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Insurance Services, Inc.

P. O. Box 5081 San Ramon, CA 94583

(925) 275-1177

(800) 937-3965


EFFECTIVE: September 1, 2004

Underwritten By:

Rated “A” (Excellent) By A. M. Best Inc.



A. Producer’s Binding Responsibility

1. CenCal Insurance Services, Inc., may bind risks which

are in compliance with the underwriting guidelines and in which the application is fully completed and electronically/telephonically submitted with the appropriate premium payment.

2. All applications must contain the date and time of completion, plus Zap App or binder number, and be signed by both the APPLICANT AND THE PRODUCER.

Producers utilizing electronic submission via Zap App Technology must send the signed original Zap application along with all corresponding documents and premium within 72 hours of the date the application was transmitted to our office. Coverage will become effective on the date and time printed on the Zapp application.

The Company reserves the right to alter the effective date if the application and all required supporting documentation are not postmarked within 72 hours of the date of the application.

3. Coverage is bound effective at the time and date indicated on the binder phone, "Telebind:" Application must be U.S.P.S. postmarked within 72 hours after Telebound. If you exceed the 72 hour Postmark binding, coverage will be effective the date and time the application is received in our office. If the binder phone is not used, the policy will be issued effective 12:01 A.M. on the date and time the application is received in our office. Telebind Number: 1-800-999-2259.

4. No coverage is effective prior to the completion of the

application, payment of premium and the effective date shown on the declaration page.

5. Do not submit coverage in excess of the limits shown in

this rate guide.

6. Coverage may only be bound in accordance with the

guidelines stated herein.

7. If coverage is to be effective at a later date, please

indicate the date clearly and attach proper payment plus fully earned policy fee.

8. Prior to requesting coverage, the producer must inspect

all vehicles, regardless of coverage, and attest to having done so on the application. This is to verify:

a. vehicle(s) being insured via confirmation of the

correct VIN number;

b. vehicles are not modified or altered or otherwise


c. presence of any existing damage;

d. vehicle is road worthy, that all lights are intact and

glass is not cracked, causing impairment of visibility;

e. presence of any special equipment.


a. Physical Damage Coverage: Two clear photos

showing all four sides of the vehicle plus a completed vehicle inspection form with a close-up photo of the vehicle's safety certification label is required with each submission.

On brand new and previously unused vehicles, a sales contract showing retail delivery date within 24 hours of requested effective date may be submitted in lieu of photographs.

b. Liability Coverage: Photographs are also required

on all pickups and vans regardless of age or coverage.

NOTE: If the application is received in our office without photos or sales contract, the policy is subject to cancellation or rescission.

B. New Business Applications and Policy Issuance

In order for us to process your applications promptly and correctly, please be certain the following information is COMPLETE and LEGIBLE on the application:

1. All members in the household aged 14 years and over

and all other operators of the vehicle(s) and their correct driver's license number(s). Include a copy of the driver's

license(s) for all drivers listed on the application. Note:

This policy contains restrictions as to applicable coverage and limits for operators not named on the application. Please review the policy carefully!

2. All Drivers must hold a valid California driver's license,

unless they are active military personnel who hold a valid out of state license and are living in California. New residents in the State of California are required by the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a California license within ten (10) days of establishing residency.

3. Signed exclusions as appropriate.

4. Information concerning spouse even if not a licensed


5. Complete vehicle identification number(s).

6. Coverages selected with premium amount.

7. Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury and Uninsured Motorist Property Damage coverage waivers if appropriate.

8. Insured's work and home phone numbers.

9. Occupation, employer and work address.

10. Total estimated annual mileage and odometer reading. Annual Mileage Statement on application must be completed and signed.

11. The maximum number of vehicles per policy is limited to four (4). Use additional application for vehicle information.

12. The applicant and/or applicant's spouse must be the registered owner of all vehicles on the policy. To confirm insurable interest, include a copy of one of the following: Valid California vehicle registration; purchase contract/sales agreement; lien release showing applicant as registered owner; copy of the title endorsed


by prior owner showing applicant as purchaser that is not more than 30 days old.

13. Any risk which includes an applicant with a physical handicap as defined in section 11628.5 of the CIC, must fully disclose the status of the impairment and provide confirmation that the vehicle to be insured has been modified to accommodate the nature of that impairment.

