Appointment of a. Practice Manager. Information for Applicants. To be read in conjunction with the Job Description & Person Specification







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Cuckfield Medical Practice

& The Vale Surgery

Appointment of a

Practice Manager

Information for Applicants

To be read in conjunction with the

Job Description & Person Specification

October 2014


Practice Profile

Cuckfield Medical Practice and The Vale Surgery is a semi-rural split site practice. Surgeries are located in the village of Cuckfield and at the southern edge of Haywards Heath some three miles away. The Practice operates under a PMS contract.

Both premises are modern, purpose built, well maintained and easily accessible, with parking for both staff and patients. Both surgeries provide identical services and both the clinical and admin teams work across both sites. The Practice is the sole occupier in Cuckfield; The Vale is occupied leasehold and we currently host MSK services.

We currently serve just over 8,200 patients. The list size is steadily growing and pockets of new residential building development in the area mean that this trend is likely to continue. Growth of the list is encouraged by the Partners and is a priority for the Practice.

Cuckfield Medical Practice falls within the Horsham and Mid-Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group. We are closely involved in primary care development within the Haywards Heath locality and provide leadership within the primary care community.

The Practice recently inspired and led the establishment of a local informal “federation” of like-minded practices with a view to co-operating on a variety of initiatives to improve operational efficiency and communication. A pilot project is currently underway.

We operate the SystmOne clinical system and are pro-active about the use of IT to improve the efficiency and delivery of healthcare to its patients.

Practice Team

There are currently three Partners, and three salaried GPs.

The Practice has a long and successful history of involvement with medical education and training and has a long established association with Brighton Medical School. The Practice can accommodate two GP Registrars and an FY2 student at any one time.

The Partners have specialist interests in MSK, Minor Surgery and Dermatology and are accredited GPwSI’s. In addition one Partner is a GP appraiser. Family Planning is provided in house.

The nursing team comprises an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and an Advanced Practice Nurse, both of whom are independent prescribers, as well as two practice nurses and a HCA.

We operate an integrated reception and admin team to promote development of multiple skills and improve communication. The team is ably led by our Reception and Administration Manager.

Philosophy of the Practice

The Practice ethos is that of a strong close-knit practice team, maintaining high standards of patient care. The Practice believes in a traditional model of care and is committed to providing the highest standards.

The Practice respects and values the individual contribution of each team member and encourages continuing personal and professional development at all levels.


The Practice enjoys high QOF achievement and had a very satisfactory CQC inspection in March 2014.

Patients’ interests are kept to the fore and the Practice benefits from an enthusiastic Patients’ Participation Group.

The Person We Are Seeking

The principal areas of responsibility and the qualities required of the Manager are set out in the job description and the P erson S pecification attached.

This is a happy practice which has a strong, committed team. The new Manager will be expected to build on these foundations and further develop the skills and experience that we currently hold.

This role has two dimensions: The Practice Manager will be expected to have everyday operational responsibility to ensure that the day-to-day running of the practice is carried out efficiently. In addition the Manager will need to look beyond today’s challenges and assimilate the forthcoming changes in the NHS and any impact these may have on the Practice and its operations. It is expected that the new Manager will be comfortable in working strategically, exploring new ways of working, initiating and developing options for change and working with the Partners to implement these.

There are a number of clear priorities:

• Growing demands on clinicians’ time require that as much as possible of the administrative

duties are carried by the admin team. The ideal candidate will have in-depth and hands-on experience of managing the administration of QOF and Enhanced Services.

• The Practice Manager will be expected to provide a strong lead on CQC, Information

Governance and Health & Safety management.

• The pressures on primary care finance require that our successful candidate has a solid

understanding not just of practice finance but also of cost analysis, budgeting and forecasting. (Routine bookkeeping is performed by a member of our admin team).

• With challenge also comes opportunity, and our Practice Manager will need the leadership,

vision and strategic awareness to identify and develop the opportunities available for new services, increasing the Practice list size and identifying and implementing operational efficiencies.

Our preferred candidate will have significant experience in practice management. We do not exclude candidates without a recent background in primary care management if exceptional compensatory skills are in evidence. However, we will expect candidates to produce demonstrable evidence of success in leading and developing an organisation.

It is essential to the practice ethos that the person appointed will have strong interpersonal skills in order to further develop an already strong harmonious and co-operative spirit, and foster a high degree of co-operation and delegation.

