9:00 AM-12:00 PM 1:30-5:00 PM 6:00-7:00 PM 8:30-10:30 PM A.M. TUESDAY (19 May) P.M.

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A.M. 9:00 AM-12:00 PM 6:00-7:00 PM 8:30-10:30 PM Breakfast Sessions 7:00-7:55 AM 8:00-10:15 AM 10:15-10:45 AM 10:45-11:20 AM 11:20 AM-11:50 AM 11:50-12:30 PM Satellite Symposium Abdi İbrahim 12:30-1:30 PM Luncheon 1:30-2:00 PM 2:05-3:45 PM Hall A Dr. Serdar Yüceyar, Dr. Hovsep Hazar Colorectal Cancer Oral Presentations Hall B Dr. Halil Alış Dr. Cihangir Akyol

Benign Colorectal Diseases Oral Presentations Hall C Dr. Erhan Akgün Dr. Feza Karakayalı Colorectal/Proctology Oral Presentations 3:45-4:00 PM

4:00-4:30 PM Satellite Symposium Covidien


Breakfast with a Professor*

1. The treatment algorithm of obstructive defecation Dr. Liliana G. Bordeianou 2. How to prepare for an international colorectal board exam? Dr. Mustafa Öncel 3. Non-operative treatment of rwctal cancer. Dr. Ayhan Kuzu

4. Complications of Stoma Dr. Tahsin Çolak *To be held in 4 halls

A panel for benign anorectal diseases with case presentations Moderator: Dr. Sümer Yamaner

Crime to be ignorant

Participants: Dr. Sezai Leventoğlu Dr. Gökhan Çipe, Dr. Hovsep Hazar, Dr. Feza Karakayalı, Dr. İlker Sücüllü. Dr. Keşşaf Aşlar

1-Anal fissure and treatment 2-Hemorrhoidal disease, treatment 3-Complicated perianal fistula 4-Pilonidal disease

Break A.M.


Courses (precongres courses) P.M.


12:45-1:30 PM

Poster Presentations (Presentations to the Jury, poster area). Dr. Ersin Öztürk, Dr. Bilgi Baca, Dr. Ergün Yücel


Moderator: Dr. Tarık Akçal Colonic Diverticular Disease Dr. Feza Remzi


TUESDAY (19 May) 1:30-5:00 PM

The Presidential Address Moderatör: Dr. Ethem Geçim

The experienced changes in educational model and perception between generations in colorectal surgical era.

Dr. Dursun Buğra


Prof. Dr. A Conference by Ercüment Gürel Moderator: Dr. Kemal Alemdaroğlu

The standardization of Laparoscopic total mesorectal excision Dr. Amjad Parvaiz

National Anthem and A Moment of Silence, Opening Remarks


4:30-6:15 PM 6:45-7:30 PM Breakfast Sessions 7:00-7:55 AM 8:00-9:45 AM 9:45-10:15 AM 10:15-10:45 AM Break THURSDAY Conference

Challenging the impossible Moderator: Dr. Adil Baykan

Pelvic exenteretive surgery, multivisseral resection and complications for locally advanced rectal cancer Dr. Eric J Dozois

Walk for Youth and Sports feastal (holliday) (for willing parties) or a Musical Recital P.M.

A panel for colorectal polyp-malign polyp (Local treatment principles) Moderator: Dr. Ethem Geçim

1- Colorectal-Intestinal Polyps, Polyp labeling (tatooing). ESD, EMD, laparoscopic and endoscopic resection Dr. Emre Balık

2- European and Global standards for pathological examination and reporting of polyp specimen Dr. Işınsu Kuzu

3- Serrated Polyps, Malign rectal polyp (what if an invasive carcinoma on the edge of a polyp?) What can we do? How further in surgery? Dr. Sezai Demirbaş

4- Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery for Rectal tumors, Harvard's Experience. Dr. Liliana G. Bordeianou

5- Colorectal cancer scanning and the impact on society Dr. A. Serdar Karaca

6- Colonoscopy for particular case (with using anti platelet, Romatoid Arthritis, bleeding diathesis, and pregnancy etc.) and potential complications and management. Dr. Neriman Şengül

7- Virtual colonoscopy Dr. Nuray Haliloğlu

Symposium; Colon Cancer Moderator: Dr. Tuncay Yılmazlar

1-Preoperative imaging and staging for colon cancer Dr. Bilgi Baca

2-Standardization of surgery depended on tumor location and complete mesocolic excision for colon cancer Dr. Ayhan Kuzu

