raju aur uski aunty


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Let me narrate my story. When I was searching a bachelor accommodation in Delhi few years back, I could find a house on 2nd floor. This was an old constructed house having 3 bed rooms. All the three rooms open in the open air and there was only one toilet and a small bathroom. For washing

clothes, one has to wash clothes under the sky and there was no roof on this top floor. This house was occupied by the landlord and his wife. And they agreed to rent out one room to me. Very soon, I have become just like their family member. The landlord used to say that I was just like their son as they do not have any issue. I used to call them uncle-ji &

aunti-ji. They used to offer me food or tea but I was not accepting due to hesitation.

The landlord was a gentle man in his fifties, short height and very thin. He was having his sweet shop on the ground floor. His wife was around 40 years old, very fair, taller than her husband. She must be 5’6”, very fair complexion but she was very fat and must be weighing around 70 kg.

The landlord used to leave at around 7 AM and I used to leave around 10 AM. I was working from Monday to Friday whereas sweetshop keeper used to work all seven days. But land lord used to come up for breakfast and


One day when I was taking bath I notice that aunt was peeping into the bathroom. I ignored this said nothing. But something started cooking into my mind. Next day I deliberately kept the door little more opened and

started removing my clothes. I knew that she was watching me. I removed my last clothe and started taking bath. I took lot of shampoo in my hand and started rubbing against my cock. It was fully erected and I was moving its foreskin back and forth. I became out of control and masturbated in front of her thirsty eyes. When I came out, the aunt was not there.

On Saturday around noon time, I saw from the window of my room that aunt was washing clothes sitting outside the bathroom under the sun. That time she was wearing a white blouse and white petticoat and she was completely wet. Her big melons were almost exposed due to low cut blouse and because it was totally wet. She was aware that I was watching her but she was pretending if she was ignorant my presence. She then opened purposely two blouse buttons and started washing again. I became very horny. I could not control and stopped reading newspaper. I removed my kurta and baniyan and started watching her very carefully. She was smiling singing and washing clothes. She used to watch me for a second and ignore me deliberately as if she was not aware of me. Then she suddenly stood up and made a knot of her wet and open hair. To my surprise, she opened the complete blouse and sat down and started taking bath there only. She was marvelous, very white and a big pair of boobs with nice dark nipples. They were juicy melon of 42 D. I started rubbing my cock.


She was rubbing her body mainly on boobs and reading my face. She stood up again and unrobed her petticoat. Oh my God! What a voluptuous lady she was! Very huge breasts, very big buttocks and swollen pubic area. It was beautiful love triangle but hairy. She also put shampoo on it and started fingering in. She was moaning, enjoying it and at the same time noticing my reaction. I knew she was ready and hot and I could do whatever I wanted but I was very shy then. I could not dare to go to close to her. I was

just rubbing my cock very hard. Then she wrapped a towel around and shouted, “Babbal ! ek minute aa na”. I went out side in my pyjama only asked her, “Han auntiji kya hua?” She was watching my tent pole bulging in my pyjama but only said, “Meri kamar me lachka agaya hai, tu jara ye kapade sukha de. Mujhse yeh balti nahi udhegi.”

I told her to go and relax I would do that job. After doing this job I went to her room asked her, “Ab dard to nahi hai’. I knew that both of us were doing drama.

Aunt : Han dard to bahut hai, tu zara tail ki maalish kar de to aram mil jayega.

I : Theek hai auntiji , kahan rakha hai tail?

Aunt : Rasoi me se liya. Aur sun, zara main darwaza bund kar de, kabhi koi aa jaye.


lagaun?” According to her advice I sat down on floor and she lied down on the floor on stomach. She put her face in my lap and put her hand around my waist and told me to apply oil on her back.

I : aise kaise lagaun. Toliya to hatana padega. Aunt : Thoda sa neeche kar de.

I responded to her request. She was enjoying massage and at the same time she was rubbing my cock with her chin and nose. She was caressing my hips also. I got fully aroused. I asked her with naughty smile, “Auntiji agar aap seedhi let jay to main aage bhi tel laga doon.” The she obeyed me. I again said, “Aunti, aese to mera pyzama chikna ho jayega.”

Aunt : to ise utar de na, sharmata kyo hai.

I removed my pyjama and I was now only in my underwear. And it was bulging out. She smiled and lied down on the floor. I applied oil on her boobs and massaged her gently. It was my first experience with any woman. I had to use my both hands to fondle her one boob as it were so big. I was feeling as if I were in heaven. I was fully enjoying her fondling and she was also enjoying.

Aunt : Mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai. Tujhe bhi aa raha hoga? I : Han auntiji, maine itne bade mamme to picture me bhi nahi dekhe? Aunt : Tune kissi ladki to nanga nahi dekha kya?

I : bas aaj aap ko hi dekha tha pahli baar.

Aunt : To tu mujhe chhup chhup ke kar dekhta hai. Ab jab tune mujhe dekh hi liya to hata de yeh toliya aur poore shareer ki maalish kar de.

I got thrilled and I removed her towel and started massaging her but mainly her boobs and her hairy cunt.

Aunt: Tujhe meri choot kaisi lagi.

I: Bahut sexy hai. Lekin baal bahut hain.

Aunt: Tujhe pasand nahi to saaf kar de meri jhante.

I went inside my room and brought my shaving kit and shaved her pussy. She examined her cunt by hand.

Aunt: Are wah ! Aisa lag raha hai jaise main solah saal ki ho gayi hoon. Baabbal, zara mujhe ek baar apna lund to dikha.

I removed my underwear and she started playing with it. Aunt: Kitna jawan lund hai tera. 12 inch ka to hoga?

I: Nahi, khara hone ke baad yeh bus 11 inch ka hot hai. Uncle ka bhi itna hoga?

Aunt: Us buddhe ka to chhota sa hai aur patla bhi. Usse bara to Ravi ka hi hai. (Ravi was servant in their shop).

I: To kya aapne Ravi ka dekha hai?

Aunt: Han, do char baar chudwaya hai us se. Par tera lund to kamal ka hai. I: To aap chuso na ise?

Aunt: Kya? Lund koi chusne ki cheez hai kya? I: kya aapne kabhi lund nahin chusa?

Aunt: 45 saal ki ho gayi hoon maine to kabhi suna bhi nahi. Han janwaro ko jaroor idhar udhar muhn marte dekha hai.

I: To aapko 69 position ka bhi pata nahi hoga? Aapne kabhi blue film bhi nahi dekhi kya?

Aunt: Woh kya hota hai?


this metropolitan. In order to teach her I lied down on her voluptuous body putting my face on her cunt and my cock on her face. She declined to suck it. I told her that I was going to lick her cunt but I would stop if she did not reciprocate. I ran my fingers on her pubic area, I opened her cunt lips with my tongue rubbed her pussy and clitoris and started licking vigorously - pushing my tounge inside her pussy hole, sucked her pussy lips. She had started enjoying and moaning. Then I stopped and asked her to suck my tool if she wants more fun. She immediately started sucking it and I also resumed. We were in perfect position 69. Soon she came into my mouth only and I drank her entire cunt juice. Then I warned her that I can come any moment. She did not listen to me and kept sucking my cock like lollypop. She was looking like mad and sex starved. I came in her mouth and to my surprise she drank every drop of it. My cock became limp and I stood up. Aunt asked why I stopped. I told her if she wanted more she has to make it erect again.

