid glass goblet and a Royal Crown Derby miniature cup, tallest 20cm

346 A 1915 bottle of Heidsieck, a bottle of Barsac and a K.P. Charente brandy by Peters Hall & Co, London

347 A pair of Chinese famille rose saucers, another saucer, three various tea bowls and a crackleglaze vase (7)

348 Two Dresden cups, one Dresden saucer and a Meissen saucer

349 A pair of plated coasters, an oval salver and a tray

350 A Royal Crown Derby dish, a vase and a cup, tallest 30cm (all a.f.)

351 A Moorcroft table lamp, height 22cm excl. fittings

352 After Oscar Nemon, a bust of Winston Churchill, height 19.5cm

353 A Louis XVI style eight day mantel clock, height 36cm

354 A Victorian walnut and German bandwork box, 29.5cm (interior fittings deficient)

355 A group of Japanese cloisonne and satsuma wares

356 A pair of Japanese Imari vases, height 19cm

357 A pair of Victorian glass candlesticks, height 25cm

358 A 19th century Chinese porcelain blue and white 'dragon' bowl, diameter 30cm


359 A Chinese white metal and enamel tripod censer (lacking cover), and two model pheasants

360 A large collection of cloisonne vases, pots, bowls etc, tallest 31cm

361 A French pottery mantel clock, c.1905, height 27cm

362 A 19th century silk picture, a petit point picture and a coloured print

363 A collection of 1960s and later Studio glass

364 Two Royal Doulton balloon sellers, three other figurines, plus six character jugs

365 Eight French 19th century agricultural lunch boxes in coloured enamels

366 Four copper graduated measures and mixed metalware including Eastern brass

367 Fifteen various glass rummers and drinking glasses

368 Seven Chinese blue and white jars and two Chinese tea bowls, largest 17cm

369 A collection of Tudor cut glass wares

370 A Kosta Boda swirled glass sculpture, signed B. Vamir, height 31.5cm

371 Two pairs of brass candlesticks and a solitaire board with marbles

372 A French mahogany mantel clock, height 21.5cm

373 A pair of 19th century Chinese famille rose vases and associated covers, height excl. cover 28cm (a.f.)

374 A group of mixed Continental ceramics including Limoges, Crown Staffordshire and Wade

375 An ornate 19th century jug, another and a cream glazed Worcester jug, tallest 29cm

376 Five Chinese lacquer carved panels, longest 42cm

377 A Chinese blue and white jardiniere, a jar, a cloisonne vase and a pair of plates, tallest 25cm

378 A pair of Chinese crackleglaze vases and a blue and white vase and cover, height 43cm

379 A collection of assorted Staffordshire figures and sundry ceramics including mid 18th century Staffordshire deer, tallest 33cm

380 A 19th century French green boulle mantel clock, height 30cm


381 An early 19th century Newhall pattern 594 teapot, two pairs of Newhall tea bowls and saucers and mixed ceramics

382 A small quantity of glassware

383 A Chinese vase, six Chinese jars and covers, a box as a basket, a jar and figure, tallest 30cm (11)

384 A Victorian brass spirit kettle on stand, two pairs of brass candlesticks and a jug

385 A collection of pin dollies

386 An Italian maiolica flask, height 30cm, and a pair of French faience candlesticks

387 An Ashanti style stool and a shove ha'penny board

388 A Royal Worcester Vitreous pattern pale blue and gilt edged part dinner service including vegetable tureens

389 A collection of fourteen Royal Doulton figures

390 A quantity of assorted antique cut glass

391 A pair of Wedgwood 'Ferrara' blue and white vases, height 38cm

392 A large quantity of mixed ceramics including thimbles, Beswick, Royal Dux, etc.

393 Three model ships: The Cutty Sark, The USS Constitution and Fragata, together with a carved wood Marlin

394 A quantity of assorted plated wares including a chamberstick, a tea set, flatware, a cocktail shaker, a sauceboat, goblets etc.

395 Two George III mahogany knife boxes converted to stationery box, height 37cm

396 A strong box of minor jewellery, silver etc

397 A pair of gilt metal Bouillotte lamps, with adjustable shades, height 47cm

398 A quantity of mixed plated wares

399 A Venetian engraved mirrored and blue glass wall mirror, length 64cm

400 Meynell, Alice - Mary Mother of Jesus

401 After Moreau. A bronzed composition figure of a woman, height 64cm

402 A quantity of chandelier drops and ceiling roses


403 A miniature yew wood table top kneehole desk, length 52cm

404 A Victorian mahogany circular eight day wall clock, with silvered dial, diameter 40cm

405 A small quantity of damask table cloths etc.

406 After the Antique. A plaster bust of Hermes, height 53cm

407 A theatrical plaster bust of a gentleman, height 70cm

408 A Chinese silk robe and a waist coat

409 A collection of ceramic and glass etc including a silver glass frame, a stilton cover and stand etc

410 Items from an abbatoir; a twin head axe, iron chopper, a set of Salter scales and a meat skewer

411 A group of mixed collectables to include three painted wood skittles

412 A 19th century steel and walnut crossbow twine split, corroded

413 A quantity of Victorian blue and white dinner wares

414 A quantity of violin bows and box, together with a print

415 A collection of mixed glassware and glass paperweights


A collection of Goss and crested china CONDITION: Provenance - Alfred Theodore Arber-Cooke (c.1910-1993); thence by family descent. Arber-Cooke lived in Carmarthenshire, Wales and was an avid collector of European & Asian works of art and an author of the History of Llandovery. He was coll ...[more]

416 Two Victorian Locke & Co silk top hats and two felt top hats

416A A Black Forest mahogany wall dial clock, diameter 31cm (no weights)

