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©2014 Colette Baron-Reid 1 Daily Oracle Card Reading Course

Daily Oracle The

Card Reading Course

Lesson 1

The Nuts & Bolts


Lesson One - The Nuts & Bolts


Welcome!  I am so excited to be sharing my knowledge, expertise and

enthusiasm of this amazing tool for guidance, and self-reflection—Oracle Cards.  

In this lesson you will learn the nuts and bolts of how to properly use the cards to get the most out of them.  They will amaze, entertain and most importantly reveal you to yourself, as well as engage the Universe to reveal its plan for your highest good.  If you’ve ever used Oracle cards, yet have been a little frustrated or confused on what they are actually trying to tell you, then you have come to the right place!  

Or maybe you’ve NEVER used Oracle cards but have always been intrigued or curious. They are an incredible and accurate way to clarify what is going on in your life.  Do you have questions around your career –what is your next right step? Or perhaps you want to know about a specific relationship – is this for my highest good? You will learn how to understand the specific language of the cards and what they are trying to tell you about your destiny.

For this class we will be using three original oracle card decks that I created for my publisher Hay House Inc. — The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms, The Wisdom of Avalon, and The Enchanted Map — you’ll recognize them as the ones I pull on Facebook. You can do your card pulls right on my website ( yes the digital age has arrived!) and also using an actual deck you can order from us or you may already have.  We will be playing with both methods, so you can see how they both feel and work for you!

Ideally I’d like this class to help you get the most out of your daily divination ritual that has brought you here to my site to pull your 3 cards.

We have thousands of people who visit from all over the globe every day so I figured wouldn’t it be awesome if you all really got that connection to Spirit honed ever so clearly and even more intimately?


©2014 Colette Baron-Reid 3 Daily Oracle Card Reading Course


A note about language in this class:

Call it what you will: The Divine, God, the Sacred, Spirit, Mystery, the Matrix, the Field, Consciousness, Universe, the Quantum Field, The Dude etc.  Use whatever makes you feel most comfortable!  For the purpose of this class all of these terms are the same concept.  

This is not about the one God or gods as expressed in religion, rather it refers to the omnipotent, omniscient, Source of everything- the Conscious Aware energy that is greater and larger than ourselves, that is also within us- a huge interconnected network that is life and the Intelligence that infuses all of life itself. We access this “Field” when we are seeking information that our intellect and the confines and limitations of our five sensory reality does not provide us with.

What you see is not always what you’re getting right?

We know intuitively there is more, beyond the human capacity to perceive through the five senses and the logical mind, we sense a greater universe, and it’s in this Mystery that we look for our answers in an intuitive method- igniting synchronicity to reveal wisdom to us. In this case we’re using the language of Oracle Cards to engage the dialog. We ask Spirit, and we get an answer.

We look to see ourselves reflected in the cards to tell us a story that our

logical minds and even the conditions of our life make hazy- impossible to get through those methods of navigating your world.  Intuition is when we access information that we know in a different kind of knowing- it may make no logical sense yet the knowing is deep, profound and true.  The combination of Intuition and this method of Connection to the Divine is a powerful force!  This is what you will be learning in this class.


In this Lesson I will cover :

• What are Oracle cards and how did I develop them into the cards we’re using today?

• How the Cards Work – have you ever noticed when you are thinking of

changing jobs and all of a sudden an amazing opportunity presents itself the very next day? Is it a mere coincidence OR perhaps synchronicity is at play here? Time to look deeper, that’s when the cards can really help!

• Where is your Head, and from what emotional place are you coming from? – It is super important to come from a place of neutrality when pulling cards! I will go over methods of obtaining this state of mind, so you can get the best and clearest results!

• Remaining neutral

• Meditation

• Ritual and Reverence

• “Oh Boy, Now What Do I and How do I Ask?” – beginning this most sacred conversation with just the right question and how to word that to reflect your evolutionary process. For example: where you were in the past, where you are now, the best way to proceed or how the situation you are inquiring about could possibly unfold! Learn all of the many ways in which to ask a question with curiosity and reverence, and have fun with it!

• Oracle Abuse – Can you say OBSESSED? – Ha! Like anything, there is a way in which you are to go about using this sacred tool. If you find yourself continually pulling cards, for example, asking the same question over and over but wanting a different result you are sure to receive very mixed and tricky results to your query.