She took my cock and slowly moved the foreskin backwards - and started stroking and sucking again. When it was erected again, I moved little closer to her so that my cock was between her boobs. I advised her to hold the melons tightly wrapping my cock and started pumping up and down. I was enjoying the boob-fucking with this sex goddess. I rested my hands on her shoulders. She was watching it and was looking for opportunity to take in her mouth again. She sometimes opened her mouth so that my cock could enter her mouth. I was fucking her between her breasts and mouth at the same time.

Aunt: Kitna maza aa raha hai.

I : Par ab main teri choot chodna chahta hoon. Aunt : To kisne roka hai, chod do meri choot.

Then I put my cock in her loose cunt that was very warm and wet. In the first stroke itself, it was all in. I started pumping vigorously.

Aunt : Ohhhhhh Ahhhhh zor se jhatkey de. Aur zor se. Aur zor se. Zor se chod meri choot aur zor say. Ahhhhhh itna maza meri chhot ko kabhi nahi aaya. Mere mammo ko put de. Masal de. Bheench ke phor de in gubarron ko. Phar de meri choot ko. Iske phatte chakh de. Ahhhhhhh maarte ja maarte ja meri choot ko. Bahut piyasi ho rahi thi yeh, jab se tera lund dekha hai bathroom mein. Apni auntiji ko randi bana diya tune. Ab chod meri choot. Matherchod, chod chod chod aur zor se chod. Harami ki pille muth mat mara kar, bas mujhe choda kar. Karte ja, ruk mat bas lora pelo meri phuddi mein.


Listening to these sex noises of high volume, I started fucking her more hardly. My cock was going in and out in her pussy. After few minutes I took out my cock from her cunt and asked her ride on me. I lied down and she sat down over me and adjusted my cock in her cunt and started jumping up and down and making her usual noise Ahhhhh, Ooooooh. My hands were on her big hips and I was sucking her huge melons. After a long time we came together. My cock and balls were totally wet with our combined sex juices.

It was my first and nice experience in Delhi and then I never thought to leave Delhi. Now I am settled in Delhi. It was going great with my Makaan Maalkin. On one Sunday she told me that she had narrated this matter to


her sister Saroj and she is coming from Punjab today and wanted to see me. Saroj is a widow who is teaching in a school in Ludhiana. Her husband expired soon after marriage.

I : Woh mujhe dantne ayegi kya? Aunt : Tujhe kyon dantegi?

I : Kyonki main uski bahan se maza le raha hoon? Aunt : Isme kya? Main bhi to maza le rahi hoon. I : Kya woh bhi maza lene aa rahi hai, Punjab se? Aunt : Shayad, haan

I : Kya woh bhi sexy hai, tumhari tarah?

Aunt : Khud hi dekh lena. Par main kahan sexy hoon?

I : Itne bade tumhare mamme hain aur itni badi gaand hai. Aur sexy kise kahte hain?

Aunt : Phir to tumhare maze aane wale hai. Kyon ki woh mujhse bhi jyada moti hai.

I : Jawan hai?

Aunt : Bus 35 saal ki hai. Saroj mujhse 5 saal chhoti hai.

We were just talking that there was a knock on the door and Saroj came in with a big suitcase. It was very hot summer and she was totally wet with perspiration and I started looking at her. A tall lady with extra super big boobs and extra duper buttocks, she was wearing white Punjabi suit with a sleeve shirt inside. Saroj embraced aunty. I saw her ass that was like two big footballs pressed together. Saroj seems to be very frank with her sister.

Saroj: To, aeh hi munda tai, jisde baare to gal kar ri si.( So this is boy, you were talking about)

Me and aunty felt very shy and just smiled.

Aunt : Pehle tu naha dho le, kha-pi le. Bhir ye baatein karna.

Saroj : Aaho ji. Nahane dhone, khane peene wasde to ai hoon ( Oh yes, I have just come for bath and eating and drinking). Chalo ek saah nahate hain.


Saroj : Aur tu, kam hai? Ki kah ri si phone te...lun chusan wich...

phuddi chatan wich bada maza aya.( What you were saying on phone...you enjoyed cock sucking and cunt licking...)

I was shocked with her frankness.

Aunt: Chup ho ja, kuchh sharam kar. Tere Jijaji aane wale hain. Uneh kuch nahi pata chalna chahiye.

Without saying anything, I came to my room and started dreaming about Saroj Aunty. After two hours, Aunty came to my room and asked me: Aunt: Kaisi lagi Saroj?

I : Bahut garam maal hai. Mere baare me kuch kaha kya?

Aunt : Han Kah rahi thi ki tera kirayedaar to bara mast aur sexy hai tera kaam to ho gaya, mera bhi jugad kar de. Chalo tumhare uncle khana khake dukaan par chale gaye hain. Jaldi Aao.

I: Ok, aata hoon, par aapki bahan ko koi bada lund chahiye.

Aunt : Tere lund se bada bhi ho sakta hai kisi ka? Poore 11 inch ka hai? Zindagi bhar yaad rakhe gi... is chudai ko.

I : Tum apni chhoti bahan se aisi baatein kaise kar leti ho?

Aunt: Asal mein hum dono ne bachpan mein apne maa baap ko chudai karte dekha tha. Tabhi se hum ghul mil gaye. Baad meri Shadi ho gayi lekin tumhare uncle se mujhe maza nahin aata tha. Saroj ko meri preshani malum thi. Phir kuchh din baad Saroj ki shadi ho gayi. Saroj ne do char baar

apne pati se mujhe bhi chudwaya. Jab tumne mujhe naye naye tareeke se choda to maine Saroj ko bata diya.Ab wo tumse chudna chah rahi hai.

We came aunt's room where Saroj was relaxing on the bed. Her all buttons of shirt were open. Half of her giant boobs were popping outside and inside sleeve was already removed. I continued to see her for 2 minutes and forgot that aunty is watchimg me.

Aunt: Kya pahle kabhi aurat nahi dekhi kya? I : Dekhi hai par aisa maal nahi dekha? Saroj : Main tannu Maal dikhdi hoon?

I : Nahi Saroj ji asli maal to aapne chhupa rakha hai. Saroj : Keda maal, Babbbal ( Which Maal)

Aunt : Main dikhati hoon.

Aunt interferered and and removed Saroj shirt and there after her salwar. No panty was there. She was totally naked. To me she was the sexiest women in this world. She has an awesome figure of 42-30-38. She is big and true voluptuous. Her tits were amazing jugs. Her boobs are another wonder of this world.

Aunt: Dekho maal hi maal. Ab chod de ise.Iski choot bahut dino se phudak rahi thi.

Saroj : Babbbal, waise to mai badi sharmili hoon, par ki karan.... is phuddi da? barso te pyasi hagi? Mere karib aa na.

