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Your expert for secure mobile applications

and mobility consulting

We, at PRETIOSO GmbH, provide solutions for secure mobile business applica-tions and have established a leading field of mobile applicaapplica-tions with the datomo

Mobility Suite ensuring secure Enterprise Mobility worldwide, at all times, from any mobile device. We particularly focus on cooperation with European software manufacturers whose solutions are translated, localized, further developed and supported by us.

Furthermore, we have been specializing in mobility consulting and expert support

for our customers in mobility projects and the development of strategic mobility solutions. We rank among the leading German consulting firms in all matters re-lating to the development of mobile strategies and their practical implementation. Our company assists the customer with a range of services including the analysis of internal processes, consulting, running workshops, designing mobile structures right up to the implementation of a mobility strategy and mobile processes. The security of company data as well as data privacy in compliance with German

security standards are a top priority for all the mobile applications we offer. The same holds true for all other PRETIOSO services whereby the managed services and hosting services reach an exemplary level of security. This is, amongst other things, reflected in our full certification by the TÜV TRUST IT GmbH.

Our software development ensures that datomo applications are customized to

the individual needs of our clients and we are therefore always a step ahead of market requirements.

Our holistic support for all topics relating to mobile solutions and mobile

proces-ses does not only cover the portfolio of datomo solutions, but also the support of solutions by third-party vendors.



Mobility expert and strategic thinker


PRETIOSO was founded in 2001 as an IT consulting firm by its CEO Klaus Düll and has established itself as one of the leading IT consultancies and suppliers for mobile business applications. Klaus Düll ranks among the most distinguished experts in the field of Mobility. He is specialist in all topics relating to Enterprise Mobility and one of the leading consultants in Mobile Device Management (MDM)

in Germany.

He assists companies in all issues relating to Mobility, security and data protection, strategic development, process consulting and in the implementation of a holistic mobility strategy for companies. His consulting approach is based on the integrated implementation of Mobility in companies and organisations

while taking into account the fundamental importance of Mobility as a key role in the future of technology.

He attaches great importance to promoting this subject in science and education

which is reflected in his close cooperation with colleges and universities.

In his company blog pretioso-blog.com he shares his expert knowledge and

interacts with customers and interested readers on topics related to product content, innovations and current issues in the area of Mobility as well as security and data privacy of mobile devices and their available solutions.



We offer optimal software solutions

for all mobile devices

PRETIOSO is your partner for secure mobile business applications. We can

provide suitable applications for all kinds of devices and mobile processes – regardless of the platform. Our solutions are offered under the datomo brand, which represents our range of products and services. datomo stands for 'data to mobile' and expresses the core functionality of all datomo solutions.

Furthermore, we provide suitable infrastructure components to manage your

mobile devices as well as the internal data of your company in a highly secure manner and protect them against unauthorized access.

datomo Mobility Suite

The datomo Mobility Suite solution facilitates Enterprise Mobility at any time and

anywhere from any mobile device - worldwide. Any type of database and customer environment (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Navision) can be connected to the datomo Connector Repository to deal with almost any kind of operating process on all major mobile

platforms. In this way, the integration of different processes can be realized in one mobile solution contributing to a reduction in complex and diverse workflows. The TÜV certified Mobile Device Management solution datomo MDM and the mobile

form solution datomo Mobile Forms represent the key solutions of the datomo

product range which can connect any database to any mobile process.

The Mobility Suite is further complemented by the security applications datomo

Mobile Identity Management – a management interface with which one can remotely manage and generate keys and certificates via the datomo Secure MIMcard on mobile devices –, the datomo Secure Call – a secure encryption of voice and data services – and datomo Mobile Password – a secure password allocation via mobile devices. All these products guarantee data privacy and data security for your company.

We support all the corporate processes of our customers

We offer all datomo applications either installed onsite in your company infrastructure or hosted as dedicated hosting in the PRETIOSO data center (high

security hosting in compliance with German data protection regulations).



