Guidelines for Education

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Guidelines for Education

Collection Analysis and Investment

Last updated August, 2013

Table of Contents

1. Purpose

2. General Collection Guidelines A. Language

B. Chronology C. Geography D. Publication Date E. Treatment of Subject

F. Types of Materials, Formats Collected 3. Area Resources

4. Related Subject Policy Statements 5. Subjects and Collecting Levels 6. Methodology

1. Purpose.

To support instruction and research for: the undergraduate and graduate "extended programs" in early education, elementary education, secondary education, mathematics education, reading, and special education; MEd degrees in administration and supervision, counselor education, adult education, curriculum, and instruction; and Ph.D. degree offered by the School of Education.

The Division of Teacher Education, in cooperation with the College of Humanities and Sciences and the School of the Arts, provides five- year teacher preparation programs in elementary and secondary education. These programs include

Virginia Provisional Teacher Endorsements in early education, middle education, and secondary education. After completing one of the extended teacher preparation programs, students qualify for both a BA and a Master's degree.

The special education program, with specializations in behavior disorders/emotionally disturbed, learning disabilities, mental retardation, and severe/profound handicapped, is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required for teaching exceptional individuals in public and private settings. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible for teacher certification, K-12.


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The MEd program in educational administration and supervision prepares educators who aspire to be school principals and division level administrators. Teachers and prospective teachers in the curriculum and instruction program may concentrate in early childhood, primary, middle, or secondary education, or an area of instructional technology, including library/media.

The MEd program in adult education provides professional growth experiences that increase the skills and understanding needed to plan, implement, manage, and evaluate educational programs for adults in such areas as adult literacy training, health services, and counseling.

The Master's degree in mathematics education is offered in conjunction with the Department of Mathematical Sciences in the College of Humanities and Sciences. The program allows for extended study in the areas of mathematics, statistics, computer science and professional education.

The Master's degree in reading is a program of sequential and integrated experiences in areas of the reading curriculum ranging from preschool to adult levels. The program emphasizes the development and diagnostic processes involved in teaching reading.

The graduate programs in guidance and counseling and in counselor and visiting teacher lead to endorsement for school counseling, mental retardation, learning disabilities, behavior disorders (emotionally disturbed), early childhood handicapped, or severe and profound handicaps.

Areas of concentration in the MS program in physical education are elementary physical education, secondary/college physical education, movement sciences (exercise physiology, motor learning), health, administration, supervision, and health related fitness.

The Ph.D. program is interdisciplinary in curriculum, design, and management. The program's tracks are: (1) educational leadership development, (2) adult education and human resource development, (3) urban services leadership, (4)

instructional leadership and (5) research and evaluation.

The School of Education also has an articulation agreement with the College of William and Mary in the area of counselor education. The agreement allows enhancement of offerings in counseling at VCU and William and Mary. The EdD degree is awarded by William and Mary. Areas of concentration are: (1) student personnel services in higher education, (2) community college counseling, (3) agency and community counseling, (4) secondary school guidance and counseling, (5) elementary school guidance and counseling, and (6) marriage and family counseling.

2. General Collection Guidelines.

A. Language.

English is the primary language of the collection. Works written in other languages are purchased ordinarily in English


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translation. However, designated children's literature is purchased in the original language.

B. Chronology.

The majority of the materials collected pertain to the twentieth century, particularly the present decade, since the chief emphasis is on current practice and theory, and also on those aspects of past practice and theory that are still influential at the present time. Writings of major educational theorists and reformers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are more selectively collected.

C. Geography.

Emphasis in the collection is on the U.S. school system and American educational practice and theory. Works on broader topics in British education, such as general history, theory and practice, and broader social aspects are collected.

Specialized topics such as histories of particular public schools and teaching of particular subjects in British schools are not collected. Materials about present practices in other European countries and in Asia are collected selectively.

D. Publication Date.

Emphasis is on current materials. Retrospective purchasing is selective and may involve microform, reprints, and/or photocopies rather than the original format.

E. Treatment of Subject.

Scholarly works in the field are the principal staple of the general collection. The history of western educational

development is collected generally. Biographies of educational leaders are collected selectively. Works on the legal aspects of education are extremely useful. Various medical treatments are important in the physiological aspects of educational psychology and physical and health education, as well as in special education. Research methodologies, including the use of computer techniques, are a strong collection interest.

