Cloud Managed Printing

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Driverless Printing

ezeep for PC and Mac synchronizes available printers with the operating system based on print policies, access permissions and the location of the user

Users can print any file using the common print dialog but without the need to install or update drivers manually

ezeep for desktop is a virtual print driver for Mac and Windows. It enables users to print to any

printer right from their desktop applications without the need to install or maintain printer drivers.

ezeep for desktop enforces all policies, pricing or quotas you've set.

ezeep for PC and Mac eliminates the need for drivers on your users

computers and improves the user's print experience

You no longer need to distribute or update drivers for anyone in your organization

Users can install ezeep for desktop individually, eliminating the need for IT support

Key Features


Mobile Printing

Print any Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and images from your smartphone or tablet using ezeep’s apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablets

Advanced printing capabilities inside the apps like copies, duplex, page range and “Print Later” compliant with any print policies you've defined

Print on any printer regardless of type, model or manufacturer as long as it is connected to ezeep

ezeep delivers a beautiful mobile printing experience out of the box. Instantly deploy secure mobile

printing in your organization. No need to integrate a complicated stand-alone mobile printing


ezeep’s applications for iOS and Android let you print the most common files from a smartphone or

tablet to any printer connected to ezeep. Users and printing rules can be easily and centrally

managed via the ezeep web console.

Users can print independently without the need for IT support while admins still stay in control of all print policies and printer access

Mobile printing is integrated with ezeep and requires no additional hardware or software to roll out or manage

Key Features


Print payment

Set prices per page, printjob, printer, user or groups to take payment for printjobs

Use quotas to offer free pages per time period and then charge for printing automatically

Let users purchase print credit using Paypal, VISA

Reports to review all transactions

ezeep's print payment features allow for simple, automated, and secure cashless payment for

pay-for-page printing. ezeep handles all transactions fully PCI compliant and transfers all print credit to

your organization's account.

Fully integrated with ezeep and setup easily

Recoup per page printing costs from guests or users directly and without hassle

Key Features


Prices for printing can be flexibly set and updated depending on printer, printjob, user or group.


Print rules

Central and flexible administration of all print rules via the ezeep web console

Enforce rules for groups or individual users like mono, duplex, page limits and much more

Define default print job settings like auto mono or auto duplex

Users can view what printers are available to them and what they can print

Print rules can be setup to control use of printers for users, groups or your entire organization to

drive down print volume and per page costs.

Consistent but non-intrusive notifications are served to users on mobile and desktop if and when

necessary to ensure awareness.

Reduce print volume and waste without alienating users with intrusive pop-ups or workflows

Reduce per page costs simply

Rules are flexible and automatically updated across all end user devices without making changes

Reduce the environmental footprint of printing

Key Features



Print Security

Our servers are located in Germany and as such subject to incredibly strict data protection laws

All client-server communication relies on SSL encryption

End user authentication via AD/LDAP or ezeep user accounts

Files are deleted immediately after they have been successfully printed. Files are only processed for printing and cannot be viewed by anyone at any time.

A fully PCI compliant payment system

ezeep runs industry standard security measures for its infrastructure and software as well as

security features around document confidentiality for administrators and end users.

Peace of mind as we apply strict rules and best practice around all software development and

distribution related to security and manage internal network security closely

The product offers added document security with password protected printers and integration with hold-release printing systems

Key Features


Print Tracking

A visual dashboard of overall print volume and printer usage for your organization

Printer monitoring shows printer status and alerts to downtime

Detailed reports on user print volume broken down by chromaticity and printer

Print tracking and reports allow you to view in detail how much is being printed on which devices by

users and groups. Knowing more about how people print allows you to take smart decisions about

your printer fleet.

Identify departments or teams with the highest print volume to evaluate the need for print rules or process improvements

Use reports to take informed decisions about optimizing your printer fleet by understanding which printers are underutilized and can be removed

Understand how much is being printed to negotiate better deals with suppliers and avoid downtime by ordering just in time

Key Features


User Management

AD / LDAP integration for advanced user management and permission sync

Create groups via Email ID and bulk import from a spreadsheet or CSV file

ezeep’s user management allows you to define printer access and visibility for groups, individuals,

guests and your entire organization. Defining printer access and visibility is flexible and

automatically updated across all clients for all users.

Easily sync your existing user management system with ezeep

Centralized management of printer access across your entire organization

Manage permissions and access to printers for all devices your organization uses to print

Key Features


Cloud Managed

Central administration console to easily manage users, printers and print policies

Server applications for Windows, Linux and Mac to securely connect printers with the cloud and to shift the burden of print management to ezeep

Desktop and mobile applications for printing that can send print jobs via an encrypted connection to the cloud

Works with almost all printers regardless of manufacturer, type and model

Hosted in Germany

ezeep is the only print management service that lets organizations centrally manage their entire

print infrastructure from the cloud. It's eliminating the need for a range of disparate products,

reducing overall operating and printing costs, and increasing employee and IT productivity.

Outsource and save costs and time

Cloud-based software-as-a-service that is continuously updated and managed

Modernize printing and improve processes

Consolidate the need for disparate tools and internal IT support

Key Features





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