Aunt : Shuru ho jao aur maja lo. Babbbal, iski aisi chudai ksaro ki yaad rakhe. Saroj, jo bhi chusna hai, chuswana hai ...gi bhar kar karo.

Saroj invited me with open arms. I embraced her kissing her lips, necks and valley between her mounds. I started touching her boobs. I could hold her single boob with my both hands. I got excited to feel such big and sensuous melons.


mere mamme... zor naal. dooje nu bhi put de. phor de in gubaron nu. ooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaa zor sey aur zor sey choosoo meray

raja, mere puttar kinna maza ….hai rabba …. kiya choosta hai re tu….ho tum plzzzzzzz don’t stop choooooossssssssssoooooo meri chuchiya nu…..put de mere mamme ay…. . zor sey chosoooooooooo.

I started fondling her boobs very vigorously, some time biting the erected nipples.

Saroj : Are holi holi chakh maro mere mumme nu...khayega ki...dooja muh wich le, anu hi choosda payega ki. mujhe ajj tak aisa maza nahi mila, tum inhey zor zor sey chooso , yeah that’s it ohhhhhhhh yes

zaheeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr yess aur zor sey

Aunty was watching and then she opened my pant down and started playing with my cock still in underwear. Aunty pulled down my underwear also and removed my shirt and started puncturing my nipples on my chest with her nail. Saroj also saw my erected dick. Her eyes got widened.

Saroj : oh zalim, ye ki hai…. lora hai ki ghora hai , kitta surkh lal hai, wakai badda hai. oh zalim

kahan chupa rakha tha is lund ko ,is ko pyar karney key liay mein kab sey mar rahi hoon

She got my dick in her hand.

Saroj : Kitta mota hai , ab to bara maza ayega. I : Saroj aunty, please didi se bolo disturb na kare.

Saroj : Didi, tu pachhe ho. Manu poora maza len de. Tu to baad wich bhi chudwa sakdi hai.

Aunt did not move a bit. She was trying to embracing from the back and trying to reach for my cock. I pushed back aunty with my naked buttocks. Aunty went back and removed her saree and blouse and petticoat in a jerk and became nude in a moment. She started biting her own big boobs and fingering her cunt.

Aunt : ...hai re karam jale kahan tha itne din...Saroj aaj to tu chudwale...aaj sari dopahar iss se chud... hay ye kaisa nasha hai...me mar gayi are...are ...oh..oh....aah aah...saale uske pichhe kya para hai meri choot ko nahin dekhega aaj..main mar jaoongi...hai ...Babbbal teri to mauj ho gayi.... Ek saath do do maal I was feeling really lucky as I was with two big plump ladies with very big boobs and very big and round ass. Saroj and I ignored aunty. I sat on Saroj's legs and put my finger in the deep naval. I was watching her clean shaven cunt from close eyes.

Saroj : Oh...Aaaj hi iski shave karke chali si ghar tou... anoo

chhoo na. (Oh I shaved it today only before leaving my house. Please touch it)

I : Chhoone ki jagha main to ise chaatoonga.

She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face into her crotch. She was getting horny. I started licking and sucking on the various parts of her cunt. I licked her firm clit, sucked the labia. She watched me for a few minutes, and then as she got more and more excited. She was holding my head by my hair. My hands were still pinching and pulling her nipples.

Saroj "Oh babbbal mauja hi mauja...kitna maza ahh . Aur karo, manu isdi laud hagi. Kitne barso te meri phuddi pyasi hagi...anu chooose de. Maine


kadhi nahi chuswayi phuddi (I am enjoying it. I need more. My cunt is thirsty for may years. I never have got my cunt licked like this). Bas chheti chheti meri phuddi nu kha ja.... (Just eat my pussy .... be fast) I left her boobs and pussy and stood up from her legs and sat on her boobs with my buttocks towards her face. It was great to sit on enourmous tits of the world. She tried to reach for my cock. I lowered my face towards her wet cunt. In this pocess, I massaged my cock on her boobs. I slipped first one finger into her cunt, and then a second one. Aunty again

interfered and lifted and straighten my legs so that my cock can touch her lips....a 69 position.

Aunt : Saroj, babbbal ke lund ko choos. Choot chatwane mei dugna maza ayega. Itna bada kabhi lund dekha hai. Dekh kaise khada hai. Hachkole maar raka hai. Iski naso ko dekh... lal aur nile rang ki....kaisi tani hai....

Aunty was demonstrating to her by taking my cock in her thirsty mouth. Saroj was getting angry on her.

Saroj : Sali kuti, chhad anu... Tu chhadagi to main chosangi.

Aunty gave a fast lick on my pre-cum and left my penis. Saroj started liking it and then took it at once in her mouth so that aunty did not get a chance again to disturb her. But aunty started licking my balls. Saroj used elbow to push her away.

Saroj: Piyo di phuddi, Meri maa ne kutte se chudwaya hoga, tab jake tu paida hui hogi. Tanhi, ye kutti na lun chhadti hai na hi tatte.


Saroj was mad won my cock and sucking it like sugarcane. I moved my fingers faster and flicked my tongue over her clit as fast as I could. Aunty moved a step back but come again. But this time she came near to Saroj's cunt and kissed my lips and said silently so that Saroj could not hear.


mein mast hai. Tum meri choot chato. Saroj ki choot main choosti hoon. I: Please aaj itna mast maal hath laga. Isse chod lene do. Kal se tumhe hi to chodna hai,

Aunt : Meri choot pagal ho chuki hai. Tumhe meri choot ka kuchh jugad karna hi padega abhi, nahi to main mar jaongi.

Aunty started sucking Saroj’s cunt pipe with full force and put her legs on my shoulder. I was licking aunt's pussy and aunty was fiercely putting two fingers inside her sister cunt. Saroj was still busy with my cock was giving hell of a blowjob. I could not control further. She was sucking my cock furiously that my throb was feeling her throat. I told Saroj to leave my dick as I am near ejaculation but she refused and increased grip on my shaft and started sucking with extra power. I spurted whole of my semen in Saroj's mouth. Saroj was gulping in down.

Saroj : oh babbbal meray moon wich chor do sara,….. main twadda sara maal peeena chandi hoon ...aaa...ki swad hai ...babbbal tere maal

da. Mazaa aa gaya...itna maal... bhar gaya mera gala...oh ye ki tera lund chhota ki hon laga. meri chhot ka ki hoga. Madarchod. Kutte de puttar.

Aunt : Tu fikar na kar Saroj. Main ise choose choose kar phi tyar karti hoon. Iska lund phir khada ho jayega aur phir der tak tujhe chodega. Sari khujli mit jayegi.

Saying that aunty started stroking my limp dick. Saroj also joined. Both ladies were sucking my shaft and balls together. In few minutes was ready again.

Saroj lied down on floor itself and spread her legs quit a bit.

Saroj : Bada shona hai tera lund….Tera lund itna badda kaise hai. Teri maa nu gadhe ne choda si ya ghore ne. hoon tu meri phuddi wich apna lund dal or chod manu. Changi nal chod manu. Zor nal. apna tagda lund pel de phuddi wich.

