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Stranded Passenger Solution

1. Send the “Stranded Passenger Alert“ via the systems mailing function as follows: a) Click on the right hand menu “Handling Agent Log-In. Then Log-In

b) Click on the right hand menu “STRANDED PAX ALERT / Email Users”.

c) Click on “Alert Template”. Roll your mouse over “Stranded Passenger Alert template and click on “edit”.


Mark (Highlight) the complete text and copy (ctrl C)

You can choose multiple users by holding down the “ctrl” key on your keyboard.

d) Roll your mouse over Email Users and then click on Send to Group(s).

In the “Recipients” window, scroll down to “Groups”. Select both “Groups - Hotels” and “Groups - Transport”. Also select the respective Airlines Administration in the "Role" category, eg: (Role - SQ : Airline Admin). The airport manager will also be copied

This will generate your “Stranded Passenger Alert” Email to ALL concerned.

Also state the exact details in the “Subject” box. For example:


Send Email

Return to the Handling Agent area. 2. Refresh your browser (Important!)

Delete your browsing history and refresh your browser … This will ensure that the latest information is displayed. This action will require you to Log-In again.

a) Internet Explorer: Menu / Tools / Delete browsing history … then refresh


Hotel Comments Date & Time Updated (Local Time)

Log-In and then click on the menu item “Stranded Pax : Hotels” on the right hand side.

You are now presented with the list of hotels, their availabilities and last updated time.

As per the existing process, the hotel will be called and the reservation confirmed. Thereafter a booking will be placed via the system. Click on a Hotel and you will access their details and the “Reserve This Item” form. Please note any special comments that are entered by the hotel.

Hotel & Transport List Click to open in a new TAB


SELECT: Yes / No

Booking Form

Once the reservation has been submitted, move down to the bottom of the reservation form to see if the submission was successful. Important!

Below is an example of the Email booking that the Hotel receives:

Item Details

Hotel: Hotel Mövenpick Glattbrugg Rating: 4*

Avail.: 100

Price: DBL room: 125.00

Date / Time Updated (UTC): 2015-07-13 06:14:11 Description / Comments: ******* HOTEL TEXT *******

Rates quoted are for Double Room occupancy and INCLUDING breakfast. For SINGLE room rates please deduct CHF 20.00 per booking. Add CHF 45.00 for Dinner.

Important Notice:

We will hold your reservations for 2hrs from the time of booking. Thereafter they will be released unless a reconfirmation Email is received. The Hotel Hotel Mövenpick Glattbrugg thanks you for your custom.

******************************************************** Reservation Details

Name: Robin Simons Handling Agent: Swissport For Airline: SQ Phone: 043 816 8001 Email: Quantity to Reserve: 60

Message: Please confirm our block Booking. Thank you! Lunch Required (Hotel info): Yes



Will be arranged between the Handling Agent and FZAG Transport as per current procedures

3. Return to the Hotel overview via the menu items “Stranded Pax : Hotels on the right hand side. You will note that the inventory has been reduced by the number of rooms that you reserved.

It is not possible to double book as the inventory is immediately reduced when a booking is placed, hence only the remaining and actual capacity shows as available.

4. Remember to either Reconfirm or Cancel your reservations as soon as possible and via the systems "Email Users" function.

Your Emails in this respect should be sent via the system and to ALL parties involved namely; the concerned Hotel / Transport Company and the Airline Administration / Airport Manager.

Herewith an example:

Click on your menu item “STRANDED PAX ALERT / Email Users” on the right hand side.

You can choose multiple users by holding down the “ctrl” key on your keyboard.

Roll your mouse over Email Users and then click on Send to Individual(s).

In the “Recipients” window, select the recipient User “Hotel Name”, “Transport” and appropriate “Airline Admin” eg: (User -SQ :Airline Admin). Where there is an "Airline Admin" listed then the APM will automatically receive a copy of all Email correspondence. Where there is NO "Airline Admin" listed then ensure to copy the APM eg; (User - 4T : Ronald Böhlen (APM)).

This ensures that your Email communications are received by ALL involved parties.

The system is extremely user-friendly and easy to use after a short introduction. It is essential to action any Email Correspondence within the system to ensure that all involved are

simultaneously informed. Simply replying to Emails from your normal inbox will defeat the objective of this platform. Thank You!

The following underlying processes have been established and defined between Hotel Participants and the AOC Stranded Passengers Working Group:

1) Hotels who accept passengers during 24hrs:

ALL except Hotel Fly Away

2) Hotels that are able to provide some form of food with pre-advice before 22:30:

ALL but with the following exceptions: a) NO:

Hotel Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Ibis Budget Zürich Airport


b) Possible on request: Hotel Crowne Plaza Zürich c) Possible until 22:00:

Hotel Swiss Star, Wetzikon Hotel Riverside, Glattfelden d) Possible until 23:00: Hotel Sheraton Zürich Hotel Welcome Inn Hotel Fly Away

d) Possible until 01:00: Hotel Allegra

3) Hotels to update their availabilities and pricing twice daily at 08:00 and 17:00 +/- 30 minutes.

Please note that this information has been provided independently by each Hotel and therefore subject to change.

Responsibility for the correctness of this data lies with the Individual Hotels.

Any changes to individual Hotel procedures should be communicated to the AOC Zürich Airport at the earliest possible convenience.

AOC Zürich

c/o Swissport International Ltd. P.O. Box

CH-8058 Zürich Airport Email:





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