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Basic Chinese numerology & the simple Lo Shu Square, you can understand

what the numbers in your birthdate mean in a few minutes.

Chinese numerology has been around for at least 4,000 years. The legend of the tortoise with nine perfect squares on his back, three rows of three, who was seen by Emperor Yu on the banks of the Lo River, explains the meaning behind the Lo Shu Square. Lo is the name of the river, and Shu translates as books.

To learn Chinese numerology, it's best to start with the simplest method for understanding what your numbers mean. This is first taught to westerners as it doesn't involve the lunar years. The Square is easy to draw""make a number [#] sign with a border. Or think of the game Tic Tac Toe! Once you draw the square, or use graph paper, you're ready to begin.

Never use 0:

0 is a number that's not used in this method of numerology. If you were born in a year or date containing one or more 0, you discard it. Numbers 1 through 9 are used. Also, no one on this planet has a birthdate that will fill in all 9 squares; so don't let that concern you.

How to number the squares:

Begin at the bottom left. Anyone born in the 1900s will automatically have a 1 and 9 in their chart. The bottom left square will contain the number 1. Moving up is 2, and the top left is 3. Bottom square, center will have number 4 and moving up that way will be 5 and 6. Finally, the bottom right square is 7, middle right is 8 and the top right will be 9. That's the simple pattern for determining where your numbers go. For example, if you're born on July 4, 1970 you'll have a 1 in the bottom left. The bottom center will have a 4 and the bottom right will contain two 7s. You'll have a 9 in the top right square. Again, the 0 won't be in the chart.

The meaning of the squares:

Before the meanings of the numbers are revealed, it's helpful to know what the squares signify. Bottom row Horizontal [1, 4, 7] - Practical: This includes manual labor, athletic ability and physical coordination, and plain old common sense.

Middle row Horizontal [2, 5, 8] - Emotional: Covering such areas as feelings, intuition, spirituality and emotions.

Top row Horizontal [3, 6, 9] - Mental: Analytical, imaginative and thinking abilities.

The horizontal rows can also be seen as representing a person. The Practical row equals the legs and feet; the Emotional rows symbolize the torso; and the Mental rows represents the head.

Bottom row Vertical [1, 2, 3] - Thought: Intellectual capacity, creative ability, and the capacity to carry out ideas.

Middle row Vertical [4, 5, 6] - Will: Determination, persistence and stubbornness. Right row Vertical [7, 8, 9] - Action: Ability to put ideas or thoughts into action.


The vertical rows indicate a series of steps someone takes to come up with an idea, to persist with it and then to see it realized as an action.

The meaning of the numbers:

NUMBER 1""As this is the starting number [bottom left corner] it indicates how well a person gets along with others.

One 1 - A person with a single 1 in their chart isn't usually able to express their innermost thoughts. They can have difficultyunderstanding someone else's opinion.

Two 1s - Having two 1s in a chart shows a person who's able to communicate well. They are able to understand another person's opinion.

Three 1s - People with three 1s in their chart can talk your ear off. However, they can also be silent and uncommunicative at times. There seems to be a balancing act going on""much like those of the

western zodiac sign of Libra, the scales. Oftentimes people with the trio of 1s in their chart are employed in the field of communications, whether a local newscaster or onscreen like singer/actress Dolly Parton.

Four 1s - Those with 4 1's are unable to express themselves too well verbally. Sensitive and compassionate, these people sometimes create misunderstandings. They have a hard time learning how to relax and need to find a positive outlet in which to do so.

More than five 1's - People with five, six or even seven 1's in their chart are the least likely to be comfortable giving speeches to large audiences. However, they make excellent writers, artists or dancers. They have a tendency to overindulge themselves and have to be careful to avoid too much rich food, alcohol and any type of drug or medication. Holistic therapies would usually be recommended.

NUMBER 2 - The first number on the Emotional Plane. This shows a person's sensitive and perceptive side. One 2 - A person with only one 2 is sensitive, but can easily have their feelings hurt. They can spot a phony right away.

Two 2s - These people are very bright and intuitive. They are often good psychics.

Three 2s - The more 2s, the more sensitive the person is. This can make them rather reclusive to avoid pain. Four 2s - Sometimes these people are so impatient and nit picky that they can be very difficult to handle. They often prefer being alone so as to avoid emotional injuries, whether real or imagined.

Five 2s - These people are complainers! They're usually doubtful about their positive abilities and that's why they gripe! Not until the 2020's will we begin to be around these people [only a few exist now] so it's best to be warned. You'll be prepared and may be able to help them!

NUMBER 3 - The Mental Plane and last number of the Thought Row. This relates to the mental capacity on the top left-hand corner. The #3 corresponds with all mental facilities from memory to lucidity of thought and logic.