I came over her dunlop body and sunk my cock into her. In the first stroke it went fully inside as her cunt was already too wet. I was sucking and biting her big boobs and pumping her hard. She was churning her big ass below. I never enjoyed such a big woman under me.

Saroj : Aa... ui maa... .fat gayi re meri choot...ki ghuser diya

re...Meri choot da aaj bhosra bana ditta ...tussi bahut changa chodte ho. Aur chod.... aur cod zor nal...aahhh ..Mere mammme kha za... chakh mar anu....put put kar inhe mere seene se alag kar de. Kheench kar alag kar de...Itna maza kadhi nahi aaya manu...wah kya chudai hai...rab ki toba...main to bas aaj ki mehman hoon.... chudwa kar chali

jaongi...phir to didi... ko hi chodna..aaaahhhh...m….

Aunt : Haan Saroj tu chudwale achchi tarah se chudwale....meri fikar mat kar...main to roj chudwati hoon. Babbbal ka lund bahut mast

hai...dekh kaise unde bahar ho raha hai..

Saroj: ...aaa...ahhhh...didi ...teri chut badi taqdeer wali

hai...main bhi zaroor koi lund dhoond lungi Punjab wich... ek bahut bada lund...jo phuddi te hota hua munh tak aa jaye....Oh... Maaa ... babbbal tera ...lund... bahut changa lagda hai. ...hi... kitna

achchha hai...Ooooh...meri choot to lund se labalab bhar gayi hai. aur chheti chheti karo... zor zor se .... aur zor se...chodo


kya...ho..raha...hai...kaha se training li re tune...aisa maza zindagi me pehli baar mila...hai... ....kya..chodta hai..re..tu...aisa maja to pehli raat ko bhi nahi aaya. oh....oh...hai....main....mar...gayi....ye..kya ...ho..raha

hai...ohffff....meri phuddi phar de...aaaahhhhh...choot... phat jane de....i...are aur...chod....bahut maza aa raha hai.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn main bahut khush hoon aaj mujhe pata chala ki lund kise kahate hain ….., aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

uuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh mar gayee chodo zor zor se dalo poora

lund phad do meri choot shabash babbbal ...haan aajao aur bhardo mujhe haan andar aur andar jake aana mere sher mere mard ... aaaa main

ayaaaaaaaaaaaaa ayaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaan haaaaaanhhhhhhhhhh aaj mujhe khush kardo, meri phuddi jee bhar ke chudo...mujhe andar tak phad do.... maza aagaya, ab samajh mein aaya ki tum didi ne phone kyon kita si. ab chodo speed nal...hai rabba....hai rabba..……..main jharne wali hun babbbal... ruk jao.

Saroj used force to push me way and she took a turn. I had to stop but I was not satisfied. I came on her back. And then I started fondling her giant size but very round and nice buttocks. I asked Aunty to bring some oil. Aunty poured oil on her ass hole and massage my erected penis. I suddenly put inside her hole. It was too tight. But I was pumping. Saroj started to moan in Punjabi and dirty words.

Saroj: Oh madar chod meri bund na mar, bahut dard honda hain. Assi kadhi bund na marwayi...meri phat jayegi...main bekar ho jaungi...tu nahi jhara to didi choot mar le.

I : Kaise chhod du? Teri jaisi gand kisi ki bhi nahi hogi.

Saroj : Didi mujhe bachao….ooooooooouuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaa mujhe mar dala , uffffffffffffffff bahar nikalo plzzzzzzzz mein mar jaon gi ,mein mar jaon gi plzzzzzzzzz babbbal bahar nikal iii

mmaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr dalaaaaaaaaa , hai meri bund phat gai offfffffff mein to mar gai rey uuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aram sey karo na ,…ab manu maz an laga hai.

Aunty rubbed Saroj clit with one hand and with other hand’s fingers were inside the vagina.

Aunty : Babbal aj tak tumne mer gand kyon nahi mari. Ab meri gand bhi aise hi marna. Saroj sach bata maza aa raha hai ki nahi.

Saroj : aho…..Hoon mauzza hi mauzza …. Choot se jyada…..oo maro zor nal jitni zor nal mar sakde ho ……babbbal…....hai twadda lund.... pelo aur pelo….aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss mein teri saali hoon... bibi

hoon…randi hoooo….maam hoon…. Aunty hoon….. bahan hoon…. oooooon jaisay chahooooooo chod sakdey ho , hiiiiiiiiiiii kiya maza aa raha hai, rukna

mat….zor nal aur zor nal... ajj tak mein ney apni bund nahi marwai mujhe kiya pata tha key is mein itna maza hota hai .

Saroj was getting out of control and at last she came with thrust ….I also came inside her…. with my cum, and my cum were oozing from her ass and getting mix with her cunt juice and all collected on the hand of aunty who was fingering Saroj at that moment.


saying that she was putting the best cream on her hips. Suddenly one idea came to my mind. I asked aunty, please arrange some cream tomorrow, we will enjoy together.

Next day morning when Uncle was just about to leave for his sweet shop, aunty asked him to send some cream thru’ servant. After half an hour, Ravi ( the servant at landlord's sweet shop) came with cream and left. Aunty came to my room to ask what to do with cream. I asked her what Saroj was doing. Aunty told me that she was getting ready to go back to Ludhiana. I persuaded Aunty to request her to go after two hours so that we can enjoy cream fucking. I told aunty that I would drop her at Bye Pass from where she can take bus to Ludhiana.


Then I went to their room with my camera. Saroj was waiting for me in her nice purple Punjabi Suit. I took her photo with her permission. I asked Saroj, “ Kya main aapke mammo ki photo le sakta hoon. Yeh mujhe bahut achhchhe lage.” She permitted and removed her Punjabi Suit underneath there was bra. I clicked on her boobs. Then she lied on sofa and very happy to pose in this way. Then I asked Aunty her permission but she denied. Now both the sisters were ready for creamy action.

I requested Aunty many times but she refused to be photographed. Finally I put down the camera and took off my clothes. Saroj was just glancing on my erected cock with greedy eyes. She got up from sofa and took it in her

hand. My hands were sliding down and palming Saroj’s ass lightly. She was pressing herself tightly against me. Her hands were roaming over my back and shoulders. Her face got flushed red and the wetness between her legs was growing. My hands were brushing against her soft skin. I was kissing her breasts. My hand slid between her legs, cupping her sex. I dipped my head and licked between her soft folds. Her hands grasped my hair as her knees went weak. She leaned forward using


my body as a support. I sucked her engorged clit and she moaned softly, trembling. She dropped to her knees to return the favor. Kissing my stomach, nuzzling my hardening cock,her tongue snaked out, licking the head softly. Her lipsclosed around the head and she sucked my length into her mouth. I put my on her head,tangling in her long hair, twisting, and pulling. She sucked harder.Suddenly my hands on her hair pulled her mouth away from my cock.

Saroj : Manu Chod de, manu yeh khel nahi pasand , mennu tera lora chaida hai.

