Fran Alcaide. Francisco José Alcaide Peinado Born in Córdoba 28/12/1988






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Francisco José Alcaide Peinado

Born in Córdoba 28/12/1988




+34 618243766


I am a process control engineer who, currently, is living in Seville -Spain- after other experiences in Münster -Germany- and Cordoba -Spain- learning languages, customs and business tactics.

Now, I am working for ABENGOA group meanwhile spend my free time in my hobbies and future projects, like Fire2Life, where I can extend my professional development and use my enthusiasm, knowledge and skills.


Automation and Industrial Electronic Engineering

 Design, implementation, operation and maintenance of electronic systems and machines.

 Implementation of technological innovations in the area of industrial control.

 Improvement of production processes through technological innovation in control systems.

Industrial Technical Engineering specialized in Industrial Electronic

 Legal certification, legal advice, and expertise.

 Technical direction and management in private and in public administration, maintenance processes, design drawings in technical office, and industrial projects.

 Control and automation of production and machinery, development of electronic designs, instrumentation, air conditioning and electrical systems.

 Production management and implementation of quality safety and health.

 Teaching in these areas.


01/2015 - … (09/2013 - 09/2014) *

Instrumentation and Control engineer (Abeinsa Business Development -ABENGOA-)

Project: Power Plants (renewables and combined

cycles) around the world Fields of activity: Energy and engineering.

Achievements:  Scope of supply description.  Control architecture definition.  Signal, sensors, valves and wires


 Supplier treaties implementation.  Business networks expansion.

11/2014 - 01/2015 Engineer (Cabra City Hall)

Project:  Public places adaptation.

 Citizen modernization.

 Improvements for heritage


Fields of activity: Public Administration and Engineering. Achievements:  Actions definition.

 Public aid Achievement  Citizens Advice

09/2013 - 09/2014 *: Instrumentation and Control formative scholarship (Abeinsa Business Development -ABENGOA-)


07/2013 - 09/2013 Collaboration (Admissions and new Students Area, Universidad de Cordoba).

Project: “Auto-enrollment”.

Fields of activity: Education and administration. Achievements:  Students and families attention.

 Conflicts mediation and resolution.

09/2011 - 07/2012 Student Contributor scholarship and teaching support (Department of Computing and Numerical Analysis in the area of Systems Engineering and Automation, Universidad de Cordoba).

Project: “Development of virtual laboratories for simulations of industrial process”

Fields of activity: Engineering and Industry. Achievements:  Teaching practices design.

 Maintenance of multifunctional manipulators, PLCs and others.

09/2010 - 04/2011 Collaborator in elaboration of architecture technical projects (CARLOS PEÑA DE LA ROSA Arquitecto Técnico).

Projects: “Replacing buildings cover”.

“Rehabilitation of facades and roofs of buildings”.

“Segregation of solar housing”. “Safety and Health Study”. “Waste Management Study”. Fields of activity: Architecture and Building.

Achievements: Definition of actions to be taken in the works and process documentation.


10/03/14 - 31/07/14 180h Urban Waste Management Technical Course (Escuela de Empresa)

10/03/14 - 31/07/14 180h Industrial Waste Management Technical Course (Escuela de Empresa)

30/06/14 - 31/07/14 5h Internationalization and Business Development in the Green Company (Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente del Gobierno de España, B-Able)

10/03/14 - 10/05/14 250h The Business 2.0 High Course (Escuela de Empresa)

09/09/13 - 09/01/14 180h Environmental Impact Assessment High Course (Escuela de Empresa)

08/04/13 - 12/07/13 300h Creation and Business management for university entrepreneurs (UCO).

11/09/12 - 26/08/13 50h Business English (Formación Sin Barreras, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos).

11/09/12 - 25/08/13 80h Environmental impact assessment in linear works (Formación Sin Barreras, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos).

11/09/12 - 22/08/13 40h Taxation applied for non-experts (Formación Sin Barreras, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos).

11/09/12 - 06/08/13 90h Basic Financial Accounting (Formación Sin Barreras, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos).

08/04/13 - 12/07/13 228h Creation and Business Management for university entrepreneurs 2nd Edition (Fundecor, UCO).

11/09/12 - 03/07/13 75h Basic access 2007 (Formación Sin Barreras, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos).


05/03/12 - 14/06/12 140h Circuits and Electronics 6.002x (Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, edX MITx).

15/12/11 - 29/02/12 100h Tecnorural-W on mechanization and automation sustainable rural (FEADER, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino).

10/10/11 - 30/10/11 25h Universal System Management PRL ILO Guidelines (Universidad Politécnica de

Catalunya, OSALAN-Instituto Vasco de

Seguridad y Salud Laborales).

12/11/10 - 26/11/10 12h Electric welding course (UCO).

05/07/10 - 09/07/10 50h “PRESTO” course: Budgeting, measurement, reporting and certification of technical projects (UCO).

25/03/10 - 30/04/10 30h Programming Omron Zen uPLC 2nd Edition (UCO).

19/10/09 - 13/11/09 80h Computer assisted drawing course AutoCAD 2010 2D y 3D (UCO).

06/10/09 - 30/10/09 40h Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems (SCADA) 12th Edition (UCO).

20/02/09 - 27/03/09 30h Programming Siemens LOGO! uPLC 3rd Edition (UCO).

 In the form of complementary subjects to degree, added knowledge in: "Printed Circuits", "Renewable Energy", "Fundamentals of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics", "Electronics engineering", "Regulating electronic converters", "Interfaces and peripherals", "Industrial Signal Processing", "Electropneumatics and Hydraulics", "Intelligent buildings", "Human-Machine Interface", "Real-time OS", "Robots control and programming", "Digital Signal Processing", "Advanced Electronic Supply Sources"... (UCO).


