MX787190F MCTS Integration MCTS Integration Software


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Product Introduction


MCTS Integration MCTS Integration Software

ME7873F W-CDMA TRX/Performance Test System




MCTS Integration Software

MCTS Integration Software


Product Introduction

Product Introduction


-November 2008 November 2008 Anritsu Corporation Anritsu Corporation Version 2.00 Version 2.00









How to Use

How to Use



Usage Environment

Usage Environment




Usage Precautions

Usage Precautions




MX787190F MCTS Integration Software

This MCTS software supports continuous testing by

automatically controlling multiple software applications used to control the ME7873F and ME7874F. Measurement and test

efficiency are enhanced because users can combine test

sequences freely and execute long test items overnight to get results next morning.


MX787190F MCTS Integration Software

Ten MCTS software options support the ME7873F/74F.

v v v v TRX v v v v v Perf WI-049 WI-025 WI-024 WI-010/013 WI-049 WI-025 WI-024/076 WI-014 WI-010/012/013 WI-010/012/013 Supported WI MCTS Software RRM TRX Test Software

Performance Test Software WI-014 Test Software

TRX/Performance Test Software (Rlease6) *1

TRX/Performance Test Software (WI-025) Performance Test Software (WI-049)

RRM Test Software v

RRM Test Software (WI-024) v

RRM Test Software (WI-025) v

RRM Test Software (WI-049) v

*1: At the GCF Meeting (CAG#15), it was decided that all 10 test cases in Chapter 9 of 3GPP TS34.121 defined as WI-024 would be deleted from WI-024 and newly defined as WI-076.

The following part name has been changed in accordance with the changes in the GCF definitions. TRX/Performance Test Software(WI-024) TRX/Performance Test Software(Release6)


MX787190F MCTS Integration Software

At normal measurement using the MCTS software, continuous testing is performed by selecting any measurement item in

each software. However, sometimes it is necessary to restart when testing other software because only one software

application can be launched.

Using the MX787191F MCTS Integration Software supports continuous testing by using sequence files created by each software.


MX787190F MCTS Integration Software

Example: Successive TRX and Performance Tests Normal measurement

1. Start TRX software.

2. Select measurement items and create sequence.

3. Start tests.

4. Close TRX test software after end of tests. 5. Start performance test software.

6. Select measurement items and create sequence. 7. Start tests. 8. Complete tests. TRx1.mseq 5.2 5.3 6.2 Perf1.mseq 7.2.1 7.3.1 7.7.2 Auto measurement Manual switching Auto measurement


MX787190F MCTS Integration Software

Example: Successive TRX and Performance Tests Measurement using MCTS Integration


1. Start MCTS Integration software. 2. Select sequence files and create

sequence list. 3. Start tests. 4. Complete tests. TRx1.mseq 5.2 5.3 6.2 Perf1.mseq 7.2.1 7.3.1 7.7.2 TRx_Perf1.sel

No need to set multiple MCTS software manually





System Setup

This software supports control of test software in the following two ways. (The user can install and uninstall the software in accordance with the manuals.)

PC with MX787190F installed (Remote PC) ME7873F/74F PC with MCTS software installed (Control PC) GPIB or Ethernet Cable LAN ME7873F/74F GPIB or Ethernet Cable PC with MX787190F and MCTS software installed (Control PC)


Basic Operational Flow

Starting Software

Selecting Sequence File Editing Sequence List

Setting Environment Selecting Cable Loss File

Starting Test


Completing Test

Saving Test Report


Starting MCTS Integration Software

The following main screen is displayed when starting the MCTS Integration Software.


Displays function buttons

Status window:

Displays test items and progress

Test Report window:

Displays test result data and error information

Information window:

Displays auxiliary test records

Sequence window:

Displays measured

sequence and progress status

Status bar:


Selecting Sequence File

Select the sequence file as follows before starting tests.

1. Click the [Open Seq] button and select a sequence file.

The information about the selected sequence file is

displayed in the Status window.

2. Right-clicking a test item displays a pop-up menu to set detailed test


Editing Sequence List

The selected sequence file is added to the Sequence window.

Successive tests are performed by creating sequence matching the user’s testing plan.

1. Click the [Open Seq] button and select a sequence file.

2. Information about the selected sequence file is displayed in the Sequence window.


Other Functions

Follow the same setting method for Setting Environment and Selecting Cable Loss File.

In addition, the functions listed below are the same as the MCTS software.

[Go] button: Measures test items successively [Step] button: Measures test items one-by-one [Stop] button: Stops test

[Retry] button: Measures current test item again [Abort] button: Aborts test




Product Configurations

This software application is supplied on DVD-ROM, which also includes an operation manual as a .pdf file.

The PC on which this software is installed should meet the following minimum specifications.

Specification Remark CPU Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz or higher)

or Pentium M (1.6 GHz or higher)

Hyper-Threading/Dual Core not supported OS Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP4 English or Japanese

RAM ≥ 512 MB

HDD 10 GB min. of free space

Optical Drive DVD-ROM For installing software and version upgrades Display 1024 x 768 Resolution min.






Each software has a wait time of about 90 seconds before measurement starts after pressing the Go button while the

Environment information is sent. (Comments are displayed on the status bar during setting.)

The Sequence window cannot be used during measurement.

Main Screen

Sequence Window Status Bar


ME7873F/74F Control PC (MCTS)

Remote PC

(MCTS integration Software)

The MCTS integration software is paired with the ME7873/74F main frame.

(Multiple remote PCs cannot be used to control one ME7873/74F.) Measurement results are saved only to the Control PC.

Restrictions on using MCTS integration Software at PC other than MCTS PC




MCTS Integration Software V6.14.x does not support the

Blocking Characteristics Out-of-Band Measurement. Use the MCTS Software to perform this test.

(Planning to support with V6.15.x. in Jan 2009)

MCTS Integration Software V6.14.x does not support Windows XP. (Planning to support with V6.15.x. in Jan 2009)


Restrictions (2/2)

Items cannot be added to Value  Macro  Information at the Environment setting screen.

Main Screen


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