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Contact Center for Microsoft Lync

All-in-One. Software Only. Social Media.



Communications Partner of the Year

ISV Qualified Embedded


Key Differentiators

ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center is a Lync qualifi ed all-in-one contact center that runs as a native part of the Lync topology. It enables organizations to bring Lync unifi ed communications to their contact centers, and to extend the power of contact center applications to the rest of the enterprise.

The market offers several Microsoft Lync contact center products, each claiming to deliver a solution that “leverages Lync”. ice goes beyond simply leveraging Lync to being fully embedded.

What is special about

being Lync embedded?

ice runs as a native UCMA application. For example, if you already have SIP trunking set up for Lync, ice can take advantage of the same SIP trunks. In the same token, Lync gateways, server pools, database clusters, and redundancy can also be utilized by ice.

If you have multiple sites confi gured in Lync with least cost routing, ice takes advantage of that. ice applications use Lync features including automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech, video, audio record and playback, DTMF, call control, instant messaging, web chat and presence information display. Social Media Webchat & Instant Messaging Caller Surveys Quality Monitoring ACD & Speech IVR Native CTI & CRM Screenpops Email Management Call Recording W M g VR N


ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center

With Microsoft Lync Embedded

EmbeddedISV Qualified



ComputerTalk’s PCI (Payment

Card Industry) standard compliant

UC Contact Center cloud, offers

unparalleled security for credit card

information processing.


What about ice?


Built-in IVR with DB access

Same Experience For

Local and Remote Agents

Call Recording

Twitter Queuing

All-In-One Platform


On-Premise or Cloud

Lync ISV Qualified Product

Software Only.

No Specialized

Hardware Required

Native Text To Speech and

Speech Recognition

Skill-Based Routing

Real-Time Analytics and

Historical Reporting Tools

Custom CEBP

and Lync


ice is an all-in-one

product and is the

only contact center

for Lync that offers

a wide range of

features without

third party offerings.

ice features include contact routing and distribution, a full IVR designer, call recording, historical reporting, real-time monitoring, skills-based routing, and media-specifi c interactions. The “UC Workfl ow” designer is an easy-to-use, Visio-like graphical editor for building self-service and complex routing applications utilizing IM, voice, email, web-chat, Twitter, and Skype (native in Lync 2013, via gateway in Lync 2010). These functionalities can now be delivered to all Lync users, beyond contact center agents. In addition, ice can route calls to any endpoint that Lync knows about, for example cellphones, landlines, and common area Lync phones. You can also route IM to public IM clients.

ice is software only, runs on commodity hardware, and can be deployed in any physical or virtual machine environment, be it on premise, or in a dedicated or multi-tenant cloud. ComputerTalk is a major service provider of ice contact center and Lync in a PCI compliant cloud. ComputerTalk won the 2012 Microsoft Canada Communication IMPACT award.


Software only. ice Contact Center for Lync can be

virtualized and does not need expensive specialized hardware.

Rich in Features. ice is the most feature rich and

mature contact center that is truly embedded into Lync.

Native UCMA. ice runs entirely as a native

UCMA application.

Built-in IVR and call recording. ice has home grown,

built-in call recording and IVR while other solutions use third party, proprietary, or non-Lync media components that require additional support and investments into integrated the solution.

Communicate across all media channels. ice lets

you communicates through voice, video, and IM, as well as email, web chat, Twitter, Facebook and Skype.

Web chat. ice extends Lync IM to enable web chat

from customer web sites.

Call routing managed by Lync. ice, as part of the

Lync ecosystem, keeps contact routing within Lync.

Out-of-the-box Lync. ice runs on out-of-the box

Lync clients, no modifi cations necessary.

Integration with Microsoft. ice integrates with

Microsoft Lync, Offi ce, Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and Skype.

Social media queuing. ice monitors Twitter

keywords and Facebook and provides your users with the ability to respond back.

Communication Enabled Business Process. Design

your own CEBP applications. Use the ice UC Workfl ow Designer to create automated processes for your contact center and the rest of your enterprise.

How is ice Contact Center for Lync different from other





Communicate across

all media channels



UC IVR application Workfl ow designer

Agent toolbar synchronized with out of the box Lync,

mobile Lync on phone and desktop Lync phone.

ice UC Workfl ow Designer.

A drag-and-drop graphical editor that makes it easy to design and change processes, based on your changing organizational needs. It enables you to create custom applications that support industry-specifi c business requirements and to integrate your collaboration and communication tools onto one platform.

Use out of the box Lync

Mobile Lync App

Agent toolbar


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About ComputerTalk.

ComputerTalk is a Microsoft Gold UC voice specialist with over 25 years of experience in providing speech-based IVR, unifi ed communications, and contact center solutions to hundreds of enterprises worldwide. We are Microsoft IMPACT Award winners for Communications Partner of the Year for our Microsoft Lync ISV qualifi ed contact center solution.

As Canada’s leading contact center provider, we deliver skill-based routing, real-time monitoring, detailed analytics, in-depth reporting, and other features to the public and private sectors. ComputerTalk’s solutions have been deployed in the government, commercial, fi nancial, healthcare, utility and transportation sectors.

To learn more about iceWorkfl ow Designer, request a demo or visit our youtube channel:



Follow us on: @iceComputerTalk

Lync Tech Blog:

Website: v.323.04.13



Communications Partner of the Year


ISV Qualified Embedded




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