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Check the list of 4-H projects that you are enrolled in. You must be enrolled in the project you intend to exhibit in. Youth attending a June Jamboree program must make an online entry in order to enter at the county fair in the June Jamboree classes.




• Double check the classes you are entering to be sure the class number in the premium book is the

same class number you are intending to enter online. Make sure the class you entered is really your

intended entry. You have an opportunity to review the classes entered before you submit and finish. You will also have the option of logging back into your account to add more entries until July 5.

• If you have questions, or need assistance, please give our office a call and ask. DO NOT EXPECT TO CONTACT OUR OFFICE FOR ASSISTANCE IF YOU WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO MAKE ENTRIES! The Extension Office will be closed on July 5 for the July 4th holiday.

• There is a cost to our county for using this system to make online entries. The 4-H Council has graciously agreed to cover those costs. Please submit the entries that you intend to complete. Just be aware that “extra” entries made that you probably won’t complete will be an expense to the 4-H Council.




Link to make online entries:

With some limited testing, it appears that online entries can be made using a smartphone. However, a computer might be best to be able to print a receipt of the entries made when you have completed the process.

If you do not have internet access, you may come to the Extension Office to use our extra computer. If you would like to use our office computer, please call ahead to make an appointment. Be sure to bring your premium book and any supporting project/animal information you may need (list of projects you are enrolled in, ID sheets, eartag numbers, animal birthdates, etc.). Computers may also be available at public libraries and schools.

Online Entries are DUE at

by 11:59 p.m., Monday, July 5.


Step 1. Register

Click on Sign In at top right.

Choose a login type:

• To register one exhibitor, choose Exhibitor. Go to Step 2. • To register multiple exhibitors, choose Quick Group.

o Quick Group users only: Quick Groups are useful for families with multiple exhibitors. To create a Quick Group, enter a username and password for your group. Write them down so that you can log in again later to add exhibitors or entries or to view your registration history. You may choose a Default Club. The default club will automatically appear for each exhibitor and entry on later screens. Proceed to Step 2 for each exhibitor in your Quick Group. In the future, you may enter the site again with either your Quick Group name and password or the login information for any individual exhibitor in your group.

Step 2. Entries

• Choose a Department. (see next page for a list of projects and classes under each Department) * • Then choose a Division for the entry.

• Then choose a Class and complete other required boxes. If entering animal entries, please create an entry for each animal you intend to exhibit. Example, if you are entering 3 market swine, please make 3 market swine entries.

• You must select a Club for each entry. (For Livestock and Horse Entries…select the club you wish

to be stalled with.)

• Click the Add Entry to Cart button. • You may now add another entry.

o Add Different Entry is for adding another entry in a different Department. o Add Similar Entry is an easy way to add another exhibit in the same Department.

• Repeat the steps above for each entry. Note that you may add many types of entries without logging off. Remember that if you are using the Quick Groups option, you may need to change from the default club as you add entries.


Step 3. Review

Review your entries and additional items for accuracy. Before checking out, you may add more entries or save this cart and log in to add more entries later. Note that your cart and login information are not saved until you click Save This Cart For Later. Your exhibits are not entered until you click Check-out.

Quick Group users: You may now click the button Add Entries for a different Exhibitor. This will

take you back to Step 1 to create a new exhibitor within your Quick Group. Once you are done entering all group members, you can click Check-out to check out for all your exhibitors at once. Remember that if you are using the Quick Groups option, you may need to change from the default club as you add entries.

Step 4. Confirm

Review your summary of entries. Type “YES” in the red dashed box to indicate that you agree with the rules and regulations. Click Submit.

You may print and request an e-mail of the receipt. It is recommended that you print a copy of your entries for your reference.

If everything is correct, click Finish. Review your summary


You may review your previous transactions and view your profile by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the page.

Congratulations! You have made your entries for the 2021 Custer County Fair.

Questions you may have:

• What do I put into the “Description” field?

The “Description” is typically meant for a description of the exhibit, such as a “Tic Tac Toe

Game” if you are making a Child Development entry. If you don’t know what you are

making for an entry yet, just leave this field blank. It is not a required field. You can also

type anything in that field that you think we may need to know about the entry. It could

be used to indicate that you need a stall for this entry.

• What does * mean on the fields?

An * next to the fields indicates that this is a required field. The field must be completed

in order to complete the entry.

• How do I type the Animal Birth Date?

The Animal Birth Date must be typed in this format: 3/15/2020. Animal birth dates can be

found on the animal identification form that you completed.

We were not always able to make Animal Birth Date a required field for all species. Please

include the Animal Birth Date, if possible. It will help both exhibitors and superintendents

in knowing the correct classes have been entered.

• Tag ID or Tattoo

Some entries require Tag ID and some entries require Tattoos. Please enter as much

information as possible. This information will be used for animal counts and stalling

assignments for clubs.