417 A collection of Edwardian postcards views of Brighton and Hove

418 Two Chinese porcelain lamps and a pair of vases, tallest 58cm

419 A cut glass and brass table lamp, and another lamp, tallest 40cm

420 A pair of 19th century German floral and bird painted ewers, height 50cm

421 Eight pieces of Poole pottery, a Cranston vase and one other

422 A majolica pottery figure of Bacchus, height 47cm (a.f.)


423 A pair of spelter figures, a pair of cloisonne vases and a Victorian brass and copper tazza, tallest 40cm

424 Three gul-shaped glass vases and a quantity of Art glass

425 A framed glazed earthenware plaque, a tin glazed tile and one other

426 A small 18th century Italian carved giltwood mirror, overall length 38cm

427 A set of twelve silver plated table and dessert knives(24), two other cased sets of six knives, a three piece carving set and a bottle opener

428 A Chinese black silk polychrome embroidered child's / ladies jacket, embroidered in Chinese knot and stem stitch

429 A collection of gilded blue and green glass, Bohemian and other glass

430 A large collection of cranberry glass


A set of six printer's books and printer's vintage type rail and other miscellaneous items: a Gladstone bag, fly swish, top hat, magnifying glass in box, small metal box and contents, ship fire stand, open-closed sign, vintage glass bottles, a metal ornament, a barrel and a carriage stick

432 A Minton Stanwood pattern part service

433 A 19th century French gilt metal mantel clock, height 38cm

434 A quantity of Chinese and Japanese items

435 Three South East Asian chop stick sets and knife holders, c.19th and 20th century, a dagger etc

436 A Minton secessionist bowl, diameter 40cm CONDITION: Heavy crazing covers most of the bowl. A large star crack visible to interior.

437 Francois Hardy, Splash poster, signed

438 Two bottles Hospice de Beaune 1993

439 A French gilt metal and alabaster mantel clock, height 49cm

440 A small Chinese blue and white jardiniere, diameter 21cm

441 A French Spice cabinet with ceramic drawers, length 48cm


Three Chinese embroidered silk floral panels and a similar woven with objects, 19th century CONDITION: Provenance - Alfred Theodore Arber-Cooke (c.1910-1993); thence by family descent. Arber-Cooke lived in Carmarthenshire, Wales and was an avid collector of European & Asian works of art an ...[more]



An 18th century German or Italian ivory hilt and guard and a 19th century Southern Indian ivory and sandalwood blotter pad CONDITION: Provenance - Alfred Theodore Arber-Cooke (c.1910-1993); thence by family descent. Arber-Cooke lived in Carmarthenshire, Wales and was an avid collector of Europ ...[more]

444 A Victorian Wickwar & Co government ledger box, together with a George V knights scroll of arms to Eliot Arthur de Pass

445 A Chinese sang de boeuf glazed shallow censer, diameter 23cm

446 A Chinese crackleglaze vase and a famille rose lamp, height 36cm


Three Chinese embroidered silk 'landscape' panels and another woven with birds and flowers, 20th century CONDITION: Provenance - Alfred Theodore Arber-Cooke (c.1910-1993); thence by family descent. Arber-Cooke lived in Carmarthenshire, Wales and was an avid collector of European & Asian wo ...[more]

447A A Colin Faulkner 1960's water ski

449 A pair of early 19th century cut glass decanters and one other

450 A Spanish / South American articulated marionette and two other toys


A collection of Continental porcelain tea cups and saucers CONDITION: Rockingham cup and saucer with gilt floral decoration, some wear to the gilding, firing specks to the underside of the saucer Gilt cup and saucer with spiral fluting, saucer initialled HMD 1856 to the underside, very minor scu ...[more]

452 A quantity of mixed ceramics including Staffordshire dogs

453 Six glass roemers and other drinking glasses

454 A Wedgwood 'California' pattern gilt edged part dinner service

455 Three Staffordshire cow creamers, a similar cow group and a pair of spaniel groups

456 Nine bottles of Cote du Rhone Villages 1998

457 A collection of bronze and metal animals, sun dial and lidded urns etc

458 A pair of Jacob Petit mid 19th century scent bottles modelled as Ottoman Turkish seated figures, height 21cm

459 An early 20th century French lyre shaped mantel timepiece, with enamelled dial, height 26.5cm


An Asian bronze Buddha, Ming bronze figure fragment and an Indian bronze figure, a hardstone cup, soapstone seals etc, tallest 15.5cm CONDITION: Hardstone cup has slight chips to edge. Carved boat in good condition. Bronze Buddha: the casting is rough and has broken at some stage, diagonally acr ...[more]

