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Field Information Manager

Product guide


Field Information Manager

Product guide



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About This User Manual

Any security measures described in this User Manual, for example, for user access, password security, network security, firewalls, virus protection, etc., represent possible steps that a user of an Field Information Manager may want to consider based on a risk assessment for a particular application and installation. This risk assessment, as well as the proper implementation, configuration, installation, operation, administration, and maintenance of all relevant security related equipment, software, and procedures, are the responsibility of the owner of the system.

User Manual Conventions

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Although Warning hazards are related to personal injury, and Caution hazards are associated with equipment or property damage, it should be understood that operation of damaged equipment could, under certain operational conditions, result in degraded process performance leading to personal injury or death. Therefore, fully comply with all Warning and Caution notices.


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Term/Acronym Description

DD / EDD Device Descriptions and Electronic Device Descriptions are files that describe the configuration for process field devices.

Device Package FDI Device Packages comprise device descriptions, optionally Programmed User Interface Device Applications and attachments as manuals, certificates, and device specific files as GSD(ML).

FDI Field Device Integration is an integration technology for process field devices from the fieldcomm group.


HART The HART Communications Protocol (Highway

Addressable Remote Transducer) is an early implementation of Fieldbus, a digital industrial automation protocol.


Recommendation NAMUR Recommendations (NE) prepared by NAMUR (User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries) explain procedures, provide support material like check lists and define requirements relating to equipment and systems.


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Section 1 Overview

Field Information Manager, the first FDI-based software for device management, makes the configuration, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of fieldbus instruments easier and quicker than ever before.

ABB's Field Information Manager software employs FDI technology to ensure a high degree of device type compatibility and is equipped with high-performance and innovative graphical user interface that helps technicians to effectively work with the process instrumentation.

Field Information Manager provides:

 HART Device Management supporting different Windows device types including tablets and PCs

 User interface option to optimize either for mouse or touch display  Interoperability based on FDI Common Host Components

 Generic HART Device Package for all HART devices

 Support HART installed base by option to import DD/EDD files in case Device Packages are not suitable

 Novel concepts for ease of use and navigation with touch support

 Plug and Play for Point-to-point diagnostic and maintenance of HART devices supporting NE 107 signalization

 Online parametrization of devices with easy navigation via FDI / NE 131 device core parameters

 Offline configuration with device core parameter support as well as device type templates

 Comprehensive device monitoring views to visualize online data with state of the art indicators, gauges and charts

 Supports Configuration Management by exporting device configuration for documentation in PDF files


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Section 2 Functional Description

Product Overview

Field Information Manager is a Desktop Application that can be installed on devices running Windows Operating System. HART field devices are being connected via HART modems.

Figure 1: Product Configuration

Online Parametrization

The Device Settings dialog is the primary interface to view and parametrize the device online. The initial tab is intended to show the device core parameters as well as the main device diagnostic and online values.

Figure 2: Online Parametrization

Offline Configuration

With the features of the Handheld Edition, field device configuration can be prepared offline in the office and work shop. No device connection is necessary at the time of configuration. Device Type configuration templates allow to deploy best practice configuration sets to new devices. Once the device connection is established the offline configuration can be downloaded to the device. PDF files or print outs of the offline configuration data can be produced in order to document the configuration or track the configuration changes.


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Shortcuts allow quick navigation to core device parameters. Field Information Manager will determine core parameters as per NE 131 at import of Device Packages and EDDs. Users can add favorite device parameters and the tool will also list the most recent and frequently used parameters in the favorite list.

Figure 3: Device Parameter Favorites

Device Type Support

HART device configuration can be done using the preinstalled generic FDI Device Package or with device specific FDI packages or with Electronic Device Descriptions (EDD) that are IEC 61804-3 compliant. As Field Information Manager shares common software components with the FDI Runtime Environment all Device Packages tested with the FDI Runtime Environment are compatible with Field Information Manager by design.

Please note that device specific packages can be obtained via the device manufacturer, where the packages for ABB devices are available via the Field Information Manager download link


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Section 3 Product Configuration

System Requirements

The application can run on devices with Microsoft Windows operating system and supports 32 and 64 bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Devices need at least 1 GB RAM and 10 GB storage space.

Device connection is done using HART modems. The Field Information Manager includes drivers for Ifak modems. Installation of drivers for other modems types is required.

Field Information Manager support to optimize the user interface either for mouse and keyboard interfacing or interaction via touch gestures.

Performance and Capacity

Following table lists the supported configuration limits:

Note: All field devices (sensors and actuators) listed in the configuration view of Field Information Manager will be considered as Devices/Tags. An inventory of used devices can be obtained in the license options view.


Field Information Manager software is available for download via Prior installing a license the online configuration of one device at a time can be performed. Other features will be enabled once a Handheld Edition License gets installed to the product.

Description Configuration Limit


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