• Time to check-in with yourself! What is your motivator for this question that you are asking? Are you coming from a place of openness, and a “go with the flow” attitude? Or are you demanding to know something – coming from your ego, from fear, or a need to control an outcome? Be gentle with yourself and with the cards, it’s a very special relationship that you are building right now.

• What to do when the cards challenge you; you challenge yourself! Listen, we all have those times when we keep receiving the same card, the same message over and over. Upside down, reversed or as I call them in this deck- Challenger cards come to us all to give us protection and a heads up when we’re going down a path that is not in our highest good. Are we listening? As the saying goes “If you do what you did, you’ll get what you got.” This may be


©2014 Colette Baron-Reid 5 Daily Oracle Card Reading Course

In this Lesson I will cover :

a time to accept what is, allow other perspectives and work with it!

• Imagine and Play- Have Fun and use your imagination and creativity when interpreting the cards! Let your inner kid come out!

Make Sure you...

• Have a journal-to record your impressions of the cards daily

To have the best experience have one or all three physical decks of Wisdom of The Hidden Realms Cards, The Wisdom of Avalon, or The Enchanted Map oracle cards all created by ME!  Colette Baron Reid

( you can also just use the digital app. version on iphone, ipad or just go to my site and choose them there)


Homeplay Exercise

Listen to my meditation – You will be guided on a magical journey in which you allow yourself to become grounded, neutral, and clear of all of your chatterbox thoughts! This will put you in the most optimal state of mind to then choose your cards!  Practice the meditation a few times and become familiar with your centered, calm and grounded self!

Pull 1 card online on my website or choose a card from an actual physical deck.

Write your impression of the card in your journal, and how it unfolds for you throughout the day.


©2014 Colette Baron-Reid 7 Daily Oracle Card Reading Course

A VERY Brief History of Oracle Systems as a means to Divine Guidance

People have been asking for guidance and looking for answers since the

beginning of time! Just look at the oldest recorded divination system that comes from China called I-Ching.

This is a method from China that has been used for THOUSANDS of years and is still widely used today. Instead of cards with symbols and pictures they are a bit more rustic, using the tossing of coins or sticks that are compared to 64 hexagrams. Like the cards, they are interpreted according to their unfolding or transformation from one divinatory meaning into another! They show us how nothing exists without a relationship to something else. One experience evolves from another that came before and shifts into one that comes after.

Do you want to know a secret? Well apparently, someone did a very, very long time ago. About 2500 years ago, another Oracle system was born using a tossing of stones with a symbolic alphabet carved into to them to reveal where you are in your story -in your life! These were called Ancient Norse or Celtic Runes. The word RUNE actually translates to secret or mystery.

Next we have, of course, The Tarot – a 78 card European system! Another ancient Oracle system that has been used since at least the 15th Century and is still very much used today - to motivate, cultivate and inspire you to open your eyes, ears and hearts and truly listen! The tarot unfortunately has the most superstitious baggage around it, and due to its complexity can take years to truly become an expert, which is one of the reasons I was compelled to find a way to make a less intimidating modern oracle system that incorporated the best of all of them.

I have immersed myself in years and years of study in all of these systems and all my decks are modern hybrids of these venerated ancient forms of divine dialog.


The main difference in my decks are in what they are intended for and what they are not for.

These are not fortune-telling cards, they are not designed to predict disasters or deaths, or whether your army should invade or not. They are very specific in that all my decks are contained in a method of dialog to enable you to evolve as a spiritual being having a human experience living a life that is full, successful and meaningful.

Yes they do deal with all aspects of human life- love, career, finances, home, office, family etc. But they are meant for you to see yourself reflected in truth about where your own consciousness engages the Field , where your frequency affects matter, how you react and respond to life’s challenges and how your purpose unfolds.

It’s all about personal growth and helping you have the most fulfilled life.

These card systems are all about helping you to become more self aware, accountable, and to help you recognize the extraordinary power you have to co- create a meaningful fulfilling life. They are means to see the world above and beyond the small “self” and show you where the miracles are through the eyes of your Soul.  

Oracle Cards Open You Up to See and Experience the Magic of Synchronicity, Serendipity, and the Amazing AH -HA moments in Life!

What are your intentions and how do you take your next right action? You are, in reality, activating the flow of synchronicity! One card alone can have a specific meaning, however when combined, using the many different spreads, it tells a whole new story as the symbols mixed with the reader’s intuition begins to unravel a mosaic of meanings.

I am so thrilled to share my decks with you, as they are very special and sacred to me as part of my service to the world!  So its important to note all oracle card systems, in a sense, are the same but they don’t all work the exact same way.

