Growing Green Economies On First Nations through Renewable Energy







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Growing Green Economies

On First Nations through


In this presentation:

1. Who is Aki Energy

2. Geothermal Projects

3. PAYS Financing

4. Renewable Energy in Off-Grid Communities


Aki Energy is a non-profit social enterprise that works with First Nations to lower utility bills and grow the green economy.


Aki Energy: What we do


1. Technical Feasibility: Will geothermal save you money? How much?

2. Financing Negotiation - Manitoba Hydro’s PAYS program: Long term, low interest financing means that investing in geothermal costs little to nothing up front.

3. Installation Training and Certification:

Offer hands-on/in-class training and

certification for local tradespeople and Band owned construction companies.

4. Business Development: Aki Energy works with First Nations to create local jobs and business opportunities through renewable energy.

5. Project Management: If requested, Aki Energy can provide construction

management and project oversight.

Aki Energy works with First Nations to lower energy costs and create employment and business opportunities through renewable energy.



Since 2013, Aki Energy has worked with First Nations to:

1. Install over 250 geothermal systems to date

2. 2015 MOU between Manitoba Hydro, Fisher River Cree Nation and Peguis First Nation – 8 million in geothermal energy in the next 5 years

3. Trained over 45 First Nations geothermal installers

4. Manitoba Hydro has confirmed 60%

reduction in heating load associated with geothermal installation.

5. Ongoing partnerships with Sagkeeng First Nation, Long Plains First Nation,

Fisher River Cree Nation and Peguis First Nation.

6. Fisher River Cree Nation and Peguis First Nation are now two of the largest

geothermal installers in western Canada



1. Financing

Aki Energy works with Manitoba Hydro’s to offer PAYS

Financing. PAYS financing covers 100% of the upfront cost of geothermal. This cost is repaid over time, through small


Geothermal Training and


Aki Energy will work with local tradespeople and construction companies to ensure that investments in geothermal energy create local employment.

Aki Energy offers two geothermal training courses, designed to prepare local trades people to install and maintain geothermal energy systems.

Successful completion of both training courses will result in internationally recognized certification with the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, and eligibility for membership in the Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance.

Successful completion of the course results in eligibility to install all geothermal units associated with the project, as well as

eligibility to bid on external contracts.








Customer service / 24 hour Trouble calls Service à la clientèle / Dépannage 24 h sur 24

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Geothermal Installation Training

- 2 weeks in class – Laufer Enterprises - 6 months ’on the job’ training in the


Geothermal Maintenance Certification

1 week hands on, in-class – Laufer Enterprise

IGSHPA Certification

1 week exam preparation and test.

Geothermal Installation








Project Goals

• meet the space and water heating needs of the buildings • use fuel(s) that will not contaminate the environment,

including the soil

• consider impact on existing diesel-generated electricity system

• be very reliable and durable

• be seen as appropriate to community members for heating • can be operated and maintained in this community

• economically viable when avoided diesel cleanup costs are considered

• have local job creation potential


Petit Casmir Memorial




Feasibility: biomass district heating system (1.2 MW boiler) to meet the primary heating needs of the school. This system would include rooftop PV solar (50kw array) to meet


600 tonnes of wood chips will be

needed annually to generate the 1.75

GWh of heat energy output required to

replace the heat generated by the diesel


• Within 15km of community • 10% harvesting = 200 years


The Aboriginal Head Start

Program building

The current nursing station

The nursing residence



Thank You

Contact us:

Darcy Wood, Executive Director

Shaun Loney, Chief of Operations

Kate Taylor, Director of Projects





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