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Paperless, Efficient Board Meetings. Dallas Area Rapid Transit


Academic year: 2021

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Paperless, Efficient

Board Meetings



Board Support Role – Nancy Johnson

Board Member Use – Randall Chrisman,

Immediate Past Chairman, DART

Technology – Allan Steele – CIO, DART and

Rido Park, Web Developer, DART




Benefits and Adoption

Adoption by the Board of Directors

Initial training and hand-holding

Ease of members adapting to it

User Friendly – Familiar Layout




Cost savings



• “Documents were stacked everywhere - - I was running out of space to store the

mounds of papers we were receiving almost weekly. Finally – paperless. All I need is my laptop. I’m able to review, research, make notes and simply store

electronically and out of site! For me, the transition from paper packets to

electronic delivery has cut the amount of prep time for board meetings by more than half. “ - Faye Wilkins, DART Board Member


Principles of the System

Easy to navigate using icons – user friendly

Content is the same as the paper packets

Additional material e.g. key presentations

Confidential sections for President and

General Counsel – Red Envelopes

Add your own sticky notes as reminders for

questions, clarification etc.


DART Committee Structure

10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

2nd Tuesday of Each Month

4th Tuesday of Each Month


& Diversity Committee

Audit Committee

Administrative Committee

Rail Program Committee

Operations Committee

Planning Committee

Revenue Committee

Budget & Finance Committee

Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole


Contents of Meeting Materials



Agenda Reports

(Information/Briefing Document)


Attachments – Maps


Administration by Board Support

Explanation of how Board Support uses it

Scanning Committee materials and uploading

Once uploading is complete – email Board and

Staff that information is ready for review

No more photocopying, collating, courier

service needed



Board member, and former Chairman of the

Board of Directors, Mr. Randall Chrisman


DART Board Portal Login Instructions

1. Establish a WiFi connection with your laptop by either of:

a. From within your browser, connect to the hotel WiFi network by following the connections on the screen (five connections only)


b. Right click on the network connection icon in your system tray and click on “Connect to a network …..”

c. Find either of the two following networks and connect using the password shown

d. Overdrive-244, password 31090 e. Overdrive-650, password 41062 f. Open your browser

2. Go to URL: http://www.dartnet.org


Test Drive for Yourself

We will provide connection URL, user names

and passwords

Time permitting “Mock Board Meeting”

Meeting protocol using the Board Portal


Technical Overview

Allan Steele, DART CIO


Dell laptop, model XPS M1330

Any Windows based laptop will work

We do not allow other applications to be loaded, to minimize support

Wireless connectivity

WiFi inside DART, 3G broadband outside

Portal is accessible via the internet

No need to be on DART’s secure network


Technical Overview


Custom built by DART web development staff

Uses standard web tools and Windows utilities

Uses Oracle database but can run on any DBMS

Available under license as a framework for adoption into

other agencies

Requires some IT developer skills to implement

(not like off the shelf software)



1. Server/component diagram

2. Database tables

3. User levels

4. Files



• Board Support Admin

– Has access to add/remove any files on all sections

• Agenda Planner Admin

– Has access to add/remove agenda planners

• General Counsel’s Packets Admin

– Has access to add/remove general counsel’s packets

• General Counsel’s Packets Red Envelope Admin

– Has access to attach/remove red envelopes to general counsel’s packets

• President’s Packets Admin

– Has access to add/remove president’s packets

• President’s Packets Red Envelope Admin

– Has access to attach/remove red envelopes to general counsel’s packets

• DART KPI Admin

– Has access to add/remove KPI documents

• Key Presentations Admin



boardNoteTop.asp – shows PDF control menu

constants.asp – contains constants used throughout the


default.asp – main page

docControlFrame.asp – show PDF control menu

embedPDF.asp – used to embed PDF for non-IE browsers

frameNote.asp – Outer frame: frameset page

functions.asp – contains main subroutines

generalFunctions.asp – contains secondary subroutines


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