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Flight Services

Shanghai Campus

Welcome Guide


Welcome to the Shanghai

Flight Services Training Campus

Our goal is to give you the vital training required

to operate and maintain your airplanes safely

and efficiently.

Our staff wants to help make your training as pleasant

and productive as possible. This Guest Information

Guide will give you the basic information that you

need while you are in training. If you have any

questions that are not answered by this guide,

please call Guest Service at +86-21-38505000.

Thank you for choosing Boeing Flight Services to

provide you with training services. We look forward

to meeting and working with you while you are here.

Enjoy your stay!


Badges and Security

You will receive your badge on the first day of training. Please wear it at all times when you are ON Flight Services Shanghai Campus. Please present your airline or any photo ID to the Guest Services representative (GSR) so that we can issue your pass. Banking

Please contact Guest Services for banking information. The staff at your accommodations also can advise you about bank hours and services.


The use of personal cameras (both still and video) is not permitted at Flight Services Shanghai Campus. The only exception is the use of personal cameras to take pictures of fellow classmates in the lobby areas on the fourth floor. Requests for pictures outside this area require special permission. We will work with our students to accommodate these needs.

Class Schedule

Your instructor will give you your class schedule on the first day of training. The availability of simulator times and the number of customers affect class schedules.

Food Services

The nearest cafeteria is approximately 7 minutes, walk from Flight Services Shanghai Campus. Chinese food and beverages are available from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday. Refreshments are served on the second floor and tea and coffee both on the second and fourth floors.

Shanghai Campus Welcome Guide

Guest Information

Guest Services Representative

The GSR can answer your questions, assist you with lost items, and find storage for your luggage. The GSR can be reached at +86-21-38505000.

Mail and Messages

Mail addressed to customers in care of Flight Services Shanghai Campus may be delayed. We recommend that your personal mail be sent to the address of your accommodations.

Medical Services

If you become ill during training, please notify your instructor or Guest Services, who can arrange for you to see a doctor. Please be aware that private treatment will be at your expense. For medical emergencies that occur away from Boeing Flight Services Shanghai Campus, call 120.

Near the Shanghai Hilton Hotel

For emergency and routine care

Huashun (Huashan) Worldwide Medical Center (Foreigner) Building 1, 8F (outpatient); building 6, 15F and 16F (inpatient) 12 Wulumuqi Zhong Road

+86 21 62483986

Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics 1139 Xian Xia Rd

+86 21 22163900 For dental treatment

DDS Dental Care PuXi Clinic B1-05 Evergo Tower,

1325 HuaiHai Middle Road and 1 BaoQing Road, Shanghai +86 21 54652678

Near the Boeing Shanghai Campus For dental treatment and routine care

ParkwayHealth Medical and Dental Centers: JinMao Tower Medical Center

JLIFE Podium Building JinMao T +86 21 64455999

ParkwayHealth Medical and Dental Centers: Jin Qiao Clinic 51 Hongfeng Lu Jin Qiao, Pudong

+86 21 64455999 For emergency care

Shanghai East International Medical Center 551 South Pudong Road

+86 21 58799999

In a medical situations, call ISOS at +86 (0) 10 6462 9100 if possible, and they will direct you to the most appropriate medical facility.

Passports and Visas

If you are a visitor to this country, you are required to carry your passport at all times during your stay. If your visa expires before you complete your training and you need a visa extension, please contact the GSR. You will be responsible for any fees involved in obtaining or extending your visa.


Your safety while at the Shanghai Training Campus is important to us. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Guest Services.


Take responsibility for knowing what to do in the event of an evacuation or shelter-in-place. Shelter-in-place is an event when it is safer to stay inside in a designated area, such as a conference room, away from external hazards. Please see the Building Evacuation Map and Evacuation Plan for more information.

Hazardous Areas

Do not enter the simulator bay floors or HPU rooms, because they are potentially hazardous areas. Obey all signs and barriers designed to keep you safe from hazards.


If you are injured while on campus, first aid is available on the 4th floor lounge and pantry. For serious injuries and medical emergencies, call 119. Report all injuries to Guest Services.

Overhead Cranes

The simulator bays are equipped with overhead cranes. In the event of crane use, do not enter the crane operating envelope. Smoking Policy

There is no smoking on the fourth floor; however, there is a specific smoking room on the second floor.


Transportation is available to and from some accommodations near Flight Services. If you need assistance arranging private transportation during your stay, call the GSR or ask the staff at your accommodations. The GSR is knowledgeable about local public and private transportation. Personal and rental vehicles are allowed. Parking lots are provided at Flight Services Shanghai Campus.


First Floor

Second Floor

Phase One Building

Phase Two Building Reception Area Crew Lounge 787 Maintenance Training Classroom Flight Instructors B787 Devices Flight Instructors Legacy Devices 757/767 FPT Room 787 FPT/DTT Computer Room 787 Flat Panel Trainer 737 FPT Room 787 Flight Training CBT Room Legacy Flight Training CBT Room Customer Waiting

Student areas: no escort required. All other areas, including the third floor, require a Boeing escort. Stairs

Fire Escape Route Elevators Restrooms



From City Center

Go down middle ring. Take exit at Airport Working Area. Go straight. Turn right at Jichang Da Dao.