I asked Saroj to control for a while and I asked aunty to be naked and join us. I put a lot of milk cream on frontal bodies of both sisters. They took cream in their hands and massaged me. I was massaging their huge boobs and thighs and they were massaging my tits on chest and my cock. We took more and more cream so that it became total slippery. Then I taught them sandwich massage. I was really very hot experience of getting sandwich massage between two booby ladies. Saroj was lying on floor, I was lying on her body and aunty was lying on me with her breast pressing

against my back. It was too slippery that I could not enter Saroj’s pussy. Whenever I tried, I could simply swim between them. I changed my position with my cock between Saroj’s boobs. We played almost in all positions but Saroj was not able to control.

Saroj : Meri phuddi wich apne lund pa de. Chod de, mennu, yeh khel nahi pasand, main aur bardasht nahi kar sakdi.

I was enjoying this game fully but I had no other option. I fucked to her satisfaction. She gave usual sex noise in Hindi-Punjabi. When I came in Saroj’s cunt, my dick became limp. Soon Aunty became active and took my cock in her watering mouth. She gave me a blow job of an hour till I came into her mouth. I felt relieved and so felt both sisters. I took Saroj

boobs' pic. She looked very exhausted.

Later I went to drop Saroj at Bye Pass for bus to Ludhiana. Saroj sat on

the pillion of my motorcycle. Her boobs were pressing on my back. That was very exciting. She came a bit closer to me holding me by my waist giving more pressure of her fleshy and spongy boobs on my back. But agony is that I was going to drop her with separation feelings. On the she had my promise that I would visit to her house in Ludhiana and we would have great time again.

When I came back, Aunty was very happy and received me at door.

Aunty: Tune mujh par bada ehasan kiya hai Saroj ko chod kar. Uske pati ka karja chad raha tha mujh par.

I: Yeh to mera farz hai. Aap meri makaan maalkin hain. Aap ka kahana to main taal nahin sakta.

Aunty: Achhchha to tu mera ek kaam aur kar de. Meri ek Cream Sandwich chudai aur kar de.

I: Uske liye to ek ladki aur chahiye.

Aunty: Nahin Nahin, main chahti hoon ki tu apne kisi dost ke saath mera sandwich bana. 2 ya 3 lund se meri chudai honi chahiye, taaki main lund ka maza moonh mein, choot mei aur gaand mein ek saath le saku.

I: Achhchha aunty kuchh sochta hoon.

Then I came back to my room with huge thoughts. How to find two strong males for my Aunty?


It was going very smooth and sexy with my aunty but it was interrupted one day when her nand (sister of landlord) came to stay there for one month. Her name is Meena. Aunty introduced me to her as her new tenant and as a computer engineer. Meena wanted to know more about computer. Aunty told her that she could see it later as she is in Delhi for a month time.

Meena was a beautiful lady with thin structure but with proportionate breasts. She must be 34-22-32 and she used to wear saree and old designed full sleeve blouse that covered her tits. She should be in her late

twenties. Her lips looked very fresh and juicy. I used to call her Buaji. Aunty cautioned me: “Meena ko apni chudai ke baare mein kuch nahin batana.”

I: Par mera man to use chodne ho raha hai.

Aunty: Tu pagal to nahi hai. Aisa mat karna. Wo Banaras ke paas ke gaon Gopalpur ki rahne wali hai. Shahar ki ladki nahi hai.Wo nahi khulegi. I: Par is land ka kya karoon, yeh baithta hi nahin hai.

Aunty: Jo bhi karo, mauka dekh lena aur dhyan rakhna mera naam badnaam na ho.

I started thinking of fucking her if I got chance. I played all games of exhibitionist sex to her... showing my body, sometimes bulge in my

underwear or towel. I saw her half blushed smile and thought this cow will definitely give her milk one day. I used to watch her taking bath but she used take bath in petticoat and blouse. After very difficulty I could see the roundness of her hips, curves of her boobs and sharpness of her pointed nipples through her wet clothes.

15 days were gone in just watchng her. Then I made a plan with aunty and asked her to go to nearby market.

Aunty: Meena, aaj tu babbbal se computer seekh le, main market ja rahi hoon, phir thodi der tere bhai ki dukan par baithungi.

Meena: theek hai bhabhi.

Meena entered my room with red silky saree with green pallu with red blouse.


Meena: Zara aaj computer to dikhao, bhai ... bahut suna hai iske barre mein.

I was looking at her lustfully from tip to toe. She was not wearing bra under blouse as it was very hot.

Meena: Yun kya dekh rahe ho? I: Aap bahut sunder hain, buaji.

She smiled. I was also wearing only white pyjama and nothing else. I started talking about all functions of computer and finally ended with web and sexy sites. I told her about FSI site and showed pictures of Saroj. She was getting excited and sweating. My cock was making tent in the pyjama. She was watching it very keenly.

Meena: Iska matlab ki tumne Saroj bhabhi ko choda hai? I: Buaji, ismein bura kya hai? Wo bhi chahti thi aur mein bhi. Meena: Meri bhabhi ko bhi choda?

I: nahin bua, nahin nahin. wo to bahut badi hain. Unke mamme dekhe? Meena: Mamme matlab?

I lightly touched her boobs from the above of her blouse and said this. Meena smiled.

Meena: Oh....choochiyan...aisa bolo na

I: Han choochiyan...aunty ki choochiyan itni badi hain, mein to haath mein nahi utha sakta...Chodne ka sawal hi nahin...

Meena: Saroj ki choochiyan bhi to badi hain? I: chhoda na auron ki baatein, buaji, apni baat karo

She was totally blushed with sexy smile. I went forward and took her in my arms. She whispered in low and sexy voice:

Meena: Koi dekh to nahi lega?

I kissed her on her cheek and carried her to main gate and bolted from inside and took her back to my room.

Meena: Ab chhodo na?

I: Kya matlab, Buaji.... Chhodo na ya chodo na. She was laughing very loudly.

I: Batao na, bua ji kyon hans rahi ho?

Meena: kundi lagane ke liye mujhe utha kar gaye. Mein bhag thoda rahi hoon. Aur ye mujhe baar baar buaji buaji kyon kah rahe. Ek taraf to mujhe chodna chahte ho aur dusri taraf bua kah rahe ho. Bua ko bhi koi chodta hai kya?

I showed her some incest stories between mother and son, dewar bhabhi, sasur (FIL) and bahu (DIL), brother & sister and said it very common and more exciting. She was surprised over all this.

I: Buaji aap koi meri asli bua thora hain. Aap kahein to main aap ko didi ya sali ya bhabhabhi ay biwi banakar bhi chod sakta hoon. Par pahle aapki ki ek photo le loon... FSI site ke liye

Meena: Mujhe badnam nahi hona.

I: Ok ..sirf tumhari choochiyon ki loonga... aur tumhari shakal nahi ayegi.

I showed her many faceless pictures and somehow persuaded Meena and she agreed. I set the camera in my hand asked her to remove blouse and show boobs. Very reluctantly she opened two buttons of her red blouse and took out left boob. I clicked. I was very excited see good nipple and very good size of boob. I requested to show another one. She put it back in the


blouse and showed right one also.

I requested her to be totally nude. She refused and covered her bosom with saree. Then I dowloaded her pic on computer and showed her. She liked it and said.

