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Dear Friend and Colleague,

The ISTEW project has created new accredited educational materials for European healthcare students that will provide them with the knowledge and skills to improve the care they provide - to become change agents and to be their best in their everyday practice. We would like to cordially invite you to celebrate the success of the ISTEW project whilst learning about the outcomes of the individual objectives and networking with like-minded individuals.

Back in 2001, the Institute of Medicine published its landmark report and stated:

“Quality problems are everywhere... Between the health care we have and the health care we could have lies not just a gap, but a chasm. The flaws in the current system are indisputable: best-known science is not reliably applied; widespread inefficiencies waste precious resources; and our system, which aims to heal, too often does just the opposite, leading to unintended harm.”

This resulted in concerted international efforts to work towards a shared and consistent approach to improving healthcare quality, harm reduction whilst also reducing the economic strains on European health services. The Scottish Patient Safety Programme has been a prime example of this effort within healthcare.

However, to date, systems’ thinking and improvement science have not been an integral part of the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula for the multidisciplinary healthcare workforce.

The Improvement Science Training for European Healthcare Workers (ISTEW) project set out to address this disparity with the high level aim of developing shared academic and practice based programmes that enable European universities to build improvement capability and capacity within their own healthcare workforce, through engagement with students based on an agreed scope of practice, essential knowledge base, and improvement science competence across seven European partner countries.



This conference will present:

• Four new accredited evidence informed healthcare improvement science modules

• A new consensus definition of Healthcare Improvement Science • The evidence on the specific nature of Healthcare Improvement Science in seven European countries

• The current state of Healthcare Improvement Science education in seven European countries

• A framework to evaluate the impact of education on practice

The conference will also provide the forum to debate how we build on the outputs of the project to ensure that multidisciplinary healthcare students are educated and equipped to become change agents and quality improvers in everyday practice.

We are fully aware of the financial pressures facing all EU countries; as a result there is no attendance fee. If you are unable to attend in person, it is our intention to make the event freely available to those who wish to attend virtually with a further option for on-line interaction. For further information on the conference please click here

If you wish to attend in person please contact your local representative. The conference is also accepting a small number of papers for

presentation. If you wish to submit an abstract for a 20 minute

presentation please send this to by Monday 29th June, 2015.

Warm regards

Kevin Rooney







Location: University of Alicante, Spain

Date: 2-4 September 2015



Organising Comittee

Institution Contact Rhoda Macrae University of the

West of Scotland, UK

Kevin Rooney Manuel Lillo


University of Alicante, Spain Miriam

Sánchez-SanSegundo María Josefa



Alan Taylor Coventry University, UK

Katrina Ritters

Brigita Skela Savič College of Nursing Jesenice, Slovenia Joca Zurc

Julita Sansoni University of Rome, Italy Ioana Margineanu University of

Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T.Popa”,

Romania Laura Smochina





September 2, Day One

10.00 Registration

10.20 Conference Welcome Address

10.30 Key Note Kevin Rooney

11.30 Defining Healthcare Improvement Science Brigita Skela Savic 12.00 Healthcare Improvement Science: Fragmentation, Diversity and Rapid

Development Alan Taylor 12.30 Healthcare Improvement Science: Diver-sity in Concepts, Education and Practice

in Europe Ioana Margineau

13.00 Q&A with expert panel

13.30 LUNCH

Poster presentations

14.30 HIS Competencies and Capabilities Julita Sansoni 15.00 HIS Education and Gap Analysis Magdalena Głowacka

15.30 Evaluating the Impact of Healthcare Improvement Science Modules Manuel Lillo Crespo 16.30 Oral Presentation on Evaluation Framework

Q&A with Expert Panel

17.00 Tour around the University of Alicante


September 3, Day Two

10.00 Key Note Andy Carson-Stevens 11.00 Oral Presentations

13.00 Q&A with expert panel

13.30 LUNCH Ioana Margineau

14.30 Poster presentations

15.30 Healthcare Improvement Science Modules for Multidisciplinary Higher Education Students

Barbara O’Donnell 16.30 Q&A with expert panel

17.30 Guided Tour at MARQ Museum Manuel Lillo Crespo

19.30 Tour & Dinner El Campello Fishermen Village

September 4, Day Three

ISTEW Project Internal Meeting:

Rhoda MacRae

*Coffee service will be placed into the Conference main room during morning sessions




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