Go along and turn left at Hang Fei Lu (you can see Shanghai Airlines building), then turn right at the first cross road, Jidi Yi Lu. Our campus is in the middle building, with glass walls.

Maglev Train

From the city area to the Shanghai Campus, if you’re in a hurry, please take a taxi to the Maglev Station. At Longyang Rd. get off at the airport station and take a taxi to the Shanghai Campus.

Shanghai Campus Welcome Guide

Building Area Map

Boeing Flight Services Shanghai Campus

Fourth floor, Shanghai Airlines Training Center, Base 1 Rd (Jidi Yi Lu) K2,

Airport Working Area, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai, 201202, China Hangfei Rd Hangxing Rd Airport Rd Binhe W est Rd Hanguan Rd Yuandong Ave Base San Rd Hebin North Rd TO PUDONG AIRPORT TO CITY Dongqigang Rd A1 Expy A1 Expy Huhang Rd

Haitian Wu RdSuhang Rd Qihang Rd

Pudong Airport Rd Pudong International Airport




Telephone List

En-Name Cn-Name Title D-Line Mobile Fax

Mike Sher General Manager 38505002 13917791963 38505099 Echo Yang Business Support Manager 38505003 15800472100 38505013


Joe Hermann Training Device Manager 38505017 13817793097 38505013 Li Wei Lead Simulator Technician 38505008 13162529196 38505013 Shawn Hauang Lead Simulator Technician 38505022 13564688059 38505013 Steve Ho Simulator Technician 38505030 13701783279 38505013 Xu Minjie Simulator Technician 38505028 13764045690 38505013 Jin Yezhou Simulator Technician 38505027 13661466033 38505013 Nick Horsley Simulator Technician 38505025 13585889200 38505013 Cong Hui Simulator Technician 38505026 15821157794 38505013 Zhou Bin Simulator Technician 38505029 18621277466 38505013 Louis Luo Simulator Technician 38505048 18917506585 38505013 Xue Zheng Simulator Technician 38505053 15900806150 38505013 Finance

Maggie Qian China Finance Manager 38505012 13916530773 38505013 Mia Xu Accountant 38505010 13918282072 38505013 Benita Chen Assistant Accountant 38505019 13764581938 38505013


Helen Chen Pilot Training Records 38505018 13482593991 38505013 Jenny Cao Guest Services Representative 38505031 13818369931 38505013


Henry He IT Computing Technician 38505021 13911523846 38505013


Richard Zhou Trade Compliance Project Manager 38505016 13818134757 38505013 The last four numbers of the D-line is the extension.


Simon Tham FSR 38505005 13816244473

Instructor Office

Cubical 1 First Row Left 38505036 Cubical 2 First Row Right 38505037 Cubical 3 Second Row Left 38505034 Cubical 4 Second Row Right 38505035

Classroom FTD Wall 38505044 FTD Table 38505051 FTD Comp Room 38505052 Simulator Maintenance Technicians 38505052 757, 767 22375055 787 22375053 747-400 22374887

Ground Floor Reception 22375056 Facility Maintenance and Cleaning 22375034 Security Main Office 22374891



Guest Information

Travel and ticket arrangements

If you need to change your airline reservation, please call the airline. We regret we are unable to make your personal travel arrangements.

Guest Services reception

Guest Services can be reached by phone at +86-21-38505000. The staff can offer you these services: ■

■ Preparing your visitor’s access pass for Flight Services Shanghai Campus. ■

■ Assisting you with transportation needs to and from Flight Services Shanghai Campus. ■

■ Helping direct you with simple banking transactions and passport and visa matters. ■

■ Providing information regarding sightseeing tours and other activities. ■

■ Handling personal messages for you while you are at Flight Services Shanghai Campus. ■


Shanghai Campus Welcome Guide

Boeing Commercial Airplanes Flight Services

P.O. Box 3707 Mail Stop 20-74 Seattle, WA 98124-2207


Entertainment and Shopping

Live Theatre & Music

Shanghai Grand Theatre 300 Renmin Avenue 6386-8686

Shanghai Concert Hall 88 Jinlin Rd. (Middle) 6386-5772

Lyceum Theatre 57 Mao Min Rd. (South) 6217-8530

Movie Theaters Peace Cinema

290 Xizang Rd.(Middle) 6361-2898

Shanghai Film Art Center 160 Xin Hua Rd. Changning District 6280-6088

Ever Shining Circuit 216 Nan Jing Rd. (West) 6327-3399

Museums & Zoos

Shanghai Museum 201 Ren Min Avenue 6372-3500

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium 1388 Lu Jia Zui Ring Rd. 5877-9988

Shanghai Wild Animal Zoo 178 Nanliu Rd.