461 A quantity of mixed ceramics to include Goebel, Worcester etc.

462 A patch worked filet lace and anglais cut work table cloth and six matching napkins, and another cloth


463 A collection of hardstone and soapstone carvings

464 A part canteen of gilded steel Villeroy & Boch cutlery, comprising 50 items.

465 A collection of mostly Doulton bunnykins figures (16)

466 A 1985 bottle of Chateau Margaux

467 A Worcester blush ivory floral lidded jar and a similar floral vase, late 19th century, tallest 24.5cm

468 A 1985 bottle of Chateau Margaux

469 A Victorian porcelain floral painted vase and cover (a.f.), height 44cm

470 After C.A. Fraikin. A Victorian parian group, Diana and Cupid, height 46cm

471 A spelter lamp with Tiffany style shade

472 A Louis XVI style gilt spelter mantel clock inset Sevres style panels, height 38cm

473 A Chinese famille rose 'dragon and phoenix' bottle vase and cover, 42cm

474 A 1985 bottle of Chateau Margaux

475 A Victorian inlaid walnut drop dial wall clock, with white enamelled Roman dial, length 75cm

476 A quantity of mixed ceramics

477 A quantity of mixed collectables to include paper wine labels, toy cars, cloisonne, a book, copper pans etc.

478 Three silk check cushions and four Laura Ashley floral embroidered cushion covers

479 Seven painted wood armorials

480 A four branch electrolier with frosted glass shades

481 A Chinese porcelain fish bowl on stand, diameter 47cm

482 A Chinese porcelain garden seat, height 47cm

483 A pair of Chinese porcelain garden seats, height 48cm

484 A Victorian brass hanging oil lamp, with a white opaque glass shade, drop 90cm


485 A Victorian style gilt metal circular hall lantern, drop 87cm

486 A Victorian gilt metal eight glass panelled hall lantern

487 A pottery 'swan' pedestal jardiniere, height 104cm

488 A carved wood and polychrome painted Royal armorial crest, overall length 84cm

489 Four Chinese carved wood walking canes, together with a stick stand

490 A Burmantoft Art Nouveau pedestal with associated jardiniere, overall 97cm

491 A quantity of mixed collectables including a grain shovel, a Buddha head, an African carved wood comb etc.

492 An eight branch glass drop chandelier

493 Various lengths of dress fabric including Scottish tartan

494 Five Victorian painted tin trunks/hat boxes

494A A German-made 'Resonata' acoustic guitar, cased and a Tatra Classic guitar

495 Four 19th century Japanese carved ivory figures, tallest 21cm

496 Two Samson Mansion House dwarfs, tallest 16cm

497 Louis Frederick Roselieb (Roslyn) - an Edwardian Art Union of London bronze figure of a girl, 17.5cm signed and dated 1906

498 A set of three Chinese soapstone figures of the Star Gods and a soapstone brush rest, tallest 16.5cm

499 A Greek or Egyptian cast bronze roundel, diameter 18cm

499A An early 19th century pearlware 'Jacobin pigeon' tureen and cover, 17.5cm and a similar Staffordshire tureen and cover, pseudo crossed swords mark, 18.5cm

500 A pair of Meissen equestrian hunting figures, mid 18th century, 9cm one with feint crossed swords mark to the biscuit base

501 An 18th century Chinese tea bowl and saucer, and a similar tea bowl, height 4cm

503 A pair of Samson copies of First Period Worcester porcelain cups and saucers, height 6cm


A Chinese blue and white Ming style bottle vase, Qianlong six character mark but later, painted with lotus flowers and scrolling leaves with lappeted borders, 41.5cm high CONDITION: Some slight blurring to the underglaze blue decoration all over, minor glaze imperfections and scratching to the g ...[more]


505 A pair of 18th century Meissen figures of putti and vases, height 14cm

506 A Chinese Imari tea caddy, early 18th century, height 10cm

507 Two Sampson Hancock Derby pot pourri vases and covers, overall height 13cm one with titled view of Haddon Hall, the other painted flower and fruit bouquets

508 A Chinese Tenmoku tea bowl, diameter 9.5cm, and a lacquer stand

509 An early 20th century polished bronze figure of a classical maiden, 25cm. signed W.Gorlin?

510 A group of Chinese bronze seals and a white metal elephant

511 A Chinese red lacquer lidded box, diameter 12.5cm, and a blue and white water dropper

512 A Chinese bowenite jade camel and a curved plaque, largest 10cm

513 Two Port labels and a mother of pearl card case, height 10cm


A collection of fountain pens and pencils including a brushed steel Parker 61, cased, four other Parker pens and a gold-coloured pencil, a Conway Stewart 106 (in original box) and two 'Dinkie' pens, Platignum, Wearever, Osmiroid and other examples and a propelling pencil (17)

515 A gilt metal card case, with enamelled armorial badge, 10c,

516 A quantity of assorted watch keys

517 Three Royal Mint UK proof coin years sets; 2010, 2011 and 2012 together with other Royal Mint coins of EF grade or better (some possibly cleaned or silver plated)

518 Twenty five limoges and Worcester and other ceramic and enamel boxes

519 Chinese jades and corals: two seals, a bangle etc.

520 A collection of amber, a Chinese buddha hand amber

521 A Chinese jade necklace and jewellery

522 A collection of Chinese jades and jadeite

523 Three miniature tortoiseshell guitars and lute and a larger musical lute

524 An early Chinese fine brocade panel

525 A quantity of hardstone carvings and mixed Chinese collectables


526 Sundry coins and medallions

527 A small collection of Victorian lace-maker's bone bobbins, some named

528 A small ivory figure, a silver and tortoiseshell box, four other boxes, glassware etc.

529 A collection of scent bottles, a miniature antiquity vessel and a miniature of a lady

530 A miser's purse, two beaded evening bags, compacts etc

531 A collection of military medals, badges, coins etc.

532 A letter written by W.G. Grace, with a copy of his book Cricket, 1891

533 A collection of Chinese hardstone and soapstone figures, a RVI sceptre and various carved pendants and bangles etc

534 A collection of George VI to Elizabeth II pre decimal coinage, and Elizabeth II decimal coinage, the majority UNC with good lustre farthing to halfcrown and half penny to two pounds, contained in a mahogany coin cabinet, the 1951 threepenny is a proof UNC

535 A collection of Chinese hardstone animals, collection of snuff bottles and small ornaments and two stands

536 A quantity of mixed coins etc

537 Victoria and Edward VII one pennies, 1897 UNC with much lustre, and three examples of 1902 all UNC with much lustre (4)

