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Web 2.0 and

Preservation Archiving

Services Infrastructure

Keith Rajecki

Solutions Architect



Impact of Web on Organizations


Customer Benefits from Sun

Sun's Infrastructure Solutions

Next Steps







Sun's Open Source Strategy


Preference PreferenceUser Value Proposition

● More core developers ● More deploying


● More partners

● Business Deployment ● Sun's target market ● Binary distribution ● Pay for value

• Free to use

• More platform choice

• More suppliers


Open Servers Open Storage Open Networks

Sun’s Vision

• Leveraging innovative product design and packaging • Common components • Open-source software • Wide interoperability to deliver breakthrough economics

The Journey: Open Innovations to Create Breakthrough Economics

• Open software • An open architecture • Common components • Open interoperability to create innovative storage products • Delivers breakthrough economics • Unified datacenter network that utilizes common components • Open-source software • Seamless integration with existing environments • Delivers breakthrough economics


Sun is Committed to Developer Communities

Java Infrastructure Ecosystem Community Solaris Building





Building a Vibrant Ecosystem: Sun is the Largest Commercial Contributor to Open Source Communities




Internet Users



Today's Business Reality

● 1 Billion+ people on the net today ● 30 Billion packages shipped per year ● 2+ Billion text messages on a peak day ● 390 Gigabytes of data created

every second

● 50% New data growth


Today's Business Needs:

• Implement services quickly and accurately

• Solid, reliable platform to run applications that scales rapidly, easily if needed

• Cost-effective environment that can handle the high volume of traffic, transactions and data that is being shared over the internet with multiple devices

• Deploy with existing and new devices without requiring a complete redesign of application or web service

• Secure environment by which employees, partners and customers feel comfortable sharing data


Sun's Infrastructure Solutions:

Addressing Business Needs

Build Optimize Protect

• Reduce your time to market

• Tap new technology

• Quickly build and deploy applications

• Start with foundation that scales for

explosive growth

• Design web services with expert support

• Find and deploy the best fitting solution

• Reduce power,

cooling, space, cost constraints

• Increase efficiencies

• Provide choice and opportunity

• Easily grow without roadblocks • Leverage existing infrastructure • Ease management hassle • Reach out to a greater audience securely

• Safely share data with partners, communities, employees and vendors • Personalize your service by knowing who they are

• Secure data, defend attacks, reduce risk


Why Sun for Your


• Design excellence providing greatest flexibility

• Rapidly scales for explosive growth

• Superior performance and

throughput for web applications

• Web security built-in

• Cooler and more cost-efficient

• Gets you faster to market


The Industry’s Fastest, Most Scalable, Most

Energy-efficient Systems

Expanded Sun Fire x64 servers Recently Announced

Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000-9000 servers


Sun Fire CoolThreads servers


CMT Breakthrough Simplicity

● Better performance

● Lower cost

● More efficient energy use

● Lower HVAC cost

● Faster installation

● Higher reliability

● Faster time to repair

CMT technology enables simple, compact system designs, which deliver:


UltraSPARC T1/T2 Servers

● 5 years ahead of the industry

● NEW industry-standard for energy

efficiency, power and

cooling savings – 1/5 the energy

● Breakthrough technology - 3-5x


● Highest compute density in small

footprint – 1/4 of the space

● Over 19 world records on industry

standard benchmarks

● The world's first eco-responsible



Scale More with Less

Sun BladeTM T6320 Blade Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server

Sun Fire/Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000 Server Sun FireTM /Sun SPARC® Enterprise T2000 Server Sun Blade T6300

The World’s Fastest, Most Energy-Efficient Virtualization Servers

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 Server Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server First True Modular Design World’s First Eco-Responsible Servers World’s First 64-Thread Servers with “System on a Chip” World’s First Dual-Socket CMT Servers NEW TODAY


Leading Performance and Efficiency

New UltraSPARC T2 Servers

Sun Blade T6320 Servers

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Servers

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Servers


Sun Blade 6000 Modular System

• 10 RU — 10 blades per chassis

• Up to 320 cores per rack

• Up to 64 GB memory

• Industry-standard PCI-Express midplane

• Hot-pluggable and redundant components

• Choice of architectures, operating systems



UltraSPARC T2 Plus Platform Extreme Rackmount Density 1RU/2RU chassis, 26.5” depth

• Two sockets > 6/8 cores @ 1.4GHz each > Up to 128 threads • 16/32 memory slots > Up to 256GB of memory, FB-DIMM High Reliability • 8/16 Hot-Plug SFF SATA/SAS 2.5” HDD (Raid 0,1,5,6)

• Redundant, hot-swappable PSUs and Fans


• 3/6 PCI-E expansion slots (2 x 10 GBE I/0 slots)

• 4 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet

• 4 USB ports

• Up to 128 threads / 256GB memory in a

redundant chassis

• Scale-Up / Scale-Out of application and


Server Virtualization Categories

Hard Partitions Virtual Machines OS Virtualization Resource Mgmt.