We have the expertise

for your mobile projects and strategies

The complexity in the field of Mobility is ever increasing. The growing number of devices and the range of different firmware within operating systems make the situation increasingly difficult to manage for the user. Likewise, the debate about

Bring Your Own Device – the use of personal devices in work – partly contributes

to this situation.

Before deciding on its mobile requirements and their applications, every company should address the following questions:

] Does your company see Mobility as a key strategic component or as a tool?

] How are issues such as Private Use of Company Equipment (PUOCE) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are handled within your company?

This situation raises many questions and requires the development of a consistent mobile strategy that comply with the interests and available resources of a


Our Consulting Approach

Due to many years of experience PRETIOSO has developed an integrated consulting approach for Mobility: the PRETIOSO Mobile Framework allows

target-oriented, successful mobility consulting by applying best practices in the following areas:

] Compliance and regulation

] Mobility guidelines – integrated and individually designed

] Company policies – development of mobility policies

] Company policies – adaptation / implementation of existing policies for Mobility This framework is the foundation for any successful project regarding Mobility. With our holistic approach, we will support you in implementing the guidelines

for your mobile environment and processes. This approach ranges from the appropriate selection of mobile devices to be administered, the management of the mobile infrastructure along with the suitable selection of Mobile Device Management solutions right up to the decision on which data to make available, which apps to integrate as well as the definition of legal and security requirements. The implementation of the mobility strategy should include all parties involved in this process.



PRETIOSO guarantees

compliance with German security standards

The security of company data on mobile devices and mobile applications as well as the compliance with German security standards and data protection guidelines

is a top priority for PRETIOSO. This subject is of increasing importance given the discussions surrounding the NSA, the Patriot Act, Datagate among other things and is therefore, more than ever before, an extremely important element in our consulting approach.

Exclusively based in Germany

PRETIOSO as a provider and developer of datomo products is a German supplier

without direct product or business links to the USA. The company deliberately does not maintain any branches in the USA or has business associations with U.S. companies. We are a German company that cannot be forced by American authorities to cooperate. This distinguishes us from a great number of other IT service providers.

Certification by TÜV TRUST IT GmbH

The certification of the datomo solutions by the TÜV TRUST IT GmbH ensures that

the solutions, as well as all related processes and services we have developed and supply, comply with German law and data protection requirements and provide an excellent example of security.

Implementation-oriented Consulting on Security

and Data Protection

For many years, PRETIOSO has provided information about threats to security and data protection in the PRETIOSO blog as well as the resulting risks for companies, organisations and the general public. In their company blog, PRETIOSO clearly informs about the security risks of using American IT solutions and provides recommendations for secure alternatives. This has lead to an increasing

demand for our consulting projects in this field. PRETIOSO is your partner if you are concerned about security and data protection!



We adapt our software

to your indivual needs

PRETIOSO focuses on the development of middleware applications that accom-modate heterogenous databases and corporate structures on any type of mobile device. In this way, the solutions are highly adaptable to the user environment and user scenarios.

datomo Software Development

Our core product is datomo Mobile Forms which can be adapted flexibly to all

kinds of corporate scenarios. This solution provides a highly scalable solution for the user: It already takes future developments of user scenarios into account because it can connect almost any kind of currently available databases through intelligent connectors.

The development of our solutions is only conducted in countries that meet our stringent guidelines for security and data protection. For this reason, we do not develop software in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

(the Big 5) nor do we work with software suppliers and developers in these countries. Our certification by the TÜV TRUST IT GmbH assures our users that we are only providing software that is secure.

Flexible adaption to customer needs

A key characteristic of the application datomo Mobile Device Management are

its rapid update cycles. In recent years, we had 25 updates on average per year. datomo Mobile Device Management – like all datomo solutions – is being continuously developed to meet requirements of the market as well as customers and partners. Features can be integrated and developed as and when required by our customers. If our standard response to customer needs is not sufficient, there is the possibility of meeting almost any special requirements in the form of individual projects.



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Additional information about our company is available on our webpage:

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