25/04/14 6h Conference “Variable Speed Drives” (Power Electronics Academy, ABENGOA).

23/05/13 4.5h Conference "Engineering and employability" (Fundación Magtel, EPS UCO).

24/05/13 3h Entrepreneurship Development Action (Agencia IDEA, UCO, Junta de Andalucía)

11/04/13 4.5h How to face a selection process in the German labor market: professional engineering, healthcare, technical and hospitality (EURES, Junta de Andalucía)

03/05/12 4h µRedes Seminar: Current Status and Challenges (Aalborg University, Denmark).

18/05/11 2h Conference on building a low-voltage electrical box according to standard IEC 61439 (ABB).

07/04/11 3h II Conference on industrial applications of process control (EPS UCO).

12/05/10 2h Electrical Substations (UCO, CG Holdings Belgium).

04/05/10 2h Insulated cables and Regulation of Power Lines R.D. 223/2008 (Prysmian).

18/03/10 3h HMI Day: HMI-WinCC Flexible Presentation (UCO, Siemens).

16/03/10 4h II Workshop SIEMENS: “Solid Edge ST2” y “The Industrial Engineer. A view from the enterprise" (SIEMENS, INADI).

24/02/10 2.5h Robotics in domestic environments (UCO, EPS, AASS Mobile Robotics Lab, Universidad de Örebro, Suecia).


18-19/02/10 4.5+5.5h Series of lectures on hydroelectric power stations (EPS UCO, ENDESA).

02/06/09 3h Awareness Conference on Prevention of Occupational Hazards: Electrical Hazard (Centro de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales Junta de Andalucía)

19-20/05/09 3h Conference on industrial applications of process

control (EPS UCO, Emerson Process

Management, Optomation Systems, COINSUR-SCADA, SIEMENS).

20/04/09 3.5h Transformation Centers (Ormazábal).


17/04/12 “Automation and SCADA of a parking with computer vision”

(III Congreso De Actividades Académicamente Dirigidas para Estudiantes de la EPSC: CAADE 2012 EPS UCO).

 The following project develops the automation of a parking and its supervision through Optical Character Recognition and SCADA techniques.

ISBN: 978-84-15105-62-6

17/04/12 “Recreation of a video-game via VHDL” (III Congreso De

Actividades Académicamente Dirigidas para Estudiantes de la EPSC: CAADE 2012 EPS UCO).

 The following project develops and successfully implements the video-game Pong through VHDL by using a FPGA board with an expansion card for adding buttons, LEDs, displays and a wide of ports.

ISBN: 978-84-15105-62-6


Advanced OS Windows

Medium OS Linux-(X)Ubuntu

Advanced Microsoft Office Suite

Advanced MatLab

Advanced AutoCAD

Medium Electronic Workbench

Basic Cadence OrCAD

Basic CadStar

Medium Arduino

Medium Xilinx ISE

Advanced Siemens Simatic Step7

Advanced WinCC Flexible

Medium CX-Programmer

Medium CX-Supervisor

Basic Analyst

 Several knowledge in the programming languages: C, Java, ADA, RAPID, VHDL, SCL, AWL, STL, KOP and assembler.



Level Accrediting Agency

Spanish Native -

English B1 -

 09/03/12 - 26/06/12 90h Programa COMUNICO de ayuda a la mejora de competencias lingüísticas (UCO).

German A2

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Sprachenzentrum Münster, Deutschland

 15/10/12-31/01/12 10ECTS Nivel A1.2 Elemental 1: Alemán para principiantes (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Sprachenzentrum Münster, Deutschland).

 16/10/12-29/01/12 3ECTS Nivel A2 Elemental 2: Alemán para principiantes avanzados (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Sprachenzentrum Münster, Deutschland).

 15/10/12-28/01/12 3ECTS Nivel A2 Elemental 2: Conversación Alemana (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Sprachenzentrum Münster, Deutschland).

 19/10/12-01/01/12 3ECTS Nivel A2 Elemental 2: Fonética Alemana (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Sprachenzentrum Münster, Deutschland).

 24/09/12-12/10/12 60h Nivel A1.2 Curso de alemán (Kapito Sprachschule, Münster).

 24/09/12-05/10/12 2ECTS Curso intensivo para estudiantes Erasmus, Nivel 4, 36 lecciones (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Sprachenzentrum Münster, Deutschland).

 02/07/12 - 17/07/12 30h Curso intensivo de idioma instrumental (UCO).


30/09/10 - 04/07/14 Automation and Industrial Electronic Engineering degree (UCO).


 Final project related to energy generation and Power Plants.

 Extraordinary degree award 2013-2014.

26/09/06 - 08/10/10 Industrial Technical Engineering specialized in Industrial Electronic degree (UCO).


 Final project related to computer vision, industrial communications (Profibus DP) and process control through PLCs.


March 2015 Extraordinary degree award 2013-2014.

January 2015

3rd Prize at the First Edition of the Awards for Entrepreneurship in Andalusian Public Universities (PACC Group): Fire2Life.

April 2014 Andalusian universities “Vuelve a Casa” Awards Nomination

for Best Company Proposal: Fire2Life.

Since 2013 Participant in the “Apadrinando el Talento” program of the

Prince of Girona Foundation.

2012 - 2013 Erasmus Scholarship in Muenster, Germany for six months.

Summer 2012 MEC Scholarship for German language summer (three


2011 VI Knowledge Marathon (UCO) 5th Mention.



European driving license type B since 29/12/08. Thermal Installations in Buildings card (RITE 2007).



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