One 3 - A person with one 3 in his/her chart has an excellent memory and a clear view of his/her goals. They're positive and are natural born leaders.


Two 3s - This is a recipe for creativity. These people have a strong ability to put their thoughts into words. Three 3s - Not at a loss in the imagination department, people with three 3s sometimes have trouble relating to the world due to their "˜head in the clouds' nature.

Four 3s - Having this many 3s can make someone appear paranoid due to their overactive imagination.

NUMBER 4 - This number is often associated with being pragmatic and conservative. It also represents order and stability. Those with the #4 in their charts are very clean, neat people.

One 4 - Those with one 4 in their charts might be working on an assembly line, running a ranch, or involved in the field of music like Clint Black or Elton John.

Two 4s - People with two 4s in their chart can be very materialistic. They don't lack initiative when it comes to starting or finishing a task either. Those with double 4s are very creative and can be predisposed to the area of handicrafts.

Three 4s - Involved in physical activities, people with three 4s are hard working, but oftentimes in the wrong job, especially if it's behind a desk.

Four 4s - Those with four 4s are caught up in physical activities and work well with their hands. With a lack of academic or spiritual interests, these people are not too numerous.

NUMBER 5 - Found in the exact center of the chart, this shows balance and emotional stability. Five is also the number of freedom and these people need room!

One 5 - Emotionally balanced and caring people. They are able to motivate others in a constructive way. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has a 5 in his chart as does athlete/entrepreneur Magic Johnson.

Two 5s - Determination and perseverance are hallmarks of someone with two 5s.

Three 5s - If someone has three 5's in their chart, they can put their foot into their mouth a lot! Finding these people bungee jumping, snowboarding or traveling in remote regions isn't unusual.


Four 5s - Fortunately for everyone, not many people have this many 5s. If they do, don't be surprised by the number of accidents they're involved in or end up causing. Thinking before acting is essential when this many 5s happen to be involved.

NUMBER 6 - Relating to the family and household, this is in the top row, center.

One 6 - If someone has one 6, they're usually close to their family and want to keep their surroundings pleasant. Good listeners, they're often asked for advice. Actor Mel Gibson has one 6 in his chart.

Two 6s - Although usually quite creative, people with a couple of 6s in their chart can do a lot of worrying. They can also be domineering parents.

Three 6s - A person with three 6s in their chart doesn't make them a bad person, but they can have a temper which needs to be controlled. If a positive channel for their enormous creativity is found, they are fun to be around.

Four 6s - Creative and emotional - YES! Those with four 6s in their chart often are misfits as children. NUMBER 7 - Since the 7 is located in the bottom right-hand corner, it's at the intersection of practical and action, meaning it represents lessons learned through loss.

One 7 - Having one 7 in a chart, that person will encounter a lesson of losing something close to them whether it's a person or object. This will be to their advantage as they oftentimes discover their higher self. Elizabeth Taylor has one 7 in her chart.

Two 7s - People with two 7s are more likely to be involved in the spiritual world than the material one. Three 7s - Those with three 7s can have unfortunate lives surrounded by untrustworthy types and poor investments. Oftentimes these are interrelated. However, they're able to withstand all of life's blows by their strong inner life.

Four 7s - A rare chart to find. Those who have four 7s are likely to encounter many difficulties in relation to their health, home and finances.

NUMBER 8 - In the location of will and action, the number 8 concerns how well a person can handle the smaller aspects of life.

One 8 - Most of those with one 8 are good with details and are conscientious. Their minds are very active and being stuck in a routine is not their idea of fun.

Two 8s - People with a pair of 8s are very incisive and conscientious. Not the best listeners, they're doers rather than watchers. Once they make up their mind, they don't change it.

Three 8s - Those with three 8s in their chart have a love of material possessions. They're well suited for the world of business. If the business involves traveling, especially first class, they're even happier.

Four 8s - Anyone having four 8s in their chart will either be traveling constantly""or behind bars. These people are restless and constantly in need of change.


NUMBER 9 - Everyone born between 1900 and 1999 will have at least one nine in their chart. This is the number of the humanitarian and it represents our highest ideal.

One 9 - In the 9th square, [the mental and action rows], this is one of the reasons there has been so much intellectual progress this century. Of course not all of this has been for humanitarian causes, which is what we need to really develop.

Two 9s - If someone has two 9s in their chart they're intellectually inclined and can be critical of others, especially if a person isn't as bright as they are. They need to learn how to mingle with all types of people. Three 9s - This indicates someone who's a giving and idealistic person. The tendency to exaggerate a situation is strong.

Four or more 9s - Brilliant people, but inclined to live in their own world. If their abilities are used in a helpful way, they can be leaders who produce positive changes




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