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Computop, Your Partner for Secure, Compliant and Seamless Multichannel Payment Transactions


Academic year: 2021

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Computop, Your Partner for Secure,

Compliant and Seamless Multichannel

Payment Transactions

Computop offers merchants global reach through the Computop Paygate platform. If you are looking at expanding your brand to markets outside your current reach, you have to consider payment as a key factor to your success. Computop offers an expansive array of domestic and international payment methods and currencies through one simple integration.

Our strength lies in our deep-rooted knowledge and dynamic team of payment management specialists who provide independent consultation for various industry sectors and international markets.

Founded in 1997, Computop continues to be an industry innovator and leader. Computop is trusted by globally recognizable brands from the various sectors including retail, travel, digital content and gambling. Whatever your payment challenges, you’ll fi nd that the Computop Paygate can tailor and manage your payment solution according to your unique e-payment needs.

“We see that the number of payment

methods are the greatest success factor. We must offer as many relevant payment methods as possible. Computop makes it relatively easy for us to introduce new payment methods for Rakuten.”

Frank Hümmer, Country Manager Marketplace at Rakuten Germany


International ecommerce continues to grow. Computop Paygate offers an array of payment methods to cover your domestic reach. Whether you are planning your strategic reach for Germany, France, China or Brazil, Computop Paygate and our team’s consulting approach offer you the right mix of domestic and international payment methods for your domestic conversion success.

Credit & Domestic Debit Cards


Payment Methods Processed by the Computop Paygate


Invoice & Installments

• Payment and industry experience since 1997 • Wholly owned and developed system software • Customizable and scalable project developments

• Extensive international partner network • Expert advice on domestic

payment methods, ecommerce and market trends

The Computop Difference

Online Bank Payments


Computop Value Added Services

Tokenization & PCI Solutions

The Computop Pseudo Card Number (PCN) or Tokenization solution enables merchants to save and store credit card information securely and compliantly. Tokenization also enables merchants to offer a simple one-click shopping experience. The Computop Corporate Paypage offers merchants with a payment form that matches every detail of the shop layout. It enables merchants to offer a seamless checkout process.

Currency Conversion

Display the local currency of your shoppers and offer them a transparent and seamless shopping experience. Computop offers customizable pricing strategy that enables merchants to present local currencies without exposing them to currency risks. And while other providers also offer currency conversion, Computop uniquely offers currency conversion to almost all payment methods available on the Computop Paygate.


Bitcoin is a digital risk-free payment method. Computop enables merchants to implement the decentralized, global, peer-to-peer digital currency in their check-out. With the Computop Paygate it’s possible to process Bitcoin payments quickly and reliably.

Computop offers you:

• Fully customizable Corporate Paypage for seamless integration • Online interface

• Batch interface • Collecting services

The Paygate covers:

• eCommerce

• Mail Order &Telephone Order (MOTO)

• mCommerce • Point of Sale &

Mobile Point of Sale



Computop partners with international and domestic acquirers for your international business. Merchants may desire connections with domestic acquirers based on their payment set up needs. Computop payment specialists provide neutral advice and help facilitate relationships between the merchant and the acquirer.

Fraud Checks

Computop Paygate offers a full range of fraud prevention checks to ensure you eliminate as much fraudulent transactions. Computop understands that no two businesses are alike. This is why we work with our customers to ensure that the implemented fraud checks match your business needs. Below are a few of Computop Paygate’s sophisticated Fraud solutions. · Card Origin Checks review the country of origin of the credit cards. · Computop Paygate analyzes the IP address (country, city, town) against the connection type.

· Computop Paygate can determine the device used by the customer and further analyze the IP address and card origin to

determine fraudulent activities

· Online bank transfer payments require different fraud checks from card transactions. Computop monitors blacklisted and international accounts

Risk Management

Computop Paygate has integrated to an array of providers like infoscore, Bürgel, CEG, Deltavista, and Schufa that offer commercial ratings, address verifi cation and credit score for individuals, businesses in various countries.

“Fortunately we can mitigate almost all fraudulent transaction or prevent payment defaults with Computop. Today we have reduced our payment default to less than one percent.”

Patrik Heider, Managing Director of Hoffmann Group


Computop Pre-Built Integration Cartridges

Are you looking for a payment management solution but want to reduce integration time and costs? Computop Paygate is already integrated into leading shop systems and ERP vendors for simplifi ed integration that reduces time and cost to market. Our cartridges offer an array of global card processing, fraud and PCI solutions.

Computop cartridges offer payment methods, fraud prevention and more, all in one hand:

• Global card processing • PayPal Transaction processing • Domestic relevant payment


• Payment guarantees for an array of payment method and Verifi ed by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

• Fraud Prevention solutions • Tokenization

• Address and credit checks • Access to transaction


“On deciding that we wanted to expand our payment footprint internationally, we began a journey of discovery, speaking to a number of payment service providers about the options open to us. We chose Computop’s Paygate solution because it enables Joules to dramatically expand the payment options available for our overseas customers and in particular, for markets like Germany, where alternatives to cards are preferred by consumers.”

James Davey, Director of E-commerce, at Joules.

Computop Paygate is trusted by globally recognizable merchants in various industries including retail, travel, digital, gaming and gambling.

“The automated verifi cations for our online pan-European market warn us in time and stop the payment process, which reduces our delinquencies. Should fraud attempts proliferate in the future, we could include additional payment options in our shop. We can always discuss our options to prevent this with Computop.”

Antonio Nigro, Fossil’s director of Ecommerce Europe

Computop Reference & Testimonials

"We at Bogner.com have been using the Computop Magento module since 2011 for our European shops: Austria, Switzerland and Germany. For those countries, the Computop module enables us to process relevant payment methods. It is fast and simple."

Franziska Eberwein, Director of Ecommerce at Bogner


08/15, Copyright 2015 - Computop Wirtschaftsinformatik GmbH · All rights reserved

For questions and inquiries about Computop’s solutions, contact

a payment specialist in your area or visit www.computop.com.

Computop GmbH T: +49 951-980-0922 sales@computop.com Computop Ltd. T: +44 203-755-3435 uk@computop.com Computop Inc. T: +1 917-543-1630 usa@computop.com Computop China T: +852 2918-8295 (HK) T: +86 21-6468-5053 (SH) china@computop.com


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