538 George V and George VI one pennies, 1917, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939 and 1940, all UNC with much lustre

539 A Jamaican Commonwealth silver medal

540 A collection of books, including bibles, childrens, Sussex-related, HMSO, etc.


Spielmann (M. H.) & Layard (G. S.), Kate Greenaway, Edition De Luxe numbered 423/500, with original pencil drawing by Kate Greenaway, signed twice by John Greenaway to pencil sketch and limitation page, illustrated end papers, presentation inscription and owner's bookplate, many bound-in colour ...[more]


A small collection of works on Postal History and related ephemera, consisting:- Madame Joseph forged Postmarks Derek Warboys The Royal Philatelic Society 1994 Limited/Numbered 1st /1st. ISBN 0900631295Examination of The Post Office Department Report to United States Congress 13th February 1835Rebou ...[more]

543 A box of car hand books

544 A box of car hand books

545 A box of car hand books

546 A box of car hand books


547 A box of car hand books

548 A quantity of cricket-related books

549 Mixed fur jackets, coats, ties and stoles


Ann Brunskill RA (1923-2018), three limited edition etchings, comprising 'On the Edge of Sleep', signed, inscribed and numbered 4/25, 45 x 40cm, 'Aphrodite is Herself', signed and inscribed, Artists Proof (from the Livre d'Artiste, 'Aphrodite'), 34.5 x 31cm and 'The Lover Witnesses His Flight' (fro ...[more]

551 Archibald Thorburn, lithograph, Partridge and beaters, signed in pencil, overall 44 x 55cm

552 Attributed to Cornelis Thim (1754-1813), pair of ink and wash studies, Shipping at sea, 16 x 27cm


Ann Brunskill RA (1923-2018), a collection of woodblock prints and coloured lithographs, comprising a monochrome plate from the Livre d'Artiste, 'Thomas Traherne', inscribed verso, 'Girl', signed, inscribed and numbered 22/50, 'The Apple Queen', signed, inscribed and numbered 15/50, 'The Fairy in B ...[more]

554 Max Parsons A.R.C.A. (1915-1998), Sailing clipper and other vessels at sea, oil on board, unsigned, 54 x 76.5cm (unframed)


Barnett Freedman (1901-1958), a set of eight coloured lithographic illustrations for 'Oliver Twist', comprising Oliver Twist, Mr Bumble, The Artful Dodger, Fagin, Rose Maylie, Mrs Bedwin, Nancy and Bill Sikes (originally published by the Heritage Press, New York, 1939), framed as a group, Royall Fi ...[more]

556 Bryan Pearce (1929-2006), St Ives Society of Artists, 'Toward Godrevy Facing Smeaton Pier', lithograph in colours, signed, dated '90 and numbered 111/150, 42 x 52cm

557 Andre Dzierzynski (b. 1936), 'Tuscany', signed, inscribed and dated 1971 verso, oil on board and another 'Paysage Polonais' signed, inscribed and dated 1962 verso, oil on canvas, 49 x 88cm and 39 x 39cm

558 Mid 19th century, watercolour, View of Park Hatch, painted by the first wife of Sir A. Daley 1852, 26 x 44cm, label verso

559 Sue Macartney-Snape, limited edition print, Glyndebourne II, signed in pencil, 579/1250, 53 x 68cm

560 A pair of early 20th century coloured mezzotint portraits of 18th century ladies, 45 x 33cm

561 Lady Elizabeth Browne Cody, after Teniers, watercolour, Figures playing bowles before a church, titled on a mount, 30 x 39cm Original in Westport House, County Mayo, Ireland.

563 David Bates (1840-1921), watercolour, 'The Lock, Guildford', signed with title verso, 25 x 36cm

564 John Bulloch Souter, (1890 - 1972), oil on board, Still life of roses in a pewter jug, signed, Stacey Marks label verso

565 19th century Chinese School, pair of gouache on pith paper, Still lifes of fruit and flower vases on tables, 26 x 17cm

566 Morson Wood, oil on canvas, Monks in a scullery, after Sadler, 50 x 60cm


567 Roberto Baldassarini, oil on canvas, 'Liguria Villaggio di Pescatori', signed with 1985 label verso, 50 x 70cm

568 Van Heyde, oil on canvas, 17th century figures celebrating beside a tavern, signed, 37 x 48cm

569 Norwich School, oil on canvas, Landscape with figures passing a cottage, 34 x 44cm

570 John Brangwyn, oil on board, 'Keyhaven', signed, 44 x 59cm, together with a 1970's oil, Estuary scene, 44 cx 113cm

571 19th century English School, oil on ivory, Miniature portrait of a mother and child, 8.5 x 6.5cm, housed in an ornate gilt gesso frame, 39 x 42cm

572 19th century Continental School, oil on oak panel, Head of a Turk, 16.5 x 11cm

573 19th century English School, oil on panel, Shipping off the coast, 24 x 38cm

574 Archibald Thorburn, pair of signed colour prints, Pheasant and Grouse, 18 x 13cm

575 Carl Siegfried Stoitzner (Austrian 1866-1943), pair of oils on panel, Pipe smoking fisherman and Man holding a flagon, signed, 20 x 15cm

576 Early 19th century English School, pair of oils on mill board, Portraits of Walter and Sarah Parsons, he 1773-1848, she 1771-1827, 24 x 19cm, and a portrait of John Latter Parsons, 22 x 16.5cm

577 Victorian School, watercolour, View of Bromley Common, 11 x 23cm

578 Trekkie Ritchie (1902-), oil on board, Grassy hillside evening, signed, 29 x 39cm

579 § Terence Cuneo (1907-1996), oil on canvas, Bullfighter mouse, signed and dated Sept.1957, 29 x 24cm

