Hover your mouse over Marketing, and click on Create/Manage Content.

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Creating and Sending an Email for Your Group Before you begin:

These instructions assume that you have spoken to the Alumnae office about creating your own emails. If you have not spoken with the Alumnae office, you will not have the required access to create emails. For more information or to request access, visit the Volunteer Connection at http://www.wellesley.edu/Alum/Volunteer/VConnect/. Before you begin, you will need:

1. A plain text (i.e. not formatted) copy of your email written and saved to your computer.1

2. The following additional information about your email: a. The reply-to address

b. The subject line (should be short, and include the word "Wellesley") c. The send date (1st or 15th of the month for clubs, 5th or 20th for classes.) 3. A username and password (this will be emailed to you).


We require that you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser for creating club emails. Firefox is free, and can be downloaded for PC or Mac at

http://www.getfirefox.com/. Internet Explorer and Safari have proven to be problematic with this system.

Logging in

Using Mozilla Firefox, go to http://www.wellesley.edu/Alum/chapteradmin.html. Log in using the username and password provided to you by the Alumnae Association.

Once you log in, you should see a page like this:

Hover your mouse over “Email Marketing”, and click on “Create/Manage Email Content”.


We strongly recommend using Notepad (PC), TextEdit (Mac), or a similar text-editing program to compose the initial text of your email. Do not use Microsoft Word; Word can cause issues with smart quotes and other special characters.


If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Alumnae Office technical staff at techadmin@alum.wellesley.edu.

The email creation interface looks like this:

Note that there are four tabs across the top. To create an email, you will work your way across these tabs from left to right.

1. In "Create & Manage Content" you will enter and save your email text.

2. In "Address & Assemble Email" you will specify the email's recipients as well as enter additional information such as from and reply-to addresses.

3. In "Send & Schedule" you will add your email to the calendar for review. 4. In "Reports", you can view statistics for emails you have already sent.

Step 0: If Necessary, Create a List

This step is optional. The alumnae office has already created a distribution list for you that contains your entire club, class, or group. However, if your email is being sent to a sub-set of your group, you may need to create that list. Please click here to view

instructions for creating a list. Step 1: Create Content

The alumnae office has provided a basic email template for you to work with. You may modify the template to include your own club name and email content.

1. Click on the "Create and Manage Content" tab, if you are not already there. 2. In the "Manage Existing Content" box, locate the "Alumnae Class/Club/Group


Note: you may duplicate any email in this list. If you are sending an email that is similar to one you have already sent, you may duplicate it and start from there. 3. At the top of the page, in the box labeled "Name this content", type the name of

the email. Names should be in the format: YearMonthDay - Club - Description. For example: "20081017 - Lake Waban Club - October Email". This name is for your information only, it will not be seen by recipients of the email. You will enter a subject line later in the setup process.


a. Replace the text "Class/Club/Group name" with the name of your club, or “Wellesley Class of 19XX” with your class year.

b. Replace the text "Your message goes here" with the text of your message. You can copy and paste this from the plain-text copy you have saved on your computer. Do not copy and paste from Microsoft Word!

c. Add any necessary formatting using the buttons above the editing box. Do not modify the grey text at the bottom of the message (starting with “This message is being sent to you”). This text is required by law to be on all emails sent through the college system; do not remove this text under any circumstances. 5. Below the "name this content" box, click on the "Text Version" tab:


Copy the plain-text version of your message and paste it in place of the text "Text of your message goes here."

Do not modify or delete the text below the horizontal line. This text is required by law to be on all emails sent out by the college.

6. When you have finished with your email, click the "Save Content" button.

Step 2: Connect content and address list

In this step you will connect the email content you just created with a recipient list, and specify other important email details.


2. Click on the "Address and Assemble a New Email" button.

3. You will reach a page with boxes for all the information you need to enter. There are three sections, which are detailed below. Many of these fields are required: please read carefully to make sure you enter the correct information.

Email details:

a. Email name: Enter the same name as in "Content Name" in Step 1 - names should be in the format: YearMonthDay - Club - Description.. As with the Content Name, this is for your information and will not be seen by email recipients.


c. From email address: enter “wclubs@alum.wellesley.edu” for clubs. For classes, enter your email address, or the email address of the alumna the message should be from. We strongly encourage you to use an

@alum.wellesley.edu address in this field when possible.

d. Reply-to email address: enter your club or class email address, or the email address to which you would like replies to be directed (e.g.

"wclakewaban@alum.wellesley.edu"). e. To: Enter "Wellesley Alumnae".

f. BCC email addresses: If you want anyone who would not otherwise receive the message (i.e. a specific alum who is outside your club area but will be attending, a speaker, etc), enter her email address here. NOTE: this field should only be used for one or two addresses; if you need to send to more than that, consult with the clubs office.

g. Subject: Enter your subject line here. Remember, your subject line should be short and include the word "Wellesley".

Email content and recipient list:

a. Select email content: Select the name of the content you created in step 1. b. Select recipient list: Select your club name.

c. Select type of email to send: Leave "HTML and text" selected.

Campaign and Categories:

a. Campaigns: Do not select anything in this box.


When you are finished, click the "Save this email" button.

If there are any issues with the email definition, the red text above the save button will let you know. If it reads "Email definition ok" then you can proceed.

Step 3: Schedule your email

In this step you will add your email to the calendar. 1. Click on the "Send & Schedule" tab.


If you do not see a calendar, click on "Month" next to "Calendar View" at the top of the page.

Remember, club emails go out on the 1st and 15th of each month, and class emails go out on the 5th and 20th of each month. If you select a different date you must contact the Alumnae office.


4. A new window will pop up, allowing you to choose the email you are sending:

a. In Box 1, select the Email Name of the email you just created.

b. In Box 2, make sure that "Does not recur" is selected under "Recurrence". (This is the default setting).

c. In Box 3, double-check the scheduling time and click on "Schedule this email now".


Step 4: Approve your Email

IMPORTANT: You MUST complete this step for every email you send. If you do not complete this step, the email will not be sent.

Now that you've scheduled your email, it must be approved. This step gives you a last chance to review the email and correct any errors before sending. To approve, locate your email in the calendar, and click the red "Approve" link below the description:

Once you approve the email, the email will look like this:

Congratulations! Your email is set up, and will be sent at the selected time.

Making Changes

If you have set up your email but need to make a last-minute change, you can do so. Log in as you normally would and access the Email Marketing tool.


From here you can preview the HTML or text versions of your email, delete your email entirely, or reschedule it for a different date or time. To delete or reschedule, click on the appropriate link at the bottom and follow the instructions.

To modify an email: If you need to update the content of your email, you can do so. To modify the email, click on the "Create & Manage Content" tab. Locate the email in the list, and click the "Edit" link next to it. Modify as needed (making sure to update both the HTML and text versions) and click Save.

Note: Emails can only be modified, cancelled, or rescheduled until they are sent. If you modify an email after it has been sent out, it will not be re-sent. If you modify an email after it has been approved, you must re-approve the email or it will not be sent.


1. I can’t approve my email


2. My email looks fine in the system, but looks weird when I receive it in Gmail/Earthlink/Outlook/etc.

All email systems will render the code that forms your email slightly differently. Your email will not appear identical. If the email becomes difficult to read, you may wish to modify the email. In general, simpler emails tend to display cleanly in most systems, while more complicated emails may display oddly.




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