Meena: Are tumne to mujhe heroin bana diya. Agar aapko chahiye to meri choot ki photu le lo, ise koi nahi pahchanega.

Saying that she lifted her red petticoat and I clicked to show at FSI. After seeing the frankness of the village lady, I could not control myself and put down camera. I started kissing her lips, cheeks, neck, ear lopes. I took her juicy lips in my mouth and sucked them. She was holding me tightly in excitement. I placed my hands on her bosom. I pressed her boobs over her blouse. It was really a great touch on my palms. Her breasts were fully swollen. I pressed them for quite some time and then I started

removing her sari. Then I unhooked her blouse and kissed her boobs again. I rubbed my mouth on her fleshy boobs. She was just moaning. I slowly pulled down her petticoat.

Meena: Akhir tumne mujhe nangi kar hi diya....main jaanti thi.. I: Phuphaji kya bina nangi kare chodte hain?

She smiled sexily. She was looking at my pole in pyjama tent. My cock had become hard and stiff by that time. She was looking at the bulge.

I: To aap yeh janti thi ki aaj main tumhein puri tarah nangi kar hi doonga?

Meena: Kyun nahin janungi? Main kya koyi doodh peeti bachchi hoon jo yeh baat mere samajh mein nahin aaye? Main jab nahati thi, tum mujhe ghoorte the aur apnme kachhche mein apna khara laura mujhe kisi bahane se dikhate the, tabhi main samajh gayi thi aap mujhe chodne ki phiraq mein ho. Khair chhoso, ab apne meri choot ko to dekh liya hai, apna laura bhi dikhao na.


Then I pulled down my pyjama. She looked at my fully erect stiff cock stood in front of her. She smiled and tongued her lips looking into my eyes showing that she liked my cock.

Meena: Kya laura hai?

I: Delhi mein ise lund kahate hain. Meena: Par main laura hi kahoongi....

Then I took her in my arms. Oohh, her body was really hot, soft and silky. My cock got further erected and stiffened. As I moved my mouth towards her lips, she moved her lips towards my mouth and offered them to me closing her eyes in ecstasy. I took her juicy lips in my mouth and sucked her lips. I kissed her lips for quite some time there. She also kissed me in great excitement. At the same time I was caressing her tits. They were very firm and tight. I went on playing with her tits. I rubbed my mouth on them. Then I took her nipples in my mouth. Her nipples were very pointed too. Her nipples were hardened by that time. I sucked her nipples. I went on sucking them for few minutes. I kissed her here and there. Then I moved down towards her thighs and kissed her there. She was moaning in a very low suppressed voice....ooooohh hhhhh. ...aaaahhhhh. I further increased the pressure of my palms upon her firm breasts. She was caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement. I started squeezing her breasts with pressure. She further encouraged me to squeeze


her breasts harder and harder.

Meena: ...haan... babbbal....aur jore se dabaao meri choochiyon ko..badaa maja aaraha hai mujhe..

I:tumhein kaisa laag rahaa hai buaji?

Meena: ooohhh maat poochho.. ..mujhe bahut hi majaa aa rahaa hai...tum to choochiyan mathne mein ustad ho....babbbal....yoon hi meri choochiyon ko dabate jaao....tumhein meri choochiyan kaisi lagin...meri choochiyon ko dabane mein kaisa lagaa tumhein....

I: tumhari choochiya bahut hi achhchhi hain....tumhari goal-goal choochiyan kaaphi uthi hui...na badi na chhoti... bilkul theek size...in choochiyon ko dabaane mein bada maja aa rahaa hai....

Meena: jhoothi tarif to nahi kar rahe?

I: tumhari choochiyan saach much mein bahut hi gazab ki hain....bahut hi maajedaar hain tumhari choochiyan

Meena: Tum meri ek hi choochi ko daba rahe ho, doosari ko choose ja rahe ho. Ab pahli ko bhi chooso aur doosari ko dabao.

I obeyed her. I used to bite her nipple also. Her boobs were getting

harder. I held both boobs in my hands and brought them together so that I can suck her long nipples them together or some times alternatively. Now they were like green mangoes, very hard very hot. I was squeezing them with my full power. They have become totally red as if they may bleed. She was moaning very badly.

Meena: Aaj tak kisi ne mujhe itna maza nahin diya hai. Meri choochiyon ko kabhi itna nahin matha kisine. Aaj to maza aa gaya. Choochiyon mein itna maza hai maine aaj hi jana. Main to pagal ho rahin hoon. Main tumhe pehle hi din se tumse chodwane ke bare mein sochti rahti thi.Aaj mujhe mauka mila hai. Aaj khub chodana mujhhe, bolo chodoge na babbbal?

I: haan kyo nahi ?

Meena: to phir mujhse mithi mithi bat karte raho aur mere chootar bhi dabate raho.


Meena: Chootar, choochiyan aur choot, inhi par to ek aurat ko mazata hai chudai mein. Hai meri choot…. Dekho isme masti bhari nadiyan bah rahi hai. Chhoo kar dekho na……….haan aise hi….. uui maa meri maa…. Main mar gayi…. Hai meri choooot… khooob sahlao na. Mere ghore apne lore se ise khub

chodna. Ji bhar ke...hai....chodoge na mere, babbbal?

And I went on squeezing her breasts in the same way. She waggled her hips side ways and to and fro so that my cock can touch her pussy. She was getting hotter and hotter. She took my dick in her soft hands and pressed against her cunt.

Meena: Aab bardasht nahin ho raha hai. Aaao naa... ooooohhh ab der mat karo...ab mujhe chod dalo...ab aur kitni der karoge... oooh..ab chod do mere bhatije raja. ooooooooooof hai, ab ghusao na apna lora, hai meri choot ke bill ko phatak bana do. Ghusao, ghusa do na, meri choot ki pukar ko sweekar karo mere kaam devta.

Seeing her fully aroused I mounted upon Meena. She separated her thighs to make way for me and guided my prick to her inviting pussy and I pushed it. My cock slid smoothly but tightly into her wet vagina. Then I started to and fro movements of my torso in order to give her gentle fucking. She was moaning sexily. I gradually increased the speed. Meena arched her thighs upwards. She was throwing her hips up in order to receive my cock inside her every time I made stroke. I pushed my cock into her hot vagina with force. She started making sounds a bit louder in her excitement

oooooohhhhh....aaaaaaahhhh...uuuuhhhhhhh....kitna maza aa raha hai. ...ffffffffffff....iiiiiihhhhh....hai main mar gayi...

oooooffffffffffooooooooohhhhhhhhh hhhhh. aur jur se chodo

mujhe..aaaahhhh... babbbal.. aur jor se chudai karo meri..aaaaahhhhhhhhhh She threw her hips up and up every time I made stroke. That was most exciting pleasure.

I: Buaji...kaisi lag rahi hai aapko apne bhatije ki chudai....bolo naa buaji

Meena: Bada maja aa raha hai mujhe tumse chudwane mein...ooohhhhh..tum bahut achchha chodte ho..aaaahhhhhh.. haan yun hi chodo mujhe.. bas chodte jaao mujhe....ab kuchh nahin puchho....aaaj jii bhaar ke chodo mujhe... jam kar chodo ..tum chodane mein ustad ho.

