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GEA in Skanderborg, Denmark, is an experienced and progressive assembly of engineering companies offering process solutions in the form of complete process plants, process lines and components, including for instance membrane filtration plants, heat exchangers, pumps, valves and separators.

We operate within several industries, primarily: • Dairy, Food and Juice

• Brewery and Beverage

• Industrial Biotech and Pharma Biotech • Home, Personal Care and Cosmetics

Our competencies range from quotations/pre-engineering, design and planning, CAD, automation, installation, test/ commissioning, qualification, documentation, components and spare parts to after sales service. With GEA in Skanderborg as your partner, you have access to many specialized resources through just one local supplier with the total responsibility for the complete assignment. We coordinate all activities and sub-suppliers and give you a clear overview of the project. We prepare all process and equipment solutions in a close customer-dialogue and we keep our promises.

About Us

• Environmental

• Chemical and Pharmaceutical • HVAC, Pulp and Paper • Marine, Energy, Oil & Gas



GEA Farm Technologies

CowView: Cow-management controlling

Since 1926, GEA Farm Technologies has been known as a globally leading producer of technical innovation, integrated product solutions and effective animal hygiene. We enable dairy farmers to produce milk cost-efficiently according to high standards. Today, manure systems and barn equipment for livestock complete our profile as a total system provider for all sizes of businesses. We continue to strive for better milk quality and animal-friendly livestock breeding.

Our office in Skanderborg is specifically concentrating on cow management and detecting cow behaviour. The movement and position of the cows in the cowshed are observed using a technology similar to a GPS, named CowView, where data are registered, processed and received on a hand terminal or smartphone - helping the dairy farmer to locate and understand the behaviour of each cow.

With CowView, the dairy farmer can easily track any deviation from the daily behaviour and be aware if a cow has a low activity level and might be sick or if it has a high activity level and might for example be in heat.

GEA Farm Technologies

GEA Farm Technologies GEA Farm Technologies

Noerskovvej 1B DK-8660 Skanderborg - Denmark Tel: +45 2969 9050


CowView advantages: • Increased animal welfare • Healthy cows - more profit

• Easy location of each cow in the barn • Detection and early treatment to sick


• Detection of cows in heat, increasing the fertility chance

CowView offers many advantages: Labour saving through

simultaneous animal localization, an optimized

reproduc-tion cycle through reliable heat detecreproduc-tion, flexible workflow

management, an early warning system for health risks and

flexible data access




GEA Heat Exchangers also offers shell-and-tube heat

exchangers for industry and food applications. With a

product range covering fully welded-, semi-welded-,

pasteurs-, brazed-, gasketed- and tubular heat exchangers,

GEA Heat Exchangers meets every demand within this field.

GEA Heat Exchangers GEA Heat Exchangers

Noerskovvej 1B DK-8660 Skanderborg - Denmark Tel: +45 7015 2200


GEA Heat Exchangers

Tailor-made plate heat exchanger solutions

As the world‘s leading manufacturer and developer of plate heat exchanger technology we offer one of the widest ranges on the market. Our product range includes gasketed, brazed and fully welded plate heat exchangers. We also offer process-optimised model solutions, unique in their variety and diverse specialist functions. And this makes us the first choice when it comes to developing tailor-made solutions for your applications.

We perform heat-exchanger service, on-site and in-house in our Scandinavian service centre.

GEA Heat Exchangers covers the most application areas, ranging from air conditioning systems to cooling towers. As a result, the company provides one of the most extensive portfolios – if not the most extensive portfolio of heat exchangers in the world.

A key factor for the leading position of GEA Heat Exchangers on the market is the concentration of a great number of competencies in the field of heat transfer. The GEA lead obtained in this manner also results from close interaction among research and development, manufacturing, and sales & service within our corporate network. This set-up ensures access to the latest know-how and experience arising daily in worldwide activities and projects with the participation of GEA Heat Exchangers.

Industries: • Dairy

• Liquid Food and Beverages • Pharma

• Marine • HVAC • Oil and Gas • Pulp and Paper • Chemical

GEA Heat Exchangers



GEA Niro Soavi is continously investing in

research and innovation projects to develop

today what could be the state-of-art

solution tomorrow.

GEA Mechanical Equipment GEA Niro Soavi Nordic

Noerskovvej 1B DK-8660 Skanderborg - Denmark Tel: +45 2142 2099


Industries: • Dairy

• Food & Beverage • Biotechnology • Pharmaceutical • Cosmetics • Chemical

A wide range of homogenizers and pumps

GEA Niro Soavi is technology and market leader high pressure homogenizers and plunger pumps. The high efficiency of NanoValveTM optimizes the use of pressure energy and improves the micronizing effect, especially in low-pressure and high-flow rate conditions, resulting in an excellent stabilization of the product and in a more efficient use of product additives.

