Training at the click of a button: A guide to our short online courses

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Training at the click of a button:

A guide to our short

online courses


About learndirect

We’re one of the largest integrated providers of courses and qualifications, training, computer based testing solutions and employment services in the UK. Our vision is to ‘inspire people to realise their potential’, and in the UK alone, we’ve worked with more than 4.5million people.

We’ve already helped more than 75,000 businesses equip their employees with the skills needed to improve productivity. Through our range of short online courses, covering everything from languages to financial management, we’re helping businesses to become more effective and learners to transform their skills.


Short online courses:

the benefits for business 3

the benefits for learners 4

Our Courses

Compliance 4

Desktop computer skills 4

Digital images and web design 5

Finance and accounting 5

Languages 5

Leadership and management 6

Sales and customer service 6

Skills for work 6

Course list 7

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Benefits for business

Value for money

Our courses are competitively priced and because learning takes place anywhere with internet access, you don’t have to worry about the additional costs and inconvenience normally associated with training, such as travel.

Easy access

Our courses can be accessed in a number of ways depending on whether your learning is via your employer, or you’re a learner accessing our courses from home.

If you’re an employer or accessing your learning via your employer, you can use:

your own in-house learner management system

our learner management system which can be used to host, run, access and deliver the courses If you’re learning from home, you can access your courses through our website.

Flexible learning

Learning can take place at a time to suit you – whether you or your staff work 9 to 5 or on a shift

Dedicated support

All of the support you and your staff need is built into these courses.

Effective solutions

We’ll work with you to create the most appropriate mix and quantity of short online courses for your business needs, giving you a cost-effective and efficient way to upskill your staff.

Short online courses: the benefits

Are you a business looking for a quick, flexible and cost effective staff training solution? Or are you an individual looking to learn new skills to boost your CV and help you at work?

Then our library of short online courses could be the ideal solution to help you achieve your goals.

We offer hundreds of courses in a wide range of subject areas including IT, health and safety, sales and marketing and financial management.

They’re a flexible solution and offer some great benefits for businesses and learners alike.

300,000 300,000 people fulfil their career ambitions with us every year.

For business

Interested in our other products and services, like Apprenticeships, computer based testing solutions, vocational training and maths and English courses and qualifications?

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Benefits for learners

Start learning straight away

There’s no paperwork or advance booking, so once you’ve purchased your course(s), you can start learning straight away.

Take things at your own pace

You control your learning, which means you or your staff can go over things as many times as you need, or skip over familiar ground and really focus on filling knowledge gaps.

Built in support

Our courses have all the help you’ll need built into them, so you don’t need any extra tutor support. There’s also a helpline you can call if you have any technical difficulties.


There can be so many risks to your business – from days lost through workplace injury and illness, to the security threat of hackers.

Our range of courses covers the key legislation operating in the UK workplace.

This includes a general introduction to employment law to help businesses safeguard their people, property and information. We also cover every essential area of workplace health and safety from introductory overviews to more specialist areas such as food hygiene, manual handling and stress management.

Desktop computer skills

Technology is a powerful tool in modern business, helping you save time and money, but misuse or reluctance to use technology can waste an employee’s time to the tune of 48 minutes a day.*

Our short online IT courses will help you to make the most of technology. Covering basic to advanced levels they include:

Microsoft Application Training


keyboard skills

web development


For learners

Interested in our Apprenticeships, courses and qualifications too?

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a guide to our courses and qualifications at

4.5 million More than 4.5 million learners have acquired new skills from us

A guide to our courses


Digital images and web design

Are you looking to take the first steps into a career in web design, or maybe you’re an employer looking to upskill your employees?

Then our collection of web design and digital imaging courses cover everything you need to keep up with the skills required in this fast-paced creative industry.

Our courses include:





Microsoft Office specialist courses

Finance and accounting

Our finance and accounting courses will help you understand the relationship between profit, expenditure and revenue, as well as showing you how to assess your financial environment, understand profit and loss accounts, and prepare and manage budgets.