I was fucking her like a machine. She was encouraging me with her desi words. Finally we came to climax.

Meena: Ab roko main chhut chuki hoon.

I: bas ek minute main chhutnaewala hoon. Bahar nikal loo ya andar hi? Meena: Nahi bahar mat nikalna. Apne garam veerye se meri choot ki sikai karo.

I came inside her and we both relaxed for some time.

Meena: tum kitna achcha chodte ho, roz chodoge na. Haan Babbbal tum khub chodna mujhe ek mahine tak.

I: Tumhari bhabhi ka kya karen?

Meena: Tum uski chinta na karo. Jab wo raat ko so jaya karegi, main tumhar kamare aa jaya karoongi

I: Ok, kya tum mujhe FSI site ke liye apni aur tasween lene dogi. Meena smiled and went out saying, "sochoongi...)

Aunty returned home in the evening, she was smiling cunningly. Aunty: Meena, computer dekh liya


Meena: Haan bhabhi Aunty: Kuchh seekha bhi?

Meena: Thoda sa, baaki baad mein seekh loongi.

Meena said it with blushing. After some time, aunty came to my room and asked me slowly:

Aunty: Babbbal, sab theek hua na? I: Haan aunty.

Aunty: apni pol patti to nahin kholi? I: Nahin Aunty.

Anuty: Maza to nahin aya hoga Meena ke saath, tujhe I: kyon, aunty?

Aunty: Uske mamme to mujhse bahut chhote hain.

I: Aisi baat nahin hai. Aapse se chote hain, par ek dam theek size hain. Bijli ka current hain unmein. Pata hai aunty, buaji mammo ko choochiyian kahti hai aur mujhse khoob masalwaye aur chuswaye.

Aunty: Tune apna lund bhi chuswaya hoga na?

I: Nahin Aunty, mammo ke khel ham zyada hi garam ho gaye aur bas chudai shru kar di. Par aap to kah rahi thi ki wo gaon ki aurat hai, chudwayegi nahin?

Aunty: Wo to maine aise hi kah diya tha. 15 din ho gaye hain apne pati se door. Khujali to har choot mein ho jati hai.15 din se main bhi to taras rahi hoon tere lund ke liye….saali Meena ke aane se. Par sochti hoon, pahle Meena ko jaane do. Phir khoob chudwaongi.

Saying that Aunty retuned to her kitchen. In the night, when everybody slept, I was waiting for Buaji.It was about midnight. Lights were in both other rooms were switched off. Only a table lamp was glowing in my room. I was lying on my bed and was eagerly awaiting buaji. I was pacifying myself by massaging over my bermuda; the only cloth I was wearing.

Suddenly I felt some one is entering my door. She was surely Buaji. She said nothing but sat at my side on my bed. She was heaving heavily. After two minutes, she whispered: Soye nahin abhi tak ?... Mera intzaar kar rahe the? In reply I just took her hand and placed on my chest. She

whispered again: Main darwaaza band karke aati hoon. She closed the door and bolted from inside. She removed pallu of her red saree. I smiled back. She was looking gorgeous in deep cut blouse. l went close to her and

embraced her in my arms. I kissed her teats over the blouse. She pushed me back to my bed and sat on my bermuda. She kissed on my lips and sucked my lower lip for a longer time. I responded deeper and faster. We were eating each other's tongues. My hands were exploring her ass-cheeks. She brought her fingers on my male points on my chest, kissed on them, collected the mass around and tried to suck it. My dick was dying under her weight. I removed her blouse and tried to touch her bare boobs. She got up with a jerk.

Meena: Nahin, meri choochiyon ko mat chhuo. I: Kya hua?

Meena: Tumne din mein inhe choos choos kar ghayal kar diya. Bahut dard kar rahe shaam se. Dekho kaise laal ho rahi hain.

I: Inke bina maza kaise ayega.

Meena: kal tak theek ho jayenge, kal raat ko choos lena.



Hiding her sadness, buaji pulled down my bermuda and took my erected cock in her hands.


Meena: Iska matlab, mere paas aaj ki hi raat hai....Bilkul taiyar hai, tumhara laura, Kya zara sa bhi sabar nahin isse.

I: Taras raha hai yeh tumhe chodne ke liye. Tumhari in choochiyon ko dekh kar mera lund dekho kaise khada ho gaya hai. Tumhe din mein isse maza aaya ki nahin?

Meena: Us waqt ki yaad mat dilao, nahi to phir se meri choot mein se pani chhootna shuru ho jayega aaaahhhh kitna pyara lund hai tumhara. Man kar raha hai ki bas abhi ise apni choot mein daal loon. Hai meri choot ki

kismat kitni achhi hai ki isko tumhare loure ka saath mila.

I: Tumhara pati bhi tumko chodta hoga?

Meena: Wo to Gopalpur ka ghar ka khana hai, tum mujhe Dilli ki Chat khila rahe ho. Dono mein bahut farak hai.

I got thrilled on hearing Meena's such words. I wanted to fuck that slut .I was horny like hell. I wanted to press her boobs but she denied this opportunity. I never wanted to make sex as painful experience to any lady. So I obeyed her..

I: Chalo aaj tumhe asali Dilli ki chaat khilate hain.

Meena: Aaj jitna tumhe chodna hai chod lena, kal to main akeli ho jaongi. Mere rajaaa aaj tujhe mai jee bhar kar apni choot chodne ko dongi. Hai kya laura hai tumharaahhhhhhhhaaa. ohhhh tumhara laura kitna bada hai. Itna bada aur tana hua laura …baappppp rrrebbaap!... bada hi pyara…aur behad sundar....Isne mujhe din mein bahut achhchhi tarah se choda tha. Ise

dekhte hi, meri choot bahoot khujli ho rahi hai. Oh hhhhhhoohhh mere rajaaa tumhare laure ko chhoone mein hi mujhe bahut maja aa raha hai. Par mujhe vishwas hi nahin ho raha ki din mein yeh meri choot mein ghusa kaise...sach mein …bahut .bada hai….Aur dekho kaise khara hai. Iska supara kaisa laal aur chikna hai. Iski nasein kaisi chamak rahi hai... hai kaise

phudak raha hai yeh...

She was busy with my cock and to keep myself busy, I removed her saree and petikot and made her to lean against bed rest and I sat between her legs. I touched her totally wet cunt.

I: Kaisa lag raha hai Meena: Bahut achhchha.

I: Phupaji aisa karte hain. …tumhe chodne se pahle..? Meena: Naaaaahhhiiinnn

I: Tumhari jhange bahut khoobsurat hain... choot bahut sundar

hai...gulabi chamak ke saath. Kya phupaji tumhe yahan par choomte hain…? Meena: Naaaaahhhiiinnn….Nahin

I kissed her clit and liked her and looked towards her face: I: Kaisa lag rajha hai

Meena: Bahut aachhcha.a . I: Aur chatoon?


main bahut khush naseeb hoon ki mujhe apni choot ko chatwane ka maza bhi mil raha hai, meri choot ko chat chat kar iska paani nikal do, aaa...

bahut mazaaaa... aaaaa... rahaaa... hai... aur.... tez....aur tez...andar aur andar...