Why you ask? …Well, you’ll notice the differences in the original ancient systems - they are written by various people that use different philosophies, and come from different cultures and traditions  therefore, the symbolic language is a bit different for each system.

How My Cards are Different


©2014 Colette Baron-Reid 9 Daily Oracle Card Reading Course In my decks you will notice there are themes that differ deck to deck - Avalon

was inspired by themes and legends of ancient Britain, Hidden Realms came from characters that showed up in my dreams in Sedona Arizona, and The Enchanted Map was inspired by my book The Map; but the essential purpose of oracle card systems are all the same. They are divination tools, a way to have a conversation with a power greater than yourself to get guidance about your journey.

It’s like they wear different clothes and show different faces, and speak different languages but their meanings are essentially the same as they follow the

symbolic universal experiences all of us can and will experience throughout our human lives.

How My Cards are Different


Oracle cards have no power of themselves- not until you use them! Oracle cards are neutral until you ask a question. Until you pick them up they are just beautiful images on cards, but when you do, they become a living language and are like mirrors showing you things about yourself you need to know, and like a magical compass that points the way forward, showing you where treasure lies and where the potholes are along the way!

So in essence-Oracle cards are a system, or a language of symbols and images that are initiated by you and come to life in a dialog with Spirit.

Do Oracle Cards Have Power?


©2014 Colette Baron-Reid 11 Daily Oracle Card Reading Course

How do these things work?

The cards are magical and mysterious, and they work!  They are a connection to the Sacred.  They offer advice and reassurance, wisdom and understanding and enlightening clarity in connection with Spirit.  They will show you how you are aligned to this vast Intelligence, as well as what you may not understand or cannot see.

They are always a metaphor rather than specific “face value”  of where you are, using an interactive dialog of pictures to bring forth buried truths, and clarify what you know to be true deep down in your heart.  Pictures speak to you in deeper ways than specific language. Pictures or symbols speak a language that connects you to your hidden inner world and reveals to you what you are not aware of. Remember the saying “ A picture speaks a thousand words?”

So how do the cards know how to talk to us? It’s Synchronicity!  You know when stuff happens at the perfect time to make your life come together or gives you deeper insight. Like when you are out for a walk pondering a decision and you run into a friend that provides perfect insight. The cards are your friends!  In the synchronistic moment of selecting a card, what can be revealed in the synchronicity provided by the Divine is truly magical.

What’s Your State of Mind When Using the Cards?

What is your mood, how are you FEELING emotionally before choosing your cards? Remember what we said earlier about this being a reflective process?  

Maybe you just got home from working a full day, spent an hour in heavy traffic, you walk into your front door and your kids are waiting for you to help them with their homework, etc. You may be feeling a little frazzled, over-extended or anxious at that time. This would not be the time to ask a question from the cards!

Why not?

Because the cards will likely tell you that you are stressed and need to chill out which is not what you’re asking about right? Has that already happened to you?

Unless and until you take a moment to really get grounded, centered and neutral. This is the state of mind, that will give you the BEST result to your question. How do you do this? Well, I have a few methods that work really well!

• We have included a guided meditation with this program or you can do your


own. All that is needed is about 5-10 minutes of connecting to your higher self, through meditation! Easy Peezy!

• Go for a nice 10-20 minute brisk walk outdoors. Connecting to nature is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to obtain a neutral state of mind.

• If you are familiar with a method that I have developed called the IN-Vizion®

process, this would also be extremely effective at clearing your mind and getting you to a place where you would be more than ready to work with my Oracle deck, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms.

How do these things work?


©2014 Colette Baron-Reid 13 Daily Oracle Card Reading Course Realize that you are engaging in a sacred relationship with the Divine. Perhaps

you can make up your own Statement of Intention or Prayer before working with the cards.  Use your own words and language to create something super special that will show your gratitude and receptivity to the mystery that is being revealed to you!

Assuming that you have a deck of my cards in your possession already, you will notice, in the booklet included with the cards, some examples of prayers.  

Where do you keep your cards? Everyone has their own preference.  I know that some people keep their cards in a silk or velvet bag to show reverence. Others might choose an ornate box or something more personal to them to hold their cards.  Paint a box, sew a bag, whatever speaks to you… Use your creativity and your intuition.  These are YOUR cards to engage spirit, because of that they should be cared for with love and respect.