These include the official Sage e-learning


Our interactive language courses are available in more than 100 languages from Spanish to Afrikaans. All of our language courses are offered at beginner level which covers how to:

ask for directions

use greetings and essential phrases

order food and drink

talk about food, colours, shopping, parts of the body, numbers, telling the time and countries

Our ten most popular courses are also offered at beginner plus, intermediate and business levels. These are:


Chinese (Mandarin)









A guide to our courses


20,000 people log

on and learn with us

every day.


Leadership and management

According to the Chartered Management Institute, leadership is one of five key areas most likely to impact on future financial performance.

Our comprehensive range of leadership and management courses will help you boost those key leadership skills and can help you motivate your team. Our huge collection can help you develop techniques for:

project management (including PRINCE2 Foundation certification)

problem solving

managing people


time management and delegation

coaching and training

performance and appraisal

recruitment and selection





Sales and customer service

Our courses provide a simple introduction to sales and marketing. They’ll teach you how to identify and focus on your customers’

needs and to shape your products and services accordingly.

We also offer courses covering all aspects of customer service, from identifying customer needs and expectations to building

relationships and addressing customer concerns. This selection of courses will help you improve the customer focus of your business, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Skills for work

Do you need to get into work? Or maybe you’re a business operating in recruitment?

Our courses are designed to help individuals and organisations develop their professional and personal skills. Not only do they improve soft skills to help people into work, they’re also useful to those working in recruitment.

Our range includes job seeking skills like how

to write a CV, complete an application form

and perform well at interviews, as well as

enhancing specific skills that employers really

value - such as team work, communication

skills and leadership skills. We also offer

personal and social development courses

that develop those skills so vital to the world

of work, including personal organisation,

time keeping and health and well-being. In

addition, we also have a selection of courses

which act as discovery opportunities for you

to find out about different areas of work such

as business and administration, customer

service and health and social care.


Change management

• Planning Change


• Briefing Skills

• Producing Project Reports

• Written


Financial Management

• Cash Accounting for Small Businesses

• Financial Environment

• Sage Bookkeeping

Project Management

• PRINCE2® Foundation (certification)

• Project Management Essentials

• Agile Project Management

Information Management

• Maintaining

Information Systems

• Using Information for Decisions

Leadership and Managing Teams

• Leadership

• Motivation

• Problem Solving Skills

• Building the Team

• Delegation

• Giving and

Receiving Feedback

• Managing Performance

Customer Service

• Understanding Customers

• Professional Customer Service

• Complaint Procedures


• Applying for Jobs

• CV Writing

• Planning your Career

• Interview Techniques

Performance &


• Effectiveness and Efficiency

• Giving and

Receiving Feedback

• Performance Indicators

• Planning Work

• Resolving Conflict

• Supporting Individuals

Personal Effectiveness

• Identifying Self Development Needs

• Manage Own Stress

• Minimising Stress

• Time Management

Equality &


• Age Discrimination

• Disability Confident

• Diversity Challenge

Compliance - Health & Safety

• Introduction to Health and Safety

• First Aid Awareness

• Health and Safety for Employees

• Health and Safety for Employers

• Manual Handling

• Preventing Accidents

• Slips, Trips and Falls

• Food Safety

Desktop Computing

• Internet Explorer

• Windows

• Access

• Excel

• Project

• Outlook

• PowerPoint

• SharePoint

• Word

• Keyboard Skills

Web Design &

Digital Images

• Web Design


• Dreamweaver

• Photoshop

• WordPress

Languages (over 100 languages available)

• Beginner level

• Beginner plus

• Intermediate

• Business


These are just a sample of the courses that we offer.

Please note that not all courses are available in all countries.

Our other products and services

Helping you and your business to achieve outstanding results, reach your goals and realise your potential is at the heart of everything we do. As well as our huge range of short online courses, we can help you kick- start your learning with:

• Apprenticeships and vocational qualifications in lots of industries and sectors

• qualifications in everyday skills like maths, English, IT and job seeking

Every day, thousands of people up and down the UK are learning new skills with us - and they’re using them to improve their lives at


Ready to find out more?

Whether you’re an individual learner or a business, it’s easy to get started.

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