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L D 1 : L E A D I N G S E L F F O R


Get Ready…Get Engaged…Get Results!

Learner Support Guide




Welcome to Your Leadership Journey ...3

The Learning Path ...3

70/20/10 Approach ...4

The Learning Model ...4

Your Role ...4

Engaging Your Coach in Your Development ...5

Components & Terms ...5

Tips to Be an Avid Learner ...5

Contacts & Support ...6

Learning Path Checklist ...7

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Welcome to your Leadership Journey!

Everyone is a leader at Yum!, no matter their level or position. Leadership at Yum! is focused on: • Being accountable for and driving breakthrough results in your piece of Yum • Embracing our culture to get those results the right way, and

• Owning your development and growth

Each role and level in the organization provides the opportunity to drive breakthrough results and acquire new skills and know-how through a powerful combination of experiences, relationships with others, and formal development. Every forum we’re in provides the opportunity to not only learn new skills, but also deliberately practice those skills until we integrate them effectively into our tool-box.

LD1: Leading Self for Breakthrough is the signature leadership development experience for Individual Contributors across our system.

It’s an adventure you’ll be on with others from across the business who are on a path to drive business results as they learn and apply these core leadership skills to real work and real situations.

This Learner Support Guide is designed to be your guide throughout this learning path.

The Learning Path

This journey isn’t focused on a singular learning event, but maps out a process of learning and then applying that learning to your work.

This learning path combines traditional instructor-led training, eLearning, on-the-job application of content, virtual classroom coaching, supervisor support, and interaction with others on this journey with you.

“Foundations of Leadership” Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

Introduction & Kick-Off to LD1 •Everyone’s a Leader •Learning from Experience On-the-Job Application & Preparation 60-Minute Live Virtual Classroom 45-Minute eLearning Modules Preparation




“Breakthrough Performance” “Emotional Intelligence” “Shadow of a Leader” Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12

Breakthrough Performance Workshop


Application Classroom Virtual IntelligenceEmotional ApplicationOn-the-Job ClassroomVirtual Shadow of a Leader ApplicationOn-the-Job ClassroomVirtual

4-Hour Instructor-Led Class Application of Content On-the-Job 60-Minute Live Virtual Classroom 90-Minute eLearning Module Application of Content On-the-Job 60-Minute Live Virtual Classroom 60-Minute eLearning Module Application of Content On-the-Job 60-Minute Live Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom Content


70/20/10 Approach

The LD1 learning path exposes you to formal training, on-the-job application, and support from others. This combination leverages a powerful development framework referred to as “70/20/10”, which

acknowledges that roughly 70% of our development comes from on-the-job experiences, 20% comes from the relationships and support from others (e.g., supervisor, mentor, peers, etc.), and 10% comes from formal training itself.

The Learning Model

In this learning path, you will be exposed to skills, concepts, and tools through either classroom or eLearning modules. You will then be asked to practice and integrate some of the concepts and skills into your day-to-day job, engaging your supervisor for feedback along the way. Several weeks later, this is followed by an online virtual classroom to discuss what is going well, and how to become more effective in these skills.


(classroom or eLearning)

On-the-Job Application

& Supervisor Support

Virtual Classroom



Your Role

You must be an active driver of your learning experience. Leaders own their development and their results, and so you must be accountable to own not only this learning experience but the results you achieve by applying the skills you learn along the way.

This new model of learning is much more active with more accountability on you to apply what you learn on the job, as well share and engage your supervisor in what you’re learning and how you’re applying it so they can support you. The experience isn’t over when the class ends – that’s when it actually begins.

Engaging Your Coach in Your Development

Your supervisor will play a key role in your learning journey. But it’s up to you to engage them in the learning process. Beforeeach learning module, you should meet with them and identify how the module connects to you and your work. Discuss how it could strengthen your performance and the results you get.

Aftereach instructor-led or online module, you should meet with them to:

1. Share an overview of the course, models you were exposed to, and skills you learned. 2. Identify how you will apply those in your role on the job. 3. Discuss how they can support you in applying these and integrating into your day-to-day behavior. In your One-on-Ones with them: 1. Share some of the successes you’ve had in applying the new skills and the results you’re getting. 2. Share your challenges and how you think they could support your learning process and hold you accountable.


Tips to Be an Avid Learner

1. Own your development and commit to complete every element of this learning path.

2. Block at least 60-90 minutes each week to ensure you have time to do either the eLearning, virtual classroom, or supervisor discussion, as those occur in the path.

3. Find another location where you can complete your eLearning modules and virtual classrooms to minimize distractions and interruptions. Or, forward your phone and put up a sign asking not to be interrupted if possible.

4. Be actively engaged in all “live” sessions and challenge yourself to share your thoughts

and experiences.

5. Identify opportunities to practice new skills and models each day, reflect on how you did, and identify how to get even better next time.

6. Actively engage your supervisor in the learning and support process – your supervisor wants you to succeed.

Components & Terms

In this learning path there are a variety of resources for you to leverage to help support your learning. Below is a list of some of them:

• Instructor-Led Class – Traditional classroom experience with other colleagues.

