CEO BIT. Upcoming Events: Widewater Beachfest! Supporting Final Salute Inc. Annual BITS 5 th Golf Tournament. Corporate Announcements






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Upcoming Employee Birthdays Will Rogers—08/02 Amanda Darnell—08/06 Steven Winders—08/15 Mike Morgan—08/15 Donna Nguetchang—8/16 Julie Lorfano—08/22 Negest Rucker—08/27 Michael Box—08/29


Upcoming Events:

8.2.14—Widewater Beach-fest! Supporting Final Salute Inc.

10.10.14—BITS 5th Annual Golf Tournament Supporting Final Salute Inc.


It is with pleasure that I introduce the BITS first corporate newsletter, “BITS BYTES”. We

have had tremendous success over the last couple of years in growing and shaping the com-pany. This is largely due to the hard work, dedication, loyalty, and technical acumen of the BITS employees. With a distributed workforce in over 12 States to include the State of Ha-waii it is very hard to bring the teams together to communicate and get to know each other better. The Newsletter is one way outside of email that will allow us to communicate. The newsletter belongs to you the employees, so please use it to communicate about yourselves and our team successes, no matter how small they may seem.

BITS Mission Statement

“Assist our clients in the achievement of their business objectives through the appro-priate use of business processes and the implementation of system technology prod-ucts to support the business. Use a disciplined system engineering approach with cer-tified project management and seasoned technical professionals managing the project to achieve an on-time, under budget, quality product or service.”

Our corporate mission statement is achieved through our employee competencies, skills, technical savvy, and the overall understanding of the client and their business needs. We have been recognized from our customers and partners as a company that has technical and functional competencies, produces quality products, and has integrity. This is a direct reflec-tion of the employees. Thank You!

I would ask that all employees take advantage of our tuition/higher education reimbursement policy to maintain their skills, credentials, and certifications necessary to grow with the corpo-ration, customer needs, and the evolution of technology. It will be very important in the IT world to stay current.

I have an open door policy, may need to get on my schedule, but if you ever want to chat or discuss anything please do so. If you are not in the DC area and are ever in the area for any reason please stop by the corporate office.

Semper Fidelis, Dan McQuay CEO BITS Inc.

Corporate Announcements

Recent Awards:

ABS TO 6 – July 2014

VHA Connected Health Program and Acquisition Support Services, June 2014

Navy COTF - Oracle Fi-nancials – May 2014


Employee Awards/Recognitions

Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations to MIKE ABEL on being named the Employee of the Quarter for Q2! Mike works on the DCAA Help Desk as IT Support and is located in Kansas.

“Michael Abel's attention to detail, unfailing politeness and patience makes him an ideal help desk agent. His willing-ness to volunteer to take on extra responsibilities such as testing new procedures and writing documentation for oth-er help desk agents and field technicians to use makes him a great asset to management as well as othoth-er help desk analysts. Michael Able is a face to the customer that BITS can be proud to have.”

TMIP-J Awards

July 1,2014 TMIP J held an All Hands meeting to acknowledge employee contributions to the project. In addition to the recognition of everyone’s hard work, Salma Kaul was awarded as the Employee of the Quarter. Employee recognition on project TMIP-J: Kristen Hill, Karen Chavarria, Salma Kaul, Stuart Gilmore, Sarita Bhure, Curt Adams, Daniel Yun.

Salma Kaul Curt Adams

THANK YOU TMIP J Team, keep up the hard work!

BITS would like to congratulate the

Mai and Abel families on the arrival


Employee Spotlight

 Dan McQuay

 Title: CEO/Founder

 Hometown: St. Louis, MO

 Current Residence: Stafford, VA

 How long have you worked for BITS? Founded the company in 2003

 Hobbies/Interests: Boating, Fishing, Hunting, Time with my kids and grandkids

 Tell us something interesting about yourself:

Base-ball fan since I was 4. Caught my older brothers bat-ting practice at age of 7, he was 15. Played High School ball for 5 years. Had a dream to play profes-sional baseball. Had two tryouts with the Cincinnati Reds in High School. Told both times I was too slow. Joined the Marine Corps at 17 when I accept-ed reality on the dream .

Corey, Dan, Zach


Ethan (grandson)

and Dan

Abby (daughter) , Dan, Josh (son)



(Re)Focusing On Our Founding Capabilities:

Many of you are aware, and some were around to see, that BITS was started as an Oracle application and technology services company. At the core of BITS’ capabilities is a focus on enterprise technologies and functional business processes. BITS got its start in 2003 supporting the Military Health Systems (MHS) with the implementation of the Defense Medical Hu-man Resource Management Systems Internet (DMHRSi). Many Oracle technologies were support-ed for this program. From there BITS expandsupport-ed into other technology and functional areas, with a deep focus in the Health IT technical and functional areas. This year we have reinvigorated our broader focus on “enterprise” technologies outside of health. That is what the Enterprise Solutions (ES) business area is all about. Our ES group will broaden the BITS focus in-to technology services and business process services to more government customers for existing and new functional areas and product families. This section will keep you apprised of our progress and he devel-opments in the marketplace. This is a robust market. There are lots of opportunities. Our discipline will be to “walk before we run” in order to be successful. The BITS Health IT business remains our largest business focus, and will continue to be important to our business. It’s our vision to develop a robust set of competencies cross the broad spectrum of govern-ment customer requiregovern-ments, over time.

HIT News

The Health Information Technology line of business has endured a strong perfor-mance within the first two quarters of 2014. This growth was the result of an “All BITS” effort that touched on every aspect of a successful campaign; for in-stance, these efforts ranged from identifi-cation of opportunities, to proposal de-velopment, contracting, accounts paya-ble/receivable, recruiting, and finally the subsequent hiring of extremely qualified individuals to work at client sites and the BITS Office. Our services are tailor-made on a case-by-case basis and lever-age our unique combination of market expertise, presence, and relationships with key players in and outside of gov-ernment. We continue to integrate on all levels. We leverage the on-site intimate relationships with the customer to identi-fy opportunities for the wider BITS audi-ence. The entire BITS Team is

responsi-ble for some great wins: ABS task order

6, Connected Health, FHCC IT Sup-port, HS Portfolio SupSup-port, HS Priori-tization, MHV Sustainment, MPN, VA

Best and VSE. It has been a great six

months, looking forward to the next six and to close out strong!

Please join us for the BITS 5th Annual Charity Golf Tourna-ment! Proceeds will be donated to Final Salute Inc. Your attend-ance and participation at this event will support a worthy cause and be greatly appreciat-ed. Looking forward to another great event!


BITS Night Out at The Park

BITS Night Out at The Park had a huge amount of participation from our employees!

For more picture please visit our Facebook page,

BITS Open house

BITS open house was a huge success and we

would like to thank all of those that came out

and made it the successful event that it was!


Natalie Spencer Negest Rucker Carmen Long Linda Wooding Shawn Brewster Jennifer Lindsey Eric Hanson Gregg Bender Jenelle Chase Amanda Darnell Sue Kang Medha Bhargaw






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