One of the recent initiaves from GEA Niro Soavi is the development of the HomoGENIUSTM This homogenizer is equipped with a touch-screen that improves the interactivity with your homogenizer. The GEA Niro Soavi homogenizer range is available with : • Flow rates from 9 to 60.000 l/h

• Pressures from 100 up to 1500 bar

GEA Niro Soavi

Mechanical Equipment

GEA Niro Soavi Homogenizer Ariete NS5355H




• Dairy, Food and Juice • Brewery and Beverage Technologies:

• VARIVENT valves • ECOVENT valves

• VARINLINE process connections • VARIPURE cleaning technology • VARICOVER product recovery systems

Our components are flexible and can be

adjusted to optimize process parameters and

enable high productivity, efficient operation

and a constantly high product quality.

GEA Mechanical Equipment GEA Tuchenhagen

Noerskovvej 1B DK-8660 Skanderborg - Denmark Tel: +45 7015 2200


Mechanical Equipment

GEA Tuchenhagen

VARIVENT® valves

Components for liquid processing

Over the last 80 years our success has been no accident. We have worked hand-in-hand with our customers to maintain continuous product development that matches process needs and our customers’ requirements. This investment has enabled us to produce technically advanced process components and services for smooth production. Whether you are processing milk, beer, beverages, pasty food or fine chemical products, what counts is the quality of the final product and the efficiency of the production line.

Our components are flexible so they can be adjusted to optimize process parameters and enable high productivity, efficient operation and a constantly high product quality. This is why we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of process components. Throughout our history we have introduced well-engineered and technically mature product innovations onto the market. Our research and development facility works in close cooperation with our product management people and our customers to create individual application solutions to meet specific needs.



For full flexibility all MIXING FORMULA


products are available with various features

and easily changeable tools.



Reliability of processes and investments is

provided through our detailed knowledge of

separation technology processes and

coordinated services.

Liquids to value

GEA Westfalia Separator Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality centrifuges used for separating liquids and liquid mixtures. Whether separators or decanters: the process lines of GEA Westfalia Separator Group combine high separating efficiencies, clarifying efficiencies and throughput capacities with maximum savings in terms of energy, water, production and disposal costs.

Our experience and references include a wide variety of applications ranging from separating processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries through oil and fat recovery to the production of dairy products, beer, wine, fruit and vegetable juices, as well as the processing of mineral oil and mineral oil products. Application areas also include extraction of constituents from liquids, treatment of waste water and manure separation. GEA Westfalia Separator DK A/S in Skanderborg has approx. 25 employees comprising sales, project management and after sales service departments.

Industries and applications:

• Beverage: beer, wine, premium juice from fruits and vegetables, and coffee

• Dairy: skimming and clarification of milk and whey, bacteria removal from milk and whey

• Chemical/Pharmaceutical: (steam sterilizable separators)

• Renewable Resources: starch and proteins from corn, wheat, potato, soy, rice

• Marine, Energy, Oil & Gas: treatment of fuel and lube oils, bilge water, heavy fuel oil • Environmental: treatment of process water,

dewatering of waste water and manure separation

GEA Mechanical Equipment GEA Westfalia Separator

Noerskovvej 1B DK-8660 Skanderborg - Denmark Tel: +45 8794 1000


MSI 500 Direct Drive Separator

GEA Westfalia Separator



We keep our promises

GEA Liquid Processing is an experienced and progressive engineering company, offering process solutions in the form of complete process plants, process lines and components for Liquid Processing.

As a combined engineering and execution partner we design, supply, install, test and commission liquid processing plants for the Dairy, Food & Juice, Brewery & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Personal Care industries. Besides, the MIXING FORMULATM programme introduces an efficient mixing solution with the BATCH FORMULATM and INLINE FORMULATM for high quality mixing and a homogenous end product.

We tailor all our solutions and we offer the full range of services to our customers, from initial project planning to setting-up of a preventive maintenance programme:

• Conceptual/Basic Design • Pre-engineering • Detailed Design and Planning • Process Integration & Process Automation • Installation and Supervision • Test, Commissioning and Qualification • Documentation • Components, Spares & After Sales Service

We offer the full range of services to our customers

from initial project planning to setting up of a

preventive maintenance programme.