C. Policy Terms

1. New policies may be written for annual or semi-annual terms.

2. All policies must be paid in full. Premium financing or installment billing is not acceptable.

3. Policy Fees and Rate Factors are as follows:

PolicyTerm Term Factor Policy Fee

Semi-Annual 50% of Printed Rate $50.00

Annual Printed Rate $50.00

Note: Policy fees are charged only at the inception of

the original policy term and will not be charged at renewal, provided there has been no lapse in coverage.

4. Miscellaneous Fraud Fee - $2.00 per Policy

5. All fees are fully earned immediately upon issuance of policy.

D. Payment Procedures

a. New business policies for which premium must be

uprated will be issued at the correct premium. b. Return premium and additional premium

adjustments for endorsements will be calculated and billed at the time the adjustment is made.

c. A renewal/cancellation billing will be mailed to the

insured prior to the expiration of coverage. Instruct the insured to mail the premium directly to CenCal Insurance Services as the policy will be continued with no lapse in coverage only if the envelope containing the premium is received by the due date. Payments for less than the amount billed may not be accepted and will be returned to the insured. d. If a lapse in coverage occurs, an SR-26, if

applicable, will be sent to the DMV and the lienholder, if any, will be notified.

e. Each month, the producer will receive a complete

accounting of all policy transactions, including credit for commission on policies newly written or renewed.

E. Financial Responsibility Filings

1. An SR22 will be issued only when all vehicles owned

by the applicant and/or the applicant's spouse, are insured under the same policy.

2. A fully earned $40 fee applies to each filing, whether

issued at inception or mid-term.

3. SR22's will not be made on behalf of permissive or

occasional operators.

4. SR22 filings will only be made in California.

5. To enable us to process your SR22 applications promptly and correctly, please be certain to include the complete drivers license number and name as disclosed on the California drivers license.

6. SR22 filings will be issued only upon request that a

financial responsibility filing is required.

7. Approved producers may issue SR22's from their office. SR22 copies must be attached to application. All SR22's including voided SR22's must be sent to CenCal Insurance Services, Inc.

F. Cancellations

1. If an insured requests a cancellation, it shall be effective

no earlier than 12:01 a.m. on the date of the postmark of the cancellation request and return premium will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

2. Cancellations may be requested by returning the original

policy, submitting a lost policy release, submitting a request for cancellation signed by the named insured, or by notice to the named insured in accordance with the provisions of the California Insurance Code.

3. No flat cancellations.

4. Coverage may be rescinded if the applicant/insured payment to CenCal for a new or renewal payment is returned unpaid by the bank.

G. Claims Procedures

1. All insureds and/or claimants should be instructed to

report all losses directly and immediately to CenCal Insurance Services, Inc. at:

PHONE: 1-800-999-0107

FAX: (925) 275-0741

2. Producers should not take loss reports if at all possible,

but if necessary, please complete a Loss Acord form and advise/fax CenCal Insurance Services, Inc. within twenty four (24) hours to comply with the Unfair Claims Practices Act.

Producers are prohibited from making coverage decisions or dispensing claims advice to insureds or claimants. The producer does not have any authority to accept or decline coverage, adjust claims or authorize repairs.

H. Commissions

1. The commission for new and renewal business is indicated in your Product Authorization Addendum agreement with CenCal Insurance Services.

2. FULL PREMIUM (net of commission) is mandatory for

all policies. I. Coverages

1. All policies for vehicles registered to and insured by the

same named insured must carry identical coverage limits for BI/PD, UM/UMPD, and Medical Payments.

2. Liability

a. All policies must include BI/PD coverage.

b. The rates for 15/30/10 limits are printed on the rate


c. Property Damage limit of $5,000 is available. Apply a factor of .98 to the 15/30/10 rate.


3. Uninsured Motorist - Bodily Injury

a. 15/30 limits of UMBI will be added to each policy,

unless the applicant signs the rejection of coverage on the back of the application.

4. Medical Payments

a. Limits are available for $500, $1,000 and $2,000.

5. Named Non-Owner Coverage (Liability coverage only)

a. Named non-owner coverage is provided at 60% of

the printed rate that applies to policies issued on an owned basis.

b. Only one driver may be listed on each policy.

c. Named non-owner coverage provides no coverage

for permissive users or owned vehicles. (See non-owner supplemental application for additional restrictions.)

6. Comprehensive and Collision

a. Comprehensive and Collision deductibles are available for $500, $750 or $1,000.

b. Neither Comprehensive nor Collision coverage may be purchased without the other.

c. Comprehensive and Collision coverages are not

available without liability coverage.