3-Adjuvant therapy, before and after - changing an inoperable to an operable Dr. Ersin Öztürk 4- Recurrence and therapeutic options for colon cancer Dr. Emre Canda

5-Emergencies and therapeutic options for colon cancer (obstruction, perforation, bleeding etc). Dr. Bülent Erkek


Breakfast with a Professor*

5. Anorectal abscess/fistula, diagnostic and therapeutic methods, Dr. Abdullah Zorluoğlu 6. Anal fissure and its treatment Dr. Bülent Menteş

7. Rectal prolapse Dr. Emmanuel Tiret

8. Writing, publishing and analyzing an article Dr. Uğur Sungurtekin *To be held in 4 halls


10:45 AM-12:15 PM

Hall A

A Panel for Challenges and Complications for KRS Moderator: Dr. Orhan Kozak 1-Colon and rectum strictures Dr. Mustafa Kalaycı

2-LAR syndrome Dr. Hüsnü Alptekin 3- High output stomas and short bowel syndrome Dr. Gökhan Yağcı

4-Enterocutaneous fistula, rectal anastomotic sinuses

Dr. Tuncay Yılmazlar

5-Anal Cancer and the fact as the recurrence problem Dr. Melih Paksoy 6- Deep venous thrombosis and prophylaxis for colorectal surgery Dr. Ömer Topçu

12:15-12:45 PM Satellite Symposium Covidien 12:15-1:30 PM Luncheon 1:30-2:00 PM 2:00-3:45 PM Hall A Dr. Sadettin Çetiner, Dr. Ömer Topçu Colorectal Cancer Oral Presentations Hall B Dr. Selçuk Atamanalp Dr. Nail Ersöz Benign Colorectal Diseases Oral Presentations Hall C Dr. Yusuf Peker Dr. A. Serdar Karaca Colorectal/Proctology Oral Presentations 3:45-4:15 PM

Prof. Dr. A Conference by Adnan Salepçioğlu Moderator: Dr. Saadettin Çetiner

Obstructive defecation syndrome - Diagnosis and treatment Dr. Liliana G. Bordeianou


12:45-1:30 PM

Poster Presentations (Presentations to the Jury, poster area). Dr. Emre Canda, Dr. Sezai Leventoğlu,

Dr. Nail Ersöz


Hall B

A Panel for Inflamatory Bowel Disease Moderator: Dr. İsmail Hamzaoğlu

1-Imaging and latest developments for diagnosis - Follow-up: How and How long? The problem about Dysplasia? Dr. Yusuf Erzin

2- How advanced is medical treatment? Preventive and follow-up options ( Immunomodulatory and biological agents) and postoperative medical treatment. Dr. Yusuf Erzin

3-Indications and timing for surgery and minimal invasive surgical approach. What is the impact of medical treatment on

surgical options and results? Dr. Bilgi Baca 4-Difficult situation in Crohn's disease; intraabdominal abscess,

crohn's disease in Colon and the treatment, acute ileitis and the treatment. Dr. Megan Costedio

4-Anorectal Crohn’s disease; management, strategies, new treatment options (plugs, stem cell etc.). Dr. Tahsin Çolak A.M.


4:15-6:00 PM


Breakfast Sessions 7:00-7:55 AM

8:00-10:00 AM

10:00-10:30 AM

10:30-11:00 AM THURSDAY

Breakfast with a Professor*

9- Single-port laparoscopic colorectal surgery: Now and Future, Dr. Megan Costedio 10- Fecal incontinence, Dr. Liliana G. Bordeianou

11- An option for retrorectal tumors, Dr. Eric J Dozois

12- Medicolegal - Legal talk - Interactive Discussion, Orhan Tekinsoy (The Attorney at Law for the Society)

*To be held in 4 halls

A Symposium for Rectum Cancer Moderator: Dr. Bülent Menteş Neither deny, nor confirm…

1-Staging in the rectal cancer, before and after neoadjuvant therapy. What does it change? Dr. Mustafa Öncel

2-Neoadjuvant therapy: long or short course radiotherapy for Whom? Dr. Sümer Yamaner

3-Standardization of the treatment strategy in rectal cancer; What are the things we must do? Dr. Cem Terzi

4-Surgical approach following complete response (wait-and- see or TME) or partial response (Local excision or TME). Dr. Mehmet Füzün

5-From open surgery to laparoscopy, from laparoscopy to robotic. Dr. Oktar Asoğlu

6-Cylindrical APR is on trial! Has local recurrence disappeared? Is it worth straining? Dr. CH van de Velde Conference

