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Malta Enterprise believes that the internationalisation of companies based in Malta is an

economic imperative and it is for this reason that the corporation is introducing these two new


Throughout the years, we have supported enterprises interested in going international through

a number of schemes and programmes. We are now introducing two programmes aimed at

encouraging businesses to venture into new markets through exports of both products and

services. Whether your company is new to export or whether you are an established exporter

looking to further grow your exports, Malta Enterprise has the right package for you.

The Go Global Programme focuses on those companies that are new to export or whose export revenue is less than 20%. The Global Growth Competition on the other hand is aimed at the established exporters and involves a selection process which will take the form of a competition.

Our primary aim is to give you the skills, know-how and confidence to excel in the international marketplace with the help of specialists who will mentor your company through the various stages of this exciting phase. It is our objective to help you make your company fit for export.

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The Go Global programme is a programme of assistance designed for first time exporters or

enterprises whose export revenue is less than 20%. This programme includes a free diagnosis

of export readiness, an export management master class and assistance for initiatives that build

internal capacity or commission market research.

Which enterprises are eligible?

Enterprises involved in any industrial sector and whose share of revenue from export activities is less than 20%, employing not more than 250 persons. As an export assistance programme, Go Global seeks to assist enterprises taking their first steps towards internationalisation, ideally active in such sectors as manufacturing, food & beverages, industrial services, ICT and software, Research & Development, life sciences, engineering and other value-adding activities of an industrial nature. Enterprises involved in retail activities can qualify only in case of franchising projects.

The programme excludes enterprises whose primary activity is in financial services, tourism, real estate, wholesale & retail, medical services, legal and accounting services.

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reach global markets.


How can we help you?

The programme includes the following assistance initiatives; a. A free diagnostic report (15 hours);

Malta Enterprise will assign an advisor with sufficient experience to work with the enterprise to establish the level of export readiness of the enterprise and to identify the key capability, research and marketing gaps for the enterprise to be successful in internationalisation. This is a focused exercise aimed only at establishing a credible base on which future export plans will be built. Enterprises will not be charged any fees at this stage, but the exercise will cost Malta Enterprise €750 per report.

b. A training programme:

i. An obligatory 3-session Master Class with training on the key skills on internationalisation; ii. An optional 4-session training required to effectively internationalise the enterprise

Participating enterprises will attend a 3-session Master Class delivered by suitably qualified trainers aimed at instilling the most essential skills for internationalisation. The three, 3-hour sessions are aimed at decision makers within enterprises and cover Key Decisions, Planning and Strategy & Risk. The 3 sessions are followed by an additional four, 3-hour sessions which are optional and which could be attended by officials at the operational level. These 4 sessions tackle issues such as the Organizational Set-Up, International Trade issues, Finance and Supply Chain. Workshops involving experience sharing with established exporters are also included.

Enterprises will be charged a nominal fee.

The intention is to run this training programme twice in the next 18 months, one starting in September 2014 and the second one starting in January 2015.

c. Facilitation to apply for co-funding of projects aimed at building internal capacity and/or conducting international market research;

Malta Enterprise can support enterprises in their early stages of internationalisation to commission an expert to help them build internal capacity in terms of quality certification or improvement in manufacturing or other processes. The same support scheme co-finances enterprises when commissioning international market research that will help them succeed in a new market. The co-financing by Malta Enterprise in capacity building or market research projects is of 50% of the expenses capped at €10,000.

Participants in the Go Global programme will be encouraged to submit applications for the above assistance as this can prove to be essential during the early phase of internationalisation.


What are the key benefits for participating enterprises?

• A free diagnostic report on how prepared the enterprise is to internationalise and the key strategic issues that the enterprise needs to address to be successful in export;

• A training programme, which is short and practical, on the key strategic and operational aspects of internationalisation;

• Assistance to apply for co-funding for capacity building and/or market research; and • Practical networking with other enterprises in the same stage of internationalisation

How can you apply?

Enterprises interested in Go Global should download an application form from the Malta Enterprise website ( An official from Malta Enterprise will be contacting interested enterprises to provide further details on the programme.

Malta Enterprise reserves the right to reject any application.

Applications should be sent by email to or by post to Malta Enterprise, Export Support and Clusters Unit, G’Mangia Hill, Pietà.

Applications from enterprises interested in joining the first group (to attend the Master Class of September) close on the 15th of June 2014. Applications from enterprises interested in joining the second group (to attend the Master Class of January 2015) close on the 1st of October 2014.