580 Two 18th century coloured engravings, 'Going to cover' and 'View of Rochester', 37 x 52cm and 38 x 83cm, and three other prints

581 Max Parsons A.R.C.A. (1915-1998), rural scene, East Sussex, oil on board, inscribed verso, and another of a country church, unsigned, 32 x 24cm and 21 x 32cm, gilt frames

582 Graham Clarke (b. 1941), 'Homewood Bound' and 'Homeward Bound Again', each signed and dated '96 and with artist's label verso (two), 10.5 x 13cm & 13.5 x 17.5cm

583 P. Robert Rodger, watercolour, Figures on a hillside lane overlooking a mediterranean town, signed, 18 x 18cm

584 Two 18th century Old Master ink and wash drawings and a 19th century study of shipping on a calm sea, 13 x 8cm, 11 x 15cm and 9 x 15cm, all unframed

585 Graham Clarke (b. 1941), 'Stand Clear', signed and dated '93, watercolour, 16 x 17.5cm

586 Chinese School, set of nine watercolours on silk, Studies of flowers and insects, 19 x 21cm, unframed


587 Two late 19th century Japanese woodblock prints depicting Samurai, 37 x 25cm and three other prints


Ann Brunskill (1923-2018), three watercolours, misty loch scene with rowing boat, signed and dated '87, 'Near Melbourne', initialled and dated '01, West End House Gallery label verso and an abstract landscape in watercolour and crayon, initialled and dated 01 largest 24 x 32cm

589 Anton Lock (1893-1979), a group of twenty five etchings of equestrian subjects, approx 19 x 24cm, all unframed Provenance: from the artist's studio sale, Christie's South Kensington, 5 December, 1979

590 A folio of 19th century and later watercolours and drawings including landscape studies, a sketch of figures attributed to Thomas Tudor and caricatures

591 William Henry Bartlett (1809-1854), eleven unframed pencil drawings, Topographical studies, most inscribed 'See 'Brief Memoir of W.H.B' by W Beattie, 1855 and 'Country Life', 15th February, 1968', largest 19 x 28cm

592 Four framed watercolours and drawings by George Smith (1829-1901) and 19 other drawings by the same artist. Studies for his oil paintings, including 'Eve of St. Valentines'

593 Claude Hamilton Rowbotham (1864-1949), five assorted hand coloured aquatints, including on Loch Eck, signed in pencil, largest 21 x 31cm, unframed

594 Graham Clarke (b. 1941), 'Greatstones Shrimpman', signed, watercolour, artist's label and presentation inscription verso, 19 x 24cm

595 Frederick Henry Stonham (1924-2003), oil on canvas, River landscape beside a loch, signed, 19 x 48cm

596 Pavel after Captain C. Van Zelle, coloured aquatint, View of the City of Oporto 1833, 49 x 70cm

597 Frederick Richard Lee R.A. (1798-1879), watercolour, Holne Bridge, Devon, signed in pencil, 26 x 37cm

598 Billy Blamire, two watercolours, Scottish coastal landscape and Street scene, 28 x 39cm and 34 x 23cm

599 A. Kraus, oil on canvas, Alpine landscape, signed and dated '42, 47 x 41cm

600 Hubay Maria, watercolour, Still life of flowers in a jug, signed and dated 1913, 54 x 39cm, unframed

601 Max Parsons A.R.C.A. (1915-1998), Sailing clippers and other vessels off the coast, signed, oil on canvas, 40 x 51cm (unframed)

602 Max Parsons A.R.C.A. (1915-1998), Steam tug and sailing ship leaving Dover Harbour, signed and inscribed 'Dover', oil on board, gilt frame, 50 x 75cm

603 Graham Clarke (b. 1941), etching, 'Rue de Wakening', signed and inscribed, Artists Proof, 58 x 72cm

604 J. Frederick Tayler (1802-1889), watercolour, The Hawking Party, initialled and dated 1873, 27 x 38cm, unframed

605 Tang Yee Chuan (Malaysian, b.1972), mixed media, Still life of oranges in a bowl, signed in pencil, 43 x 33cm, unframed

606 Pollard after Pocock, aquatint, Action off Grenada, between The Mermaid and Brutus 1795, 49 x 73cm


607 A group of assorted modern colour prints, mainly botanical studies

608 Owen Jones, three chromolithographs, column capital and other designs 1844, 38 x 54cm

610 English School c.1900, oil on canvas, Still life of flowers in a vase upon a ledge, 60 x 50cm

611 J. F. Bond, 19th century, oil on canvas, Landscape with cattle and two figures beside a cottage, inscribed verso, 37 x 55cm

612 Follower of Aelbert Jacobsz Cuyp, oil on canvas, Cattle and drover by a river estuary, 40 x 50cm

613 Modern British, watercolour, Still life of tulips in a bowl, 66 x 38cm

614 Henry William Standing (1894-1931), pair of watercolours, Heavy horses and groom in a stall, signed and dated 1910, 36 x 74cm

615 Archibald S. Worthey, photolithograph, Grouse Shooting, signed in pencil, 51 x 82cm, a similar pair of prints by Douglas Adams, 47 x 70cm, an earlier hunting print and a print of choir boys