Main Contract Terms



• This post is full time 37.5 hours per week. • The working days will be Monday to Friday.

• Annual leave entitlement will be 25 days plus all statutory and bank holidays. • There is access to the NHS pension scheme.

• The Practice will carry out annual formal appraisal.

• There will be a standard contract of employment after the probationary period of 6 months. • The contract will provide a six-month period of mutual assessment, during which time the

period of notice will be 1 week on either side.

• Starting date – as soon as possible, although we are prepared to wait for the right candidate.

Recruitment Process

Interested candidates should complete the Application Form, including a personal CV if wished, and submit these with:

a) A written statement explaining why he/she is suited to the post and why it is of interest; b) A personal view of the future of General Practice in the current climate

Applications should be submitted to our retained HR Adviser, details below

• The closing date for receipt of written applications is Friday 21st November 2014. • Shortlisted applicants will be contacted during the following week

• Interviews will take place during the second week of December at our Cuckfield surgery • We hope to make an appointment after a single round of interviews but may extend this to a

second interview if two or more outstanding candidates present Competed applications should be submitted to:

Martin Evans HRinPractice Ltd.

01483 608602

Further Information

Further information is available either from our HR Advisers above or the GP Partners. Interested candidates are welcome to make an informal visit. To speak to a Partner please call 01444 416778.


Cuckfield Medical Practice JOB DESCRIPTION

Practice Manager



This job description is intended to provide a broad outline of the outcomes and main responsibilities associated with the post. It is not exhaustive and the post-holder will need to be adaptable to changing needs and priorities.


Delivery of effective and efficient management of all non-clinical functions, activities and resources within the Practice.

Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory standards, including CQC, Information Governance and PMS contract requirements

In collaboration with the Partners, provides leadership and strategic vision to guide and develop the Practice towards agreed goals

Ensures the effective execution of development initiatives

Supports the Partners to ensure their focus on patient care


Partners – collectively, in respect of the overall objectives of the role, and individually in respect of particular areas of responsibility.

DIRECT REPORTS All non-clinical staff


The scope of responsibilities requires the post holder to make effective judgments about the delegation of ongoing and ad hoc work while personally retaining key tasks and holding overall accountability for achievement of the defined outcomes

1. The Partnership


• Coordinating and leading the process of organisational development in non-clinical

operational areas;

• Pro-actively identifying new opportunities, assessing viability and preparing business plans

for discussion, approval and implementation;

• Ensuring the Practice maximises opportunities provided for enhanced and other contractual

services and that there are monitoring and reporting systems in place both internally and to the PCO;


• Supporting GP commissioning initiatives;

• Actively identifying risks and opportunities affecting the Practice to ensure the Practice is

able to respond quickly and effectively to evolving circumstances;

• Reviewing performance and formulating and implementing service development and

improvement plans;

• Attending Practice meetings with the Partners (normally weekly)

a. preparing agendas

b. providing information/advice to enable the Partnership to make informed decisions c. keeping meeting minutes and records of decisions reached/actions required

• Contributing to Partners meetings to advise on policy and challenge pre-conceived ideas to

support and promote robust and well considered decision-making;

• Assist with Partnership changes including retirement, new appointments, legal, financial and

patient related implications;

• Attend/chair/facilitate other Partner meetings within or outside the surgery depending upon

the nature of the meeting and the areas addressed;

• Ensuring the Practice is compliant with all requirements relating to Partnership tax, health &

safety, contract, information governance, CQC etc. Outcomes:

Effective communications are maintained so that the Partners are accurately and regularly informed about all matters relevant to operation of the Practice;

The Partners are provided with well-developed and balanced advice in a timely fashion;

Decisions of the Partnership are implemented to the standards and within the timescales agreed;

The Practice is pro-active in identifying and pursuing opportunities and new initiatives;

2. Management of staff


• Directly manages the reception/admin manager, referrals manager and finance assistant; • Recruitment and selection of non-clinical staff; ensuring appropriate induction and trial period


• Performance management and workforce planning; arbitration of workload issues; skills

reviews and succession planning;

• Management of staff appraisal process (ensuring that appraisals are carried out at least

annually); promotion of appropriate opportunities for mentoring; ensuring appropriate objectives/PDPs are developed and monitored;

• Provision of appropriate development and training resources;

• Ensuring provision of operational guidance material and discipline and grievance


• Supervision of workload management for the non-clinical team including

devolvement/delegation of functions and tasks where appropriate;