The Global Growth competition is an expression of interest through which Malta Enterprise

will choose 12 market development plans and provide financial assistance for the enterprises to

implement them. The competition will be open to all industrial enterprises and will follow an open,

transparent process. The selected enterprises will receive assistance to implement such plans

over a three-year period at a co-funding maximum rate of 50%. Subject to certain conditions, the

maximum grant value can be of €30,000 a year over the 3 year period.

Which enterprises are eligible?

Enterprises involved in any industrial sector and whose share of revenue from export activities is presently more than 10%. In the case of SMEs1 the co-financing rate will be of 50% and in the case of large undertakings the rate will

be of 40%.

The Global Growth competition is intended for enterprises that are involved in internationalisation already. It encourages enterprises to develop detailed Market Development Plans so as to adopt a structured approach to internationalisation. Enterprises from such sectors as manufacturing, food & beverages, industrial services, ICT and software, Research & Development, life sciences, engineering and other value-adding activities can participate in the Global Growth competition. The basic requirement is that the activity described in the Market

We can help you

speed up your

global growth.


What is the award?

Companies whose Market Development Plan is chosen by Malta Enterprise will receive the following assistance aimed at facilitating the execution of such plan;

a. Depending on eligibility reimbursement at 50% up to a maximum grant value of €30,000 for each 12 month period. Plans should cover a 3-year period and Malta Enterprise reserves the right to withdraw support for the second and third years if the plan is not deemed to be effective or if execution of the actions of the first year would be late in their implementation;

b. An introductory workshop with Malta Enterprise to firm up the planning of the chosen Market Development Plan;

c. A Malta Enterprise officer assigned to the company for the 12 month period, holding regular meetings to monitor the implementation of the plan;

d. Assistance through market research;

e. Access to personalised services through Malta Enterprise’s offices in Tripoli and Dubai.

What are the eligible expenses within the Market Development Plan?

The expenses that the company will be able to claim will be those outlined in the Market Entry & Internationalisation Scheme as well as the SME Development Scheme whose details are available on However for the sake of clarity these will include:

a. Participation in Trade Fairs and Similar Events b. Participation in Trade missions

c. Participation in Networking and Business Development Meetings d. Market Preparedness and Development, including

– Translation of publicity material and product information from Maltese or English into other languages may be supported;

– Design and development of marketing material for promoting the enterprises’ products and services in the applicable target markets. (Printing costs are not eligible for funding);

– Participation fees for attending a trade fair or similar event;

– Travel costs by a representative (employee or director) of an undertaking attending: i. a trade fair or similar event; or ii. pre-determined business meetings.

– Travel costs and hotel accommodation (bed and breakfast) costs for a maximum of 3 days incurred for financing potential business partners to:

i. visit an undertaking’s premises in Malta; or ii. participating in an event organised by an undertaking in Malta. – Commissioning of specialised market research2; and


What other conditions will Malta Enterprise impose on selected Market Development Plans?

Malta Enterprise will issue separate Letters of Intent to each of the selected enterprises, each with a set of conditions. These conditions are in line with the guidelines of the Market Entry & Internationalisation Scheme. Moreover, while participating enterprises are being requested to submit Market Development Plans covering a 3 year period, the approval will be for the initiatives to be taken in the first year. Approval for the activities of the second and third year will be granted following a request together with a detailed progress report, submitted by the selected enterprise at the end of the first year.

What are the adjudication criteria to be selected?

Administrative compliance 5

Sector4 20

The clarity & credibility of the plan 30 The employment growth & additional export revenue that is likely to result from the plan

5 The likely effectiveness of the proposed initiatives 10

The commitment of the company 20

Market knowledge 10


How can an enterprise apply?

Companies interested in participating should send the following documents in both electronic and print versions by the 1st of July 2014;

a. The Application Form duly filled-in (available from; b. The Annexes of the Application Form, including the declarations and financial projections; c. Supporting documentation to elaborate on both (a) and (b);

d. Any other documentation deemed relevant.


Head Office

Malta Enterprise Corporation Gwardamangia Hill Pietà MEC 0001 MALTA Tel: +356 2542 0000 E-mail: Gozo Office Malta Enterprise Industrial Estate Xewkija XWK 3000 Gozo – MALTA Tel: +356 2156 4700 Fax: +356 2156 4825 E-mail:

MALTA Trade for Growth Fund

This programme is being supported by HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. through the Malta Trade for Growth Fund – an initiative which supports Maltese businesses to thrive and the local economy to prosper. Through this Fund, businesses are eligible for a discount in pricing if they switch from a traditional overdraft to a structured trade finance product such as Export Loans or Invoice Finance.

HSBC’s international connectivity has been instrumental in helping hundreds of Maltese businesses to expand across borders. With this global connectivity and invaluable market insight, we are best placed to help Maltese businesses access opportunities across the globe.





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