616 After Hondecoeter, oil on canvas board, Peacock and poultry in a landscape, 74 x 90cm

617 Lucienne Ha Van Vuong (1914-1990), oil on canvas, Persimmons 1964, signed, 59 x 63cm

618 Walton After Reynolds, mezzotint, Lady Bampfylde, 64 x 39cm

619 Falckeysen After Benjamin West, engraving, The Death of General Wolfe, 48 x 62cm

620 Oliver Hall (1869-1957), oil on canvas, Duddon Sands from Kirkby Moor, 1953, 56 x 76cm sold with a copy of the 1969 Jubilee Exhibition of the works by Claude Muncaster and Oliver Hall

621 French School, two coloured etchings, caricatures of cats and dogs, one titled Profanateur the other Oh! Liboute Cherie!, 21 x 49cm, frames differ

622 L. Boulnoisi, oil on canvas, Fishing boats on a choppy sea, signed, 58 x 119cm

623 Joseph Brown, oil on card, Still life of flowers upon a tabletop, signed, 75 x 63cm

624 English School, overpainted print, Portrait of two Edwardian children, 93 x 67cm CONDITION: Late 20th century

625 Don McNeil, acrylic on canvas, Jura from the Isthmus October '02, signed and inscribed verso, 60 x 60cm

626 Koldowski, oil on canvas, View of the Houses of Parliament, signed and dated '05, 60 x 80cm, unframed

627 After Gilray, set of 4 coloured engravings (reprints), Hunting scenes, 26 x 38cm.

700 A George III Hester Bateman silver mustard spoon, 12.3cm, a George V silver apostle spoon, silver purse & photograph frame.


701 A Victorian cylindrical silver scent bottle by Sampson Mordan & Co, London, 1882, 54mm (a.f.), one other engraved, Charles Mappin, London, 1883, seven other silver mounted scent bottles and a white metal cylindrical vesta case.

702 A modern silver mounted photograph frame, with reeded ribbon border, 23.2cm.

703 A George V silver seven bar toastrack, Adie Bros. Birmingham, 1929 and a modern silver mounted photograph frame, 18.5cm.

704 A pierced silver pedestal bon bon dish, Birmingham 1995, 4oz and a plated two-handled sugar bowl.

705 Four items of modern silver by Pruden and Smith, comprising a planished jug with angel handle, a planished bowl, a Christening cup and a 'twisted' spoon, 14.91oz CONDITION: All in nice clean condition.


Three modern shaped and embossed silver easel photograph frames, one rectangular with heart-shaped plate, embossed with flowers, one rectangular with shaped rectangular plate and lattice decoration and the other of shaped outline and rectangular plate, embossed with swags (3) 19 x 14cm to 23 x 18c ...[more]

707 Four modern silver photographs frames, two with decorative banding 22.5 x 18cm to 32 x 27cm (overall)

708 An Italian 800 standard silver oval sugar bowl and a similar circular fluted lobed bowl, the former with ropetwist rim on four claw and ball feet, the latter with shaped everted rim on three paw feet, 14.4oz

709 A set of four silver wire 'initial' napkin rings, two other silver napkin rings (one Asprey) and five miniature photograph frames, three hallmarked


An 800 standard silver ladle and various serving items, including a pair of modern plated salad servers, a pair of Sheffield plated and mother of pearl-handled servers, a pair of silver-mounted horn salad servers and a large silver-mounted horn serving spoon (8) ladle approx 6.5oz


An Italian 800 standard white metal sucrier and cover, in the form of a classical Greek tripod stand, having three paw feet on a tripartite foliate cast base, scrolled supports united by floral scrollwork, Hermes winged helmet capitols and anthemion pierced and cast rim, the cover with cast foliate ...[more]

712 An Italian 800 standard white metal jug, of lobed bellied form, approx 21oz

713 An Italian 800 standard white metal oval tray with raised pierced galleried edge, 47.3cm, 22oz

714 A sterling silver serving slice and a small collection of 800 standard white metal flatware, comprising a pair of engraved fish servers, a foliate cast, pierced and engraved large serving spoon, a sauce ladle and a pair of sugar tongs, approx 15oz

715 An Italian 800 standard white metal oval tray, the edge embossed with fruits 35oz approx; L 48.5cm

716 An Italian 800 standard white metal oval serving platter by Missiaglia, of shaped narrow form with ropetwist edge, approx 37oz; L 58cm W 25.5cm

717 An Italian 800 standard white metal two-handled tray, with ropetwist edges, 20oz; L 50cm

718 An Italian white metal oval tray with ropetwist edge, missing handles, 30.5oz


719 An Italian 800 standard white metal entree dish and cover by Missiaglia, of octafoil form, with plated handle, 41.35oz

720 An 18th/19th century Continental white metal beaded openwork oval table salt cellar with blue glass liner and a pair of cauldron salts, Hungarian 800 standard, with beaded rims and hoof feet (total weighable 9.43oz), L 14.5cm (table salt)

721 An Italian 800 standard white metal oval tray by Missiaglia, having raised galleried edge with ropetwist decoration, 22oz; L 46cm


A part service of Italian 800 standard silver flatware in the St Mark's pattern, initialled 'AG', comprising: 10 steel-bladed table knives, 7 table forks, 9 steel-bladed steak knives, 3 steel-bladed dessert knives, a fish slice, 12 fish knives (the fish service with linear engraving), 6 fish forks, ...[more]

723 A George III reeded silver christening mug, London, 1812 and one other later mug, London, 1827, maker's marks rubbed, largest 85mm, with later engraved monogram, gross 8.5 oz.

724 A George V silver waiter, London, 1919, a silver mug and a modern silver wine coaster, weighable silver 10.5oz.

725 Two George V silver porringers, London, 1921 and Birmingham, 1925, tallest 8cm, gross 10oz.

726 A Victorian engraved silver salver, Thomas Bradbury & Sons, London, 1865, 25.7cm, 16oz. CONDITION: Engraving quite tired. Minor scratches in places. Hallmarks slightly rubbed.