Note: If the applicant and all other operators qualify for the Good Driver Discount, the company offers Comprehensive, Collision, or both coverages in addition to liability coverage. See Section W. of this manual.

7. $3,500 Uninsured Motorist Property Damage

a. $3,500 UMPD is available when there is no collision coverage on the policy.

b. UMPD is not available with collision damage waiver coverage.

c. UMPD will be added to the policy in the absence

of a signed coverage waiver and the absence of collision coverage.

8. Collision Damage Waiver

a. This coverage waives the collision deductible in

the event of an uninsured motorist loss.

b. The premium is based on the collision deductible;

coverage for higher deductibles costs more.

c. Collision damage waiver coverage is not available

if collision coverage is not included on the policy and the UMPD coverage waiver is not signed.

9. Lienholder Deductible Coverage

a. Comprehensive and Collision coverage carries a

deductible which is also applicable to the lienholder.

b. The deductible on total losses payable directly to

the lienholder can be reduced from the deductible on the declarations page to $100 for Comprehensive and $250 for Collision. Apply appropriate surcharge for semi-annual and annual term policies. Premium for the reduced lienholder deductible is $1.20 per month per vehicle. Multiply this by the appropriate number of months in the policy term (6 or 12).


J. Driving Record and Experience

1. Applicants must reside in California. Each driver must

have a valid U.S. driver's license.

2. A copy of the driver's license for each driver must accompany the application.

3. Every member in the household aged 14 years and over

must be listed on the application, even if they are not a regular operator of any vehicles.

4. Information on spouses of drivers must be included on

the application, even if the spouse does not drive or is not licensed to drive.

5. The policy will be cancelled if MVR's cannot be obtained for all drivers.

K. Unacceptable Risks, All Coverages: DO NOT BIND The following risks are not eligible for any coverage unless the applicant qualifies as a Proposition 103 Good Driver. (If

the risk qualifies as a “good driver” call CenCal Insurance

Services for approval. See Sections S. and W. of this manual.)

1. More than one chargeable accident during last 36 months per driver.

2. 12 or more surcharge points per driver.

3. More than one alcohol or drug related conviction during the last three years, for any driver.

4. More than two driving record occurrences that are

assigned three surcharge points, for any driver.

5. Operators with less than five years of driving experience with 5 or more surcharge points.

6. Any risk to be considered that is not in compliance

with these underwriting guidelines.

L. Driver Exclusions

1. You can exclude:

a. A spouse, if not the sole registered owner of the

insured automobile.

b. A registered owner, as long as not the sole registered owner, who is not in our insured's household and who does not drive the vehicle.

c. Other members in the household.

2. The named insured must sign the Driver Exclusion on

the Executive Risk application.

3. To delete an exclusion, we require;

a. A request signed by the named insured to add the excluded driver to the policy, and

b. All the appropriate driver information.

c. The same rules apply for binding coverages as stated in Rule "B".

M. Eligible Vehicle Use

1. These auto rates apply to private passenger vehicles,

pick ups, vans and panel trucks with a gross weight of three quarter (3/4) ton or less, if used for pleasure or commuting to and from work.


N. Ineligible Vehicles and Use

The following risks are not eligible for any coverage unless the applicant and all listed operators qualify as a Proposition

103 Good Driver. (If the risk qualifies as a “good driver”,

call CenCal Insurance Services for approval. See Section S. and W. of this manual.)

1. Over 15 years old for Physical Damage, however, we

will accept an additional vehicle under 20 years old, as long as one vehicle on the policy is under 15 years old.

2. In excess of three quarter (3/4) ton and flat bed trucks.

3. Not registered to the named insured, except leased vehicles, leased vehicles cannot be leased by a business, sub-leases are unacceptable.

4. Any salvaged vehicle, for liability coverage, unless photographs and a mechanical safety inspection, certifying the vehicle is in safe operating condition, accompanies the application.

5. Modified mechanically or structurally resulting in a change of performance or appearance. This includes customized and modified vehicles or conversion vans. 6. Used for any commercial purpose, including but not

limited to the following: Taxi service, escort,

emergency, newspaper delivery, food delivery (including pizza), magazine or film delivery, transporting of passengers for groups, schools or migrant workers, courier services.

7. Antique cars, show cars, race cars, kit cars, custom cars,

classic cars.