Moderator: Dr. Mehmet Füzün

Is it time toto do less for rectal cancer ? Dr. İsmail Gögenür




An interactive panel with cases The worst cases, nightmare scenarios Moderator: Dr. Oktar Asoğlu

Panelists: Dr. Cem Terzi, Dr. M. Tahir Özer, Dr. Gökhan Çipe, Dr. Cihangir Akyol, Dr. Ayça Gültekin

1-Colorectal emergencies and non-surgical treatment for anastomotic leakage (Stent, clip, vac) 2- Colorectal injuries, intra-abdominal compartment syndrome and open abdomen management (Component separation, flaps and plastic surgical options)

3-Treatment of diverticular disease-(Laparoscopic lavage and other options)

4-Hartmann procedure and emergency in colorectal surgery, emergency in rectal cancer, stenting, and the bridge to surgery

5-Anastomotic stricture, P.M.


11:00 AM-12:15 PM

Hall A

Panel; Functional Anorectal Disorders De finibus bonorum et malorum Moderatör: Dr. Türker Bulut 1-F Incontinence, Sacral Nerve

Stimulation (SNS) treatment Dr. Türker Bulut.

2-Diagnosis, treatment and surgery for chronic constipation. Dr. Bülent Mentes 3-A treatment option for rectal

intussusception (and Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome). Dr. Ediz Altınlı

4-Diagnostic and therapeutic options for total pelvic prolapse. Dr. A Gultekin 12:15 PM-12:45 PM 12:30 PM-1:30 PM 1:30 PM-2:00 PM 2:00-3:00 PM 3:00-3:30 PM 3:30-4:00 PM 4:00-4:30 PM 4:30-6:00 PM HALL A

How I Do It (Colorectal Cancer) Surgical-Technique/Video Presentation

Moderators: Dr. Erhan Akgün, Dr. İlker Sücüllü


Prof. Dr. A Conference by Kaya Çilingiroğlu Moderator: Dr. Ali Akyüz

Image guided surgery for colorectal cancer Dr. Cornelis Jan Hadde Van de Velde A.M.


A Symposium for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Building insights – Breaking boundaries

Moderator: Dr. Tayfun Karahasanoğlu, Dr. Emre Canda

1- Treatment of Liver Metastasis (liver first, KC split technique etc) Dr. Deniz Balcı

2- Multi-dimensional treatment for locally recurrent rectum cancer/IORT. Dr. Ismail Hamzaoglu 3- Peritoneal carcinomatosis- cytoreduction and EPIC/HIPEC treatment. Dr. Selman Sokmen Break


’High pressure difference creates vortex Moderator: Dr. Abdullah Zorluoğlu

From past to present: From open surgery to laparoscopy, and laparoscopy to robots Dr. Emmanuel Tiret


How I Do It (Proctology-Functional Diseases) Surgical-Technique/Video Presentation

Moderators: Dr. Neriman Şengül, Dr. Cemil Çalışkan Hall B

Panel; Colorectal Diseases Nuk flet şkip

Moderator: Dr. Selman Sökmen

1-Colonic volvulus. Dr. Selçuk Atamanalp

2-Diagnostic/therapeutic challenges for pelvic tumors Dr. Emre Balık

3-GI tract Stromal tumors-Ddesmoid Tumors. Dr. Osman Yüksel 4-Fournier gangrene. Dr. Serdar Yüceyar

Satellite symposium Ethicon

Satellite symposium Gentek FRIDAY


8:30-09:00 AM 09.00-10:30 AM 10:30-11:00AM 11:00-12:30 PM 12:35-1:00 PM Break SATURDAY

Interactive Panel; Anorectal/Functional Diseases with Case presentations and debate

Moderator: Dr. Uğur Sungurtekin Panelists: Dr. Türker Bulut, Dr. Sezai Leventoğlu, Dr. Neriman Şengül, Dr. Tuncay Yılmazlar

Dr. Emre Canda, Dr. Erhan Akgün Conference

Moderator: Dr. Nezih Erverdi Efforts to create a national colorectal cancer database

Dr. Cornelis Jan Hadde Van de Velde

Interactive Panel; Colorectal Cancer with Case presentation and debate

Moderator: Dr. Ayhan Kuzu Panelists: Dr. Adil Baykan, Dr. Ali Akyüz, Dr. Mehmet Füzün, Dr. Oktar Asoğlu,

Dr. Dursun Buğra, Dr. Cem Terzi

Closing, Awards, Wishes and a Family Photo A.M.




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