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Agent State Management from the Handset ... 5

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Requirements for Akixi ACD Reporting

The following are required to enable Akixi ACD reporting.

Akixi 2000 - both the site and the supervisor(s) should be configured for Akixi 2000

Unavailable Codes - these are separate to the Default Guard time and Unavailable settings and are configured within the Horizon GUI only

Handset Soft keys - these should be programmed on compatible Horizon handsets

Calls in a queue are typically ordered by wait time by Horizon, with the longest waiting calls prioritised to the top of the queue. Calls can be reordered by a supervisor and calls that were offered to an agent and bounced are always prioritised to the top of the queue. In addition, a call may be transferred by a supervisor or an agent from one call centre to another, in which case the wait time of a call can be preserved by policy.

The Akixi ACD reporting provides five status updates for the agent within the Call Queue Group:




Unavailable (with codes)


Akixi will allow Supervisors to allocate which queues to join as well as introduce unavailable codes.

ACD Reports

The following ACD reports are available in addition to the usual Akixi reporting suite.  ACD Agent List

 ACD/DND Activity Log  ACD N/A Code Usage

ACD Agent Lis t

In the ACD Agent list, you can gather information based on various different ACD statuses as well as having the option for an overview of the groups into which the agent is logged.


ACD/DND Ac tivit y Log Report

This is the change log created from the activity of the agents during the course of that day focusing on ACD and DND status. T

ACD N ot Availa ble Code Usage Report



Agent State Management from the Handset

Cisco SP A5 04G

Login - when the user is not logged in then the “login” soft key will appear in position 10. If they press this once, they will log in.

Logout - Once logged in, then the “log out” and “agents” soft keys will appear in positions 11 and 12 respectively. By pressing the “agents” soft key, the user will be able to his state (Available, Unavailable and Wrap-Up).

The users will be able to change the soft keys position through the device customisation page.

Pol yc om VVXs

Login - When the user is not logged in the “ASignIn” soft key will appear in the last position (or first available position) automatically.


Logout - If the user is logged in then “Unavailable” and “ASignOut” soft keys will appear in the last (or first available) positions

Wrap Up - In order to change the agent state on a Polycom VVX device, you have to go to the main menu > Settings -> Features --> ACD --> Agent State.

The soft key positions cannot be altered on the VVX range.

Agent State Management via Akixi

Agents/supervisors are able to change their status using the call control provided by Akixi. A supervisor can also force the changes to the agents they manage.

From the ACD Agent List, there is an option to change the status of an agent, with the option to assign a specific state. This will be company dependent for when a specific unavailable code needs to be selected.




The N/A fields when added, here provide a real time count of live status. This is very useful in Call Centre environments and there is an option to include the total time against these statuses. If wrap up time within Horizon is set to make the agent unavailable after a call is completed, this will be indicated on the Wallboard accordingly.

ACD Not Available Codes


Important Reminders

Akixi’s “Advanced Call” statistic is incremented whenever a call is offered to an agent within a hunt group or call centre queue but the call is answered by another agent. This will also show in reports of agents are not using their status control correctly. These are referred to as bounced calls in Horizon.

If adding an agent into a queue, you can add that device to the “Agent(s):” filtering option within the Filter tab for reporting purposes.

Tip: A strongly recommended alternative to doing this, is to filter the corresponding report using the ACD Hunt Group device self within the “Device(s):” option. The report automatically displays the members of that hunt group against the report you are creating. This saves you selecting individuals out of a long list.

g. This saves you selecting individuals out of a long list.





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