• Ensuring provision of and updating of employment contracts/terms of employment, job

descriptions and other relevant documentation which is legally compliant, consistent with HR best practice and relevant to the Practice’s needs;

• Ensuring provision of a legally compliant Staff Handbook to communicate statutory and best

practice requirements in relation to the employment and management of staff;


• Ensuring good communication channels with staff. Includes chairing staff meetings and

providing accurate and timely feedback to the Partners;

• Ensuring that devolved/delegated responsibilities are appropriately chosen, managed and

reviewed; staff with delegated responsibilities are appropriately supported and resourced; Outcomes:

Employees are recruited, led, developed and managed in accordance with legal requirements and best practice;

The workforce operates efficiently and cost-effectively;

Staff morale is consistently high and staff turnover is low;

The Practice is regarded as a good and effective employer which provides high levels of personal and professional satisfaction to all staff;

3. Registrars, Salaried and Locum GPs


• Ensuring that all the necessary documentation and legal requirements are fulfilled for new

GP registrars, salaried GPs and Locums prior to start date;

• Preparing and issuing appropriate induction into the Practice;

• Ensuring that training and support is given to registrars, salaried GPs and locum in the use of

IT; Outcomes:

Non-Partner doctors are appropriately engaged, managed and supported at the commencement and for the duration of their attachment to the Practice;

Legal requirements in relation to the engagement of doctors are satisfied;

4. Finance


• Line-manages Finance Assistant;

• Provides sound financial management including setting of, and performance against,

budget, and cash flow;

• Effective monitoring of Practice income and expenditure in order to ensure maximum

profit for the Practice;

• Robust systems for managing, recording and invoicing for non-NHS services and that bad

debt are avoided.

• Understanding and reporting on the financial implications of contract and legislation


• Understanding and keeping up-to-date with the regulations in the Statement of Fees and

Allowances, New Contract Regulations & PMS regulations. Ensuring submission of claims and checking receipt of payments to and from the CCG/NHS England;

• Put procedures in place for the payment of wages and salaries, PAYE and NHS pensions

systems in line with HMRC requirements and ensure financial and confidentiality controls are in place;


• Partners’ drawings are calculated and paid in line with the Partnership agreement,

seeking independent financial advice when necessary;

• A business case is prepared for any potential developments which identify resources

required and value for money;

• Liaison with Accountant, Bank, CCG and other commissioners; • Best value is achieved in all purchasing;


The Practice has sound financial management procedures in place at all times;

The Partners are provided with accurate and up to date financial information at all times and are made aware of potential financial and cash-flow issues in timely fashion;

Profit is maximised within the parameters agreed by the Partners;

Legal compliance in relation to finance is achieved at all times;

5. Practice organisation


• Developing new policies and procedures to aid and improve Practice organisation and

provision of services to patients;

• Initiating and participating in development of effective systems of communication and

co-operation between doctors, staff and other members of the primary health care team;

• Providing, collecting and collating statistics, preparing reports and undertaking research

as required;

• Negotiating sub-contractual agreements with external agencies; • Managing any non-clinical projects undertaken by the Practice;


There is a culture of continual improvement at all levels;

There is good communication between employees and Partners at all times;

Relevant, up to date and accurate information is available to the Partners and managers on key aspects of Practice performance at all times;

6. Clinical and Information Governance


• Supporting the Partners to ensure there is a robust clinical governance structure in place; • Supporting the Partners to ensure clinical audit is undertaken as required and action is

taken in response to audit findings as necessary;

• Ensuring all relevant policies and procedures, regulatory and best practice standards are

developed, published and reviewed regularly.

• Developing and implementing policies and systems for the recording, investigation and

reporting of complaints, incidents/accidents and significant events, ensuring that areas for improvement are identified, learned and shared.


• Leading on IM&T requirements and ensuring that related systems and procedures are put

into effect


Compliance with clinical governance standards at all times;

The Practice manages risk effectively and legally and complies with Health & Safety law;

Information Governance standards are achieved and maintained;

Practice and patient data is kept secure at all times;

7. Patient Communication and Welfare


• Together with the Partnership, planning, developing and implementing systems and

procedures to ensure efficient delivery of patient services;

• Developing local awareness of the Practice and the services it provides and developing

innovative ways of enhancing the Practice profile;

• Manage Practice complaints procedure; ensuring this is updated in line with the NHS

Procedures as necessary;

• Supervising the design and implementation of systems and procedures for communication

of patient advice and information, both paper and electronic;