Server OS App

>Very High RAS

>Very Scalable

>Mature Technology

>Ability to run different OS versions

>Very scalable and low overhead

>Single OS to manage

>Cleanly divides system and application


>Fine grained resource management

>Very scalable and low overhead

>Single OS to manage

>Fine grained resource management

>Ability to live migrate an OS

>Ability to run different OS versions and types

>De-couples OS and HW versions


Rich Apps, All From Network

Simple Terminal

Applications & Devices Rich Apps Running Locally & From Network

From Simple Terminal Applications To Rich Network Desktops

Application and Desktop Evolution

The Network Is The Computer

Rich Apps Running Locally


Most Comprehensive

Infrastructure Software

• For rapidly building and deploying trusted and scalable web-based applications

• Java Enterprise System (Java ES)

• Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS)

• Java Application Platform Suite based on GlassFish


Software, Services to

Deploy Web Services Fast

• Solaris 10 most reliable OS on the planet, open & free, supported

> Linux, Windows interoperability

• Flexible software and tools

> Free with support options available

to match requirements

> Netbeans, Ruby on Rails, AJAX,

Jmaki, Phobos, Java FX, Developer Expert Assistance

• Educational Services


Systems for Implementing

Web Services Quickly

• Systems supporting multi-OS

> Solaris, Linux or Windows (x64)

• Factory Integrated rack systems

• Pre-installed Software

> Studio 12, CoolTools, CoolStack,


• Storage arrays scale as you grow

• World's first, only data server

• Broad application availability


• Run your Web infrastructure on the world’s most advanced OS

• SAMP — safer, more strategic web open-source approach

• Optimized and observable

• Compelling alternative to run your AMP stack applications

• 30% – 200% faster on Sun

Faster, More Reliable Open Source


Handle Large Traffic,

Transactions and Data

• Massively threaded systems perfectly match web needs

> UltraSPARC T1 & T2 delivery

up to 64 threads/processor

• 10G network bandwidth support

• Choice of host connectivity

> Fibre Channel (FC) or

Serial-Attach-SCSI (SAS) host interface options

• Solaris optimized for web stack

• Highest performance in lowest space and power footprint


Cost-effective Environment

to Handle High Volume

• Cooler, less power hungry systems resolves heat, electricity issues

> Reduces energy and facility

costs, carbon footprint

• Industry leading Storage value, small footprint, reliability, flexibility

> Simple management

money-saving price/performance

• Rapid expansion blades systems


Affordable Agility without

Complete Redesign

• Multi-OS systems

> All leading virtualization options

• Solaris supported on 888 platforms x64/x86/SPARC

• Expandable storage and systems as you grow

• Guaranteed binary compatibility, investment protections

• Upgrade, replacement and financial options


SAM-QFS Infinite Archive System

• SAM-QFS: World’s best policy based multi-tiered archive manager

> Application Transparent dynamic data movement > Four tiers, local and remote

> “Continuous Archive” = CDP

> WORM & Retention management

• Infinite Archive System

> Scalable multi-tiered SAM-QFS > platform base

> 10-256TB systems.


Sun StorageTek 5800 “Honeycomb”

Content-aware Open Storage

• What It Is

> 'Smart', network-attached, clustered,

racked storage system

• What It Provides

> 64TB (raw) per rack: data objects + metadata

> WORM Objects

> Metadata awareness built into the design

> Reliability, persistency, currency assurances


Sun StorageTek 5800 “Honeycomb”

Content-aware Open Storage

• RAIN architecture

> Symmetric cluster CPU, memory, SATA


• Each node

> Opteron-based SunFire server

> Solaris 10 > 3 GB RAM > Dual Gig-E > 4 x 500GB SATA • L2 load-spreading switches • Service processor


Sun StorageTek 5800 “Honeycomb”

Content-aware Open Storage

'Half Cell' 8 servers 16 TB (raw) 'Full Cell' 16 servers 32 TB (raw) 'Rack' (2 Cells) 32 servers 64 TB (raw) 'Hive' (N Cells) [Future] 'Hot Scaling'


Why Honeycomb?

• Architecture optimized to store and retrieve unstructured fixed content

• Object storage, metadata aware

• Extreme data protection via RAID6, data self-healing, bit-rot detection

> Mean Time To Data Loss > 2M years

• A commitment to standards

> Dublin Core metadata > Web DAV


Why Honeycomb?

• Open Source strategy fits with majority of repository/archive software efforts

• Standard Java and C APIs in SDK

• Horizontal Scaling as storage needs grow

• Dublin Core is only the beginning

• Platform-agnostic

• [Near Future] On-board local data services available (“Storage Beans”)


Sun Fire X4500 Server

Integrated x86 compute power, massive storage capacity and high data


HPC, Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence, Digital Media, Digital Surveillance, VTL


● 2 x Dual Core Opteron processors ● 16GB Memory


● 48 SATA II drives ● 24TB raw capacity


● Very high throughput ● 2x PCI-X slots

● 4 GigE


● Hot-swap/plug power, fans, disks


● Same management as other Galaxy servers

Solaris(TM) ZFS


Sun Minimizes Transition Risks


Solaris binary compatibility, advanced hardware and software features minimize downtime Full portfolio of migration and support services ease any transition Risk-free purchase with Try and Buy, speed deployment via Customer Ready Systems Upgrade Advantage Program, flexible lease options, and time-bound promotions

Technology Services Financial

Offers Programs






Try and Buy Program

• Try a Sun system free for 60 days

• Kick the tires. Check under the hood. Test it. Stress it.

• Buy it or return it (and pay nothing – not even shipping)


Grow Your Business with

Sun's Infrastructure


Let Sun help you build, optimize, and protect your web and

preservation archiving infrastructure

To learn more about Sun's comprehensive, highly scalable Web solutions:

Visit: sun.com/newheights

Request a no-risk Try & Buy system www.sun.com/tryandbuy

Schedule a Web Tier or Preservation Archiving Workout


Take Your Web

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