8. With more or less than four (4) wheels.

9. Limited production or discontinued vehicles.

10. Motor homes.

11. Vehicles garaged outside California

12. "Off Road" vehicles

13. Non steel bodies

14. Company fleet cars 15. Dune buggies, Baja Bugs

16. Emergency vehicles, including vehicles used in volunteer fire departments.

17. Gasoline and explosive haulers and all vehicles used for similar purposes.

18. Taxi-cabs or public vehicles.

19. Dump trucks

20. Snow plows or vehicles with a snow plow attachment. 21. Stated value coverage

22. Registered to or leased by a business, partnership, corporation, etc.

23. Short term leases (less than 6 months) 24. Any truck or van used in business.

25. - Chevrolet Camaro Z28

- Chevrolet Corvette

- Pontiac Firebird V8

- Subaru SVX

- Suzuki Sidekick & Samurai

"Commercial" use vehicles include all vehicles not defined as service use.

26. Operators with less than 8 years driving experience operating a pick-up.

27. The following vehicles are ineligible for physical damage coverage unless the applicant is a Proposition 103 good driver and all non-Proposition 103 good drivers are excluded.

a. All models of the following manufacturer:

Avanti Lancia Bertone Maserati Ferrari Pantera Jaguar Porsche

b. All of the following vehicles:

Chevrolet Corvette Pontiac Firebird V6 & V8

Chevrolet Camaro Subaru SVX

Citroen Suzuki Sidekick

Cobra Suzuki Samurai

Dodge Stealth Toyota MR2

Ford Mustang GT

c. Current value over $40,000, excluding tax and


d. Vehicles valued at less than $2,500.

e. Over Symbol 16 - 1989 & prior model year.

f. Over symbol 18 - 1990 and subsequent model


g. any salvaged vehicle.

h. Any fiberglass body.

i. Any customized vehicle, including custom paint.

j. Gray market vehicle, even if brought up to U.S.



Any risk that you wish to have considered that is not in compliance with any specific underwriting guideline and in which the risk does not qualify as a Proposition 103 Good Driver. (See Sections S. & W. of this manual.)


O. Driver Class Assignment

1. Assign the highest rated driver to the highest rated vehicle; the second highest rated driver to the second highest rated vehicle, etc. The highest rated means the combination of vehicle, coverages and driver rating factors developing the highest total premium.

2. When there are more vehicles than drivers, use the

“undesignated driver” rate factor for any “unassigned

vehicle”. No driver surcharge points will apply to the

“unassigned vehicle”.

Risks having more vehicles than drivers and a mix of good and non-good drivers will not have the good driver discount applied to excess (unassigned) vehicles.

3. Determine the number of years driving experience, sex,

and marital status of each driver.

4. The number of years driving experience includes driving

experience in the U.S. and Canada, plus experience in other countries.

5. Single marital status includes, single, separated and divorced. Married means legally married and residing


with the spouse. A married driver who is not living with the spouse is assigned the single driver rate. Widowed is considered married.

P. Territories

1. Use the Frequency and Severity Zones listed in this rate guide.

Q. How to Assign Operators and Points

1. Surcharge points are assessed for all convictions and chargeable accidents of all drivers in the 36 months preceding the policy effective date.

2. Surcharge points for traffic violation convictions shall be assessed only for activity contained on the driver’s California or out-of-state motor vehicle report. The existence of and surcharge assessment for a chargeable at-fault accident shall be made from the information contained in the California or out-of-state motor vehicle report, application or other documents.

3. Executive Risk Indemnity charges surcharge points for all traffic violation convictions as well as the second and subsequent Traffic Safety School dismissals shown on the motor vehicle reports.

4. Use the conviction date to determine surcharge activity. 5. If two incidents occur at the same time, charge only for

the incident (accident or conviction) with the highest point value.

6. FTAs and equipment violations are counted only if points are not charged for other incidents occurring at the same time.

7. Points will not be charged for convictions received while driving for compensation during work hours if a statement from the employer or a statement signed by the applicant under penalty of perjury accompanies the application. If there is any indication of a commercial conviction, the broker must inform the applicant of the documentation that will allow the points for commercial convictions to be deleted.

8. Drivers whose citations are dismissed by the Court will not be surcharged for that violation if documentation of the dismissal is provided.