727 A modern silver sauceboat, Birmingham, 1966, 10.5cm, 7.5oz.

728 A pair of George III silver sauceboats, London, 1764?, marks rubbed, length 16.5cm, 15.5oz. CONDITION: All feet have been pushed inwards on one boat. Border decoration a little tired on both.

729 A pair of modern silver wine coasters, 13.2cm, one other modern silver coaster and a pair of plated coasters.

730 A George II silver toddy ladle, with turned wooden handle, John Pollock, London, 1742, 37.8cm, gross 81 grams. CONDITION:

Engraved initials to base of bowl. Overall condition is otherwise good. Hallmarks clear, but some rubbing to the maker's mark.

731 A pair of Victorian silver mustards, London, 1892/4 and a pair of Victorian silver pepperettes, London, 1884.

732 A pair of Victorian pierced silver navette shaped salts, London, 1896 and two later silver ashtrays. ashtrays

733 Two pairs of Victorian silver salts, on ball feet, Sheffield, 1870 and London, 1873, approx. 62mm.

734 A late Victorian silver rectangular photograph case, John Milward Banks, London, 1896, 11.2cm (interior a.f.).

735 An early 19th century Portuguese white metal wine taster, Oporto mark, 11cm, 4oz.

736 A late Victorian silver small lighthouse sugar caster, Daniel & Charles Houle, London, 1883, 15.2cm, 4.5oz. CONDITION: Engraved crest. Numerous scratches and a few bumps. Cover has two dents. Dent to the foot.

737 A group of sundry mainly small silver, including a pair of Portuguese white metal dishes, pair of shell butter dishes, bonbon dish, pepper mill, a set of four pepperettes, quaich, flatware etc, weighable silver 36.5oz.


738 A late 19th century Hanau silver circular snuff box, import marks for London, 1899, 71mm and a later silver and enamel hexagonal pill box, 51mm. CONDITION: Minor damage to the enamel. Hanau box a little tired and hinge pin is protruding.


A set of eight George III Irish bright cut engraved Celtic tip spoons and three table spoons, Jon Power, Dublin, 1791/2, 16.7cm &

22.9cm, a set of similar table forks, James Keating, Dublin, 1786 and five other forks, 29.5oz. CONDITION: Wear to fork tines All have been over cleaned with scour ...[more]

740 A Victorian silver butter knife, an ornate Dutch white metal spoon, seven condiment spoons including six silver, one 835 and three silver pepperettes, gross 7.5oz.

741 A cased George V silver four piece mirror and brush set and an associated comb(a.f.) and a cased part toilet set, comprising a mirror and toilet jar.

742 Two pairs of Edwardian silver dwarf candlesticks (a.f.), 11.5cm et infra.


A modern Charles Frodsham & Co silver cased carriage domed timepiece, maker TC, London, 1981, with chain suspension, 82mm.

CONDITION: No key and not currently ticking, so in need of attention. Case quite tarnished. A few minor surface scratches to the case in general. Dial clean. Hallmarks on ...[more]

744 A Portuguese white metal dressing table tray(repairs), 28.2cm, gross 13oz and eight other silver mounted brushes and mirror and a pair of late Victorian silver mounted glass toilet jars by Asprey & Co, London, 1888, 10.2cm.


A Victorian brass mounted coromandel toilet box with silver mounted toilet jars(four lids unmarked), retailed by Asprey & Co, silver maker's mark for Thomas Whitehouse, London, 1872, box 30.7cm. CONDITION: Interior incomplete(no nail implements). Split to the top of the lid of the box. One sma ...[more]

746 Nine assorted silver handled button hooks and one other button hook, largest 40.2cm and a similar shoe horn.

747 Four assorted silver mounted photograph frames, largest 21cm, one other white metal frame and a brass frame.

748 A Continental white metal charger, embossed with cherub and animals amid foliage, 44cm, 28oz, (a.f.) CONDITION: Poor condition, large splits, large and small holes to the charger in general.

749 A 20th century Austrian engraved 900 standard white metal cigarette case, 10.3cm, gross 5oz. CONDITION: Overall condition is good, commensurate with age and some use. Engraving still very crisp.

750 A silver four-piece tea service, London shape, George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, Chester 1907, 1911 & 1912, gross 57.84oz.

751 A silver shaped square small pedestal bowl, a silver spiral-fluted cream jug and a silver sifter spoon, gross 5.18oz.

752 An Edwardian embossed silver circular pedestal dish of lobed form, George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, Chester 1906, 11.78oz.

753 A late Victorian three-piece silver tea service of shaped stylised outline, J. R. Ltd, Birmingham 1898, gross 16.16oz

754 A circular silver waiter with piecrust edge, London 1961 and a modern silver (925) circular armada dish, 9.09oz.

755 A George III ivory-handled silver cheese scoop, London, 1811, 26.4cm, a silver-handled ivory page turner and a modern silver snuffer


756 A four-piece engine-turned silver dressing table set, an embossed silver-backed clothes brush, a similar shoe horn and a comb

757 A pair of silver dwarf candlesticks and various cased silver items, including a pair of shell salts and spoons, two Christening sets (one part) and a set of six coffee spoons


A quantity of mixed jewellery, including silver Mizpah brooch, 9ct gold ring (gross 1.6 grams), a 14k mounted cameo brooch(gross 4.9 grams), agate necklace, silver brooch, Scottish hardstone brooch, coral necklace, 9ct gold mounted cameo brooch(gross 11.2 grams) etc.