• eLearning Modules– Self-paced, online learning modules will introduce you to new content or models that you will then apply on the job. These will be accessed through the Learning Zone (see below). • Virtual Classroom– Formally reconnect with other learners and your facilitator through an online, live

virtual classroom at key times during the learning path to reinforce content, discuss challenges, and share strategies for applying concepts “in the real world” of your job.

• Learning Zone– Used to monitor your progress and access eLearning and virtual classrooms. https://learningzone.yum.com. If you have forgotten your password, please contact your Help Desk for assistance. If you are a franchisee and do not have a Learning Zone

user id or password, please contact your Brand Training Leader. • iCHING/Online Community– Leverage our “online home”

on iCHING where we’ll maintain all relevant course materials and references, as well as a discussion board to share successes, challenges, and ideas with others.

https://www.yumiching.com/groups/ld1-leading-self-for-breakthrough • Supervisor Support– Throughout the learning path, you

should be sharing your learning with your supervisor, identifying how you will apply skills or concepts on

I'd like to share something I just



Contacts & Support

• General Questions?– Your HR Generalist should be able to provide general information about the learning path and how it relates to your role.

• Learning Zone Access – Call your Help Desk for support in accessing the Learning Zone if you are unable to log-in.

• Other Learners – LD1 is designed to be a shared journey. You’re encouraged to share successes and challenges with other learners, and coach each other to apply the concepts and skills along the way. • Questions about Content or Courses – The facilitator for your course should be able to answer

questions related to content, models, or skills taught in the courses.


Learning Path Checklist

Getting Started–

This learning path represents a new way of learning at Yum!, and also integrates a variety of technologies and processes to help support you in this leadership journey.

Below is an overall checklist designed to help you manage and keep track of the different pieces of this path. You’re encouraged to track your progress and hold yourself accountable to learn and use the tools and skills on the job, as well as contribute to the learnings of others.

1. Confirm login and password for the Learning Zone

2. Register for the LD1 learning track in the Learning Zone and then register for (a) Introduction to LD1 Virtual Classroom Date: __________________ (b) Breakthrough Performance Workshop Date: __________________ (c) Breakthrough Performance Virtual Classroom Date: __________________ (d) Emotional Intelligence Virtual Classroom Date: __________________ (e) Shadow of a Leader Virtual Classroom Date: __________________ 3. Schedule time on your calendar for:

• eLearning Modules

• Workshop & Virtual Classrooms (steps a-e above) • Supervisor Debriefing


Course(s) ApplicationOn-the-Job Supervisor Debrief ClassroomVirtual

Foundations of Leadership Breakthrough Performance Emotional Intelligence Shadow of a Leader

1. Share what you learned with others

2. Identify opportunities to apply your learning each day and each week

3. Reflect on how you did, recognize your successes, and identify how to continue to internalize the new skills and models










LD1: Leading Self for Breakthrough

Logging in to the Learning Zone

1. Access the Welcome to the Learning Zone screen.

2. Enter your Username. Call the Help Desk for assistance if you don’t know your username. 3. Enter your Password.

 If this is your first time logging in, your password is Welcome1@.

 You will be prompted to change your password. Your new password must:

 Be unique and not previously used  At least 7 characters

 Contain at least 1 letter  Contain at least 1 capital letter  Contain at least 1 number  Contain at least 1 symbol

 Example passwords: Yummy!1, Yummy2#, Welcome1#, Welcome2&, Welcome3$ 4. Click Log In.

Note: The Learning Zone is synchronized with your

Network password. Changing the default password for the Learning Zone will also change your Network password.

Registering for Your Learning Track

1. From your Home tab, click Search Courses.

2. Select the Learning Tracks tab and type “LD1:

Leading Self for Breakthrough” in the Name field. 3. Next click Search.

4. To the right of the track name, click Register. All


Registering for Traditional Classroom and Virtual Classroom Components

Note: You need to register for each virtual classroom and instructor-led classroom component, including:

• Introduction to Leadership Development – Virtual Classroom • Breakthrough Performance Workshop

• Breakthrough Performance – Virtual Classroom • Emotional Intelligence – Virtual Classroom

• Shadow of a Leader – Virtual Classroom

To Register for Traditional and Virtual Classroom Elements

1. Find the title of the course for which you need to register.

2. To the right of that course, click Register.

3. Note for courses with only one date option:

Clicking on Register by a course with one date

option will take you to a screen that confirms your registration.

Note for courses with multiple date options:

Clicking on Register by a course will display

multiple sessions from which to select. Click on

Register by the session that best fits your


4. This will take you to a screen that confirms your registration.


5. To register for the next course, click My Tracks

in the left-hand navigation bar.

6. Select “LD1: Leading Self for Breakthrough …” to return to the learning track to register for another course.

7. Repeat Steps 1 through 6 until you have enrolled in each virtual classroom and ILT.





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