Nanhui District 6118-0000 Shopping Malls New World City

2-68 Nanjing Rd. (West) 6358-8888

Printemps China Department Store 937-939 Huaihai Rd. (Middle) La Villa Rouge 811 Hengshan Rd. 6431-7229 Blue Frog 633 Biyun Rd. Pudong New Area 5030-6426

207 Mao Min Rd (South) 6445-6634 German Paulaner 150 Fenyang Rd. Xuhui District, 6474-5700 2967 Lu Jiazui Rd. PuDong New Area 5757-5777 19/20 Xin Tian Di Luwan District 6320-3935

Dan’s Old Farm House 318 Julu Rd. Luwan District, 6258-5560 Papa’s Blerstube 22-23 Lane 3338, Hongmei Rd. 6465-8880

Shanghai Bay Munich Beer House RM 118 Shanghai Bay Plaza, No.1138 Pudong Nan Rd. Pudong New Area 5878-7979


Fragrant Camphor Garden No.2A Hengshan Rd. 6433-4385 People Six 150 Yueyang Rd. 6466-0505 Parkson 918 Huaihai Rd. (Middle) Shanghai Times Square 99 Huaihai Rd. (Middle) Silk King

588 Nanjing Rd. (East) 6352-2396


Tennis, Football, Badminton Yuanshen Gym

655 Yuanshen Rd. 5093-8773 Baseball 201 Yunlian Rd. Pudong New Area 5886-4488 Golf

Thomson Golf 1 Longdong Rd. 5899-9375 Hongqiao Golf Club 555 Hongxu Rd. 6406-5606 Binhai Golf Club Binhai Travelling Resort Nanhui District



American, Steak, Seafood

Friday (TGIF) 10 Hengshan Rd. Xuhui District 6473-4602 Malone’s

17 Lane 199, Thumb Plaza, Fangdian Rd.

Pudong New Area 5033-6717

Entertainment and Shopping

People Seven

805 Julu Rd. (near Fumin Rd.), 5404-0707

Xi Jia Garden

1 Dongping Rd. (near Yueyang Rd.) 6474-7052

Cai Die Xuan

No. 2 Bldg, Nan Li, Xin Tian Di 6385-6385

Jesse Restaurant 28 Taojiang Rd. Xuhui District 6445-0068

No. 9 Bei Li, Xin Tian Di 6336-4746

Grape Restaurant

55 Xinle Rd. (near Xiangyang Rd. North) 5404-0486

Kong Jia Garden 2421 Xietu Rd. 6468-3159 Xiao Nan Guo 9th Fl, Grand Plaza, 168 Lu Jiazui Rd. (West) 3208-9777

Xian Qiang Fang 600 Jiujiang Rd. 6351-5757 Thai Simply Thai 159 Madang Rd. 5666-3739 Coconut Paradise 38 Fumin Rd. 6248-1998 Banana Leaf 7th Fl, Grand Plaza, No. 168 Lu Jiazui Rd. (West) Pudong New Area


Ma Boon Krong

4th Fl, Hongkong New World Plaza 300 Huai Hai Rd. (Middle)


Kevin’s Bar & Restaurant No.4 Lane 946, Changle Rd. 6248-8985 Indian Kaveen’s Kitchen 2th Fl, No.231 Huashan Rd. 6248-2777 Hazara Bldg. 4, Ruijin Hotel No.118 Ruijin Er Rd. 6472-5222 Indian Kitchen 480 Minsheng Rd. Pudong New Area 5821-9875 Japanese Ambrosia 150 Fenyang Rd. 6431-3936 He Wei 294 Julu Rd. 6256-0779 Tairyo

9th Fl, Ba Bai Ban Plaza 501 Zhang Yang Rd. 5835-8877

Xiao Shan

3th Fl, No. 6 Nan Li, Xin Tian Di 6382-1125

Niu Man Di

158 Huai Hai Rd. (Middle) 6387-8777/6211-4288 Hai Zhi Xing

Libao Plaza, 222 Huaihai Rd. 6382-2727 Italian Casanova 913 Julu Rd. 5403-4528 Danieli’s 39th Fl, 889 Dongfang Rd. Pudong New Area


The Kitchen Salvatore Cuo 2967 Lu Jiazui Rd. (West) 5054-1265 Issimo 2th Fl, 931 Nanjing Rd. (West) 6287-9009 Pane e Vino

207 Mao Min Rd. (South) 5405-2177 Mexican Mexico Lindo 3911 Hongmei Rd. 6262-2797 Taco Bell 190-208 Nanjing Rd. (West) 6359-2228 Teahouse

Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse 257 Yuyuang Rd.

Huangpu District 6373-6950

Old Shanghai Teahouse 385 Middle Fangbang Rd. Huangpu District 5382-1202 Perfect Teahouse 337 Middle Fangpang Rd. 6373-4860





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