How to ask a question that get the BEST results:

First, it is important to become familiar with the language and flavor of your cards.  Read the booklet provided with the deck and notice your impression and responses to the cards.  There will be some cards you love, and others you do not.  Start forming a relationship to the deck and get a feel for the language that it is speaking in.

Ask your questions with the intent and purpose to reveal what is for the highest good of all.  You don’t always know what that is, AND sometimes what you really really want is not for your highest good.  Surrender to knowing that the Divine understands the bigger picture better than you do.  This means that when you interact with the cards, you must have no expectations, and be open to receive guidance.

Be clear with your intentions and avoid asking Yes or No questions, for instance the question, “Does he love me?”. You would only ask that question if you

wanted the answer to be YES!  (Remember no expectations!) It is better to ask,

“What do I need to understand about this relationship?”, or “What is hidden that I cannot see about the relationship?”.  The cards will give you answers that need pondering and reflection.

Here are a few examples of questions to ask:

“Where am I in relationship to _____?”

“What do I need to know about where I am right now?”




“What is the next best action for me to take?”

3 card spread: “Where was I (past) in relationship to___?”, “Where am I now?”

“What is the expected outcome from where I am now?”

You can expect the cards to reflect to you where you are in relationship to your question in the NOW.  If you are asking your question with expectation or anxiety, the cards will speak to you in that tone.  Remember NEUTRAL is best!

You can always pull another card to ask for clarification on a card you are confused about. Simply set your intention for clarification on the cards or card that you previously selected.

Play and have fun with the cards, and stay as neutral as you can allowing them to speak to you. Suspend judgment and allow the message to percolate within you for a while.  They will reveal their magic to you in some very astounding ways if you let them! Trust me you will be amazed!




©2014 Colette Baron-Reid 15 Daily Oracle Card Reading Course

Oracle Abuse

What is Oracle Abuse? It’s an addiction to using an oracle system over and over seeking a specific answer, giving your power over to the oracle. (It’s actually why oracle systems were/are banned in some religions because they were/

are seen as giving your power to a thing instead of God, giving power directly to the “thing”- which becomes a “false idol”).  Keep in mind again.. this is a tool, an aid to discern guidance from the Divine not to replace the Divine/ Spirit/

Consciousness etc. ( you get the gist) So how do you approach an oracle?

 Do you feel anxious when you are pulling a card? It’s important that you empty your mind before asking a question. The emotional state you are in will be directly reflected in whatever question you ask.  Remember, the cards are neutral until you ask a question – before that they are just a cards with symbols and pictures on them! So YOU also need to be neutral when asking your

question. Perfect!

Another aspect of Oracle Abuse is when someone poses the same question over and over expecting a different result. How’s that working for you? Probably not so well, this is when things can get really tricky when using Oracle cards.

Let’s use a relationship question from my deck The Wisdom of Avalon as an example:

Day 1/Card 1

Question: What can be revealed NOW about my relationship with Bob?

1st Card pulled: Wasp

• After contemplating the symbols and the written meanings you have determined that this relationship may not be in your best interest because Bob has a nasty jealous streak and that is just not going to work for you!

Good for you for recognizing this! (However, after sleeping on this, and letting your mind wander we move into day two….)

Day 2/Card 2

Question: Is my relationship with Bob for my highest good? (See what’s

happening here? Ha! You have asked about Bob again because you were not really satisfied with the FIRST message that the cards gave you, and you asked a yes or no question!)

2nd Card pulled: Joy


Oracle Abuse

• Really JOY? My relationship with Bob will bring me JOY? How so, I thought he was uber jealous….I am sooooooo confused!

Day 3/3rd Card

Question: What is my next right action concerning my relationship with Bob?

(Seeing a pattern here?) 3rd Card pulled: The Frog

• Hmmmmm….So, I’m supposed to get rid of anything that clutters my mind or my heart; emotional baggage and any relationships that are holding me back? Yesterday, Bob, was supposed to represent something bringing me joy and one day later Spirit, the Divine, is asking me to kick him to the curb?

Really? Now I am beyond confused!

Sound the Alarm! Attention: Oracle Abuse! Oracle Abuse! Oracle Abuse!

What is the result of Oracle Abuse? Total and complete confusion, for one! You will see a pattern of your own state of mind being reflected from the cards that you pull rather than what was originally intended. You have, in a sense, disconnected from the WiFi in the sky –ha! Now you are tuning into all sorts of static that is in reality your own erratic ego. In short, instead of having some sort of direction, you will feel as though you are all over the place without a map AND with a blindfold on!