Lower undergraduate textbooks on education ordinarily are not purchased for the general collection. Some upper

undergraduate and graduate texts are purchased as sources of information and as examples of teacher training materials, but preference is given to scholarly works not intended as texts.

Elementary and secondary school textbooks, in all subjects, are collected and used as examples by students in the Teacher Education program. Textbooks are selected from the State of Virginia's Approved Textbooks List, and are purchased selectively on a rotating, subject by subject basis. In addition, activity guides, lesson plans published in monograph format, curriculum guides, and specialized texts are collected widely and also on a rotating subject by subject basis.

Children's and young adult literature is also collected widely. The collection serves as a resource for students taking classes on reading and school librarianship. The seventeen awards listed below are always purchased. Awards List: ALA Best Books for Young Adults, ALA Notables, Boston Globe/Horn Book Awards and Honors, Coretta Scott King Awards and Honors, John Newbery Medal and Honors, Mildred L. Batchelder Award and Honors, New York Times Best Illustrated, Randolph Caldecott Medal and Honors, School Library Journal Best Books, School Library Journal Adult Books for Young Adults, Canadian Library Association/A.F. Gibbon, Canadian Library Association/Book of the Year, Canadian Library Association/Young Adult, Carnegie Medal/UK, Kate Greenaway Medal, Jefferson Cup Awards/VLA, and Carter G. Woodson Award and Honors.

Popular treatments are acquired selectively and related primarily to education in the social context, e.g., accounts of teaching experiments in ghetto schools, current educational experiments, etc.


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Works on teaching techniques written by and for practicing teachers are acquired selectively as are popular treatments relating to recreation and physical education in the social context. Popular histories and biographies of sports are not acquired for the general collection.

F. Types of Materials and Formats.

Subscriptions to the major trade and professional journals are crucial, as are series and serials of professional societies, academic institutions, university departments, and quasi-public agencies. Part of the coverage of fugitive publications, conference programs, program descriptions, curriculum guides and unpublished reports of research is provided by the ERIC microfiche collection. In most cases, ERIC microfiche need not be duplicated by the purchase of hard copy, except to provide basic bibliographies and heavily used titles.

The collection includes essential bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, handbooks, abstracting and indexing services, directories, manuals for the interpretation of diagnostic tests, sources for reviewing tests, conference

proceedings, and counseling handbooks. Tests are purchased selectively.

Sports records books and popular sports serials, e.g. Sporting News, are not purchased. Purchases of dissertations and theses from other institutions is restricted. Reprints are considered if the library does not have original copy or if the library copy is in unusable condition. Other instructional and research formats for the collection may include microformed research collections, online databases, data sets, software, CD-ROM, film, video, and audio cassettes.

VCU Libraries is a partial depository library for U.S. Government Documents and a depository library for Virginia state documents.

3. Area Resources.

Students and faculty have access to the Library of Virginia and libraries at Union Theological Seminary, Virginia Union University, and the University of Richmond.

4. Related Subject Policy Statements.

Education faculty and students share interests with these related academic disciplines; psychology, social work, rehabilitation counseling, health administration, child psychiatry, physical therapy, and medicine.

5. Subjects and Collecting Levels.

Subject Call Number Range Present Desired

History and Philosophy


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History and Philosophy of Education LA5-396;LB14-675; LB695; LB775-875; LB880-885 C1 B Children's Literature

Children's Literature PZ C2 C2

Young Adult Literature C2 C2

Curriculum Guides and Textbooks

Curriculum Guides C2 C1

Elementary Textbooks (all subjects) C2 C2

Secondary Textbooks (all subjects) C2 C2

Teaching, Counseling, Reading

Teaching LB1025-1050 C1 B

Counseling, Guidance LB1027-1027.5 C1 B

including: Secondary Education LB1625

Higher Education LB2343

Educational Research LB1028 C1 B

Educational Media LB1027-1044 C1 B

Reading (General) including: LB1050-1050.5 C1 B

Psychology of Reading BF456.R2


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School Librarianship Z662-1000.5 C1 C1

