We are the biggest IT distributor in 2013

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The AT Computers company, the biggest Czech IT distributor, has scored again. After receiving the award IT Distributor of 2011, it has achieved another success, this time in the ChannelWorld Awards poll announced by the editorial board of the ChannelWorld project and the publishing house IDG Czech Republic, a.s.

In the third year of this prestigious poll AT Computers got in total 40 % of votes of all exe-cutive representatives of vendors, service suppliers and ICT and consumer electronics producers and thus it has become the Broadline distributor of the year 2014 both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“We are very grateful to our partners for the support. The results of this poll are very important and motiva-ting of us. The more we will attempt to further improve our services.“ - Aleš Kilnar

We are the biggest

IT distributor in 2013

AT Computers

40 %

17 %

16 %

10 %

7 %

10 %

Broadline Distributor of the Year

Who is your main distributor?


Dear friends,

The aim of our company is to make your work in selling goods and services in the ICT field as easy as possible. For a number of years, our company has belonged to the absolute top among the distribution companies on the Czech and Slovak market.

Following a merge with the Polish company AB in October 2007, we represent one of the biggest distribution companies in the whole Czech-Slovak-Polish region. We are close to you in 7 cities – Ostrava, Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Žilina, Warsaw and Wroclav. And moreover we are available 24x7 on our portal - www.atcomp.cz – which ranks among the best on the market.

We continually widen the range of products and improve the quality of services in order to be your preferred supplier. We believe that a friendly com-pany culture and individual approach, which we have been providing to our customers on a long term basis, will contribute to a pleasant shopping in our company. We appreciate that we can make business with you, and I believe that our cooperation will con-tinue to develop.


We offer you, our customers, what you require, in the necessary structure, excellent quality and the shortest time possible. But let’s be more specific.

Rich portfolio

We offer what our customers need. We have a balanced and comprehensive product portfolio. We offer com-puters of all world brands. We produce our own high-quality personal computers. We have the widest offer of computer components. We supply servers, backup equipment and network solutions. Furthermore, at our place you can find software, peripherals, accessories and other products.

Individual approach

We sell in a modern and professional way. We approach our customers on an individual basis. We have intro-duced Credit Management system and use it successfully.

We help sell

We help our customers with selling. The sale of our products is supported by professional marketing with a focus on the brand, seller and end customer.

High-quality information

We offer fast and reliable information. A fast web online environment interconnected with an information system is available for our customers. It is very easy to find the precise and up-to-date information on the state of your specific order.

Modern logistics

Our logistics is fast and reliable. The customer receives what he has ordered, and he receives it on time. Our modern logistics centre with an ERP/WMS information system will take care of this.

Within 24 hours

We are a step ahead of problems but when they do occur there is a qualified technical support and fast warranty claim service. Our triumph is what we call Urgent Adjustment – we supply any requested part within mere 24 hours.


Our power resides in our people. A strong, motivated, determined and synchronized team of professionals is available to our customers.

Our way

eives Our ation occur claim ment 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 400 300 200 100 0 500 600 2014 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 100 75 50 25 0 2014

We are the biggest ICT distributor

in the Czech Republic.

Turnover in million EUR Increase in % 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 458 405 382 350 317 324 295 266 224 203 182 162 135 13 6 9 10 -1,87 10 20 11 11 12,5 20 30 2014 609 33

Turnover history of the ATC SK/CZ (in million EUR)

(School Internet) project (School Internet) project


Personal computers • Acer • Apple • AutoCont • COMFOR • Dell • Fujitsu • HP • Lenovo • Premio • Triline Notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones • Acer • Apple • ASUS • Dell • Fujitsu • Huawei • HP • HTC • Lenovo • LG • Microsoft • Samsung • SONY

Servers and storage

• Cisco • D-Link • Dell • HP • Lenovo • QNAP • Synology • WD

Screens and projectors

• Acer • AOC • Apple • ASUS • BenQ • Dell • EIZO • HP • iiyama • Lenovo • LG • NEC • Philips • Samsung Printers and consumable material • 3D Factories • Armor • Brother • Canon • EPSON • HP • Intermec/Honeywell • Konica Minolta • Lexmark • OKI • Samsung • TB • Xerox Accessories for PC, tablets and Mac

• Allsop • Belkin • Da-Lite • DICOTA • Genius • Microsoft • Logitech • Trust Components • ASUS • Corel/Pinnacle • FORTRON • Fractal Design • GIGABYTE • Intel • Kingston • LG • Microsoft • MSI • OCZ • PNY • Samsung • SAPPHIRE • Seagate • WD Software • Autodesk • Corel • Grisoft • Kaspersky Lab • Kerio • Microsoft • Novell • ESET • Symantec

Digital and consumer technology • Apple • Canon • Jabra • Nikon • Samsung • SONY • TomTom