The experience of pulling cards from an Oracle deck is supposed to be sacred, divine and FUN, but if we find ourselves being obsessive with our questions we will only get mixed messages.  So be kind to yourself and just say no to Oracle Abuse.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: As discussed earlier, you are always, allowed to ask for a 2nd question for clarity if you are not UNDERSTANDING what the first card was trying to tell you. There may be times when you pull a card and you are either not very familiar with the card or for some reason, this card has not resonated with you. You haven’t developed a relationship with this particular card…yet! This is when pulling a 2nd card for clarification is absolutely acceptable.


©2014 Colette Baron-Reid 17 Daily Oracle Card Reading Course

When the Cards Challenge You; Challenge Yourself!

You may find, that from time to time, you will choose a card that may either trigger or annoy you in some way. Or, Perhaps you keep pulling the same card over and over even though you KNOW you have shuffled the cards very well.

What to do, what to do….?

Think of a time, in your past, when life delivered you a big fat hairy challenge, and not only did you overcome that challenge, but you grew from it! Really connect with that thought for a moment.

I’m guessing that you may have become more knowledgeable, stronger, smarter, or perhaps kinder, gentler, and more joyful! Whatever the lesson, you may have never experienced the fruit of that, had you not allowed yourself to participate in that challenge!

The cards are no different because they are simply a reflection, a mirror if you will, of your ever-evolving life’s story! Full of ups and downs and rounds and rounds! It’s all good!

Instead of becoming frustrated or overwhelmed by a particular card, see it as an opportunity that is being presented to you. When you come from this neutral and receptive state, this is where change is born! After all, we always have a CHOICE to either have an expansive or contracted experience depending on our willingness to take action, right? You can do it!


The Loving IMPORTANCE of Upside down, reversed, or Challenger cards!

Have you ever shuffled cards and saw 3 upside down cards in a row and get freaked out and turn them all right side up? Why did you do this? Obviously it’s fear that they are predicting something that is bound to happen that looks bad yes? I know some people that only read their cards upright. I created my first deck The Wisdom of Avalon cards to only be read upright. That said the deck had to have cards relating to challenging situations otherwise they would not be accurate.


©2014 Colette Baron-Reid 19 Daily Oracle Card Reading Course


At least not in MY oracle decks

Keeping all this in mind, we all know life happens and I have created all my decks to be the channel for Divine guidance to find a way to give us a nudge before we screw up!

Upside down cards , in this deck I call Challenger cards. They challenge you to be careful about how you move forward because they are trying to protect you!

Imagine you’ve got a special GPS that talks to you while you navigate your des- tiny. You want to go down a road so badly you’re so sure you will find treasure there.

Now what if that GPS said Careful there is a BIG POTHOLE on that road and you could blow a tire. You would go hmmm. Maybe there is another route I could take yes?

Another point about these Challenger cards is this. What if you had to learn something important by recognizing you have done this before? Say something difficult did happen, the cards would have given you a way to consider the gifts there and give you hope as you dust yourself off? Maybe next time you go down that familiar road and turn back before you land in the hole not after yes?

Here is another thing to consider. Spirit holds up a mirror to you to show you what’s really going on in there. The conditions of the world reflect the frequen- cy we resonate with. It’s all based on our thoughts feeling and beliefs.  If you’re feeling entitled maybe the oracle cards will say you need to be humble and more grateful, or maybe you feel right about something and they warn you about a storm that could be avoided. Maybe your righteousness is misguided?

What about a lover who is not for you? Why chase “ THE ONE” who is going to hurt you? A deck that does not take this into consideration is not an accurate oracle. True divination reflects all life circumstances. All my decks  will give you a nudge once in a while so you don’t fall on your face. That’s good yes?


Imagine and Play

Make this a fun conversation with an imaginary friend, higher self, angel or guide, PLAY! Maybe you see the two of you sitting across a table from each oth- er, sharing a cup of coffee or tea. Instead of the spoken word, the conversation is being conducted using the cards! This is a conversation in a new language that you are learning; the language of metaphors and pictures. Keep an open mind and use your imagination.  Try not to interpret the cards from a logical perspec- tive. If you wanted logical you could call your mom or look it up online in Goo- gle.  Rarely will one plus two equal three in the Quantum model of reality.

 Have fun with this!  Flow with the pictures presented to you and become an art- ist, revealing your ever-evolving artwork; your life.





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