Educational Research

Research Bibliography LB1043; Z5811-5819 C1 B

Psychology and Testing

Educational Psychology LB1051-1091 C1 B

Child Study LB1101-1139 C1 B

including: Measurement, Testing LB1131

Child Psychology BF721-723

Child Development HQ750-789

Adolescent Psychology BF724

Problems of Children LB1139

Teacher Education

Teacher Education LB1075-2278 C1 B

Pre-School Education

Pre-School Education LB1140-1499 C2 B

including: Curriculum & Instruction LB1140.3-1140.4

Reading LB1525-1526


VCU Libraries | Collections Analysis and Investment 7 | Page Guidelines for Education | Last Updated August, 2013

Elementary Education

Elementary Education LB1555-1601 C1 B

including: Curriculum & Instruction LB1570-1571

Basal Reading LB1572-1574

Language Arts LB1575-1576

Children's Literature PN451-452; PN1009; PZ5-90; Z1023-1038

Social Studies H62-67; LB1584

Science LB1585-1586; Q181-183

Mathematics LB1589; QA11-20; QA135-137; QA451

Secondary Education

Secondary Education LB1603-1695 C1 B

including: Curriculum & Instruction LB1628

Language Arts LB1630-1631

Foreign Languages LB1633-1639

History LB1641-1642

Social Studies H62-67; LB1643-l644

Mathematics LB1645-1646; QA11-13; QA135-137; QA451


VCU Libraries | Collections Analysis and Investment 8 | Page Guidelines for Education | Last Updated August, 2013

Science LB1647-l665; Q181-183

Higher Education

Higher Education LB2301-2411 C2 B


Education Law & Legislation LB2503-2797; KF4101-4258 C1 C1

Administration and Management

School Administration and Organization LB2801-3095 C1 B

including: School Administration LB2822

Educational Statistics LB2846

School Finance LB2824-2830

Personnel Management LB2831.5-2845

Classroom Management C1 B

including: Educational LB3011-3095

Testing/Measurement LB3050-3060.87

Textbooks Evaluation LB3045-LB3048; LT

School Buildings LB3201-3325 C2 C1



VCU Libraries | Collections Analysis and Investment 9 | Page Guidelines for Education | Last Updated August, 2013

Educational Sociology LC189-214 C2 B

including: Education in Social Change LC192

Social Services LC198

Discrimination LC212-214

Educational and Social Background LC202-208

Community and School LC215-238 C2 B

Career/Vocational Education

Career Education LC1037-1085; LC1500-1506 C2 C1

including Vocational Education HF5381-HF5383

Women and Minorities

Education of Women LC1401-2571 C2 C1

Education of Hispanics LC2667-2689 D C1

Education of African-Americans LC2701-2913 C2 C1

Education of Asian-Americans LC3001-3501 D C1

Special Education

Special Education (General) LC3950-3990 C1 B

including: Language Arts LC3973


VCU Libraries | Collections Analysis and Investment 10 | Page Guidelines for Education | Last Updated August, 2013

Vocational Education LC3976

Gifted Education

Gifted Children LC3991-4000 C2 B

including Language Arts LC3993.27-3993.5

Handicapped Education

Handicapped Children LC4001-4803 C1 B

including: Language Arts LC4028-4028.5

Vocational Education LC4019.7

Physically Handicapped LC4201-4580

Visually Handicapped HV1571-2349

Deaf/Dumb HV2417-2990

Mentally Handicapped including: LC4601-4821 C1 B

Severely/Profoundly Retarded LC4601-4640

Educable Mentally Retarded HV3004

Trainable Mentally Retarded RC570-612

Learning Disabled Children LC4704-4706

Dyslexic Children LC4708-4710


VCU Libraries | Collections Analysis and Investment 11 | Page Guidelines for Education | Last Updated August, 2013

Hyperactive Children LC4711-4713

Mental Disorders, Children / Adolescents RJ499-506

Urban Education

Urban Education LC5101-5143 C2 B

Adult Education

Adult Education LC5201-6691 C1 B

including: Training and Development HF5549.5.T

Literacy Education LC149-156

6. Methodology.

The collection was assessed quantitatively by "list-checking" the following general and specialized bibliographies:

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ARBA Guide to Education: updated Reviews Selected from American Reference Books Annuals, l970-l985. Littleton, CO:

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