• Pro-actively managing the Practice reputation both internally and externally to ensure it is

perceived as a first class medical Practice by patients, the local community, other local Practices and NHS authorities of all kinds;

• Encouraging and promoting patient involvement in the Practice;

• Liaising and communicating with outside bodies/organisations i.e. PCO, CCG, providers

of Practice based and community services, voluntary agencies, local authorities etc.;

• Ensuring the efficient provision of high quality reception/administration services to

patients; Outcomes:

The Practice achieves and maintains excellent communication with patients and external organisations;

Patients receive high standards of service;

The Practice has meaningful and accurate information and feedback from patient groups

8. Premises Management


• Responsibility for the effective management of the premises;

• Organising insurances for building, contents, and operating liabilities; • Ensuring the Practice maximises its use of the space available;


• Ensuring that effective systems are in place for the maintenance of adequate stationery,

clinical and other supplies at all times and that suppliers are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure value for money is being obtained;

• Ensuring systems are in place for the maintenance of equipment including PAT testing; • Advising on the acquisition of new equipment;

• Ensuring premises security; test and review regularly; liaise with crime and fire prevention


• Designing and implementing the Business continuity plan ensure it is communicated to

staff and reviewed on a regular basis; Outcomes:

Premises are fit for purpose, maintained in sound physical condition and appropriately protected;

Stocks of clinical and non-clinical consumables are efficiently managed;

The Practice is able to respond to operational contingencies with minimal interruption to patient services

9. Health & Safety

• Leading on the promotion and management of health, safety and security • Ensuring effective management and monitoring systems are in place

• Maintaining up to date knowledge of health and safety and infection control statutory

requirements and best practice

• Ensuring employees with specific health & safety responsibilities are appropriately trained

and have the resources required for their roles. Includes those with infection control and fire safety duties

• Identifying the risks involved in work activities and undertaking such activities in a way that

manages those risks across the business

• Ensuring training of employees in health & safety matters


The Practice ensures the safety of staff and patients and complies with its statutory obligations relating to Health & Safety;

10. Information Technology


• Ensuring the effectiveness of the Practice’s clinical IT system;

• Ensuring the Practice is able to maximise the effective use of IT and information; • Promoting the ‘paperless Practice’ ideal;

• Ensuring affective and accurate clinical data entry;

• Overseeing systems for the flow of patient records around the surgery and the integration

of information into patients’ information, both paper and electronic;



The Practice makes efficient use of information systems;

Practice IT infrastructure is fully operational and fit for purpose;

Staff are adequately trained in IT matters

Data is managed safely at all times

11. Liaison with External Organisations


• Attending meetings with the CCG and others where appropriate and necessary;

• Fostering good working relationships with key personnel at the CCG and Practices in the


• Maintaining an effective flow of information and ideas especially regarding new projects to

enable the Practice to become involved (if desired) at an early stage;

• Attending and representing the Practice at local and regional Practice Managers

meetings; Outcomes:

Good and communicative relations exist with external organisations

The Practice is informed about changes and developments which affect its operations

The reputation of the Practice as a collaborative, co-operative and leading member of the local health community is preserved and enhanced;


Cuckfield Medical Practice - Practice Manager - Person Specification Essential Desirable Academic/ Vocational Qualifications

Minimum A level standard or degree

Evidence of a commitment to continuing professional development

Relevant management or finance qualification


Primary Care Practice Management or equivalent experience

Experience of and success at communicating and managing people

Experience of developing in teams and able to promote a team spirit

Financial management

Management experience in the NHS

Use of clinical record systems, especially SystmOne


• Leadership skills

• Ability to work as part of multi-disciplinary team. • Excellent communication and inter personal skills. • Ability to listen and empathise

• Ability to delegate effectively.

• Appropriate IT skills, (above average) • Chairmanship and co-ordination

• Good time management and prioritisation. • Problem solving.

• Negotiating.

• Ability to manage change effectively. • Networking skills.

• Facilitation and training skills. • Ability to manage conflict. rs

Networking and facilitation


• Self-motivating – able to work with minimal direction. • A real desire to provide quality service to patients. • Adaptable, innovative, and proactive.

• Confident and enthusiastic. • Honest, caring and sympathetic. • Strategic thinking with vision. • Good sense of humour, personable. • Hard working, reliable and resourceful. • Willing to work flexible hours as necessary. • Calm under pressure.

• Diplomatic