GEA Process Engineering GEA Liquid Processing

Noerskovvej 1B DK-8660 Skanderborg - Denmark Tel: +45 7015 2200



• Dairy, Food and Juice • Brewery and Beverage • Industrial and Pharma Biotech • Home and Personal Care Technologies and core competences: • Fermentation

• Dosing and Blending • Hygienic Design

• Homogenization • In-line and Batch Mixing

GEA Liquid Processing

GEA Liquid Processing


11. The GEA house in Skanderborg houses 7 GEA companies with around 130 employees.



Processing units - the values are obvious

GEA Filtration designs and engineers customer-orientated membrane filtration solutions for the Dairy industry. In close collaboration with our customers and based on a fundemental understanding of the processes within the dairy industry, we seek to deliver the optimal filtration solution for each of our customers. GEA Filtration is a leader in filtration technology supplying membrane filtration plants for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. GEA Filtraton is known

worldwide for its design of the most advanced cross-flow membrane filtration systems available. Membrane filtration is a separation process which separates a liquid into two streams by means of a semi-permable membrane. By using membranes with different pore sizes it is possible to separate specific components of milk and whey.

GEA Filtration has dedicated technology centres for dairy filtration in Hudson, USA and in Skanderborg, Denmark.

GEA Filtration Skanderborg is uniquely positioned to provide both customized membrane filtration plants as well as complete process lines specifically tailored to the dairy industry and to our customers’ requirements. The technology centres are responsible for the development of new applications and filtration processes together with the local GEA sales offices, strategically positioned all over the world.

GEA Filtration offers our customers a

unique and individual membrane

replacement service.

Industry: • Dairy Technologies: • Microfiltration • Ultrafiltration • Nanofiltration • Reverse Osmosis

GEA Process Engineering GEA Filtration

Noerskovvej 1B DK-8660 Skanderborg - Denmark Tel: +45 7015 2200


Reverse Osmosis Unit

GEA Filtration

GEA Liquid Processing


13. The GEA house in Skanderborg is designed by the Danish architecht Jørn Schütze and was inaugurated in 1999.



The GEA Group, headquartered in Düsseldorf Germany, is a globally successful technology group. The company focuses on specialised mechanical engineering - such as process engineering, equipment and components.

The GEA Group is one of the world’s market and technology leaders in 90 percent of its businesses.

Key figures:

• 24.500 employees divided over • 250 subsidiaries in

• 50 countries making over • 5 billions euros sales

The GEA Group structure provides a clear alignment of technologies and applications within the group and comprises the following segments.

GEA Farm Technologies GEA Food Solutions GEA Heat Exchangers GEA Mechnical Equipment GEA Process Engineering GEA Refrigeration Technologies

The GEA Group is one of the world’s market

and technology leaders in 90 percent of its


The GEA Group

Added V




Recycle water and CIP liquids. Recover heat and

product. Reduce energy consumption, waste,

emissions and costs - this is why sustainable process

solutions are the way to a smart, green and lean


Recycle, Recover, Reduce

Regardless of the solution GEA recommends, you can be sure we will help you reap the financial and environmental benefits as quickly as possible. GEA’s membrane filtration technology, for example, enables you to recycle cheese brine during sanitation. Or you can recycle CIP chemicals with clarification of CIP solutions. With our water “polishing” techniques, it’s possible to RECYCLE

the process water for cleaning purposes or even to return it to the process, creating a plant totally self-sufficient in water.

Milk evaporation condensates are a great source of drinking water. Instead of discharging this liquid build-up with the dairy plant’s waste water, our VARICOVER® product recovery system results in less waste and dramatically higher product yield. Better heat and water RECOVERY systems further optimize the economic efficiency of your production plant.

Cut down on energy, water and chemical/cleaning agent consumption. Minimize heat, pressure and product losses.

REDUCE cleaning and production downtimes. Limit waste and waste water loads. Decrease bottle weight. Lower operational, transportation and total ownership costs. Shrink your plant’s carbon footprint and even the physical layout of your plant. The opportunities are many. Let GEA’s experts assess your needs and come with a no-obligation proposal of where and how you can save.

Sustainable Process Solutions

Added V


© G EA G ro up A G . A ll r ig ht s r es er ve d. P rin te d i n D en m ar k. S ka nd er bo rg 2 01 2.

GEA Farm Technologies

Noerskovvej 1B, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Phone: +45 2969 9050,

GEA Heat Exchangers

Noerskovvej 1B, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Phone: +45 7015 2200,

GEA Niro Soavi

Noerskovvej 1B, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Phone: +45 2142 2099,

GEA Tuchenhagen

Noerskovvej 1B, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Phone: +45 7015 2200,

GEA Westfalia Separator

Noerskovvej 1B, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Phone: +45 7015 2200,

GEA Liquid Processing

Noerskovvej 1B, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Phone: +45 7015 2200,

GEA Filtration

Noerskovvej 1B, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Phone: +45 7015 2200,

GEA Group is a global engineering company with multi-billion euro sales and operations in more than 50 countries. Founded in 1881, the company is one of the largest providers of innovative equipment and process technology. GEA Group is listed in the STOXX® Europe 600 Index.

We live our values.





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