R. Surcharge Points

Apply points according to the following category: Three Surcharge Points

(Including but not limited to)

Convictions for which 2 California DMV Points are assessed Speeding in excess of 100 MPH

Eluding police

Felony with a motor vehicle (do not bind) Hit and run

Racing; speed contest Reckless driving Refusal of breath test

Unlawful use of driver's license

Minor in possession of alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs Operating while intoxicated/ Driving under the influence of

alcohol or drugs

Failure to exchange information

Two Surcharge Points (Including but not limited to) Driving without authority convictions Driving out of class

Serious convictions of the rules of the road Driving on wrong side of highway

Open container

Operating auto without driver's license Operating under suspension or revocation Failure to provide evidence of insurance Child restraint

One Surcharge Points (Including but not limited to) 2nd & subsequent FTA

2nd & subsequent equipment violation Seat belt convictions


All other motor vehicle convictions Chargeable Accidents

All accidents noted on the motor vehicle report(s), application or other documents are chargeable subject to the following:

1. A driver may be considered to be principally at fault

in an accident, if the driver's actions or omissions were at least 51 percent of the proximate cause of the accident, the total loss or damage caused by the accident exceeded $750.00 and none of the following conditions existed:

a. The vehicle was lawfully parked at the time of

the accident. A vehicle rolling from a parked position shall not be considered to be lawfully parked, but shall be considered as in the operation of the last operator;

b. The vehicle was struck in the rear by another

vehicle, and the driver has not been convicted of a moving traffic violation in connection with the accident;

c. The driver was not convicted of a moving traffic

violation and the operator of another vehicle involved in the accident was convicted of a moving traffic violation;

d. The driver's vehicle was damaged as a result of

contact with a vehicle operated by a “hit and

run” operator of another vehicle and the accident

was reported to legal authorities within a reasonable time after the accident;

e. The accident resulted from contact with animals,

birds, or falling objects;

f. The driver was responding to a call of duty as a

paid or volunteer member of any police or fire department, first aid squad, or of any law enforcement agency, while performing any other governmental function in a public emergency.

g. The accident was a solo vehicle accident that was

principally caused by a hazardous condition of which a driver, in the exercise of reasonable care,


2. One car accidents are chargeable except as noted above.

3. Acceptable proof of non-fault or “no bodily injury” may

consist of a police report, a written statement from the other party’s insurance carrier or the applicant’s previous insurance carrier, or a similar document. In the absence of any of the above, the applicant’s declaration, under penalty of perjury, attesting to his or her at-fault accident history will be accepted. Please fully complete CenCal

Insurance Services’ “Affidavit of Applicant or Insured”,

form number CCIS-A for submission with the application.

4. If two incidents occur at the same time charge only for

the incident (accident or violation) with the highest point value.

5. Violations received while driving for compensation during work hours will not be counted if a statement from the employer or a statement signed by the applicant under penalty of perjury accompanies the application. Surcharge points assigned for accidents:

Three Surcharge Points

At-fault accident not in conjunction with a 3 surcharge point conviction.

Four Surcharge Points

At-fault accident for which the operator was convicted of a 3 point surcharge in connection with the accident.

S. Discounts/Surcharges

1. Good Driver Discount...20% on all coverages:

The applicant is qualified to purchase a Good Driver policy if he or she meets all of the following criteria:

a. The applicant and all other operators listed on the application have been licensed to drive a motor vehicle for the previous three (3) years; and

b. Has not accrued more than one violation point (as determined by California Vehicle Code) and has not had any "principally at fault" accidents within the last three (3) years; or

c. Has had no convictions for traffic violations and has not been the "principally at fault' driver in more than one (1) accident during the last three (3) years, and if involved in only one (1), the "principally at fault" accident did not include death or injury; and;

d. Has had no more than one (1) dismissal pursuant to Section 1803.5 of the Vehicle Code and which has not been made confidential pursuant to Section 1808.7 of the Vehicle Code, in the 36 month period for violations that would have resulted in the impositions of more than one violation point count under paragraph 1. if the complaint had not been dismissed; and

e. While under eighteen (18) years of age, has not received a conviction within the last three (3) years for driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .05 or greater; and

f. In the previous seven (7) years, has not been convicted of

a violation of Section 23140, 23152 or 23153 of the Vehicle Code, a Felony violation of Section 23175 or 23190 of the Vehicle Code, a violation of Section 191.5 or paragraph (3) of subdivision (c) of Section 192 of the Penal Code. This applies only to convictions that occurred on or after January 01, 1996.

Any operators that do not meet this criteria will not be given the "Good Driver Discount.".