Networking and UPS

• ACTi • Allied Telesis • APC • ASUS • Cisco • D-Link • HP • NETGEAR • OvisLink • TP-LINK • ZyXel Gaming • Microsoft Xbox • SONY PlayStation

Comprehensive portfolio

- Broadline distributor of the year 2014


- Czech IT distributor 2014

Reseller Magazine – 2nd place

- Slovak IT distributor 2014

Reseller Magazine – 1st place

- Acknowledgment for excellent distribution in Central and Eastern Europe

EMEA Channel Academy: 2013 Awards

- Broadline distributor of the year 2


IDG Ch lW ld

- Acknowledgment fo distribution in Cent di t ib ti i C t

Recent awards in the customer polls

Our own PC brands


The customers in the CR and Slovakia are cared for by



CZ SK 5 000 4 000 3 000 2 000 1 000 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

We approach every customer

on an individual basis

Petr Vaněk

Vice-Chairman of the board


Our ideal geographical location for providing 24-hour logistics within the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic

Headquarters: Ostrava

Branches: Praha




Rising number of active customers

Individual approach

Each of our customers is different, each is unique. Therefore we attempt to get to know our customers as best as possible and to provide services to them in such a way so that they are most suitable for them and lead to their success.


The structure of our trade team is fixed which makes the orientation and communication with us easier for the customers. Each of our customers, has, based on his orientation (SMB, Comfor, Premio, Triline, Digimax sale networks, retail, system integrators, etc.) his own sale spe-cialist in our store. There are spespe-cialists for each personal computers brand or line, servers, storage, or specialists in components, peripheries, and renowned brand products from our portfolio available. We are also very successful in the problematic of cashier and AutoID systems solution and POS accessories.

Call Centrum

A top Call Centrum serves our customers for simple and effective communication.

Maximum prosperity

We pay maximum attention and care to set up payment mechanisms, especially credits and invoice maturity. Also here we reflect individual needs and possibilities of our customers with the only goal – to achieve a maximum prosperity of partners, thereby their satisfaction.


We help you to sell


Martin Wanke

Marketing director

Training in marketing, strategy and product


We realize how important are personal meetings with you, and therefore we carry out the following regular and professional trainings:

ATC Road Show – we will come to you in order to support your regional activities (9 cities for 650 partners).

Two-day meetings – we meet with regular partners always twice a year, training in the products, marketing and strategy area (2 000 various partners, over 12 two-day events). Other trainings are in the field of sales psychology, Networking Forum and specialized technical trainings.

Printed materials

We select well-arranged Czech datasheets and regular product catalogues with end prices for our products and your custom-ers.

Incentive competitions and programmes

“My life is just great!” (Žiju si!) – a year-long programme in which you can get a whole range of presents and prizes throughout the year. Moreover, we often organize attractive tours for our best partners (European Football Championship, Ice Hockey World Championship, skiing, beer fests, etc.).


Each day we offer a number of product promotion – interesting bundles or competitions in the sale of selected goods. Over 300 promo actions annually.


Perfect and fast

These two words exactly characterize our logistics department. As many as 70 employees of the modern logistics centre with two external storage locations take care that everything our customers require is stored, released, packed and dispatched.


The whole logistics process is automated in the maxi-mum degree. All operations are controlled by an ERP and WMS information system. Registration, movement and completion of goods are monitored exclusively by means of a bar code. We make shipments in real time. Thousands of items of high-turnover goods are avail-able in a very short time thanks to a unique system of order-picking and packaging. We check whether orders are complete by scanning the goods. We, of course, pack every order perfectly and equip it, with elements for the identification of unauthorized tampering with the packaging.

Our visiting card?

Every day there is in average more than 26 thousand pieces of goods in 3,500 items which are released and processed. On the busiest days of the year we ship over 7,000 consignments per day. And if you have any com-ment regarding our distribution? Let us know about it so that we will improve our work for you even more!

Wide range of transport

When shipping our consignments to customers we cooperate with all the leading parcel and pallet carriers in the Czech Republic – DPD, Česká pošta, PPL, Geis, Gebrüder Weiss – and offer our customers a wide range of services and ways of delivery, including the possibility to pay by a credit card on delivery.

We will deliver

everything you order

on time and exactly

where you need it

Tomáš Holáň


Warranty claims are not something that you would want to make very often. If, however, such a situation happens to you, our complaints department is ready to take care of everything necessary. Customer satisfaction and good mutual relations are our primary aim even in this field.

Fast settlement

A team of experienced employees will assess and solve your warranty claim in the shortest possible time. The average time of settlement is 15 days, but a third is set-tled already within a week. In complicated cases we try our best to meet your needs. We are willing to arrange post-warranty claims if our contacts allow us to do so.

Excellent communication

New telephone exchange will put you through to online telephone operators; received emails will be answered within 24 hours; it is possible to follow the course of cases which are being currently solved on the web and to send in questions regarding them.