776 A continental graduated turquoise bead necklace, with marcasite and cultured pearl set white metal clasp, 57cm, gross 73 grams.

777 A 20th century filligree yellow metal mounted porcelain plaque pendant brooch, decorated with Madonna & Child, 60mm, gross 20.6 grams.

778 A white metal (stamped plat) single stone moissanite? and four stone diamond set dress ring, size M, gross 4.4 grams and an 18ct gold and white paste set dress ring, gross 4.1 grams.

779 A 1970's 18ct gold, sapphire, emerald and diamond cluster ring, size P/Q, gross 3.2 grams. CONDITION: A few minor nicks to the table facets of the sapphire and emeralds.

780 A modern 18ct white metal, emerald and diamond three row half hoop ring, size Q, gross 6.7 grams. CONDITION: Some minor scratches to the shank. No visible damage to any of the stones.

781 A yellow metal, ruby and split pearl cluster set marquise shaped dress ring, size Q, gross 5.8 grams. CONDITION: Overall condition is good, commensurate with some use.

782 A gentleman's 9ct gold Omega manual wind dress wrist watch, on associated damaged leather strap, case diameter 33mm, gross 28.2 grams. CONDITION: Watch ticks when wound.

783 A gentleman's yellow metal Omega automatic wrist watch, now without bracelet and winding crown, gross 34.9 grams, case diameter 36mm.

784 Assorted jewellery including gilt metal pendants, brooches etc and a late Victorian silver locket.

785 Mixed jewellery including Victorian gilt metal lockets, white metal necklace, Victorian silver locket etc.

786 Ten assorted mainly Victorian gilt metal hardstone set brooches, including mourning brooch, 54mm, four other items and a 9ct mounted cameo shell brooch, 61mm, gross 17.7 grams.

787 An 18ct and amethyst set heart bar brooch, 42mm, gross 1.5 grams, two 9ct brooches, gross 6 grams and six other yellow metal and gem or enamel set brooches, gross 17.4 grams.

788 Mixed jewellery including a yellow metal and seed pearl set openwork hexagonal pendant, 45mm, gross 5 grams, a Victorian yellow metal circular brooch, 7.6 grams and other items, mostly a.f.

789 A 925, chrysophase?, marcasite and plique a jour 'scarab' bar brooch, 70mm. CONDITION: Overall condition is good.

790 A late Victorian silver oval locket, 47mm, on a long white metal chain, 148cm, gross 124 grams.


791 Three assorted Edwardian and later yellow metal bar brooches including a sapphire and seed pearl, 61mm, all three gross 8.4 grams.

792 A yellow metal and diamond set initial 'M' bar brooch, 77mm, gross 4.6 grams.

793 Assorted jewellery including a 9ct coronet brooch, 3.8 grams, a Victorian yellow metal mourning brooch, 48mm, (a.f.) gross 13.3 grams, etc.

794 A pair of ornate Victorian gilt metal teardrop shaped earrings, 86mm and two later pairs.

795 An engine turned gold plated half hunter keyless pocket watch and a 19th century silver pocket watch, by Henry Weston, case diameter 47mm. CONDITION: Neither are currently ticking.

796 A George V 9ct gold cased pencil by Sampson Mordan & Co, 75mm, gross 18.3 grams. CONDITION: Pencil lead not original. Button mechanism now doesn't appear to be working.

797 A pair of Victorian yellow metal and garnet set oval drop earrings, 18mm, gross 4 grams. CONDITION: A couple of small knocks on the backs of both. Probable old repair to the back of both, one more prominent with a small split appearing.


Seven assorted rings, including George V 18ct gold, opal and diamond five stone ring, size L, gross 2.6 grams, an 18ct and garnet marquise ring, size N, gross 2.5 grams, a yellow metal and gypsy set diamond child's ring, size B, gross 1.7 grams and four other yellow metal rings including gimmel fede ...[more]

799 An Edwardian 15ct gold and gypsy set ruby and diamond three stone hinged bangle, gross 11.1 grams (a.f.). CONDITION: Two repairs to the interior of the bangle, one near the head and one on the base.

800 A Victorian yellow metal ,enamel and split pearl set oval mourning brooch, 32mm, gross 8.1 grams. CONDITION: Some damage/loss to the enamel within the star motif, otherwise in good order.

801 A late 19th century continental yellow metal and seed pearl set crescent moon and star crossover hinged bangle, gross 13.6 grams.

CONDITION: Indistinct marks on the clasp button? Overall condition is otherwise good.


A gentleman's stylish 18k Baume & Mercier manual wind dress wrist watch, on associated leather strap, case diameter 26mm, ex.

crown. Case back numbered 442513 over 37061. CONDITION: A few very minor scratches to the case sides and back, otherwise in good condition. Watc ticks when wound and th ...[more]

803 A pair of Victorian yellow metal and split pearl set target earrings, 20mm, gross 9 grams. CONDITION: Possible old repair to the bale hinge on one. Minor scratches to the backs of both. One ear wire bent and repaired.

804 A pair of Victorian style? yellow metal and inset porcelain plaque drop earrings, 52mm, gross 8.4 grams, each painted with the bust of a lady. CONDITION: There are two small chips to the back of one of the plaques.


A late Victorian yellow metal, ruby and seed pearl set hinged bangle, gross 10.6 grams. CONDITION: There are 3 splits and a dent to the lower interior section of the bangle and a split and an old repair to the underside of the head of the bangle. Two dents to the outside of the lower section of th ...[more]

806 A pair of Victorian pierced yellow metal, foil back pink paste and simulated pearl set drop earrings, 60mm, gross 10.8 grams.

CONDITION: Top section of both very tarnished,


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