2. Defensive Driving Discount...10%

a. A 10% discount applies when a driver age 55 or

older successfully completes an accident prevention course approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

b. Eligibility begins on the date of course completion.

The course must be taken and passed every 3 years to continue the credit.

c. A copy of the certificate is required to add this


d. Apply the credit to each coverage separately.

e. This credit will be removed if there is a subsequent

at-fault accident or six point violation.

3. 4-Door Vehicles Discount...5%

A discount of 5% will be applied to the BI/PD rate on all 4-Door vehicles. This discount does not apply to any vehicle listed under our Surcharge or High Performance vehicle list.

4. Multiple Vehicle Discount...10%

Two or more vehicles registered to the same insured with the same effective date.

5. Persistency Credit - 6 Months...10%

12 Months...15%

Apply the Persistency credit if all drivers on the policy have been previously insured with Executive Risk Indemnity Inc. with no longer than a 7 day lapse in coverage. The maximum Persistency credit of 15% shall apply to any risk insured with Executive Risk Indemnity Inc. for the prior twelve months.

6. Annual Mileage

a. Provide number of miles the insured vehicle will be driven in the next 12 months per applicant’s estimate.

b. Provide the current odometer reading c. Use the factors on rate pages for mileage use.

7. Business Use Surcharge...20%

a. The policy does not provide coverage for business,

professional or commercial use of an insured vehicle.

b. Vehicles used professionally or in business are eligible for deletion of this exclusion but are subject to a 20% surcharge on all coverages.

c. Vehicles used commercially are not eligible for

deletion of the business, professional or commercial exclusion.


d. Pickup trucks and vans are not eligible for deletion of this exclusion.

e. Examples of business use are: accountants, lawyers, real estate brokers, running errands (Eligible for deletion of exclusion with payment of the surcharge.)

f. Examples of commercial use are: artisans, craftsmen, delivery, transportation of good (Ineligible for deletion of exclusion).

8. High Performance Surcharge...10%

a. Surcharge the calculated rate for bodily injury /

property damage, uninsured motorist, medical payments, comprehensive and collision by 10% (unless a higher surcharge applies) if the vehicle carries an "h" or "p" symbol designation in the symbol manual.

9. Vehicle Surcharge ...30%

Surcharge the rate for all coverages by 30% for the following vehicles:

Chevrolet Camaro (all models) Ford Pick-Ups (all models)

Chevrolet Pick-Ups (all models) Nissan Pick-Ups (all models) Ford Bronco

T. Special/Optional Equipment

1. The monthly premium to insure special and custom equipment is $1.20 per $100.00 of the increased value. Multiply this by the appropriate number of months in the policy term (6 or 12). Special equipment includes, but is not limited to:

a. CB radios

b. Portable toppers

c. Stereo Equipment

d. Custom interior work

e. T-Tops f. Telephones

g. Special wheels or tires

2. These items, and their values, must be declared at the

time coverage is bound and the premium paid;

3. Photographs of, and receipts for, special or custom

equipment must accompany the application.

4. Comprehensive and Collision coverage must be purchased in order to cover special equipment. The physical damage deductibles listed on the declarations page apply to all special equipment losses.

5. Maximum limit (value) for special equipment may not

exceed $1,000 in value. U. Vehicle Symbol

If no symbol is published for the new model year of a vehicle listed in the industry manual, increase the previous symbol by 1.

V. Vehicle Age Groups

1. Current model year

2. First preceding model year

3. Second preceding model year

4. Third preceding model year

5. Fourth preceding model year

6. All other model years

Age groups change October 1 of every year, regardless of when the vehicle was actually introduced.

W. Good Driver Applicants

Executive Risk accepts all "Good Driver" applicants. The company may write a policy on an ineligible vehicle, operator or risk for a "Good Driver" subject to the following: 1. Contact CenCal Insurance Services, Inc. for

eligibility. Once "Good Driver" status is confirmed, we will advise of the effective date.

2. All drivers must qualify as "Good Driver".

X. Customer Service Information

Mail applications, correspondence, inquiries, policy changes and cancellation requests to:

CenCal Insurance Services, Inc. P. O. Box 5081

San Ramon, CA 94583

Telephone: (925) 275-1177 (800) 937-3965

FAX: (925) 275-0680

All loss reports must be immediately sent directly to: CenCal Insurance Services, Inc.

P. O. Box 7041, San Ramon, CA 94583

Information concerning the status of a claim may be obtained directly from CenCal Insurance Services, Inc.




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