Urgent claims

- this is our competitive advantage. An urgent claim means that you will receive the requested spare part into a computer produced by us within 24 hours. It is simple – you just notify us which part needs replacing and we will send it without any delay. While the defective part may not have been packed yet, our consignment including the working spare part will certainly arrive the next day to you. However, we devote due care to all claims. The average time of their settlement is 15 days, but a tenth of them is settled only within two days.

Don’t worry ...

Lukáš Neuwirth


Rostislav Vybíral

Member of the board

Your own e-shop in 24 hours

Our e-shop, your comfort

There is nothing easier than shopping on our busi-ness portal. You will gain access to the IT product database, including the possibility to configure com-puter sets.

• www.atcomp.cz; www.atcomp.sk

Your contact details

on our product websites

We will ensure you make business on our website. We will list you as a seller on our web pages. Your customers will therefore shop directly from you through us. Let us take care of some of your worries and enjoy making good deals!

• www.triline.cz; www.triline.sk • www.comfor.cz; www.comfor.sk

We will take care of your web

-within 24 hours

Let us take care of your web pages and you will have them constantly up-to-date and attractive for your customers. You will offer more than thirty thousand items, most of which are in stock, without work and unnecessary worries. We guarantee the completeness of the range of products, valid prices and “hot” offers of products and services. Moreover we will deliver the ordered goods in your name to your customers.

Your minimum costs

We will arrange and provide everything on your behalf and for your customers:

• more than 40,000 items of goods, large part of them in stock and ready for shipping

• our own products

• configurators of computers, notebooks or serv-ers, including HP

• interesting purchase prices

• marketing information, published articles, top products, new releases, best-selling goods

• delivery of goods to your customer within 24 hours, direct debiting and transfer to your account • an invoice issued in your name and to your

cus-tomer and sent together with the goods You can find other services at www.ekatalog.biz.

Minimum risk for you

A simple and transparent contract, minimum fees. During the first month you can decide whether you will use the service or not. You pay always for three months, and you can terminate the contract at any time.

Your bonus

A simple and transparent contract, minimum fees. During the first month you can decide whether you will use the service or not. You pay always for three months, and you can terminate the contract at any time.

• www.ekatalog.biz

On-line data

- your customers see immediately what is in our offer.

Virtual warehouse available

- more than 30,000 items of goods, the best-selling commodities and their producers, large part of them in stock.

We will deliver goods to your customer

- direct delivery of goods on your behalf, in your name and with your invoice.

Product information

- descriptions, parameters, images, datasheets or links, recommended prices.

Daily updating of your database

- data for your e-shop or information system.

Our e-business solution

minimizes your costs

Your concerns with commissioning We help you Your administration concerns We run your e-shop We publish your articles Your customers We prepare your prices We keep warehouses for you We deliver merchandise on your behalf


Company management

“My aim is that AT Computers is a high-quality and well assessed company. In other words, cooperation with us should be a guarantee of success both for our customers and our suppliers.”

“Only a satisfied customer will come back to us. I know that it is the excellent quality of our products and services and individual, maximally effective approach to every cus-tomer which are the decisive factors for his satisfaction.”

“Top products and services are the foundation on which we build. But success cannot be achieved without a clearly aimed and effective communication of these products and services to the customers and end users.”

“A good decision cannot be made without correct information at a correct time. So that our customers can make right decisions, we offer them maximally flexible and clearly arranged web sales and information systems.”

“Rich portfolio, attractive prices, goods always prepared on time for a delivery to the customer. That is our aim, that is our mission.”

Purchase director - Martin Harazím, harazim@atcomp.cz

Finance director - Monika Doleželová, dolezelova@atcomp.cz Chairman of the board - Aleš Kilnar, kilnar@atcomp.cz

Vice-Chairman of the board - Petr Vaněk, vanek@atcomp.cz

Marketing director - Martin Wanke, wanke@atcomp.cz

Member of the board - Rostislav Vybíral, vybiral@atcomp.cz

“We appreciate our customers very much because we know that their success is also our success. We approach every business partner on an individual basis with the aim to set the optimum amount of credit and the payment period.”




Těšínská 1970/56, 710 00 Slezská Ostrava, phone: 552 300 111, fax: 596 241 220, e-mail: obchod@atcomp.cz


Dělnická 786/38, 170 00 Praha - Holešovice, phone: 220 199 161 (-179), fax.: 220 199 166, e-mail: obchod@atcomp.cz


Běly Pažoutové 741/1, 624 00 Brno, phone: 543 428 711 (-730), fax: 543 428 712, e-mail: obchod@atcomp.cz



Cesta na Senec 2/A, 821 04 Bratislava, phone: 249 406 701, fax: 249 406 718, e-mail: obchod@atcomp.sk





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