If you are planning to show 3 market swine or 3 market sheep, please make 3 individual

entries. If you put 4 tag numbers on one entry, this would designate that you are making

one entry and don’t know which animal you will choose. By making 3 individual entries, it

shows that you are planning to show 3 animals.

• Animal Names

Animal Names are important for those species to be able to make stall assignments.


• How are club entries made?

If you are making a club entry, such as:

• Club Group of 5 Market Beef (one per club)

• Club Group of 5 Market Lambs (one per club)

• Fitting & Showing Contest

• Club Booths (one per club)

The organizational leader of the club wishing to make the entry, will need to sign in as an

exhibitor, create an account (yes, you will need to put in your birthdate), and make the club

entry. Proceed with the above instructions as an exhibitor for the club entries.

• Where do I find my projects?

You will find the specific projects and their classes under the following Departments:


• 4-Wheelin’ Physics Fun

• Beef - Beef Group Classes, Beef Showmanship, Beef Breeding Heifers, Bucket Calves (Not Clover

Kids bucket calves. See Clover Kids Animal Caretaker classes.), Fitting & Showing Contest, Market

Beef, Stocker-Feeders

• Child Development - Growing All Together, I Have What It Takes To Be Your Babysitter, On Your Own and OK

• Citizenship & Civic Education - Citizenship, Heritage, Seeing i2i

• Clothing - General Clothing, Fashion Show, Knitting, Crochet, Steam Clothing: Beyond The Needle, Steam Clothing 2, Steam Clothing 3

• Clover Kids - Animal Caretaker (For Clover Kid Bucket Calf and Small Animal Pet Show entries), A Space For Me, Aerospace 1, Bicycle Adventures, Family Celebrations Around The World, Just Outside The Door, Making Food For Me, Theater Arts Unit 1

• Communications & Expressive Arts - Express Yourself Level 1, 2, 3; Photography; General Posters; Theater Arts Units 2 & 3

• Computers

• Consumer Management - Shopping In Style, Shopping In Style Fashion Show

• Creative Foods Artistry - Cake Decorating, Decorate Your Cupcake, Gingerbread, Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes

• Crops & Range - Field Crops, Range Management, Weed Science • Dairy - Dairy Cattle Classes, Dairy Showmanship

• Dog - Dog Obedience, Article Made For Your Dog, Dog Agility, Dog Showmanship • Electricity

• Environmental & Earth Sciences - Conservation & Wildlife (includes Harvesting Equipment, Other Natural Resources, Taxidermy, Wildlife Habitat), Forestry

• Food & Nutrition - Cooking 101, Cooking 201, Cooking 301, Cooking 401, General Food • Food Preservation - Freezing, Drying, Boiling Water Canning, Pressure Canning

• Goats - Dairy Goat, Meat Goat, Goat Showmanship • Healthy Lifestyles - Health Rocks, YOUth in Motion

• Home Environment - Design Decisions, Design My Place, Heirloom Treasures/Family Keepsakes, Portfolio Pathways, Quilt Quest, Sketchbook Crossroads, Special Home Environment Pinterest Exhibit, Tablesettings

• Horse - Barrels, English Equitation, English Pleasure, Goat Tying, Halter, Horse Showmanship, Hunter Hack, Poles, Ranch Riding, Reining, Roping, Snaffle Bit, Trail, Western Horsemanship, Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Working Ranch Horse


• Personal Development & Leadership - ESI: EntrepreneurShip Investigation, Financial Champions 1 & 2, June Jamboree, Leap Into Careers, Making Cents of It

• Pigeon - Cocks & Hens, Pigeon Showmanship

• Poultry - Bantams, Duck Classes, Goose Classes, Other Fowl, Poultry Showmanship, Production Classes, Standard Size, Turkey Classes

• Rabbit - Commercial Breeding Rabbits, Fancy Breeding Rabbits, Market Rabbits, Pet Division, Rabbit Showmanship

• Robotics - Robotics, Junk Drawer Robotics • Safety - Citizen Safety, Fire Safety

• Science Engineering & Technology - Aerospace, Bicycle, Entomology, Power of Wind, Small Engines, Tractor, Veterinary Science, Welding

• Sheep - Breeding Ewes, Breeding Rams, Market Lambs, Sheep Showmanship

• Shooting Sports - .22 Sport Pistol, Air Pistol, BB Gun, Precision Air Rifle, Shooting Sports Exhibits, Smallbore (.22 Rifle), Sporter Air Rifle

• Small Animals - Pet Classes (Cat, Other Small Animal, Article Made For Pet), Small Animal Showmanship. (These classes are NOT for Clover Kids. See the Clover Kid Animal Caretaker classes.) • Swine - Breeding Swine, Market Swine, Swine Carcass, Swine Showmanship



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