I put my thumb in her vulva and sucked her clit. She was moaning and vibrating her hips. She was getting hotter and hotter. I started doing faster and faster. She caught me by my hair and tried to bring my head very close to her cunt. Her belly was very hot. Her navel was inviting. Her body was sweating. I collected the mass around her clit and took whole cunt in my mouth and sucked her very badly.

Meena: ... Uuuuuiiiiiiimmmaaaaaaaaaaaa……chooso...chooso... .bahut pyasi hoon…….chooso...chooso....babbbal ...mere tan badan mein aag

lagihai...is aag bujha do …….choooso....aur chooso....kha jao meri choot ko...kha jao...khao na...ab ruka nahi ja

raha...babbbal...mujhe ab chod do...apne laure se.. main jharne wali hoon.. Dekho dekho meri choot kitni pagal ho gayi hai...hato...main chhut rahi hoon.

I could feel big momentum between her legs and sucked her all orgasm juice. She was breathless but seem to be fully contended and totally satisfied. I came near to her face and kissed her so that she can taste her cum.

I: kaisi lagi dilli ki chat

Meena: pahli baar khai hai aisi chaat. wah...maza aa gaya....Bahut chatpati chaat thi yeh.

I: Ab icecream khaogi? Meena: Wo kaise?

I: Mera lund moonh mein le kar chooso. Meena: Aisa bhi bhala koi karta hai?

I persuaded but she refused. Then I turned on my computer and showed her a small clip in which two ladies were getting desprate to suck a cock. Buaji then became ready and without my asking she sat down on the floor until her lips were poised just above my erected penis. She reached out with the tip of her tongue and ran it around the tip of my cock, teasing it lightly with her touch until a drop of pre-cum started to form, which she licked up quickly, then started down the length of my shaft, only touching it with the tip of her tongue. I sat there hypnotized by what she was doing to my cock, not believing that this rural woman would be giving me a blowjob. Soon she reached my sack and lifted each of my balls into her mouth, sucking gently and licking on them both. Then she ran her tongue down the line of flesh between the bottom of my sack and my asshole. It felt like my whole body was beginning to burn, fire shot from the base of my cock up my spine to burst in my head. I lost track of everything, just feeling her lips and tongue on my cock and balls. She opened her mouth wide and moved it around my cock head, not touching it, just breathing warm air out and then when I thought I would go crazy, closing her lips down and sucking me hard. I arched my back and started entwining my fingers in her hair. She reached down and fingered my balls, running a finger up and down the line of my ball sack and down towards my ass occasionally. My balls began to tighten and she started pumping my shaft in her watery mouth. I warned her that I was about to come. She signaled


with her hand as if she wanted to say, no problem, let it be in her mouth. I pulled her hair and moaned loudly and came in her mouth. Whether she noticed it or not, she gulped it down and continued to suck it. She seems to mad or too hungry for my cum. Within five minutes, I became erected again. I used some force to take it out from her mouth.

Meena: Kyon nikala, itna maza aa raha tha? Dekho kaise phunkar maar raha hai tumhara laura? Ab mujhe achhchhi atrah se chod do.

I: Nahin, aaj tum mujhe chodo

Meena: Aurat kaise chod sakti hai marad ko?

I: Main let jata hoon, aur tum mere upar aao, aur mere lund ko apani choot mein lo. Aur suno chodte samay jyada cheekhna nahin, nahin to aunty jaag jayengi

Meena: Are wo nahin uthengi, kyonki unke cooler ki awaaj bahut zyada hai.

Now I changed position and lied down on my back with three pillows under my head and she sat on my groin with folded knees, facing towards me. While sitting she put her vaginal hole on my cock's glans and slowly lowered her body. Slowly the whole of cock was disappeared in her cunt. Her eyes were closed. She felt on the top of the world and started going up and down on my shaft. She was rocking her bumps on my cock. I was holding her butts and her hands were holding her bouncing boobs. I: Pahle tumne kisi ko aise choda hai?

Meena: Nahin... I: Maza aa raha hain Meena: Haan....

I: Tumhari Choochiya dard kar rahi hain par main inhe thamna chahta hoon Meena: Kisne roka hai, inhe pakro aur masalo...metre raja...

I: Tumhe to dard ho raha tha na..

Meena: Dard ki baat mat karo Babbbal...aaj raat bas maza lene do. Dekh kitna maza aa raha hai, jaise ki main swarg mein hoon.

I: Hai tumhari choochiyan kitni achhchhi hain. Chhone mein kitna maza aa raha hai.

Meena: Babbbal inhe maslo, chooso...zor se dabao...haan aise... I: Hai, buaji tumhari choot bahut garam hai... Dekho kaise kha rahi hai mere lund ko..

Meena: Choot aur laura ek doosre ke liye hi bane hain. Tum bas mera doodh pio. Choochi pio. Chooso inko.. Kha jao inhe.

I: Choos raha hoon, par doodh kahan nikala hain in mein se

Meena: Pahale mujhe hari to karo, Mujhe apne bachche ki maan banao, tabhi to doodh nikega. Inhe bheench bheench kar doodh nikalo. Chooso.. inhe chooso chause aam ki tarah...

I: Aaapke mamme...mera malab aapki choochiyan behad mazdaar hain. Bilkul taazi aur bhari bhari hain, inke nipples lambe hain, choosne mein bahut maza aa raha hai. Tumhare chodne se aise phudak rahi hain mano chhati se alag hona chahti hon.

Meena: Inhe kheench kar alag hi kar do..yeh choochiya badi haramzadi hain...inhe phod do sali ko, bada tadphati hain...inhe zindagi bhar ke liye ghayal kar do...hai main mar gayi...


ho....randi jaisi....Is samay tumara bhai bhi aa jaye tum rukogi nahin. Balki use bhi kahogi, bhai tu bhi mujhee chod...

Meena: Uuuuii maa mai chhut rahi hoon..tum neeche se dhakka lagao.... I: Mujhe bahut mazza aa raha...thode dhakke aur maro ahhhhhhaaaa, mera bhi bus ab niklne hi wala hai ...aur jor se...thodi der aur.

Meena: aahhhh...aaaaaa...babbbal...meri choot...

I helped her by holding her buttocks and raising her weight on my cock, while my mouth was on her boobs and her mouth was busy in shouting with her stroke.We could fucked in this position for next few minutes. Her big boobs were exactly on my lips so I started sucking them while giving her strokes from beneath. By this time my load was also ready for shoot. I told her that I was about to come. She requested to fill her cunt. Now with every shot in her pussy, she took the longest stroke with which I started to unload my cum in her vagina. She was also having her orgasm at the same time. I was coming with every stroke. She fell down on me, taking very long breath. My hair and balls were totally wet with her juice. She massaged my base area around my dick. I kissed her hand. I saw watch it was 5 AM. She hurried wrapped saree and rushed to her room.







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